Toxicity of neem oil and Its impact on some blood parameters of the fish, Tilapia mossambica

Bakthavathsalam, R.

Environment and Ecology Kalyani 21(4): 864-868


Accession: 022021449

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The toxic range of neem oil between 6-hour LC50 and 120-hour LC50, was 1.43-0.12 ml/liter for Tilapla mossambica. Lethal threshold concentration, 120-hour LC0 and 72-hour LC100 for the same fish were 0.12, 0.09 and 0.20 ml/liter respectively. The acetone treated (control) fish showed a mean value of 6100,000 RBC/cubic mm of blood, 18,480 WBC/cubic mm of blood and 6.8 g hemoglobin/ 100 ml of blood. The fish treated with sub-lethal (0.09 ml/liter) and lethal (0.20 ml/liter) concentrations of neem oil for 24 hours showed 46.7 and 65.2% decreases in RBC count, 17.6 and 11.7% increases in WBC count, and 99.1 and 81.8% decreases in hemoglobin content over control respectively.