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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 22615

Chapter 22615 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Das Gupta, B.M., 1937:
Experimental investigation into the duration of tolerance to re-infection in monkey malaria

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation of a new mechanical precision metering device with automatic compensative seeding

Rabinovich, S.A., 1965:
Experimental investigation of anti-malarial drug haloquine: 3. Investigation of the possibility to restrain the development of chemoresistance to chloridine (Daraprim) by combined administration of chloridine with haloquine

O.M.ara Theresa, A.; Peterson Jonathan, W.; Seymour Michael, D., 2008:
Experimental investigation of antibiotic adsorption in sand-iron systems

Rabinovich, S.A., 1965:
Experimental investigation of art antimalarial drug haloquine (cycloquine). 4. Comparison of prophylactic activity of haloquine and chloroquine used in equal doses

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation of atrazine transport in field soil profile

Jonathan, W.P.terson; Theresa, A.O.Meara; Michael, D.S.ymour, 2008:
Experimental investigation of cephapirin adsorption to quartz filter sands and dune sands

Mladenovic, xDA., 1965:
Experimental investigation of coccidiostatic amprolmix value

Siegmann, O.; Pohl, B., 1964:
Experimental investigation of coccidiostatic properties

Akuginova, Z.D., 1971:
Experimental investigation of combinationsof bithinole with other antitrematod drugs

Volkova, Av, 1971:
Experimental investigation of deep sound-scattering layers in the Philippine Sea

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation of droplet diameter and velocity distributions in agricultural electrostatic sprays

Ahme, K.Ya.O.Ha.A.Din, 2008:
Experimental investigation of drying kinetics of cherry laurel

Anonymous, 2006:
Experimental investigation of flow rates through composite liners at the metric scale

Wang HuaJun; Zhao Jun; Chen ZhiHao, 2008:
Experimental investigation of ice and snow melting process on pavement utilizing geothermal tail water

Wan Richard; A.M.mun Mohammed; Guo Peijun, 2007:
Experimental investigation of instabilities of granular materials in relation to dilatancy and fabric issues

Champallier Remi; Bystricky Misha; Arbaret Laurent, 2008:
Experimental investigation of magma rheology at 300 MPa; from pure hydrous melt to 76 vol.% of crystals

H.M.S.H.ssein; H.H.E.-Ghetany; S.A.N.da, 2008:
Experimental investigation of novel indirect solar cooker with indoor PCM thermal storage and cooking unit

Reznikova, Z.I.; Panteleeva, SN., 2005:
Experimental investigation of ontogenic development of hunting behavior in ants

Grese, B.S., 1939:
Experimental investigation of plankton consumption by the bass fingerling (Persa fluviatilis L)

C.S.C.eung; Yage Di; Zuohua Huang, 2008:
Experimental investigation of regulated and unregulated emissions from a diesel engine fueled with ultralow-sulfur diesel fuel blended with ethanol and dodecanol

Crowle, PK., 1974:
Experimental investigation of retinofugal connections to the diencephalon and midbrain of Chiroptera

S.N.kazawa; S.W.tanabe; Y.I.jima; M.K.to, 2002:
Experimental investigation of shock wave attenuation in basalt

Bassan, S.; Faghri, A.; Polus, A., 2007:
Experimental investigation of spatial breakdown evolution on congested freeways

Kostyukov, MA.; Bulychev, VP., 1976:
Experimental investigation of susceptibility of Vespertilio pipistrellus bats to Issyk-Kul virus

Poljansky, G., 1959:
Experimental investigation of temperature adaptations of Infusoria

Wollenweber, J.; Alles, S.; Busch, A.; Krooss, B.M., 2007:
Experimental investigation of the CO (sub 2) sealing efficiency of cap rocks

Pacenovsky, J., 1968:
Experimental investigation of the active invasion process of Bunostomum ph/ebotomum in cattle

Vinogradova, E.B., 1965:
Experimental investigation of the factors regulating the induction of embrionic diapause in Aedes togoi Theob. (Dipjtera, Culicidae)

Kalkowski, W.J., 1948:
Experimental investigation of the influence exerted by Hydrogen-ion concentration on the development of eggs of the Pond-Snail (Limndea stagnalis L.)

Shakhmatova, R.; Tukhsanova, N., 1974:
Experimental investigation of the influence of some pesticide production waste materials on different stages of development of Dreissena polymorpha Pall

Fliegers, S., 1969:
Experimental investigation of the localization of the nerve centres of nervous splanchnias major in the sheep

Csoknya, M., 1973:
Experimental investigation of the respiration on nymphs of Palingenia longicauda Oliv. (Ephemeroptera)

Anonymous, 2005:
Experimental investigation of the role of bacteria in bone fossilization

Guseinov, A.N., 1967:
Experimental investigation of the specificity of Haemonchus of sheep and cattle

Skrynnik, A.N.; Ryzhov, N.V., 1941:
Experimental investigation of the ticks. Dermacentor silvarum Ol. as the vectors of the spring-summer encephalitis

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation of thermal modification influence on sorption qualities of barley straw

LiQiang Liu; PeiXun Liu; HonChu Wong; ShaoPeng Ma; YanShuang Guo, 2008 :
Experimental investigation of three-dimensional propagation process from surface fault

Ryjoy, N.V.; Skrynnik, A.N., 1939:
Experimental investigation of ticks as possible vectors of the virus of spring-summer encephalitis

Poljansky, G.; Strelkow, A., 1938:
Experimental investigation of varia-bility in some Ophryoscolecidae.

Hirata, M., 1951:
Experimental investigation on flattened head harpoon. An attempt for restraining ricochet

Di, Y.; Cheung, C.S.; Huang, Z., 2008:
Experimental investigation on regulated and unregulated emissions of a diesel engine fueled with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel blended with biodiesel from waste cooking oil

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation on simultaneous dry-blanching and dehydration of apple slice under infrared heating

Suzuki, T.; Hatanaka, M., 1974:
Experimental investigation on the biological concentration of mercury - 1. On the rate of mercury transfer through the food chain from jack mackerel to young yellowtail

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental investigation on the performance of laboratory-scale aerobic composting reactor system

Cheng, C.H.; Cheung, C.S.; Chan, T.L.; Lee, S.C.; Yao, C.D., 2007:
Experimental investigation on the performance, gaseous and particulate emissions of a methanol fumigated diesel engine

Baudouy Lucie; Mourgues Regis; Vendeville Bruno, 2006:
Experimental investigation on the role of pore-fluid pressure during active extensional shale tectonics

Pavlovsky, E.N., 1939:
Experimental investigation on the transmission of tick relapsing fever spirochaetes in the course of the Ornithodorus papillipes metamorphosis and under some other conditions

Komarovsky, F., 1974:
Experimental investigation on toxicity of complex perparation Monurox for fish constant effect

Filimonova, L.V., 1965:
Experimental investigations in biology of Nanophyetus schikhobalowi Skrjabin et Podjapolskaja,1931(Trematoda, Nanophyetidae)

Yamaguchi, M.; Yamaguchi, M., 1928:
Experimental investigations in the infection route of hookworms. (Results of the test-investigations on the theories of Miyagawa, Yokogawa, Asada, etc. regarding oral infection)

Bozkov, D., 1974:
Experimental investigations into the passage of imaginal forms of helminths fromthe body of swallowed up frogs into the body of water snakes

Kirsche, W., 1969:
Experimental investigations into the transplantation of one telencephalon hemisphere of Ambystoma mexicanum during postembryonal period

N.R.B.napurmath; P.G.T.wari; R.S.H.smath, 2008:
Experimental investigations of a four-stroke single cylinder direct injection diesel engine operated on dual fuel mode with producer gas as inducted fuel and Honge oil and its methyl ester (HOME) as injected fuels

Kajak, Zdzislaw, 1964:
Experimental investigations of benthos abundance on the bottom of Lake Sniardwy

Shakya, K.; Chettri, M.K.; Sawidis, T., 2008:
Experimental investigations of five different mosses on accumulation capacities of Cu, Pb and Zn

Goss, R.G., 1961:
Experimental investigations of morphogenesis in the growing antler

Shyamasundari, K.; Najbuddin, M., 1976:
Experimental investigations of salinity and temperature effects on early developmental stages in Dendrodoris (Doriopsilla) miniata (Alder & Hancock) (Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia)

Hoyte, D.A.N., 1966:
Experimental investigations of skull morphology and growth

Tretyakova, R.Y., 1950:
Experimental investigations of the labirynth histogenesis in Axolotl

Tower, W.L., 1906:
Experimental investigations of the production and preservation of new character races and species in insects

Tower, William, L., 1906:
Experimental investigations of the production and preservation of new characters, races and species in insects

Morrison-Parker, C., 1977:
Experimental investigations of the vocal behaviour of the field sparrow (Spizella pusilla)

Ramadhas, A.S.; Jayaraj, S.; Muraleedharan, C., 2008:
Experimental investigations on diethyl ether as fuel additive in biodiesel engine

Lupulescu, A.; Potorac, E.; Pop, A.; Heitmanek, C.; Merculiev, E.; Chisiu, N.; Oprisan, R.; Neacsu, C., 1968:
Experimental investigations on immunology of the parathyroid gland

Szabó, Z.; Molnár, B., 1965:
Experimental investigations on neurosecretion in mudfish (Misgurnus fossilis L.)

Stott, B.O., 1969:
Experimental investigations on the activity of passerine birds

Brock, L.G.; Eccles, J.C.; Rall, W., 1951:
Experimental investigations on the afferent fibres in muscle nerves

Kalkowski, W., 1958:
Experimental investigations on the behaviour and activity of pigeons (Columba livia livia L.) during the partial solar eclipse on 30th June 1954

Kalkowski, W., 1958:
Experimental investigations on the behaviour and activity of pigeons during a partial solar eclipse on 30th June, 1954

Ciolca, A.; Siirbu, E.; Tanase, I.; Hanzu, N., 1965:
Experimental investigations on the coccidiostatic power of some preparations against Eimeria tenella in chickens

Carl Olof, Jacobson, 1964:
Experimental investigations on the development of the urodele brain

Malovitskaja, L.M.; Sorokin, G.I., 1961:
Experimental investigations on the feeding of Diaptomus (Crustacea, Copepoda) by means of C14

Kadas, L.; Morcoz, J., 1964:
Experimental investigations on the mechanism of blood cell sedimentation in some animal species

Berestyńska-Wilczek, M., 1966:
Experimental investigations on the plasticity of instinct of caterpillars Antispila stachjanella Dz. (Heliozelidae, Lepidoptera)

Molander, A.R.; Molander-Swedmark, M., 1957:
Experimental investigations on variation in plaice, Pleuronectes platessa Linne

Kirpichnikov, V.S., 1944:
Experimental investigations with wild carp breeding of the Taparavan, Volga-Caspian and Amur wild carps in ponds ; their rate of growth and morphology

Laumond, F.; Neuburger, M.; Donner, B.; Fourcy, A.; Bittel, R.; Aubert, M., 1973:
Experimental investigations, at laboratory, on the transfer of mercury in marine trophic chains

Shimamura, T., 1965:
Experimental isovalthinuria. 6. Induction by cholesterol precursors and some other compounds

LeBayon, R.; Brey, G.P.; Ernst, W.G.; Ferreiro Maehlmann, R., 2007:
Experimental kinetic study of carbonaceous material maturation; an appraisal of pressure and time effects on vitrinite reflectance at 400 degrees C

Masters, CL.; Alpers, MP.; Gajdusek, DC.; Gibbs, C J.; Jr.; Kakulas, BA., 1976:
Experimental kuru in the gibbon and sooty mangabey and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the pigtailed macaque

Schindler, DW.; Fee, EJ., 1974:
Experimental lakes area: whole-lake experiments in eutrophication

Velasco, L.-Adriana; Barros, J., 2008:
Experimental larval culture of the Caribbean scallops Argopecten nucleus and Nodipecten nodosus

Abdel Razek, F.A.; Taha, SM., 2006:
Experimental larval development of Penaedae shrimp, Trachypenaeus curvirostris (Stimpson, 1860) from Egyptian Mediterranean coast

Sauer, Rm, 1976:
Experimental lead paint poisoning in nonhuman Primates

Meek, A., 1925:
Experimental legislation with reference to the Crab and Lobster fisheries of the east coast of England

Meek, A., 1924:
Experimental legislation with reference to the Crab fisheries of the east coast of Britain

Dollahon, NR., 1972:
Experimental leishmaniasis in American lizards

Minette, H.P.; Shaffer, M.F., 1968:
Experimental leptospirosis in monkeys

Gabaldon, A.; Andrews, J., 1935:
Experimental lesions caused by Trichomonas columbae in the chicken

Holmgren, U., 1961:
Experimental lesions of the neurosecretory tracts of the teleost caudal neurosecretory system

Thompson, H.V., 1953:
Experimental live trapping of rats, with observations on their behaviour

Judge, DM.; L.C.oix, JT.; Perine, PL., 1974:
Experimental louse-borne relapsing fever in the grivet monkey, Cercopithecus aethiops. 3. Crisis following therapy

Hammond, D.M.; Clark, G.W.M.ner, M.L.; Trost, W.A.; Johnson, A.E., 1958:
Experimental low-level and single-dose sulphonamide treatment of bovine coccidiosis

Mackerras, M.J.; Roberts, F.H.S., 1947:
Experimental malarial infections in Australasian anophelines

Pellizarato, M.; Vendrami, A., 2002:
Experimental management of Chamelea gallina (L.) in Venice and monfalcone marine boxes (1997-2000)

Boyd, J.M., 1968:
Experimental management of wildlife in the Scottish highlands and islands

Hoffmann, K., 1960:
Experimental manipulation in the orientational clocks in birds

Long, Gáinne.H.; Chan, B.H.K.; Allen, J.E.; Read, A.F.; Graham, A.L., 2008:
Experimental manipulation of immune-mediated disease and its fitness costs for rodent malaria parasites

Cuatianquiz, C.; Cordero, C., 2006:
Experimental manipulation of male behaviour during copulation in Stenomacra marginella (Heteroptera: Largidae): effect on copula duration, female remating and oviposition

Jameson, Dl, 1972:
Experimental manipulation of population density in three sympatric rodents

Parkin, Dt, 1975:
Experimental manipulation of some populations of the snail Cepaea vindobonensis Pf

Jones, JS.; Parkin, DT., 1977:
Experimental manipulation of some snail populations subject to climatic selection

Jacquot, J.J.; Solomon, N.G., 2004:
Experimental manipulation of territory occupancy: effects on immigration of female prairie voles

Valenti, RJ.; Aldred, J.; Liebell, J., 1976:
Experimental marine cage culture of striped bass in northern waters

Lindmeir, J.P., 1960:
Experimental marking and dyeing of Ring-necked Pheasants

Walvig, F., 1968:
Experimental marking of hagfish, Myxine glutinosa L

Perlov, AS., 1972:
Experimental marking of new born Eumetopias jubatus Schreb. on Lovushki lsland (Kuril islands) in l%7

Klochko Kateryna; Kaufman Alan, J.; Yao Wengsheng; Byrne Robert, H.; Tossell John, A., 2006:
Experimental measurement of boron isotope fractionation in sea water

Brey Gerhard, P.; Butlatov Vadim, K.; Girnis Andrei, V. (Girnis Andrey V); Lahaye Yann, 2008:
Experimental melting of carbonated peridotite at 6-10 GPa

Rogers, J., 1963:
Experimental metamorphism of New Zealand coals

Isatchenko, Z.F., 1951:
Experimental metamorphosis of Rana temporaria under the influence of hypophisis of carp and salmon

Anonymous, 2005:
Experimental method to determine the silica content in lignocellulosic materials by UV vis spectrometry

Komarov, V.T., 1970:
Experimental methods and equipment for determining rate of movement of nektonic animals

Komarov, V.T., 1970:
Experimental methods and equipment for determining the rate of movement of nektonic animals

Wang, S.; Luechapattanaporn, K.; Tang, J., 2008:
Experimental methods for evaluating heating uniformity in radio frequency systems

Demuth, J.P.; Wade, M.J., 2006:
Experimental methods for measuring gene interactions

Nielsen, E.S., 1958:
Experimental methods for measuring organic production in the sea

McPhail, D.C., 2004:
Experimental methods in geochemistry and mobility of metals in the regolith

Martin, Vl, 1973:
Experimental microbial populations thirty-five years later: the influence of food on the symbiosis of Paramecium aurelia syngen 4, 51.7

Rivenzon, A.; Comisel, V., 1967:
Experimental model for the induction of tumoral lymph node metastases in hamsters

Sukal'skaya, SYa.; Likhtarev, IA., 1976:
Experimental modeling and mathematical description of radionuclide metabolism in system water - aquatic organism

Litvin, Y.A.; Zharikov, V.A., 2000:
Experimental modeling of diamond genesis; diamond crystallization in multicomponent carbonate-silicate melts at 5-7 GPa and 1200-1570 degrees C

Epel baum M.B., 1998:
Experimental modeling of magma generation in open system

Anonymous, 1996:
Experimental modelling of rift basins

Boell, E.J.; Shen, S.C., 1949:
Experimental modification of cholin-esterase development in the mid-brain of Amblystoma punctatum,

Moment, G.B., 1936:
Experimental modification of chromosome behaviour during reduction divisions in the egg of Nassa (Ilyanassa)

Kaighn, M.E., 1958:
Experimental modification of gastrulation in the frog

Trump, B.F.; Bulger, R.E., 1971:
Experimental modification of lateral and basilar plasma membranes and extracellular compartments in the flounder nephron

Taylor, C.V.; Whitaker, D.M., 1926:
Experimental Modification of Polarity in Marine Ova

Risser, A C.; Jr., 1975:
Experimental modification of reproductive performance by density in captive starlings

Smith, H.M., 1950:
Experimental modification of the breeding cycle in the Yellow-headed Blackbird

Wladrmirsky, A.P., 1928:
Experimental modification of the larval coloration in the cabbage moths and the result of a prolongated selection

Naylor, E., 1964:
Experimental modification of the locomotor rhythm of Carduus

Bennett, M.F.; Brown, F.A., 1959:
Experimental modification of the lunar rhythm of running activity of the fiddler crab, Uca pugnax

Burger, J.W., 1941:
Experimental modification of the plumage cycle of the male European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

Lynch, William, F., 1956:
Experimental modification of the rate of metamorphosis of Bugula larvae

Child, C.M., 1931:
Experimental modification of the scale of organization in the reconstitution of Tubularia

Hoover, E.E., 1937:
Experimental Modification of the Sexual Cycle in Trout by Control of Light

Hall, Edmund, K., 1950:
Experimental modifications of muscle development in Amblystoma punctatum

Black, W.A., 1936:
Experimental modifications of the effect of ultra-violet light on protoplasm. I. Amoeba proteus

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental monitoring, data analysis tools for protein folding. Study of steady-state evolution and modeling of kinetic transients by multitechnique and multiexperiment data fusion

Anderton, L.G., 1959:
Experimental morphogenesis of adrenal glands

Sotnichenko, T.S., 1970:
Experimental morphological study of the limbic cortex and hippocampus in rodents and carnivores

Rychter, Z., 1962:
Experimental morphology of aortic arches and heart loop in chick embryos

Studitsky, A.N., 1959:
Experimental morphology of muscular tissue and the theory of animal development

Bodrova, N., 1950:
Experimental morphology of the nervous apparatus in the heart of Amphibia

Keh, B., 1968:
Experimental necrotic arachnidism on rabbits caused by bites of Loxosceles unicolor (Araneae: Scytodidae)

Stewart, G.T., 1950:
Experimental neuro-trypanosomiasis in the monkey

Smith, CE.; Williams, WG., 1974:
Experimental nitrite toxicity in rainbow trout and chinook salmon

Morris, D., 1965:
Experimental nocturnal house at London Zoo

Slaney, P.A.; Ward, B.R.; Wightman, J.C.aig., 2003:
Experimental nutrient addition to the Keogh River and application to the Salmon River in coastal British Columbia

Hughes, R.E., 1971:
Experimental nutrition and applied biology

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental observation of juvenile pine wood at plane milling

Ong Chunhan; I.J.chu; E.L.angquan; Ang Fenggen, 1998:
Experimental observation of the nano-scale particles in geogas matters and its geological significance

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental observation on synergetic bactericidal effect of microwave and vinegar

Bian Lingen; L.L.nghua; Jia Pengqun, 1998:
Experimental observation on the characteristics of the near-surface turbulence over the Antarctic ice sheets during the polar day period

Liu LiLi; L.C.angQing; Zhu YuLong (), 2007:
Experimental observation on the effect of Qingganpaiduyin on congenital duck hepatitis B virus

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental observation on the effect of natural garlic and its products in blocking nitrate reductase

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental observation on the effect of pariteral nutriton and leukin-6 on recovery of hepatic function of liver-removed rat

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental observation on the impact of BPA on reproductive endocrine system of mice

de Almeida, M., 1966:
Experimental observations about ligature of coccigeomesenterica vein in domestic fowl Gallus gallus domesticus

L.B.un R.A., 1976:
Experimental observations of tetrahymena pyriformis host specificity in selected aedes mosquitoes

Shih, H.P., 1968:
Experimental observations of bisexual reproduction of Daphnia magna Straus

M.J.Cassidy, 2007:
Experimental observations of the combined loading behaviour of circular footings on loose silica sand

Carlson, B.M., 1966:
Experimental observations on implant-induced supernumerary limbs in the newt, Triturus viridescens

Chaudhuri, A.D.; Saha, T.K.; Chaudhuri, R.N., 1966:
Experimental observations on intraportal inoculation with E. histolytica

Sundsten, J.W.; Novin, D.; Cross, B.A., 1970:
Experimental observations on paraventriculo-hypophysial neurones

Anonymous., 1975:
Experimental observations on periodic Brugia malayi in artificially infected clawed jird

Koser, RB., 1975:
Experimental observations on ribonucleic acid synthesis during development of the marine mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta Say

Hopkins, A.E., 1937:
Experimental observations on spawning, Larval Development, and setting in the Olympia Oyster Ostrea lurida

Streeter, G.L., 1909:
Experimental observations on the development of the amphibian ear vesicle

Archibald, CP., 1975:
Experimental observations on the effects of predation by goldfish (Carassius auratus) on the zooplankton of a small saline lake

Bragg, Arthur, N., 1960:
Experimental observations on the feeding of spadefoot tadpoles

Deanesly, R., 1967:
Experimental observations on the ferret corpus luteum of pregnancy

Kuntz, A.; Batson, O.V., 1920:
Experimental observations on the histogenesis of the sympathetic trunks in the chick

Buei, K., 1952:
Experimental observations on the life cycle and ovipositing activity of the housefly, Musca domestica vicina Macq.

Horning, E.S., 1937:
Experimental observations on the opalinid infusorians with special reference to the influence of radium radiation upon the cytoplasmic inclusions

Musgrave nee Pratt, Edith, M., 1909:
Experimental observations on the organs of circulation and the powers of locomotion in Pennatulids

Teshirogi, W.; Shida, T., 1968:
Experimental observations on the orientation of regeneration blastema in the planarian and in the amphibian tail

Wijewickreme Dharma; Vaid Yoginder, P., 2008:
Experimental observations on the response of loose sand under simultaneous increase in stress ratio and rotation of principal stresses

King, G.M., 1949:
Experimental observations on the spawning behaviour of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar Linn.)

Edington, JM.; Hildrew, AH., 1973:
Experimental observations relating to the distribution of net-spinning Trichoptera in streams

Goriachev, P.P., 1960:
Experimental obtaining dwarf forms of opisthorchosis vector

Grigorjev, N.; Kh., 1967:
Experimental oesophagostomosis of sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs during cavitary infestation

Gomes, A.; Haldar, S.; Giri, B.; Mishra, R.; Saha, A.; Dasgupta, S.; Gomes, A., 2008:
Experimental osteoporosis induced in female albino rats and its antagonism by Indian black scorpion (Heterometrus bengalensis C.L.Koch) venom

Weller, M.W., 1971:
Experimental parasitism of American coot nests

Timberlake, P.H., 1912:
Experimental parasitism: A study of the biology of Limnerium validum (Cresson)

Stoffolano, J.G.; Jr., 1970:
Experimental parasitization of Musca domestica L. , Orthellia caesarion Meig, and Ravinia Iherminieri R.-D. by the nematode Heterotylenchus autumnalis Nickle. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

Frye, W.W.; Shaffer, J.G., 1949:
Experimental pathology of amebiasis

Tawon Usub; Charoenporn Lertsatitthanakorn; Nattapol Poomsa-ad; Lamul Wiset; Lifeng Yang; Sirithon Siriamornpun, 2008:
Experimental performance of a solar tunnel dryer for drying silkworm pupae

Shaw, C.S.J.; Dingwell, D.B., 2008:
Experimental peridotite-melt reaction at one atmosphere; a textural and chemical study

Musselwhite Donald, S.; Dalton Heather, A.; Kiefer Walter, S.; Treiman Allan, H., 2006:
Experimental petrology of the basaltic shergottite Yamato-980459; implications for the thermal structure of the Martian mantle

Ferri Fabio; Poli Stefano, 2004:
Experimental phase relationships in metapelites at near-solidus conditions

Karrer, R., 1965:
Experimental Phenylketonuria

Chang, S.L., 1948:
Experimental physiology of amoebiasis

Thompson, K.W.; Cushing, H., 1934:
Experimental pituitary basophilism

McDermott, L.A.; Berst, A.H., 1968:
Experimental plantings of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) from furunculosis-infected stock

Carey, Eben, J., 1941:
Experimental pleomorphism of motor nerve plates as a mode of functional protoplasmic movement

Hanzlik, P.J., 1923:
Experimental plumbism in pigeons from the administration of metallic lead

Torres,M.B.A.M.; Coelho,K.I.R., 2008:
Experimental poisoning by Senecio brasiliensis in calves: quantitative and semi-quantitative study on changes in the hepatic extracellular matrix and sinusoidal cells

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental poisoning by Sida carpinifolia (Malvaceae) in cattle

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental poisoning by the leaves of Jatropha gossypifolia (Euphorbiaceae) in sheep

Swan, C., 1942:
Experimental poliomyelitis. 2 Failure to transmit the disease to Jerboa Mice (Notomys mitchelli), Rats (Rattus norvegicus).and Phalangers (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Stefanov, S.K., 1962:
Experimental polyspermy and its influence on the embryonic development of rainbow-trout Salmo irideus Gibb

Gould, RA.; Aldrich, DV.; Mock, CR., 1973:
Experimental pond culture of brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus) in power plant effluent water

Vevers, H.G., 1939:
Experimental populations

Spiess, Eliot, B., 1950:
Experimental populations of Drosophila persimilis from an altitudinal transect of the Sierra Nevada

Sutcliffe, D.W., 1970:
Experimental populations of Gammarus duebeni in freshwater with a low sodium content

Slobodkin, L.B., 1964:
Experimental populations of hydrida

Johnson, W.H., 1937:
Experimental populations of microscopic organisms

Bonny Sandy Marie; Jones Brian, 2008:
Experimental precipitation of barite (BaSO (sub 4) ) among streamers of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria

Koplin, J.R., 1963:
Experimental predation on Microtus pennsylvanicus

Sazima, I., 1974:
Experimental predation on the leaf-frog Phyllomedusa rohdei by the water snake Liophis miliaris

Habib, MAB.; Yusoff, FM.; Phang, SM.; Mohamed, S., 2005:
Experimental production and chemical composition of Culex mosquito larvae and pupae grown in agro-industrial effluent

Brandt, W., 1944:
Experimental production of atrophied and partly deficient limbs (phocomelias) in the Axolotl embryo

Hess, W.N., 1932:
Experimental production of cataract in trout

Sonneborn, T.M., 1932:
Experimental production of chains and its genetic consequences in the ciliate protozoan, Colpidium campylum (Stokes)

El'darov, A.L., 1966:
Experimental production of diploid androgenesis in the axolotl by combined exposure to ultraviolet radiation and thermal shock

Muggenburg, B.A., 1967:
Experimental production of gastric ulcers in swine

Uhlenhuth, E., 1921:
Experimental production of gigantism by feeding anterior lobe of the hypophysis

DeLanney, L.E.; Neal, R.R.; Jr., 1961:
Experimental production of gill-lessness in newts and axolotls

Darby, H.H., 1930:
Experimental production of life-cycles in Ciliates

Harker, Janet, E., 1958:
Experimental production of midgut tumours in Periplaneta americana L

Toolan, H.W., 1960:
Experimental production of mongoloid hamsters

Shortt, H.E.; Menon, K.P., 1940:
Experimental production of monkey and avian malaria by an unusual route of infection

Calventi, I.; Jakowska, S.; Nigrelli, E.P., 1960:
Experimental production of pseudoerythroplastic anemia in Diemictylus viridescens

Neal, R.A., 1952:
Experimental production of pure mixed strains of Entamoeba histolytica

Lord Rayleigh, 1946:
Experimental production of red and yellow sandstones from chalybeate water

Lynn, W.G.; Coralie Ullrich, S.M.ry, 1950:
Experimental production of shell abnormalities in turtles

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Experimental production of supernumerary fore limbs in Triturus taeniatus

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Experimental progeny obtained from intergeneric hybrids of Cyprinidae

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Experimental programming of life histories: the factor structure underlying experimentally created individual differences

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Experimental proof of balanced genetic loads in Drosophila

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Experimental proof of non-union of chromosome fragments at the formation of reciprocal translocations

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Experimental proof of the sub-terminal position of the attachment point of the spindle fiber in chromo-some IV of Drosophila melanogaster

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Experimental proof that the colours of certain Lepidopterous larvae are largely due to modified plant pigments

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Experimental purse seining for Tuna in Angola waters (second note)

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Experimental quantification of plagioclase crystal size distribution during cooling of a basaltic liquid

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Experimental quantum coding against qubit loss error

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Experimental radiation cataract in frogs

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Experimental raising of an infant chimpanzee

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Experimental re-examination of the phase transition quartz-coesite; the reaction in presence of H (sub 2) O and at anhydrous conditions

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Experimental reactivation of equine herpesvirus-3 following corticosteroid treatment

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Experimental rearing of one-summer olds of herbivorous fish in polyculture

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Experimental rearing of pilchard larvae, Sardina pilchardus

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Experimental rearing of two mullet species Mugil cephalus and Mugil capito in Egyptian fish farms

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Experimental reconsideration of the utility of serum starvation as a method for synchronizing mammalian cells

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Experimental reduction of the number of chromosome pairs in Drosophila melanogaster

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Experimental reestablishment of whooping cranes in western United States

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Experimental regolith evolution; differential comminution of plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine

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Experimental regression and redevelopment in Cory-morpha palma

Anon,, 1956:
Experimental reindeer husbandry in West Greenland

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Experimental release of canvasbacks on breeding habitat

Durbin, J., 2006:
Experimental release of the Madagascar side-necked turtle rere in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar

Anderson, W.L., 1968:
Experimental releases of pheasants in Wabash County, Illinois

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Experimental removal of metaphase II inhibition in ova of the newt, Triturus viridescens

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Experimental removal of the yolk sac of Rhacophorus embryo.

Fujiwara, M., 1952:
Experimental removal of the yolk-sac in Rana embryo. (English summary.)

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Experimental replacement of carbonate by silica in shells

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Experimental reproduction of severe bluetongue in sheep

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Experimental reproduction of various forms of integration in planarians

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Experimental research and mathematical modelling of soil and groundwater contamination with nitrogen compounds

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Experimental research into the disposal of hot radioactive wastes in granite at Stripa Mine, Sweden

Chen LanJu; Pan JiaHua; Chen MingWu; Zhang HuiJie; Ding ZhouZhi; Shen HuaiYun; Zhou Rui, 2008:
Experimental research of the relationship between lung pathological changes and cell immunity of tuberculosis infection

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Experimental research of the xviii century Russian scientist on the spontaneous origin

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental research on Bifidobacterium-cultivated supernatant fluid regulating blood fat index of aging rats underlined by D-gal

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Experimental Research on Avian Malaria

L.G.oyu; Y.W.nbing; Jin Huijun; Sheng Yu; Q.J.lin; L.L.nzhi, 2008:
Experimental research on frost and salt heaving of highway foundation soils in seasonally frozen ground regions in Gansu Province, northwestern China

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental research on hot-air drying properties of capsicum

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental research on immunoregulatory efficacy of IL-10 in Plasmodium yoelii infection

Altshuler, V.E.; Gertsberg, B.A., 1948:
Experimental research on intra-species struggle

Duan Longchen; Yang Kaihua; Tang Fenglin, 1998:
Experimental research on matrix formulate with substitute of Fe for Co for diamond-clad tools

Paraschivescu, D., 1968:
Experimental research on nest construction and nutrition in the species Camponotus aethiops Latr

Meng Qingzhou; L.D.ngqing; Chen Jin; X.A.hua; Huang Shijing, 2008:
Experimental research on physical-mechanical characteristics of frozen soil based on ultrasonic technique

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental research on storage of condensed stalk juice and composition analysis of juice of sweet sorghum stalk

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Experimental research on the body temperature of Coleoptera.

Bondi, C., 1965:
Experimental research on the induction of the pharynx in Planaria

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Experimental research on the numerousness of crustaceans in natural conditions

Grygierek, Eugenia, 1958:
Experimental research on the quantitative dynamics of crustaceans under natural conditions

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Experimental research on wing pattern variation in Lepidoptera, with special reference to intrapupal injections

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Experimental research work on the hybrids of Gallus gallus and Guinea fowl

Cadariu, M., 1968:
Experimental researches on neurosecretion in Criodrilus lacuum Hoffm

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Experimental researches on sensory localization in the cerebral cortex of the Monkey (Macacus)

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Experimental researches on the emission of oxygen by the pelvic filaments of the male Lepidosiren with some experiments, on Symbranchus marmoratus

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Experimental researches on the invasion of Echinococcus granulosus in the cat

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Experimental researches on the morphogenetic value of embryonic contractions in the development of the digestive apparatus of Anura. First studies of some enzymatic activities of said apparatus in Bufo vulgaris during the larval life and after the metamo

Krapu, GL., 1976:
Experimental responses of mallards and Canada geese to tribromoethanol

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Experimental results and clinical impact of using autologous rectus fascia sheath for vascular replacement

Anonymous, 2005:
Experimental results concerning foliage system in hops

Posta, G., 2007:
Experimental results concerning the production potential of some early cauliflower hybrids cultivated in the field conditions

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Experimental results in Ischnura and Enallagma

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental results obtained in young ovine fattening of different breeds

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Experimental results of the pond culture of some trouts

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Experimental results on final host specificity of two species of Neodiplostomum (Trematoda: Strigeida)

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Experimental results on possible arthropod transmission of toxoplasmosis

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental results regarding weed control in field crops

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental results with epik (Acetamiprid 5% PS) to control Gonioctena fornicata (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) on alfalfa

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Experimental reversal of asymmetry in the starfish Patiria miniata

Turner, C.D., 1969:
Experimental reversal of germ cells

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental rhinoplasty using autogenous rib graft in dogs

Greenway, JPC., 1972:
Experimental rock oyster spat collection at extreme low water levels and the use of lightly settled collectors for a second season

Sumner Paul, D.; Loubser, M.J., 2008:
Experimental sandstone weathering using different wetting and drying moisture amplitudes

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Experimental Sarcosporidiosis in the Guinea-Pig and its Relation to a Case of Sarcosporidiosis in man

Anonymous, 1970:
Experimental schistosomiasis in Aotus trivirgatus monkeys. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6 12 Sept. 1970)

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Experimental schistosomiasis mansoni in mice maintained on nutritionally deficient diets. I. Effects of a Torula yeast ration deficient in factor 3, vitamin E. and cystine. II. Survival and development of Schistosoma mansoni in mice maintained on a Torul

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Experimental sea-water aquarium

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Experimental selection for Drosophila survival in extremely low O(2) environment

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Experimental sex reversal in the red swordtail hybrid Xiphophorus-Platypoecilus

Chieffi, G., 1959:
Experimental sex reversal of amphibian larvae and sex hormone metabolism

York, A.G., 1970:
Experimental shark fishing in New Zealand waters by fishing vessel 'Cindy Hardy' 1968

Hauber, Márk.E.; Moskát, C.; Bán, Mós., 2006:
Experimental shift in hosts' acceptance threshold of inaccurate-mimic brood parasite eggs

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Experimental shift of the locus of hemopoiesis in the larval frog by the use of thryoid extract, and a consideration of the part played by leucocytes in the mechanism of metamorphosis

Bell Mary Sue, 2007:
Experimental shock decomposition of siderite and the origin of magnetite in Martian meteorite ALH 84001

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Experimental shrimp culture in southeast Florida

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Experimental simulation of prograde and retrograde reactions of osumilite-bearing assemblages; relevance to Mg-Al granulites

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Experimental simulation of the effects of macrobenthos on the microcycling of nitrogen in the Yangtze estuarine and tidal flat ecosystem

D.L.ufer; I.P.t-El; A.B.r-Nun, 2005:
Experimental simulation of the formation of non-circular active depressions on Comet Wild-2 and of ice grain ejection from cometary surfaces

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental simulation of the fouling in a cylindrical control by milk

Lupatov Victor, 2004:
Experimental simulation of the primary ATP synthesis reactions in the conditions of Earth early-stage atmosphere

Cameron, G.N., 1977:
Experimental species removal: demographic responses by Sigmodon hispidus and Reithrodontomys fulvescens

Joule, J., 1974:
Experimental species removal: l. Comparison of dispersal strategies of Sigmodon hispidus and Reithrodontomys fulvescens. 2. Analysis of Sigmodon hispidus and Reithrodontomys fulvescens interactions

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Experimental spider embryology

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Experimental spinal bifida in the chick embryo

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Experimental sponge culture in Greece

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Experimental starvation of first-instar larvae of the pale western cutworm, Agrotis orthogonia Morr

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Experimental starvation on Engraulis japonicus larvae and definition of the point of no return

Jelena Maricic; KamLAN.C.llaboration, 2006:
Experimental status of geo-reactor search with KamLAND detector

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Experimental sterilization of Musca domestica L. by treatment in the adult stage

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Experimental stimulation of gametogenesis in Hydroides dianlhus and Pecten irradians during the winter

Turner, H.J.; Hanks, J.E., 1960:
Experimental stimulation of gametogenesis in Hydroides dianthus and Pectenirradians during the winter

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Experimental stocking of speckled trout from the air

Cable, R.M., 1936:
Experimental studied on the Trematode, Parorchis acanthus Nicoll

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Experimental studies about temporal relationships in the induction process II. Experiments on Triturus vulgaris

Johnen, A.G., 1956:
Experimental studies about temporal relationships in the induction process. I. Experiments on Amblystoma mexicanum

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Experimental studies and critical considerations regarding the life cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi

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Experimental studies and numerical modeling of radionuclide colloidal transport in aquifers (liquid waste underground disposal site of Siberian Chemical Plant); 2, Numerical modeling of element migration

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Experimental studies in Ecology. I. The magnesium tolerance of Daphniidae and its ecological significance

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Experimental studies in cytology, II. Some phenomena of fertilisation and cell-division in etherised eggs. III. The effect on cleavage of artificial obliteration of the first cleavage-furrow

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental studies in echinococcosis

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Experimental studies in heredity

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Experimental studies in hybridization among ducks and pheasants

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Experimental studies in insect parasitism. IX. The reactions of a stick insect to an alien parasite

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Experimental studies in insect parasitism. VIII. Host reactions following artificial parasitization

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Experimental studies in insect parasitism. XI. The haemocytic reaction of a caterpillar under varied conditions

Salt, G., 1965:
Experimental studies in insect parasitism XIII. The haemocytic reaction of a caterpillar to eggs of its habitual parasite

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Experimental studies in insect parasitism XIV. The haemocytic reaction of a caterpillar to larvae of its habitual parasite

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Experimental studies in insect parasitism. 16. The mechanism of the resistance of Nemeritis to defence reactions

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Experimental studies in nuclear and cell division in the eggs of Crepidula

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Experimental studies in the physiology of heredity

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Experimental studies in the physiology of heredity. Experiments with Poultry

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Experimental studies in the physiology of heredity. Report to the Committee

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Experimental studies in the population of Artemia salina L

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Experimental studies in the system PbS-FeS-ZnS+Ag2S: implications for the Broken Hill orebody, NSW

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Experimental studies in thermal ecology of developing eggs of some amphibians (Rana, Bufo, Pelobates)

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Experimental studies of Bird malaria

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Experimental studies of Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and S. pallidus

Anonymous, 2007:
Experimental studies of Xiaofengsan on the levels of interleukin-4 (IL-4), interferon- gamma (IFN- gamma ) and soluble interleukin-2 receptor (sIL-2R) in type IV hypersensitive reactions

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Experimental studies of a granulosis virus in populations of the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Oleuthreutidae)

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Experimental studies of adaptation and selective elimination in Fishes

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Experimental studies of algal canopy interactions in a sea-otter dominated kelp community at Amchitka Island, Alaska

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Experimental studies of an old strain of Trypanasoma gambiense. I. The enhancement of its virulence and the relationship of this phenomenon to the species of polymorphic trypanosomes of Africa

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Experimental studies of artificial Batesian mimics

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Experimental studies of communication in the monkey

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Experimental studies of competition among four species of voles

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Experimental studies of competitive interaction in a two-species system. 1. Microtus and Clethrionomys species in enclosures

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Experimental studies of competitive interaction in a two-species system. 4. Microtus and Clethrionomys species in a single enclosure

Grant, P.R., 1971:
Experimental studies of competitive interactionin a two-species system. 3. Microtus and Peromyscus species in enclosures

Grant, P.R., 1970:
Experimental studies of competitive interactionin a two-species system.2. The behaviour of Microtus, Peromyscus and Clethrionomys species

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Experimental studies of concurrent infection of canaries and of the mosquito Culex tarsalis with Plasmodium relictum and Western equine encephalitis virus

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Experimental studies of controlled reproduction in elk (wapiti)

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Experimental studies of diamond crystallization in metal-silicate-carbon systems

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Experimental studies of egg parasitization by a uniparental race of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

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Experimental studies of ejecta dynamics; implications for scaling and models

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Experimental studies of factors influencing hepatic metastases. 18. Significance of trapped tumor cells

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Experimental studies of faotors influencing the development of the eggs of pig ascarid (Ascaris suum Goeze)

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Experimental studies of flight of Ephemera vulgata L. (Ephemeroptera)

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Experimental studies of food choices and palatability responses in European subjects exposed to the Umami taste

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Experimental studies of food intake and digestion. (a) Studies on tame red deer. Occasional Publ. Rowett Res

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Experimental studies of food intake and digestion. (b) Studies on the rumen metabolism and other features of red deer, hill sheep and reindeer in the Scottish hills. Occasional Publ. Rowett Res

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Experimental studies of food preference by young Silver carps

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Experimental studies of germinal localization in Nereis, i. The development of isolated blastomeres

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Experimental studies of insect populations

Park, T., 1954:
Experimental studies of interspecies competition

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Experimental studies of intracolonial exchanges in Formica lugubris (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Experimental studies of mimicry, IV. The reactions of starlings to different proportions of models and mimics

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Experimental studies of mimicry. 7. Relative palatability and Mullerian mimicry among Neotropical butterflies of the subfamily Heliconiinae

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Experimental studies of mimicry. 8. Further investigations of honeybees (Apis mellifera) and their dronefly mimics (Eristalis spp.)

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Experimental studies of oxygen isotope exchange in the calcite-forsterite-fluid system

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Experimental studies of plankton luminescence

Yashouv, A.; Halevy, A., 1972:
Experimental studies of polyculture in 1971

Parisi, V., 1973:
Experimental studies of predation by the crab Eriphia verrucosa on both snail and hermit crab occupants of conspecific gastropod shells

Glaser, Dieter, 2002:
Experimental studies of primate sensory capacities

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Experimental studies of seasonal variations in weight, growth and development of Mountain voles (Alticola, Clethrionomys)

Breien Hedda; Pagliardi, M.; D.B.asio F.V.; Issler, D., 2007:
Experimental studies of subaqueous vs. subaerial debris flows; velocity characteristics as a function of the ambient fluid

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Experimental studies of the Bird hypophysis. I. Effects of hypophysectomy in the Brown Leghorn Fowl

Marples, G., 1931:
Experimental studies of the Ringed Plover. The retrieving recognition, orientation and rotation of its eggs by the Bird

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Experimental studies of the Trypanosoma cruzi in the dog and other vertebrates. The problem of transmission

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Experimental studies of the Trypanosoma venezuelense in the dog and rabbit

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Experimental studies of the anterior pituitary. I. The influence of ovarian implants on the castration cell type in the male Rat pituitary

Haterius, H.O.; Charipper, H.A., 1931:
Experimental studies of the anterior pituitary. II. The occurrence of pregnancy cells in Mice following continuous anterior lobe administration

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Experimental studies of the biological significance of non-cryptic pigmentation with special reference to insects

Popham, E.J., 1947:
Experimental studies of the biological significance on non-cryptic pigmentation with special reference to insects

Semenov, OJu., 1976:
Experimental studies of the biology of the miracidium of Philophthalamus rhionica Tichomirov, 1976 (Trematoda, Philophthalmidae)

Monakov, A.V.; Sorokin, Y.I., 1959:
Experimental studies of the carnivorous feeding of Cyclops by means of an isotope method

Takahashi, Y., 1929:
Experimental studies of the chromotaxis on a melon fly, Aulacophora femoralis

Kumari, E.; Laidna, A., 1967:
Experimental studies of the daily rhythm of thrushes during autumn migration

Wright, S.; Kerrv, W.E., 1954:
Experimental studies of the distribution of gene frequencies in very small populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Kerr, W.E.; Wright, S., 1954:
Experimental studies of the distribution of gene frequencies in very small populations of Drosophila melanogaster. I, III

Pearl, R., 1929:
Experimental studies of the duration of life. XII. Influence of temperature during the larval period and adult life on the duration of life of the imago of Drosophila melanogasler

Vasilenko, N.G.; Zhuravin, S.A.; Banshchikova, L.S., 2003:
Experimental studies of the heat and water dynamics in drainage basins of the eastern Siberian taiga with regard to the current climate change (Mogot area as an example)

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Experimental studies of the inheritance of color in mice

Morgan, T.H., 1902:
Experimental studies of the internal factors of re-generation in the Earthworm

Mahdihassan, S., 1957:
Experimental studies of the life cycles of the Sind lac insect

Bennett, G.A.; Ramsay, A.J., 1941:
Experimental studies of the movements of the Mammalian tongue

Boonstra, R., 1977:
Experimental studies of the population processes in the vole Microtus townsendii

Morgan, T.H., 1898:
Experimental studies of the regeneration of Planaria maculata

Vilks, K.A.; Vilks, E.K., 1964 :
Experimental studies of the territorial behaviour in tits and nuthatches. Problemy ornitologii (Trudy 3 Vsesoyuzn. ornitol. konfer. 1962)

Bull, A.L., 1956:
Experimental studies of three cases of embryonic lethality in Drosophila melanogaster produced by overlapping deficiencies for the vestigial locus

Oda, K., 1976:
Experimental studies on 'visceral larva migrans'. 2. On resistance of mice receiving sensitization and challenge with Toxocara canis eggs

Burgdorfer, W., 1955:
Experimental studies on Argasid ticks as possible vectors of tularemia

L.Bas, G.Z.L., 1924:
Experimental studies on Dibothriocephalus tatus in man

Matsumoto, J.; Yagi, K., 2008:
Experimental studies on Echinococcus multilocularis in Japan, focusing on biohazardous stages of the parasite

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Experimental studies on Endamoeba histolytica in the dog: a preliminary report

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Experimental studies on Entamoeba I. Temperature: A microclimatic factor in the cultivation of three species of Entamoeba

Lachance, P.J., 1963:
Experimental studies on Entamoeba II. Unprecedented instances of cannibalism in E. invadens and E. terrapinae

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Experimental studies on Entamoeba histolytica in kittens

Neal, R.A., 1966:
Experimental studies on Entamoeba with reference to speciation

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Experimental studies on Gasteropod development

Nagrajan sic, S.N.; Mookerjee, S., 1958:
Experimental studies on Hydra regeneration

Ferguson, M.S., 1936:
Experimental studies on Neascus vancleavei

Ferguson, M.S., 1938:
Experimental studies on Posthodiplostomum minimum (MacCallum, 1921) a trematode from herons

Penner, L.R., 1939:
Experimental studies on Schistosomatium douthitti (Cort) in mouse, rat, muskrat, guinea-pig and snow-shoe hare

Hanaoka, K.I., 1942:
Experimental studies on Sex-differentiation in two Japanese salamanders

Griffiths, Henry, J., 1940:
Experimental studies on Strongyloides agoutii in the guinea pig

Walker, J.H., 1937:
Experimental studies on Trematodes belonging to the sub-family Reniferinae

Wood, F.D., 1934:
Experimental studies on Trypanosoma cruzi in California

Denison, Nadene, 1943:
Experimental studies on Trypanosoma cruzi infection and reticulo-endothelial blockade in rats

Anonymous, 2008:
Experimental studies on Typhlodromips (Amblyseius) swirskii in greenhouse cucumbers

Child, C.M., 1932:
Experimental studies on a Japanese Planarian. 1. Fission and differential susceptibility

Watanabe, Y., 1941:
Experimental studies on a Japanese planarian. III. Effect of posterior section upon the rate of eye formation in reconstitution

Watanabe, Y., 1941:
Experimental studies on a Japanese planarian. ii. Axial differential in rate of eye formation in reconstitution

Watanabe, Y., 1941:
Experimental studies on a Japanese planarian. iii. Effect of posterior section upon the Tate of eye-formation in reconstitution

Ibusuki, T.; Ibusuki, O., 1958:
Experimental studies on acariasis II

Heuts, M.J., 1947:
Experimental studies on adaptive evolution in Gasterosteus aculeatus L

Kitabatake, E., 1933:
Experimental studies on amoebic dysentery. I. On the vital staining of Entamoeba histolytica

Callan, H.G.; Tomlin, S.G., 1950:
Experimental studies on amphibian oocyte nuclei. I. Investigation of the structure of the nuclear membrane by means of the electron microscope

Chopra, R.N.; Das Gupta, B.M.; Sen, B., 1938:
Experimental studies on ape malaria with reference to its use in malaria therapy for nervous conditions

Burgdorfer, W.; Owen, C.R., 1956:
Experimental studies on argasid ticks as possible vectors of tularemia

Schade, R., 1971:
Experimental studies on auditory thresholds of Leucaspius delineatus (Heckel)

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