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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 22475

Chapter 22475 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ecological aspects of life history in some net-spinning Trichoptera
, Proceedings int Symp Trichoptera 2: 269-281 (1977)

Ecological aspects of mangroves and their potential as phytoremediation in the gulf of Mexico
, Unknown (2008)

Ecological aspects of migration, and premigratory fat deposition in the Lesser redpoll, Carduelis flammea cabaret
, Condor 71: 316-330 (1969)

Ecological aspects of mycorrhizal symbiosis: with special emphasis on the functional diversity of interactions involving the extraradical mycelium
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular and Integrative Physiology 146(4-supp-S): 0-0 (2007)

Ecological aspects of nematodes the family Dictyocaulidae Skrjabin, 1907, endoparasites of mammals
, Uzbekskii Biologicheskii Zhurnal 4: 70-74 (2005)

Ecological aspects of polymorphism in an African land snail Limicolaria martensiana
, Journal of Zoology London 159: 79-96 (1969)

Ecological aspects of population regulation
, Transactions 9th International Congress of Entomology Amsterdam 2: 210-214 (1951)

Ecological aspects of reproduction in nutria Myocastor coypus Mol
, Mammalia 30: 142-152 (1966)

Ecological aspects of river impoundments
, Studies Ecol 2: 565-587 (1975)

Ecological aspects of salinity and temperature tolerances of some reef-dwelling gorgonians from Florida
, Caribbean J Sci 13(3-4): 173-177 (1973)

Ecological aspects of selected principal phytoplankton taxa in Lake Piaseczno
, Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 34(2): 79-94 (2005)

Ecological aspects of serpulid fouling
, Australian Natural History 16: 59-64 (1968)

Ecological aspects of sex ratio and reproduction in experimental and field populations of the marine copepod Tigriopus californicus
, Dissertation Abstracts B, The Sciences and Engineering 27: 4600 (1967)

Ecological aspects of sheep breeding
, Unknown (2007)

Ecological aspects of smaller cetaceans, with emphasis on the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)
, Journal Fish Res Bd Canada 327: 1069-1072 (1975)

Ecological aspects of social organisation in banteng (Bos javanicus) and feral buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Java
, Publications natn Swedish Envir Prot Bd 11: 159-164 (1973)

Ecological aspects of some coral-boring Gastropods and Bivalves of the northwestern Red Sea
, American Zoologist 9: 887-894 (1969)

Ecological aspects of some mixed-species foraging flocks of birds
, Ecological Monographs 40: 119-168 (1970)

Ecological aspects of stratification in sewage stabilization pond
, Journal of the Karnatak University Science 18: 137-144 (1973)

Ecological aspects of succession in natural populations
, American Nat 75(760): 406-418 (1941)

Ecological aspects of sweet pittosporum (Pittosporum undulatum Vent.): implications for control and management
, Unknown (1996)

Ecological aspects of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, collected from coastal areas of Japan
, Zoological Science 24(12): 1213-1221 (2007)

Ecological aspects of the Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) pintoi parasite of Corydoras paleatus (Jenyns, 1842) (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) in reservoirs of the State of Parana, Brazil
, Acta Scientiarum Biological Sciences. July-Sept; 273: 239-242 (2005)

Ecological aspects of the agamid lizards Sitana ponticeriana and Calotes nemoricola in India
, Herpetologica 283: 285-289 (1972)

Ecological aspects of the bird life in the Bangweulu area
, Ostrich Pretoria: 165-171 (1946)

Ecological aspects of the distribution of fishes at Fanning Island
, Pacific Science 283: 297-317 (1974)

Ecological aspects of the distribution of subsoil herpetofauna in Ndumu Game Reserve
, Annals Carneg Mus 448: 103-115 (1973)

Ecological aspects of the evolution of gall midges (Diptera, Itonididae Cecidomyiidae)
, Unknown (1964)

Ecological aspects of the feeding behaviour of two calidritine sandpipers wintering in south eastern Tasmania
, Emu: 20-26 (1971)

Ecological aspects of the flamingos on Bonaire
, Stinapa 11: 16-33 (1976)

Ecological aspects of the food habits of insectivorous Screech-owls
, Proceedings Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology 1: 301-344 (1969)

Ecological aspects of the food habits of insectivorous bats
, Proceedings Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology 1: 204-263 (1967)

Ecological aspects of the food habits of some insectivorous bats
, Dissertation Abstracts 25: 2676 (1964)

Ecological aspects of the freshwater decapod crustaceans of the Perlas Archipelago, Panama
, Biotropica 94: 239-252 (1977)

Ecological aspects of the geological environment in the Volga Federal District
, Razvedka i Okhrana Nedr 2007(7): 81-83 (2007)

Ecological aspects of the introduction of fish species into natural habitats in Europe, with special reference to the Netherlands. Journal fish
, Journal Cell Biol 44: 565-583 (1972)

Ecological aspects of the mosquitoes breeding in tree holes in the botanic park and garden, Adelaide
, South Aust: 38-40 (1972)

Ecological aspects of the origins of the Tetrapods
, Evolution 11: 373-376 (1958)

Ecological aspects of the phylogeny of the Bryozoa
, Zeitschrift Zool Syst EvolForsch 114: 277-283 (1973)

Ecological aspects of the redbreast sunfish, Lepomis auritus, in Florida
, Proceedings a Conf SEast Ass Game Fish Commnrs 28: 296-307 (1975)

Ecological aspects of tick control
, Journal Aust Inst agric Res 30: 277-278 (1964)

Ecological aspects of toxicity testing of oils and dispersants
, Unknown (1974)

Ecological aspects of two species of parasitic copepods new to the tidewater silverside, Menidia berylhna (Cope)
, Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 87: 120-123 (1971)

Ecological aspects of two species of parasitic copepods new to the tidewater silverside, Menidia beryllina (Cope)
, Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 120-123 (1971)

Ecological aspects of zooplankton (Foraminifera, Pteropoda and Chaetognatha) of the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
, VeIiger 182: 203-216 (1975)

Ecological aspects on the growth of fish
, Zoologisk Revy 30: 113-123 (1968)

Ecological assessment of lakeshore wetland rehabilitation on eastern route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
, Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering in China 2(3): 306-310 (2008)

Ecological association between Crimean hemorrhagic fever virus and ixodid tick hosts in Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar region
, Translation med Zool Dep US Naval med Res Unit TI: 065 (1976)

Ecological association of bird species and habitats in Eastern Australia: similarity analysis
, Journal of Animal Ecology 37: 143-165 (1968)

Ecological associations between entomopathogenic fungi and pest insects recorded in Latvia
, Latvijas Entomologs 41: 60-65 (2004)

Ecological attributes of a new species of nematode parasite, Oswaldocruzia upica n sp from the amphibian population of Rohilkhand region, Uttar Pradesh, India
, Bulletin of the National Research Centre 32(2): 215-234 (2007)

Ecological balance in the native population dynamics may cause the paradox of pest control with harvesting
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 252(1): 87-97 (2008)

Ecological baseline study of heavy metal bioaccumulation in a proposed wetland for Rivgas Refinery project in Ase-Ndoni, Rivers State
, Unknown (2007)

Ecological bases of applying Clytiomyia helluo F. to control of Eurygaster integriceps Put
, Trudy vsesno-issled. inst. Zashch. Rast: 111-117 (1975)

Ecological basis and application of PFU protozoan community in bio-monitoring with relation to water quality
, Acta Ecologica Sinica. Jul; 247: 1540-1547 (2004)

Ecological basis for control measures against mosquitoes in mountain and foothill regions of Kazakhstan
, Parazitologiya 3: 34-37 (1969)

Ecological basis for the management of water quality and fish populations.49 54, illust
, Unknown (1977)

Ecological basis of the distribution of the littoral freshwater molluscs in the vicinity of Tampere, South Finland
, Annales Zoologici Fennici 3: 287-322 (1966)

Ecological basis of the new elephant management policy for Kruger National Park and expected outcomes
, Pachyderm uary- e; 36: 99-108 (2004)

Ecological basises of the control system against mosquitoes in desert and semidesert zones of Kazakhstan
, Trudy Inst Zool Alma Ata (Ser Zool): 31: 115-120 (1971)

Ecological benefits analysis of trees in campus based on the GIS
, Unknown (2008)

Ecological benefits of compound ridge culture in hillside orchard in the Three Gorge Reservoir Area
, Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences 13(3): 357-362 (2008)

Ecological biogeography of primates in Guyana
, Unknown (2006)

Ecological boundaries in estuaries: macrobenthic -diversity in the rio de la plata system (34-36S)
, Journal of the: 377-381 (2007)

Ecological capability evaluation for aquaculture activities by GIS
, Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 2(3): 183-188 (2005)

Ecological capability evaluation of rural development by means of GIS
, Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 1(2): 81-90 (2004)

Ecological capability of land use planning for rural development
, Unknown (2006)

Ecological causes of different population densities of Tanymecus dilaticollis Gyll. in fields of crop rotation
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 46: 221-228 (1967)

Ecological change and exotic invaders
, Unknown (2006)

Ecological change in Lough Erne: influence of catchment changes and species invasions
, Freshwater Forum 24: 38-58 (2005)

Ecological changes affecting the productivity of oyster grounds
, Transactions of the North American Wildlife Conference 21: 408-419 (1956)

Ecological changes and their effect on a population of reedbuck
, Lammer Geyer 6: 2-8 (1966)

Ecological changes and their impact on avian use of marshes in Caroni Swamp, Trinidad
, Occasional Papers of the Department of Life Sciences University of the West Indies 11: 45-53 (2002)

Ecological changes due to hydroelectric development on the Saint John River
, Journal Fish Res Bd Canada 321: 161-170 (1975)

Ecological changes following an alewife introduction in an oligotrophic reservoir: a case history
, Proceedings of the Annual Conference Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 57: 44-58 (2003)

Ecological character displacement
, Science 266(5186): 746-747 (1994)

Ecological character displacement in a lizard
, American Zoologist 144: 1127-1136 (1974)

Ecological character of phytoplankton in spring in the Yangtze River estuary and adjacent waters
, Journal of Fishery Sciences of China 12(3): 300-306 (2005)

Ecological character of planktonic Cladocera in Zhelin Bay during 2000 - 2002
, Journal of Oceanography in Taiwan Strait 22(2): 155-162 (2003)

Ecological characterisation of streams in Tuscany (Italy) for the management of the threatened crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes complex
, Bulletin Francais de la Peche et de la Pisciculture, 380-381: 1095-1113 (2006)

Ecological characteristic of Kazachya Bay (the Black Sea)
, Ekologiya Morya 61: 85-89 (2002)

Ecological characteristic of Zabrus tenebrioides Goeze and substantiation periods for its control
, Vest: 25-29 (1971)

Ecological characteristic of the Bering Sea population of blue crab (Paralithodes platypus Brandt, 1850). Izvestiya tibhookean. nauchno issled. lnst. ryb. Khoz
, Okeanogr 81: 201-208 (1972)

Ecological characteristics of Abies georgei population at timberline on the north-facing slope of Baima Snow Mountain, Southwest China
, Acta Ecologica Sinica 28(1): 129-135 (2008)

Ecological characteristics of Arboridia kakogawana and Arboridia maculifrons (Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) occurring on vineyards
, Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 44(3): 251-255 (2005)

Ecological characteristics of Go-no-ike Lake
, Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 70(4): 425-442 (1972)

Ecological characteristics of Protaetia orientalis submarmorea (Burmeister) (Coleoptera: Cetoniidae)
, Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 41(1): 43-47 (2002)

Ecological characteristics of Tibetan fox dens in Shiqu County Sichuan Province, China
, Zoological Research ; 27(1): 18-22 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of bird associations (Aves) in the habitats of Chelmowa Gora
, Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, 17C 259-296 (1963)

Ecological characteristics of coral patch reefs at Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
, Atoll Research Bulletin 543: 439-460 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of free-living fresh water nematodes
, Lauterbornia 10: 49-53 (2003)

Ecological characteristics of macrobenthos along the coast of Zhejiang during the summer of 2003
, Shanghai Shuichan Daxue Xuebao. Jan; 151: 59-64 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of phytoplankton in shrimp cultivation area from Pantu, Xiamen
, Journal of Oceanography in Taiwan Strait. Nov; 214: 469-482 (2002)

Ecological characteristics of roach Rutilus rutilus caspicus (Jakolew) of the Mingechaur water storage reservoir
, Voprosy Ichtiologii 13(5): 785-797 (1973)

Ecological characteristics of small rodents living in collective gardens
, Ekologiya (Moscow). Sentyabr-Octyabr; 5: 380-385 (2004)

Ecological characteristics of synanthropic and zoophilic flies in the south of Primorye territory
, Trudy Biol-pochvenn Inst Vladivostok 5: 78-83 (1973)

Ecological characteristics of the bottom fauna of the Wieika Puszcza stream
, Acta Hydrobiologica Krakow Suppl 1: 61-92 (1965)

Ecological characteristics of the bottom fauna of the Wielka Puszcaz stream
, Acta Hydrobiologica Krakow 7: 91-92 (1965)

Ecological characteristics of the helminth fauna of Accipitridae from the area between the Volga and the Don
, Parazitologiya 11(3): 275-279 (1977)

Ecological characteristics of the invasive Asian date mussel Musculista senhousia, in the Sacca di Goro (Adriatic Sea, Italy)
, Estuaries 25(3): 431-440 (2002)

Ecological characteristics of the locust, Angaracris baradensis (Pallas)
, Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology 86: 632-635 Serial No 40 (2002)

Ecological characteristics of the main species of minnows (Pisces, Cyprinidae) from the Danube delta
, Vest. csl. Spol. zool.: 34: 240-251 (1970)

Ecological characteristics of the marine benthic organisms in the muddy intertidal zone of Cangnan
, Marine Sciences (Beijing) 30(5): 92-96 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of the pollinising entomofauna of the flowers of Asclepias cornuti Decaisne
, Acta Universitatis Voronegiensis 10: 237-307 (1938)

Ecological characteristics of the skink, Mabuya longicaudata, on a tropical East Asian Island
, Copeia: 293-300 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of walleye pollock eggs and larvae in the southeastern Bering Sea during the late 1970s
, Journal of Oceanography 62(6): 859-871 (2006)

Ecological characteristics of zooplankton near the Jiuduansha waters of the Yangtze river estuary
, Shanghai Shuichan Daxue Xuebao. Dec; 144: 383-389 (2005)

Ecological characterization and cladocerans, calanoid copepods and large branchiopods of temporary ponds in a Mediterranean island (Sicily, southern Italy)
, Chemistry and Ecology 22: 181-190(Suppl 1 (2006)

Ecological characterization of Bosco della Panfilia (south-eastern Po river plain, Italy)
, Quaderni della Stazione di Ecologia del Civico Museo di Storia Naturale di Ferrara 13: 49-60 (2001)

Ecological characterization of a Mediterranean fresh water pool on the Merag Peninsula, Cres (Croatia)
, Annales Series Historia Naturalis (Koper): 121: 73-82 (2002)

Ecological characterization of background rodent species in steppes of the lower reaches of the Volga and Don rivers
, Povolzhskii Ekologicheskii Zhurnal 3: 281-291 (2005)

Ecological characters in steppe Mice and Voles
, Zool J Moscow 18(4): 711-732 (1939)

Ecological characters of Euchaeta concinna (Copepod) in the East China Sea
, Unknown (2006)

Ecological characters of Go-no-ike Lake
, Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 70(4): 425-441 (1972)

Ecological characters of pelagic Cladocera in the East China Sea
, Shengtaixue Zazhi e; 25(6): 635-639 (2006)

Ecological characters of the Eucalanus subcrassus population in the East China Sea
, Acta Ecologica Sinica ; 26(4): 1151-1152 (2006)

Ecological characters of the helminth fauna of Accipitridae from the area between the Volga and the Don
, Parazitologiya 11(3): 275-279 (1977)

Ecological characters of zooplankton dominant species in the waters near the Changjiang Estuary in spring and summer
, Marine Sciences (Beijing) 291(2): 13-19 (2005)

Ecological chemistry and the palatability spectrum
, Science 161(3848): 1349-1350 (1968)

Ecological clarification of cheese whey prior to anaerobic digestion in upflow anaerobic filter
, Bioresource Technology 99(14): 6105-6111 (2008)

Ecological classification
, Unknown (2006)

Ecological classification of Finnish lakes using a multimeric fish index
, Internationale Vereinigung fuer Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen 295: 2276-2278 (2006)

Ecological classification of cavernicoles
, Cave Notes 52: 9-12 (1963)

Ecological classification of deer habitat in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska
, Northwestern NaturalistAutumn; 88(2): 73-84 (2007)

Ecological classification of the organisms living in the soil
, Annales Instituti Biologici Tihany 21: 139-143 (1954)

Ecological color variation in a butterfly and the problem of protective coloration.
, Ecology 21(3): 371-380 (1940)

Ecological color variation in some Argynnis of the western United States
, Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 6: 197-198 (1967)

Ecological communities: plant mediation in indirect interaction webs
, Unknown (2007)

Ecological community integration increases with added trophic complexity
, Ecological Complexity 5(2): 140-145 (2008)

Ecological comparisons of thermally affected aquatic environments
, Journal - Water Pollution Control Federation 45(4): 726-733 (1973)

Ecological compatibility of bird species on islands
, American Natur 100(914): 451-462 (1966)

Ecological compensation for the impacts of a road. Preliminary method for the A50 road link (Eindhoven-Oss, the Netherlands)
, Ecological Engineering 7(4): 327-349 (1996)

Ecological complementarity of three sympatric parids in a California oak woodland
, Condor 783: 307-316 (1976)

Ecological complex of Aphids
, Kontyu Nishigahara 11: 93-97 (1937)

Ecological composition of the avifaunal community in a Stellenbosch suburb
, Ostrich 39: 105-129 (1968)

Ecological concept of filamentous sludge bulking
, Unknown (2008)

Ecological concepts and human welfare
, Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 18: 142-148 (1943)

Ecological conditions and activity of microorganisms in cold hydrosulfide waters of Bakhlait (Transbaikalia)
, Russian Journal of Ecology 39(3): 205-209 (2007)

Ecological conditions for spread of the invasive snail Physa marmorata (Pulmonata: Physidae) in the Ivory Coast
, African Zoology 43(1): 53-60 (2008)

Ecological conditions in a water body and the value of natural mortality in fish
, Izvestiya Gosud Nauchn-issl Inst Ozern Rechn Rybn Khozyaist 99: 239-251 (1975)

Ecological conditions of reproduction and distribution of the ark shell (Anadara broughtonii) in Sukhodol Bay (Ussuri Bay, Sea of Japan)
, Byulleten' Dal'nevostochnogo Malakologicheskogo Obshchestva 8: 43-60 (2004)

Ecological conditions of reproduction of commercial mollusks in Minonosok Bay and Khalovey Bay (Possjet Bay, Sea of Japan)
, Byulleten' Dal'nevostochnogo Malakologicheskogo Obshchestva 9: 221 (2005)

Ecological conditions of the distribution and development of zooplankton in the lakes of Vitebsk pisciculture
, Transactions 10th Sci Conf Minsk, 181-187 (1964)

Ecological consequences of appearance of North American crayfish species (Orconectes limosus Raf.) in water ecosystems of Belarus
, Vyestsi Natsyyanal'nai Akademii Navuk Byelarusi Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk 3: 110-112 (1999)

Ecological consequences of evolution in plant defenses in a metacommunity
, Theoretical Population Biology 74(1): 34-45 (2008)

Ecological consequences of forest leaf-feeding insect outbreaks
, Unknown (2007)

Ecological consequences of genetic diversity
, Ecology Letters 11(6): 609-623 (2008)

Ecological consequences of marine pollution
, Revue int Oceanogr med 24: 13-46 (1971)

Ecological consequences of ontogenetic shifts in predator diet: seasonal constraint of a behaviorally mediated indirect interaction
, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 326(2): 199-206 (2005)

Ecological consequences of the proposed Moran Damon the Fraser River
, Journal Fish Res Bd Canada 321: 126-135 (1975)

Ecological consequences of the tropical ant mosaic
, Proceedings Congr Int Un Study Soc Ins 7: 235-242 (1973)

Ecological considerations for landscape-level management of bats
, Unknown (2007)

Ecological considerations in scrub typhus. 1. Emerging concepts. 2. Vector species. 3. Methods of area control
, Bulllth Org: 209-218 (1968)

Ecological constraints on the evolutionary association between field and preferred temperatures in Tropidurinae lizards
, Evolutionary Ecology 20(6): 549-564 (2006)

Ecological context of savanna chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) termite fishing at Fongoli, Senegal
, American Journal of Primatology 70(6): 605-612 (2008)

Ecological control of the occurrence of barnacles in the Miramichi Estuary
, Bulletin National Museum of Canada 137: 1-69 (1955)

Ecological control of weeds on mine sites across Australia
, 15th Australian Weeds Conference, Papers and Proceedings, Adelaide, South Australia, 24-28 September 2006: Managing weeds in a changing climate: 297-300 (2006)

Ecological convergence of lizard communities in Chile and California
, Ecology 571: 3-17 (1976)

Ecological convergence of the lizard faunas of the Chaparral communities in Chile and California
, Ecological Stud 7: 339-348 (1973)

Ecological conversion efficiencies of 8 fish species in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea and main influence factors
, Journal of Fisheries of China 26(3): 219-225 (2002)

Ecological correlates and evolutionary divergence in the skull of turtles: a geometric morphometric assessment
, Systematic Biology 53(6): 933-948 (2004)

Ecological correlates of invasion by Arundo donax in three southern California riparian habitats
, Biological Invasions 10(5): 591-601 (2008)

Ecological correlates of population density and behavior in the circumtropical black triggerfish Melichthys niger (Balistidae)
, Environmental Biology of Fishes 76(2-4): 387-398 (2006)

Ecological correlates of risk and incidence of West Nile virus in the United States
, Oecologia 158(4): 699-708 (2009)

Ecological correlates of seed survival after ingestion by fallow deer
, Functional Ecology il; ): 284-290 (2005)

Ecological correlates of species differences in the Lake Tanganyika crab radiation
, Hydrobiologia 615. (2008)

Ecological correlates to lemur community structure in southeast Madagascar
, International Journal of Primatology ust; 27(4): 1023-1040 (2006)

Ecological correlations between the persistence of the soil seed bank and several plant traits, including seed dormancy
, Plant Ecology 196(2): 301-309 (2008)

Ecological corridors and species: large carnivores in the Alpine region
, Council of Europe Nature and Environment Series 127: 1-18 (2002)

Ecological corridors in land use planning and development policies. National approaches for ecological corridors of countries implementing the Pan-European Landscape and Biological Diversity Strategy
, Council of Europe Nature and Environment Series 125: 1-51 (2002)

Ecological costs of biotrophic versus necrotrophic pathogen resistance, the hypersensitive response and signal transduction
, Plant Science 174(6): 0-556 (2008)

Ecological costs on local adaptation of an insect herbivore imposed by host plants and enemies
, Ecology 89(5): 1388-1398 (2008)

Ecological counterparts in birds
, Sci Month 635: 395-398 (1946)

Ecological criteria, participant preferences and location models: A GIS approach toward ATV trail planning
, Applied Geography 28(4): 0-258 (2008)

Ecological data 1. Latchford's notes on Elliptio complanatus (Dillwyn)
, Unknown (1961)

Ecological data 2. Latchford's notes on Elliptio dilatatus (Rafinesque) 1820
, Unknown (1961)

Ecological data
, Grasse, Pierre-P (Edited By) Traite De Zoologie; Anatomie, Systematique, Biologie, Tome Xiv Fascicule Iii: Reptiles; Glandes Endocrines, Embryologie, Systematique, Paleontologie (Treatise on Zoology; Anatomy, Systematics, Biology, Vol Xiv Installment Iii: Reptiles; Endocrine Glands Embryology, Systematics, Paleontology ) 1428p Illus Masson Et Cie Editeurs: Paris, France 987-1036 (1970)

Ecological data and the model
, Ambio Spec Rep, 7,1976: 171-177 (1977)

Ecological data for a Florida troglobitic crayfish
, Florida Scient 36(2-4): 234-235 (1973)

Ecological data in the classification of closely related species
, Systematic Zoology 11: 119-127 (1962 )

Ecological data of isopods (Crustacea: Oniscidea) in laurel forests from the Western Canary Islands
, Vieraea. Diciembre; 33: 41-50 (2005)

Ecological data on Astroboa nuda (Ophiuroidea, Euryalae) in Eilat
, Research Report Hebrew University of Jerusalem Science Agriculture, 1: 302 (1965)

Ecological data on Passer rutilans in Luyashan Nature Reserve, Shanxi Province
, Sichuan Journal of Zoology 23(2): 129-130 (2004)

Ecological data on intestinal Coccidia parasitizing reptiles of Turkmenistan
, Izvestiya Akad Nauk turkmen SSR (Biol): 5: 64-67 (1974)

Ecological data on the Amphipod Gammarus duebeni, A monograph
, Veroeffentlichungen des Instituts fuer Meeresforschung in Bremerhaven 6(1): 177-202 (1959)

Ecological dependence of species diversity in water reservoirs with different salinity
, Doklady Natsional'noi Akademii Nauk Belarusi ember- 46(6): 64-66 (2002)

Ecological Design of Irrigation Canals for Snail Control
, Science 145(3638): 1324-1326 (1964)

Ecological determinants of group sizes of foraging lions
, American Naturalist 109967: 343-352 (1975)

Ecological determination of the new Ctenophora-Beroe ovata invasion in the Black Sea
, Trudove na Instituta po Okeanologiya 2: 195-198 (1998)

Ecological detoxification of methamidophos by earthworms in phaiozem co-contaminated with acetochlor and copper
, Applied Soil Ecology 40(1): 0-145 (2008)

Ecological developmental biology: Developmental biology meets the real world. Papers from a meeting held on January 6-10, 2002 at Anaheim, California.
, Evolution and Development. January-February; 51: 3-115 (2003)

Ecological differences of individual genotypes in a population of Rana temporaria
, Ekologiya 4: 93-95 (1974)

Ecological differences of some closely related species
, Ekologija 1: 121-131 (1966)

Ecological differences of the shrews Sorex araneus L. and Sorex minutus L
, Archives Neerlandaises de Zoologie 16: 405-408 (1965)

Ecological differentiation and incipient intraspecific isolation in marine copepods
, Annee Biologique 3: 335-6: 259-268 (1957)

Ecological differentiation between two Harvest Mice (Reithrodontomys) in western Kansas
, Journal of Mammalogy 24: 22-25 (1943)

Ecological differentiation in seagulls (Larinae) on the Hel Peninsula
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