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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 22342

Chapter 22342 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seiichi Oyadomari; Heather, P. Harding; Yuhong Zhang; Miho Oyadomari; David Ron, 2008:
Dephosphorylation of Translation Initiation Factor 2Î Enhances Glucose Tolerance and Attenuates Hepatosteatosis in Mice

Voss, J.; Sarkar, S., 2003:
Depictions as surrogates for places: from Wallace's biogeography to Koch's dioramas

Kambara, S., 1954:
Depigmentation in the eye of Planaria as a result of thiourea treatment

Frazier, F.P., 1952:
Depigmentation of a Robin

Kishida, Y., 1963:
Depigmentation of extra eyes in the planarian, Dugesia gonocephala, by salt of dithiocarbamide and recovery of the pigment

Kishida, Y., 1961:
Depigmentation of planarian eye treated with salts of dithiocarbamide and related chemicals

Kishida, Y., 1960:
Depigmentation of the planarian eye in a solution of thiourea containing an oxidising agent

Kishida, Y., 1960:
Depigmentation of the planarian eye treated with salts of dithiocarbamide

Colombo, G., 1947:
Depigmentazione di larve di Bufo ottenuta con l'alfa-naftolo

Karimi, Y.; Teymouri, H.; Petrov, VS.; Eftekhari, MA.; Kanatov, YV., 1973:
Depistage de la peste dans le foyer naturel type sylvatique, par detection d'anticorps de Yersinia pestis chez les renards

Beneden, A.Van, 1953:
Deplace-ments des Accenteurs Mouchets en periode de migration

Millet Horsin,, 1922:
Deplacement de l'est a l'ouest d'especes africaines

Weber, A., 1918:
Deplacement de la premiere ebauche pulmonaire chez l'embryon de poulet sous l'influence de l'elevation de la temperature d'incubation

Laurent, R.F., 1964:
Deplacement des caracteres dans le genre Holodactylus (Reptilia, Gekkonidae.)

Cyrus, J-L., 1976:
Deplacement des dauphins en bordure des cotes frangaises de Mediterranee

Kozulina, O.V., 1940:
Deplacement des differentes especes de tiques sur les divers substratums

Magnin, E.; Beaulieu, G., 1968:
Deplacement du dore jaune Stizostedion vitreum (Mitchill) du fleuve Saint-Laurent d'apres les donnees du marquage

Grison, P.; Silvestre de Sacy, R., 1955:
Deplacement oriente de la femslle de Cheimatobie Operophtera brumata L. (Lep. Geometridae)

Rousset, A., 1968:
Deplacements d'attaches musculaires et formation de structure endosquelettiques chez les Insectes: cas de la musculature spinale des larves de Coniopterygides (Nevropteres, Planipennes)

Bergeron, J.; Tremblay, L., 1964:
Deplacements de Saumons adultes (Salmo salar L.) etiquetes en Gaspesie de1955a 1957

Kozoulina, O., 1936:
Deplacements des differentes especes de tiques sur les divers substratums

Magnin, E.; Beaulieu, G., 1960:
Deplacements des estur-geons (Acipenser fulvescens et Acipenser oxyrhynchus) du fleuve Saint-Laurent d'apres les donnees du marquage

Beaulieu, G., 1960:
Deplacements du Poisson des chenaux dans le fieuve Saint-Laurent

Canard, M., 1958:
Deplacements et migrations de Eulecanium corni Bouche

de Luca, Y., 1968:
Deplacements larvaires d'Acanthoscelides ohtectus Say. (Col., Bruchides.) 1. Cas d'une seule couche de grains

Anciaux de Faveaux, M., 1977:
Deplacements saisonniers chez Miniopterus schreibersi natalensis (A. Smith, 1834) au Shaba meridional (S.E. Zaire, Afrique centrale) (Mammalia Chiroptera)

Pollet, A., 1973:
Deplacements saisonniers des Cicadelles, entre savane et foret galerie, dans la zone des savanes preforestieres

Moisan, G.; Scherrer, B., 1973:
Deplacements saisonniers des Fous de Bassan de l'Ile Bonaventure (Canada) (Sula bassana)

Pfeffer, P.; Settimo, R., 1973:
Deplacements saisonniers et competition vitale entre mouflons, chamois et bouquetins dans la Reserve du Mercantour (Alpes Maritimes)

Moisan, G.; Poulin, J.M., 1967:
Deplacements saisonniers et taux de mortalite du goeland argente (Larus argentatus) des Hes Razades, Quebec

Laudien, H., 1969:
Deplacierte Handlungen bei Tieren

Braga, R.A., 1962:
DepleYao aparente de matrincha, Brycon hilarii (Val., 1849) em pesqueiros do Rio Sao Francisco, Brasil

Y.K.l; R.F.W.ndlandt, 2007:
Depleted and enriched mantle processes under the Rio Grande Rift; spinel peridotite xenoliths

Ntaflos Theodoros; Bjerg, E.A.; Labudia, C.H.; Kurat, G., 2007:
Depleted lithosphere from the mantle wedge beneath Tres Lagos, southern Patagonia, Argentina

Parrish Randall, R., 2007:
Depleted uranium (DU); its environmental dispersion and human uptake

Beard, A.D.; Downes, H.; Mason, P.R.D.; Vetrin, V.R., 2007:
Depletion and enrichment processes in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Kola Peninsula (Russia); evidence from spinel lherzolite and wehrlite xenoliths

Goldberg, I.S.; Abramson, G.Y.; Haslam, C.O.; Los, V.L., 2007:
Depletion and enrichment zones in the Bendigo gold field; a possible source of gold and implications for exploration

Turner, A.H., 1940:
Depletion and regeneration of blood serum proteins in marine Elasmobranchs and Teleosta. (Progress report.)

Weinbaum, S.; Kozer, E.; Evans, S.; Bar-Haim, A.; Zandback, Y.; Lahat, E.; Petrov, I.; Alkan, Y.; Siman-Tov, Y.; Rechavi, M.; Goldstein, L.; Berkovitch, M., 2008:
Depletion of glutathione system enzymes of the liver and erythrocytes in a rat model of acute iron poisoning

Torkko, J.M.; Manninen, A.; Schuck, S.; Simons, K., 2008:
Depletion of apical transport proteins perturbs epithelial cyst formation and ciliogenesis

Szikra, T.; Cusato, K.; Thoreson, W.B.; Barabas, P.; Bartoletti, T.M.; Krizaj, D., 2008:
Depletion of calcium stores regulates calcium influx and signal transmission in rod photoreceptors

Chan, J.P.; Cordeira, J.; Calderon, G.A.; Iyer, L.K.; Rios, M., 2008:
Depletion of central BDNF in mice impedes terminal differentiation of new granule neurons in the adult hippocampus

Biancotto, G.; Contiero, L.; Benetti, C.; Calligaris, M.; Tibaldi, E.; Cerni, L.; Francese, M., 2009:
Depletion of chloramphenicol in trout after a hypothetic therapeutic treatment

Bao, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Guan, L.; Wang, Y., 2008:
Depletion of chlortetracycline during composting of aged and spiked manures

Sagui Cornelio Leone, 1946:
Depletion of mineral resources; discussion

Anonymous, 2008:
Depletion of natural CD4 + CD25 + T regulatory cells with anti-CD25 antibody does not change the course of Pseudomonas aeruginosa -induced acute lung infection in mice

Park, K-Seo.; Han, B-Gu.; Lee, K.Hwa.; Kim, D-Seok.; Kim, J-Mo.; Jeon, H.; Kim, H.Sook.; Suh, S.Won.; Lee, E.H.; Kim, S-Youl.; Lee, B.Il., 2008:
Depletion of nucleophosmin via transglutaminase 2 cross-linking increases drug resistance in cancer cells

Hereu, Bernat, 2006:
Depletion of palatable algae by sea urchins and fishes in a Mediterranean subtidal community

Anonymous, 2008:
Depletion of pirlimycin residue in milk by UPLC-MS/MS

Cochrane, C.G.; Müller-Eberhard, H.J.; Aikin, B.S., 1970:
Depletion of plasma complement in vivo by a protein of cobra venom: its effect on various immunologic reactions

Anonymous, 2007:
Depletion of soil potassium forms as affected by successive cultivation

Shi, J.; Chen, W.; Liu, Q.; Chen, S.; Hu, H.; Turner, G.; Lu, L., 2008:
Depletion of the MobB and CotA complex in Aspergillus nidulans causes defects in polarity maintenance that can be suppressed by the environment stress

Wright, I.; Caputi, N.; Penn, J., 2006:
Depletion-based population estimates for western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) fishery in Western Australia

Hammond, W.S.; Yntema, C.L., 1964:
Depletions Of Pharyngeal Arch Cartilages Following Extirpation Of Cranial Neural Crest In Chick Embryos

Duce, M.; Gessa, G.L., 1966:
Deplezione di catecolamine centrali e periferiche indotta de fenfluramina

Chandra Sandeep; Lin Kai; Youn Choonhan, 2007:
Deploying data portals

Freifeld Barry, M.; Chan Eric; Onstott Tullis, C.; Pratt Lisa, M.; Johnson Adam; Stotler Randy; Holden Brian; Frape Shaun; Pfiffner Susan, M.; DiFurio Sarah; Ruskeeniemi Timo; Neill Ian, 2008:
Deployment of a deep borehole observatory at the High Lake Project site, Nunavut, Canada

Elster, J.; Lukavsky, Jír.; Harding, K.; Benson, E.E.; Day, J.G., 2008:
Deployment of the encapsulation-dehydration protocol to cryopreserve polar microalgae held at the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany

Engelhard, I.M.; van den Hout, M.A.; Weerts, J.; Arntz, A.; Hox, J.J.C.M.; McNally, R.J., 2007:
Deployment-related stress and trauma in Dutch soldiers returning from Iraq. Prospective study

Baker, P.F.; Hodgkin, A.L.; Ridgway, E.B., 1971:
Depolarization and calcium entry in squid giant axons

Erlij, D.; Van der Kloot, W.G., 1967:
Depolarization of frog muscle by low temperatures and by chloride-free solutions

Meldrum, B.S., 1963:
Depolarization of skeletal muscle by a toxin from cobra (Naja naja) venom

Costantin, L.L.; Podolsky, R.J., 1967:
Depolarization of the internal membrane system in the activation of frog skeletal muscle

Vyklický, L.; Davies, W.I.; Vesterstrom, K.; Scott, D., 1970:
Depolarization of tooth pulp primary afferent fibers in the medulla oblongata

Bouchard, J-François.; Horn, K.E.; Stroh, T.; Kennedy, T.E., 2008:
Depolarization recruits DCC to the plasma membrane of embryonic cortical neurons and enhances axon extension in response to netrin-1

Wang, C.M.; Narahashi, T.; Mende, T.J., 1973:
Depolarizing action of Haliclona toxin on end-plate and muscle membranes

Thompson, S.H.; Smith, S.J., 1976:
Depolarizing afterpotentials and burst production in molluscan pacemaker neurons

Nishi, K.; Sato, M., 1968:
Depolarizing and hyperpolarizing receptor potentials in the non-myelinated nerve terminal in pacinian corpuscles

Voss, E., 1923:
Deporaus tristis F. ein Biattwickler

Billington, W.D.; Weir, B.J., 1967:
Deportation of trophoblast in the chinchilla

Flori, P.; Banorri, M.; Brunelli, A., 2008:
Deposit evaluation in the crop dusting by electrostatic spraying equipment: preliminary study

Hughes, TG., 1973:
Deposit feeding in Abra tenuis (Bivalvia: Tellinacea)

Podolsky, R.J., 1868:
Deposit formation in muscle fibers following contraction in the presence of lead

Anonymous, 2007:
Deposit of biological materials in support of a U.S. patent application

Habe, T., 1955:
Deposit of shell remains in Ofanato Bay Iwate Reef, Northern Japan

Habe, T., 1955:
Deposit of shell remains in Ofunato Bay

Sumner Esther, J.; Amy Lawrence, A.; Talling Peter, J., 2008:
Deposit structure and processes of sand deposition from decelerating sediment suspensions

Bonfiglio, L.; Marra, A.C.; Masini, F.; Petruso, D., 2001:
Depositi a vertebrati e ambienti costieri pleisocenici della Sicilia e della Calabria meridionale

Conato, V.; Segre, AG., 1975:
Depositi marini Quaternari e nuovi Foraminiferi dell'Anartide (Terra Victoria, Valle Wright)

Tavani, G., 1942:
Depositi pliocenici marini rimaneggiati nelle brecce ossiferi dei Monti d'oltre Serepoio (Pisa) ,

Rajasekar, R.; Chattopadhyay, B.; Sripathi, K., 2006:
Depositing masticated plant materials inside tent roosts in Cynopterus sphinx (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) in southern India

Pongsapipatana, S., 1975:
Deposition and approximate incubation period of some reptile eggs from northeastern Thailand

Cochran, G.A.; Stains, J.H., 1961:
Deposition and decomposition of fecal pellets by cottontails

Bishop, M.J.; Peterson, C.H.; Summerson, H.C.; Lenihan, H.S.; Grabowski, J.H., 2006:
Deposition and long-shore transport of dredge spoils to nourish beaches: impacts on benthic infauna of an ebb-tidal delta

Corkeron Maree, 2008:
Deposition and palaeogeography of a glacigenic Neoproterozoic succession in the east Kimberley, Australia

Yanni, M., 1972:
Deposition and utilization of olive oil by different tissues of Clarias lazera with reference to the degree of saturation of depot fat

Akata, N.; Hasegawa, H.; Kawabata, H.; Chikuchi, Y.; Sato, T.; Ohtsuka, Y.; Kondo, K.; Hisamatsu, S., 2007:
Deposition of (super 137) Cs in Rokkasho, Japan and its relation to Asian dust

Tanaka, Y., 1968:
Deposition of janus green b and pinocyanol in mitochondria of supravitally stained KB cells

Habe, T., 1977:
Deposition of Japanese shells collected by the Admiral M. C. Perry (1852-1854)

Irwin, R.L.B.; Spinks, J.W.T.; Arnason, T.J., 1950:
Deposition of P32 in developing Drosophila

Rudnik, A., 1972:
Deposition of Spinturnix paratypes (Acarina: Spinturnicidae)

Larocque Adrienne, C.L.; Stimac James, A.; Siebe Claus; Greengrass Karen; Chapman Ron; Mejia Sergio, R., 2008:
Deposition of a high-sulfidation Au assemblage from a magmatic volatile phase, Volcan Popocatepetl, Mexico

Fiedler, H.J., 2004:
Deposition of acids, elements, and their compounds.; 2

Anonymous, 1977:
Deposition of calcium carbonate skeletons by corals: an appraisal of physiological and ecological evidence.381 394, illust

Timothy, S.M.Cay; Deanna, H.M.Cay; Jessica, L.C.ajka, 2009:
Deposition of exotic bird-dispersed seeds into three habitats of a fragmented landscape in the northeastern United States

S.E.H.mdani; K.L.mam; M.O.A.adie; A.B.ndou, 2008:
Deposition of fine particles on building internal surfaces

Jacobs, M.E., 1966:
Deposition of labeled beta-alanine in ebony and non-ebony Drosophila melanogaster with notes on other amino acids

Habe, T., 1952:
Deposition of molluscan remains in bays

Sever, DM., 1977:
Deposition of paratypes of Eurycea junaluska

Dekov Vesselin, M.; Cuadros Javier; Shanks Wayne, C.; Koski Randolph, A., 2008:
Deposition of talc-kerolite-smectite-smectite at sea floor hydrothermal vent fields; evidence from mineralogical, geochemical and oxygen isotope studies

Kozlowski Zbigniew; Gawlik Lidia; Grudzinski Zbigniew, 2004:
Deposition of wastes from Belchatow power plant in connection with overburden dumping and management of final excavation in Belchatow lignite mine

Brooks, V.J.; Dejmal, R., 1967:
Deposition of yolk protein in the oocytes of the cockroach, Leucophaea maderae

McTainsh, G., 1982:
Deposition rates and particle-size characteristics of Harmattan dust, North Africa

Chida Taiji; Niibori Yuichi; Tochiyama Osamu; Mimura Hitoshi; Tanaka Koichi, 2007:
Deposition rates of polysilicic acid with up to 10 (super -3) M calcium ions

Cédric Mabille; Damien Pas; Markus Aretz; Frédéric Boulvain; Stephan Schröder; Anne-Christine da Silva, 2008:
Deposition within the vicinity of the Mid-Eifelian High: detailed sedimentological study and magnetic susceptibility of a mixed ramp-related system from the Eifelian Lauch and Nohn formations (Devonian; Ohlesberg, Eifel, Germany)

Wickland David, C.; Jacka Alonzo, D., 1984:
Deposition, porosity evolution, and modes of sulfate emplacement in the upper Smackover, Edgewood Fields, Van Zandt County, Texas

Creaser Robert, A.; Stasiuk, L.D., 2007:
Depositional age of the Douglas Formation, northern Saskatchewan, determined by Re-Os geochronology

Nakashima Rei; Mizuno Kiyohide; Furusawa Akira, 2008:
Depositional age of the middle Pleistocene Atsumi Group in Atsumi Peninsula, central Japan, based on tephra correlation

Soreghan, G.S.; Giles Katherine, A.; Engel Michael, H., 2001:
Depositional and diagenetic facies in well-exposed Pennsylvanian algal mounds (western Orogrande Basin, NM); implications for reservoir geometry

Asir, N.G.adwin Gnana; Ramasamy, S.; Armstrong Altrin, J.S.; Madhavaraju, J.; Pitchaimani, V.S.ephen, 2007:
Depositional and diagenetic inferences of a shallow core near Tuticorin coast, Tamil Nadu

Dudus Roxana Mirela; Raileanu Adriana; Ghiran Maria Doina; Mondescu Ana; Hriscu Valentina, 2006:
Depositional and diagenetical characterization of the Oligocene reservoirs in the eastern area of the Getic Depression

Haughton Peter, 1994:
Depositional and reservoir modeling of sheet turbidite sandstones in confined basins

Kempf, O.; Matter, A.; Burbank, D.W.; Mange, M., 1998:
Depositional and structural evolution of a foreland basin margin; the eastern Swiss Molasse Basin

Elliott Trevor, 2000 :
Depositional architecture of a sand-rich, channelized turbidite system; the Upper Carboniferous Ross Sandstone Formation, western Ireland

Sener Mehmet, 2007:
Depositional conditions of the coal-bearing Hirka Formation beneath late Miocene explosive volcanic products in NW central Anatolia, Turkey

Sacchi Marco; Violante Crescenzo; Conforti Alessandro; Cristofalo Giancarlo, 2004:
Depositional elements and stratigraphic architecture of a tectonically active continental shelf; the Amalfi coast, eastern Tyrrhenian margin

Mandaokar, B.D., 2007:
Depositional environment and age of the Bhuban Formation of Chawngte area, Mizoram, India

Melezhik Victor, A.; Heldal Tom; Roberts David; Gorokhov Igor, M.; Fallick Anthony, E., 2000:
Depositional environment and apparent age of the Fauske carbonate conglomerate, north Norwegian Caledonides

E.A.bani, A.; Vachard, D.; Fuersich, F.; Buitron, B.; Flores, D.D.os, A., 2005:
Depositional environment and biofacies characterization of the Upper Pennsylvanian-Lower Permian deposits of the San Salvador Patlanoaya section (Puebla, Mexico)

Zhao Junxing; Chen Hongde; L.Z.ongdong; F.S.otang; F.J.nhua; B.T.o, 2004:
Depositional environment and nonsynchronism tectonic movement of the Baigang Formation in eastern Baise Basin, Guangxi, China

Anonymous, 2008:
Depositional environment and petrophysical studies on subsurface devonian sediments from Faghur-1x well at North Western Desert, Egypt

Pedersen Per Kent; Schroder Adams Claudia, 2001:
Depositional environment and sequence architecture of the new Cretaceous gas bearing Bougie Sandstone Member, northeastern British Columbia

Martin, D.; M.B., 2004:
Depositional environment and taphonomy of the 'strings of beads': Mesoproterozoic multicellular fossils in the Bangemall Supergroup, Western Australia

Murphy, Jf, 1977:
Depositional environment of Upper Cretaceous Black Sandstones of the Western Interior

Miorandi Renza; Borsato Andrea, 2007:
Depositional environment of calcareous tufa and latte di monte (hill milk) around Trentino, with special reference to Brenta and Paganella areas

Ihnatowicz Adam, 2005:
Depositional environment of the Glink Formation in the Intra-Sudetic Basin

Hansen Thomas; Nielsen Arne Thorshoj, 2007:
Depositional environment of the Middle Ordovician Elnes Formation, Southern Norway

Khalili Mahmoud; Beavers Roy; Torabi Hosein, 2007:
Depositional environment of the evaporitic unit (D-member) of the Qom Formation (central Iran)

Natuse Toshiro; Suzuki Nobuyuki; Inoue Nobuo; Toyoda Shin; Minowa Takaharu; Yasuba Hiroshi; Yatagai Shin ichi, 2005:
Depositional environmental changes over the past 30,000 years at Hosoike Moor, Okayama Prefecture, western Japan

Ahmad, A.H.M.; Bhat, G.M.; Khan, M.H.ris Azim, 2006:
Depositional environments and diagenesis of the Kuldhar and Keera Dome carbonates (late Bathonian-early Callovian) of western India

Curry, W.H., 1966:
Depositional environments in central Wyoming during the Cretaceous

Williams, D., 1983 :
Depositional environments in the Flinders and Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia: 32 + or - 5 Ka

Pandey, D.; Sha, J.; Choudhary, S., 2006:
Depositional environments of Bathonian sediments from the Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, western India

Liu Yiqun; Zhou Dingwu; Feng Qiao; Hao Jianrong, 2004:
Depositional environments of Permian in the Tu-Ha, Junggar, and Santanghu Basins, northern Xinjiang Province, China

Bouatmani Rkia; Ahmamou, M.F.dal; E.O.arghioui Allal; Medina Fida; E.M.urabit Abdelkhalet; Daoudi Lahcen, 2004:
Depositional environments of Triassic formations in the Meskala region (Essaouira Basin, Morocco); contribution of well log and core analysis

Babel, M., 2007:
Depositional environments of a salina-type evaporite basin recorded in the Badenian gypsum facies in the northern Carpathian Foredeep

Krijgsman, W.; Meijer, P.T., 2008:
Depositional environments of the Mediterranean Lower Evaporites of the Messinian salinity crisis; constraints from quantitative analyses

Marquez, F.; Bertorelli, G.; Zapata Eglee; Padron, V.; Rey Olga; Falcon, R., 1997:
Depositional environments of the Misoa Formation, Serrania de Trujillo, eastern Zulia

Timireva, S.N.; Velichko, A.A., 2006:
Depositional environments of the Pleistocene loess-soil series inferred from sand grain morphoscopy; a case study of the East European Plain

Fuma, T.; Ando, H.; Yokoyama, Y., 2004:
Depositional facies and biofacies of the Upper Pleistocene Shimosa Group in the Inashiki area, the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture

Eriyagama, S.C.; Collins, L.B.; Hocking, R.M., 1988 :
Depositional framework and major lithostratigraphic variations of the Barrow Group

Klaver, G.T.; Schmedley, P., 1989:
Depositional history and geochemistry of the Mid-Cretaceous oceanic plateaus

Scharlach, R.A.; Hartley, J.R.; Ward, W.C., 1989:
Depositional history of Tertiary carbonate rocks, subsurface of northern Puerto Rico

Morgan, L.M.; Betts, P.G.; Schaefer, B.F., 2007:
Depositional history of the Corunna Conglomerate and its stratigraphic relationship to the Gawler Range Volcanics, Gawler Craton, South Australia

Koepnick, RB., 1976:
Depositional history of the Upper Dresbachian - Lower Franconian (Upper Cambrian) pterocephalid biomere from west central Utah

Pandey, D.; Sha, J.; Choudhary, S., 2006:
Depositional history of the early part of the Jurassic succession on the Rajasthan Shelf, western India

Noweir, M.A.; Baghdady, A.R.; Boukhary, M.A., 2006:
Depositional history, diagenesis and structural evolution of the stratigraphic sequence of Jabal Al Hama-Jabal Bin Khartum foreland folds, east Al-Ain, northern Oman Mountains

Martins, L.R.; Urien, C.M.; Martins, I.R., 2003:
Depositional marine models and their associated mineral resources

Soua Mohamed; Tribovillard Nicolas, 2007:
Depositional model at Cenomanian/ Turonian boundary for Bahloul Formation, Tunisia

Crevello Paul, D.; Harris Paul, M., 1984:
Depositional models for Jurassic reefal buildups

Casshyap, S.M.; Khan Abdullah, 1999:
Depositional models of Denwa and Bagra formations in Satpura Gondwana Basin of central India, M.P

Krasnoshchekova, L.A., 1999:
Depositional orientation of Jurassic sandstone quartz bed of Igolsko-Talovskoye Field, Tomsk region

Bhat, G.M.; Kundal, S.N.; Pandita, S.K.; Prasad, G.V.R., 2008:
Depositional origin of tuffaceous units in the Pliocene upper Siwalik Subgroup, Jammu (India), NW Himalaya

Suarez Ruiz Carlos, A., 1997:
Depositional paleoenvironments of the Rio Negro Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in the La Vueltosa section, states of Merida and Barinas

Bai Guoping; Zhang Shanwen, 2004:
Depositional patterns and oil/ gas accumulation features of Sha-3 Member turbidites in Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay basin

Lewis, B.; White, J.D.L.; Manville, V.R.; Palin, J.M., 2005:
Depositional processes and sedimentary fractionation in the formation of tephra beds from pyroclastic eruptions; a study of Potaka and correlative Kaimatira pumice sand deposits

Woo Jusun; Chough Sung Kwun, 2007:
Depositional processes and sequence stratigraphy of the Jigunsan Formation (Middle Ordovician) Taebaeksan Basin, mideast Korea; implications for basin geometry and sequence development

Okazaki Hiroko, 2004:
Depositional processes on steep slopes of coarse-grained, Gilbert-type delta in the Pleistocene paleo-Tokyo Bay, Japan

Yokoyama, Y.; Ando, H.; Mori, D., 2001:
Depositional sequence and molluscan fossils of the Quaternary Shimosa Group in the Tazuka, Taiyo Village, Kashima Upland, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Hanebuth, T.J.J.; Stattegger, K., 2004:
Depositional sequences on a late Pleistocene-Holocene tropical siliciclastic shelf (Sunda Shelf, southeast Asia)

Lehman Thomas; Chatterjee Sankar, 2005:
Depositional setting and vertebrate biostratigraphy of the Triassic Dockum Group of Texas

Skompski, S.; Paszkowski, M.; Krobicki, M.; Kokovin, K.; Korn, D.; Tomas, A.; Wrzolek, T., 2001:
Depositional setting of the Devonian/Carboniferous biohermal Bol'shaya Nadota Complex, subpolar Urals

Vincent, K., R.; Andrews, E.D., 2008:
Depositional settings of sand beaches along whitewater rivers

Yago, J.V.R.; Fielding, C.R.; Kassan, J., 1994:
Depositional styles of channel and overbank deposits in the Middle Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures, Clarence-Moreton Basin, NSW

Kandemir Raif; Korkmaz Sadettin, 1997:
Depositional systems in the eastern Pontides back-arc basin; an example from south of Artvin, NE-Turkey

Bamberry, W.; Hutton, A.; Jones, B., 1989:
Depositional systems of the Illawarra coal measures, southern Sydney Basin

Ambrose William, A., 2007:
Depositional systems of uranium in south Texas

Ward Larry, G., 2007:
Depositional systems on the New Hampshire continental shelf; formation and controlling processes

Tutt, H.R., 1955:
Depositition of eggs by the female cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

Mateus, Ade, M., 1943:
Deposito de gordura no testiculo da Chioglossa lusitanica Bec

Vol. 107 i3., 1969:
Deposito quaternario con 'A. islandica' sulla piattaforma continentale del Mar Ligure e considerazioni sull'eta delle fasi tettoniche tardive dell'Appennino settentrionale

Rehn, J.A.G., 1921:
Depositories of type material

Hernandez-Pacheco, F.Amer, I.A., 1968:
Depositos cuaternarios de la isla de Alboran

Lopes Ferreira, Rodrigo, 2003:
Depositos sedimentares em cavernas: registros de vida passada

Eberzin, A.G., 1956:
Deposits containing Unio sturi M. Hornes and its importance for the stratigraphy of the Pliocene of the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR

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Der Arakakadu

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Der Archaeopteryx Schwanz der Vogelembryonen

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Der Argala

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Der Argusfisch

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Der Arimaspengreif ein sibimscher Schamanen Uhu?

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Der Asiatische Laubholzbockkaefer (Anoplophora glabripennis) und der Citrusbockkaefer (Anoplophora chinensis) in Europa - ein Situationsberich

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Der Aufbau des Saugetier-Carpus und-Tarsus nach neueren embryologischen Untersuchung-en

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Der Aufrichtereflex der Ratarien von Velella spirans

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Der Aufsteig zum Menschen

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Der Augenhinter-grand des Lowen

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Der Augenlose

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Der Ausdruck der Gemuts-bewegungen bei der Hauskatze

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Der Ausfarbungsprozess in den Flugeldecken von Epilachna chrysomelina P. (Col. Cocc)

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Der Ausserberg in Riehen BS 1976

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Der Aussu ungs und Verlandungsprozen im Bereich der Brackwassermolasse Niederbayerns

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Der Austenfischer-Haematopus o. ostralegus L. als Binnenlandbruter im Regierungsbezirk Osnabruck unter besonderer Berucksichtigung des Vorkommens im Vechtegebiet der Grafschaft Bentheim

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Der Australische Dickschwanzgecko, Nephrurus milii (Underwoodisaurus milii)