Vesperus conicicollis Fairmaire e Coquerel, 1866 specie nuova per la fauna italiana e note sulle specie Italiane de genere (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Sama, G.

Fragmenta Entomologica 17(1): 139-150


ISSN/ISBN: 0429-288X
Accession: 022084746

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V. conicicollis Fairmaire and Coquerel, 1866, collected in Sardinia, is for the 1st time recorded from Italy. After some geonemical data of the 3 spp. of Vesperus occurring in Italy and short biogeographical and ecological observations on V. conicicollis, a key to the Italian Vesperus is proposed. Illustrations of aedeagus, internal sac, parameri and styles of the ovipositor of the 3 spp. are given.