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Diagnosis and treatment of acute renal failure in neonates and infants of first months of life

Chugunova, O.L.; Makulova, A.I.; Lifshits, V.I.; Zaitseva, O.V.; Zverev, D.V.; Emirova, K., M.

Pediatriya 86(6): 40-45


ISSN/ISBN: 0479-7876
Accession: 022386965

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The aim of present study was to outwork algorithm of acute renal failure (ARF) and chronic renal failure (CRF) treatment in neonates and infants in first months of life. Authors examined 40 children, including 27 neonates with ARF and 13 infants with congenital renal malformations complicated by CRF. 18 children with ARF and 9 children with CRF were treated without renal replacement therapy (RRT), 4 patients with ARF and 1 with CRF received peritoneal dialysis (PD), 5 children with ARF received continuous venovenouus hemodiafiltration (CVVHDF) and 3 patients with CRF needed in change of dialysis type (CVVHDF and PD). Early RRT in neonates and infants with ARF permitted to reduce mortality, to elongate the life and to improve life quality in cases of CRF development, to escape such severe complications as left ventricle hypertrophy, anemia, osteodystrophy, malnutrition due to chronic disorders of nutritive state; and to provide sufficient renal transplantation.

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