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Xylazine and ketamine anaesthesia in captive Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus)

Idowu, AL.; Akinrinmade, JF.

Tropical Veterinarian, 43-4: 139-142


Accession: 022113600

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Three captive nile crocodiles (2 clinically healthy and 1 traumatized) were anaesthesized with xylazine and ketamine hydrochloride. The 3 animals were tranquilized in 32 minutes, 31 minutes and 33 minutes respectively following intramuscular (i.m.) injection of xylazine at a dose of 1.0mg/kg body weight (kg B.W.). Three different doses of ketamine hydrochloride, 15.0mg, 25.0mg and 20.0mg/kgB.W. were injected into the 3 animals respectively i.m. to induce anaesthesia. The induction periods in the 3 animals, were 32 minutes, 34 minutes and 33 minutes, while anaesthesia lasted for 47 minutes, 52 minutes and 108 minutes, respectively. Complete recovery from anaesthesia was recorded in 3 hours and 4 hours 55 minutes respectively in the 2 clinically healthy animals while the third (traumatized animal) terminated fatally. The cause of death in the latter was suspected to be drowing. These studies showed that a combination of xylazine and ketamine hydrochloride produced smooth and reliable anaesthesia in the crocodiles, and may have potentials in the clinical anaesthesia of the species.

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