Zur Faunistik und Okologie der Schmetterlinge in der Mark Brandenburg. 5. Zur aktuellen Verbreitung von Chamaesphecia leucopsiformis (Esper, 1800) und ihren okologischen Anspruchen (Lep., Sesiidae)

Gelbrecht, J.; Weidlich, M.

Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 39(1-2): 76-80


Accession: 022123915

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Recent investigations show that Chamaesphecia leucopsiformis (ESPER, 1800) is a widely distributed species in sandy areas of Berlin and Brandenburg in East Germany. It is a stenoecic species of open, dry and sandy places. Mostly caterpillars or pupal stages are collected in the roots of Euphorbia cyparissias or in the characteristic pupal cocoon. Only a small number of imagines were found from August to September. A distribution map is given.