Contributions towards a catalogue of Scarabaeoidea of Portugal (Coleoptera)

Branco, T.

Elytron (Barcelona) 19: 49-61


Accession: 022284731

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The list of Scarabaeoidea of Portugal is increased with three species: Bodilus lugens, Psammodius basalis and Hymenoplia lineolata. New data are provided on the distribution of eight species: Aegialia arenaria, Calamosternus hyxos, Nialus paganettii, Planolinus uliginosus, Enonthophagus gibbosus, Apotriodonta hispanica, Hymenoplia fulvipennis and Tropinota (Epicometis)hirta. The presence in Portugal of Trox fabricii and Bolbelasmus bocchus is questioned. The identity of a presumptive syntype of Triodontella lusitanica, in the Berlin Museum, is elucidated. The new status and new combination Mitnela lusitanica is proposed.