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Traditional knowledge and ex situ conservation of some threatened medicinal plants of Swat Kohistan, Pakistan

Hamayun, M.; Khan, S.-Afkal; Kim, H.-Youn; Na, C.-In; Lee, I.-Jung

International Journal of Botany 2(2): 205-209


ISSN/ISBN: 1811-9700
Accession: 022023360

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Medicinal plants still provide primary health care to human race in different regions across the globe, especially in the developing world. The role of medicinal herbs as source of traditional medicine have decreased due to the introduction of allopathic drugs but still their importance as a prime source of rural health care can not be paralleled. Medicinal plants and their pertinent knowledge need to be conserved for the future generations. During present study, traditional knowledge of 16 threatened medicinal plants of Swat Kohistan was documented and a nursery was raised in lower Swat in an effort to conserve them. Only 8 plant species viz. Bergenia ciliata, Dioscorea deltoidea, Bistorta amplexicaulis, Valeriana jatamansi, Valeriana pyrolifolia, Viola biflora, Viola canescens and Berberis lycium survived and acclimatized to new habitat, while the rest failed to germinate.

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