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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 22635

Chapter 22635 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

M.K.F.; Tanaka H.; Lin Y.Y., 2008:
Fault zone micro-events observed from crossing fault 7-level TCDP borehole seismometers

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Fault zone trapped waves; an active source experiment at the Awatere Fault

Rawson A., 1989:
Fault-angle basins of the Lapstone Structural Complex - geomorphological evidence for neotectonism

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Fault-assisted vertical pluton growth; Coastal Cordillera, north Chilean Andes

Madi Achour J.; Damte Alula; Hayes Mark, 2003:
Fault-associated hydrothermally-dolomitized reservoirs (HTD) in Devonian strata of northeastern British Columbia; a large-scale geological exploration concept

Cheremnykh Alexander, 2004:
Fault-block divisibility of the crust in mobile belts

Bonson C.; Walsh J.; Carboni V.; McDermott P.; Bowden A., 2005:
Fault-controlled stratiform Zn-Pb mineralization in the Irish Midlands; a structural study of the Galmoy orebodies

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Fault-hosted hydrothermal breccia at 22 degrees 40'N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Fault-propagation folding in the Livingstone Range of southern Alberta; faulting, folding and fluids in a hangingwall ramp anticline

Zhang Jin; Zhang Qinglong; Ren Wenjun; Yue Huanying, 1999:
Fault-related fold; a new structural style in the Ordos Basin, China

Yukinobu Okamura; Tatsuya Ishiyama; Yukio Yanagisawa, 2007:
Fault-related folds above the source fault of the 2004 mid-Niigata Prefecture earthquake, in a fold-and-thrust belt caused by basin inversion along the eastern margin of the Japan Sea

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Faulting and fault seal; progress with prediction

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Faulting and fault sealing in production simulation models; Brent Province, northern North Sea

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Faulting and magmatism on the Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland

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Faulting and the Mount Isa copper ore system - geometry, timing, displacement and genetic implications

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Faulting in porous rocks; insights from numerical models based on critical state soil mechanics

Barnicoat A.C.; Sheldon H.A.; Ord A., 2005:
Faulting in porous rocks; resolving a paradox and exploration implications

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Faulting near Mooney Mooney Bridge, NSW

Fueten F.; Stesky R.; MacKinnon P.; Hauber Ernst; Gwinner K.; Scholten F.; Zegers T.; Neukum G., 2007:
Faulting of ILD deposits on Ceti Mensa, western Candor Chasma, Mars

Manga Michael; Rowland Joel C., 2003:
Faulting plumbing; spring response to creep on the Hayward Fault

Vandusen Shelley R.; Doser Diane I., 1995:
Faulting processes of M> or =6.0 earthquakes in the north-central Caribbean from 1917-1962

Timur Ustaömer; Erkan Göka?an; Hüseyin Tur; Tolga Görüm; Fatma Gül Batuk; Do?an Kalafat; Hakan Alp; Berkan Ecevito?lu; Halim Birkan, 2008:
Faulting, mass-wasting and deposition in an active dextral shear zone, the Gulf of Saros and the NE Aegean Sea, NW Turkey

Vezzoli Luigina; Tibaldi Alessandro; Renzulli Alberto; Menna Michele; Flude Stephanie, 2008:
Faulting-assisted lateral collapses and influence on shallow magma feeding system at Ollague Volcano (Central Volcanic Zone, Chile-Bolivia Andes)

Hayman Nicholas W.; Karson Jeffrey A., 2007:
Faults and damage zones in fast-spread crust exposed on the north wall of the Hess Deep Rift; conduits and seals in seafloor hydrothermal systems

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Faults and sutures; genetic aspects and systematics

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Faults of the pharaohs

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Faults, earthquakes and science politics

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Faults, fault rocks and fractures in basalts; the Faroe Islands, NE Atlantic margin

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Faults, joints and anisotropy dominate sonic, resistivity log responses in a geopressured Wabamun Limestone gas reservoir at Resthaven

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Faulty eruption of the fore-limb in Hyla aurea

Mailhes, J.B., 2008:
Faulty spindle checkpoint and cohesion protein activities predispose oocytes to premature chromosome separation and aneuploidy

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Faumstischokologische Bemerkungen ber einige Oribatiden der Nordseekuste. Acari, Oribatei. Faun

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Fauna (Byrozoa, Brachiopoda, Hyolithida, Trilobita, Ostracoda) aus dem Mittel-Ordovizium (oberes Llanvim bis unteres Caradoc) Sstlich von Malestan

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Fauna (Graptolithen, Brachiopoden) der unterdevonischen Schwarzschiefer Nord-Thailands

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Fauna Afidea din Besarabia

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Fauna Americana 8 The American Geometridae pp. 73-104 , 3 pls

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Fauna Arctica. Eine Zusammenstellung der arktischen Thierformen mit besonderer Berucksichtigung des Spitzbergen-Gebietes auf Grund der Ergebnisse der Deutschen Expedition in das Nordliche Eismeer im Jahre 1898. Unter Mitwirkung zahlreicher Fachgenossen hrsg. von Fritz Romer und Fritz Schaudinn

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