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Four new species of Phyllosticta, one new species of Pseudocercospora, and one new combination in Passalora from Japan

Four new species of Phyllosticta, one new species of Pseudocercospora, and one new combination in Passalora from Japan

Mycoscience 49(2): 138-146

During a survey of plant-inhabiting fungi in a botanical garden in Japan, some noteworthy fungi were collected from leaf spots of some herbal and arboreal plants. Among them, five new species are described, namely: Phyllosticta ardisiicola on Ardisia crenata, Phy. aspidistricola on Aspidistra elatior, Phy. kerriae on Kerria japonica, Phy. fallopiae on Fallopia japonica, and Pseudocercospora davidiicola on Davidia involucrata. Passalora pyrrosiae, a new combination for Pseudocercospora pyrrosiae on Pyrrosia lingua, is proposed based on its morphological characteristics designating the neotype specimen.

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Accession: 022676640

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DOI: 10.1007/s10267-007-0395-z

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