Section 22
Chapter 21,985

The search of oriental fruit moth (Grapholitha molesta) with pheromone traps

Ostrauskas, H.

Pheromones 6: 57-60


Accession: 021984293

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Oriental fruit moth is a quarantine pest in Lithuania and other countries. This species was searched for with pheromone traps during 1995-1997. It was not found during that period, although earlier oriental fruit moth was registered in Klaipeda and Utena (1992 and 1994), Vilnius and Panevezys (1992 and 1993) districts. Moth of twelve Tortricide species flew into pheromone traps of oriental fruit moth during 1995-1997 in Lithuanian gardens, among them Pammene suspectana Ln. et Zll., which had not been registered in Lithuania before, Pammene spiniana Dp. and Cydia gallicana Gn., very rare in Lithuania, and Grapholitha funebrana Tr. predominated.

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