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Estudio comparativo del valor nutritivo de varios Coleoptera comestibles de Mexico y Pachymerus nucleorum (Fabricius, 1792) (Bruchidae) de Brasil

Ramos Elorduy, J.; Costa, E.M.deiros Neto; Ferreira Dos Santos, J.; Pino Moreno, J.M.; Landero Torres, I.; Angeles Campos, S.C.; Garcia Perez, A.

Interciencia y; 31(7): 512-516


Accession: 022580733

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By means of standardized methods, the nutritive value of some beetle species that are eaten in Mexico and that of Pachymerus nucleorum from Brazil was analyzed and compared. It is concluded that the edible beetles of Mexico and P. nucleorum show a high nutritive value in proteins, amino acids, fats, calories, and minerals. Their ingestion contributes to the nutrition of the people that use this kind of food resource, in accordance with their abundance during several seasons of the year when they are available.

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