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Efficacy of lyophilised C-strain vaccine after oral immunisation of domestic pigs and wild boar against classical swine fever: first results

Faust, A.; Lange, E.; Kaden, V.

Deutsche Tierärztliche Wochenschrift 114(11): 412-417


ISSN/ISBN: 0341-6593
PMID: 18077931
Accession: 022128309

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of lyophilised C-strain vaccine in domestic pigs and wild boar after oral application. A new spherical bait form (diameter 3 cm) containing lyophilised vaccine virus and the recent vaccine baits were used for animal experiments. Four vaccination groups were established in experiment 1 (group 1: recent liquid bait vaccine; group 2: spherical baits containing one dose of the lyophilised vaccine; groups 3 (domestic pigs) and 4 (wild boar): spherical baits containing two doses of the lyophilised vaccine) and two groups in experiment 2 (group 1: recent liquid bait vaccine; group 2: spherical baits with two doses of the lyophilised vaccine). Challenge was carried out with the highly virulent virus strain "Alfort 187" (using 100 TCID50 in the first and 1.000 TCID50 in the second experiment). Our results showed that the animals vaccinated with lyophilised C-strain vaccine developed high neutralising antibody titres comparable to those obtained after vaccination with the recent bait vaccine. All pigs which picked up the baits remained healthy after challenge. Neither clinical symptoms nor viremia or virus shedding were observed after infection except in one pig (group 2, experiment 2) which had not consumed the vaccine bait. The surviving domestic pigs and wild boar were tested negative for CSFV and viral RNA at the end of the study. This result demonstrates that lyophilised vaccine may become an effective vaccine formulation for oral immunisation of wild boar against CSF in the near future.

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