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Contribution to the cytotaxonomical knowledge of the genus Gagea Salisb. (Liliaceae) . III. New karyological data from the central Mediterranean area

Lorenzo, P.

Caryologia 61(1): 92-106


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-7114
DOI: 10.1080/00087114.2008.10589615
Accession: 022279226

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New karyological data for the genus Gagea Salisb. (Liliaceae) are presented and discussed. First chromosome counts for the following taxa are provided: G. chaberti A. Terracc. (2n = 36) from Tunisia; G. sicula Lojac. (2n = 24, 36) and G. chrysantha Schult. et Schult. f. sensu stricto (2n = 36) from Sicily, including their respective loci classici. Chromosome complement of G. mauritanica Durieu (2n = 36) from S France and from a new locality from Apulia (S Italy) is reported. Detailed karyotype structure of the recently described C Italian endemic G. tisoniana Peruzzi, Bartolucci, Frignani et Minut. (2n = 24), G. dubia (2n = 48), G. foliosa (J. et C. Presl) Schult. et Schult. f. (2n = 36) and G. granatellii (Parl.) Parl. (2n = 36) are also reported, for the first time. G. bohemica (Zauschn.) Schult. et Schult. f. resulted tetraploid (2n = 48) in plants from Abruzzo (C Italy) and from locus classicus of G. busambarensis (Tin.) Parl. (Rocca Busambra, NW Sicily), while a new 2n = 72 cytotype is recorded for the first time (Madonie, NW Sicily). Finally, G. villosa (M. Bieb.) Sweet from Abruzzo resulted tetraploid (2n = 48).