Descrizione di nuove specie di Lanecarus Ohira, 1962 con chiave di determinazione delle specie di Cina e sud-est Asiatico e descrizione di una nuova specie del Brunei (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Synaptini)

Platia, G.

Boletin de la SEA31: 113-117


Accession: 022365572

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In the paper 5 new species of the genus Lanecarus Ohira, 1962 from China, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei are de-scribed and a new combination for Silesis difficilis Fleutiaux is proposed. Actually we know 16 species of this genus established by Ohira for two species of Japan. Lanecarus Ohira can be distinguished by Synaptus Eschscholtz for the claws each only with two or three teeth; the double puncturation of pronotum considered in the original description is only a specific character.