Section 23
Chapter 22,187

Change in the fertility of leached chernozem and crop productivity in a cereal-sugar beet rotation in the Central Chernozem region during long-term use of fertilizers

O.A.M.nakova; L.V.A.eksandrova

Russian Agricultural Sciences 34(3): 179-182


ISSN/ISBN: 1068-3674
DOI: 10.3103/s1068367408030142
Accession: 022186892

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The effect of the long-term use of mineral fertilizers and manure on the fertility of leached chernozem (humus content, nutritive regime of sugarbeet and physicochemical properties) as well as the productivity of cereal-sugarbeet rotation. The field study was conducted in Russia a nine-course cereal-sugarbeet rotation with the following alternation of crops: black fallow, winter wheat, sugar beet, barley with clover undersowing, first-year clover, winter wheat, sugar beet, pea, oats.

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