Section 22
Chapter 21,929

The femoral chordotonal organs of Decticus albifrons (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) - 1. Structure

Theophilidis, G.

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A: 841: 529-536


Accession: 021928046

1. The anatomy and the structure of the pro, meso and metathoracic chordotonal organs (COs) of Decticus albifrons were studied. 2. All three are located at the very proximal region of the femur, they consist of two scolopidia which are almost fused into one, and their sensory nerves contain appr. the same number of sensory neurons. 3. There are some differences in the construction of the strand; in the metathoracic it consists of connective tissue and the cuticular tube, in the mesothoracic it contains the strand cells, packed with microtubules, and in the prothoracic, the strand is a combination of the other two. 4. The differences and the similarities between the COs of Decticus albifrons and the well-studied homologous organ of the locust were discussed and then compared.

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