Evaluation of Withanolide-A and Withaferin-A in Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Ashwagandha) roots from different climatic zones of Madhya Pradesh

Deepesh Awasthi; Ram, H.K.; Raksha Misra; Sharma, N.C.

Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity 15(2): 152-154


Accession: 022596183

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Studies were conducted to quantify the biologically active ingredients, i.e. withaferin-A and withanolide-A, in Withania somnifera from different climatic zones in Madhya Pradesh, India. The concentration of withanolide-A varied from 0.0051 to 0.0380%, with an average value of 0.0218% and that of withaferin-A varied from 0.0038 to 0.0396%, with an average value of 0.0206% by weight of shade-dried roots of W. somnifera. This study would be helpful for root collection and raising of a withanolide-rich germplasm bank for future investigations.