Section 23
Chapter 22,098

Weitere Untersuchungen an Bauchsammler-Arten aus der Sammlung von M. Spinola in Turin (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae)

van der Zanden, G.

Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Bollettino (Turin): 61: 11-13


ISSN/ISBN: 0392-758X
Accession: 022097623

The Author gives notes on the nomenclature of some Megachilidae species Megachile senescens, M. nigriseta, M. albopunctata, M. rufiventris, M. rufipes, M. strigatula, M. taurica, M. cilimana, M. aegyptia, M. laminata, and Chalicodoma sicula in the Spinola collection in Turin.

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