Section 22
Chapter 21,929

The file-snakes of the genus Mehelya in southern Africa with special reference to south west Africa/Namibia

Haacke, WD.

Madoqua 124: 217-224


Accession: 021928234

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Attention is drawn to new records of file-snakes from Namibia from where a 3rd species is now recorded. All new published and unpublished distribution records accumulated since FitzSimons' account in 1962 are documented. The southerly range extension of M. nyassae from southern Mozambique to Durban is, ecologically speaking, not surprising. However, the 2 new most westerly records, which extend the range into the more xeric areas of western Botswana and central Namibia, are remarkable and require confirmation. Of M. vernayi 5 further specimens have been added to the 5 previously known records. Although only 1 further specimen of M. capensis capensis was added to those recorded by Finkeldey (1962) and Mertens (1971), an unconfirmed slight record indicates that its range extends into central Namibia. A key is given for the 3 spp.

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