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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 22707

Chapter 22707 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Peter, V.; Konjev, D.; Hilde, D., 2003:
Genetic diversity of the phytophagous beetle Docema darwini Mutchler, 1925 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), endemic to the Galapagos Islands

Paulauskas, A.; Radzijevskaja, J.; Namaviciute, E., 2006:
Genetic diversity of the red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris L.) in Lithuania

Dokuchaev, N.E.; Lapinskiĭ, A.G.; Solovenchuk, L.L., 2008:
Genetic diversity of the striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius Pallas, 1771) in the Russian Far East as assessed by RAPD-PCR

Lin, G.H.; Cai, Z.Y.; Zhang, T.Z.; Su, J.P.; Thirgood, S.J., 2008:
Genetic diversity of the subterranean Gansu zokor in a semi-natural landscape

Jiang, S.; Yang, H.; Su, T.; Gong, S.-yuan, 2004:
Genetic diversity of three geographical populations of Pagrosomus major revealed by RAPD analysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic diversity of traditional cowpea cultivars in Senegal: a preliminary study

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity of transmission blocking vaccine candidate (Pvs25, Pvs28) antigen in Plasmodium vivax clinical isolates from Iran

Ding, X.L.i; Deng, F.J.ao; Wang, A.M.n; Ye, L.; Yan, B.; Zou, Z.; Zhang, X.Y.an, 2003:
Genetic diversity of two wild Pinctata martensi populations F1 generations

Tan, S.H.a; Wang, G.Z.ong; Lin, Q.W.; Li, S.J.ng, 2006:
Genetic diversity of two wild populations of Penaeus semisulcatus revealed by RAPD technique

Chenet, S.M.; Branch, O.H.; Escalante, A.A.; Lucas, C.M.; Bacon, D.J., 2008:
Genetic diversity of vaccine candidate antigens in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from the Amazon basin of Peru

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity of wide cross population of Cunninghamia lanceolata and Platycladus orientalis

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity of wild Myrica resources in Guangxi analysed by inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs)

Marulanda, M.L.; Lopez, A.M.; Aguilar, S.B., 2007:
Genetic diversity of wild and cultivated Rubus species in Colombia using AFLP and SSR markers

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity pattern of Stipa purpurea populations in the hinterland of Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Hawley, D.M.; Sydenstricker, K.V.; Kollias, G.V.; Dhondt, Aé.A., 2006:
Genetic diversity predicts pathogen resistance and cell-mediated immunocompetence in house finches

Lie, H.C.; Rhodes, G.; Simmons, L.W., 2008:
Genetic diversity revealed in human faces

Gill, R.K.; Singh, S.; Brar, G.S., 2008:
Genetic diversity studies in ricebean (Vigna umbellata) germplasm

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity studies in summer bunch groundnut

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic diversity studies in turmeric (Curcuma longa) using K means statistical tool

Buso, G.S.C.; Paiva, M.R.; Torres, A.C.; Resende, F.V.; Ferreira, M.A.; Buso, J.A.; Dusi, A.N., 2008:
Genetic diversity studies of Brazilian garlic cultivars and quality control of garlic-clover production

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity studies on polyembryonic and monoembryonic mango genotypes using molecular markers

McGuire, J.M.; Close, D.A.; Scribner, K.T., 2005:
Genetic diversity within and among populations of Pacific lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus)

Shiqin Xu; C.G.T.uer; C.D.na Nelson, 2008:
Genetic diversity within and among populations of shortleaf pine ( Pinus echinata Mill.) and loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda L.)

Anonymous, 2003:
Genetic diversity within farmers' rice varieties in three ecoregions of North Vietnam over time

Ajzenberg, D.; Banuls, A.; Su, C.; Dumetre, A.; Demar, M.; Carme, B.; Darde, M., 2004:
Genetic diversity, and sexuality in Toxoplasma gondii

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic diversity, dispersal of Phragmites australis in a small river system

Henderson, A.P.; Spidle, A.P.; King, T.L., 2004:
Genetic diversity, kinship analysis, and broodstock management of captive Atlantic sturgeon for population restoration

Prithiviraj Fernando; Gert Polet; Nazir Foead; Linda, S.N.; Jennifer Pastorini; Don, J.M.lnick, 2006 :
Genetic diversity, phylogeny and conservation of the Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Damgaard, Jakob, 2005:
Genetic diversity, taxonomy, and phylogeography of the western Palaearctic water strider Aquarius najas (DeGeer) (Heteroptera: Gerridae)

Kotwal, G.J., 2008:
Genetic diversity-independent neutralization of pandemic viruses (e.g. HIV), potentially pandemic (e.g. H5N1 strain of influenza) and carcinogenic (e.g. HBV and HCV) viruses and possible agents of bioterrorism (variola) by enveloped virus neutralizing compounds (EVNCs)

Dobzhansky, T.; Spassky, N.P., 1962:
Genetic drift and natural selection in experimental populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura

Prout, T., 1954:
Genetic Drift in Irradiated Experimental Populations of Drosophila Melanogaster

Nolte, D.J., 1958:
Genetic drift in populations of a sand-mussel

Sather, AP.; Swiger, LA.; Harvey, WR., 1972:
Genetic drift in small, simulated populations

Whigham, P.A.; Dick, G.C.; Spencer, H.G., 2008:
Genetic drift on networks: ploidy and the time to fixation

K.Q.ngMing; Lin WenXiong; Liang KangJing; Liang YiYuan; Zhu Yan; Xiao MeiXiu, 2008:
Genetic ecological properties of Cd accumulations in rice grains exposal

Zhou HuoQiang; Zheng MingFu; Tan LiangPing, 2008:
Genetic effect analysis of main characters in Benincasa hispida Cogn

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic effect analysis on eight agronomic traits of summer squash

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic effect of locule and its correlative characters in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Rueff, Jé.; Teixeira, Jão.P.; Santos, Lís.Silva.; Gaspar, J.Francisco., 2008:
Genetic effects and biotoxicity monitoring of occupational styrene exposure

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic effects for yield in intra-specific cross in Sesamum indicum

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic effects in callose content in root apex of inbred resistant and susceptible corn lines to acid soils

Nawa, S.; Tsujita, M.; Yamada, M.A., 1969:
Genetic effects of DNA in Bombyx

Nawa, S.; Yamada, M.A., 1969:
Genetic effects of DNA in Ephestia

Heidenthal, G., 1960:
Genetic Effects of X-Rays and Cathode Rays on Oocytes of Habrobracon

Tebb, G.; Thoday, J.M., 1956:
Genetic effects of diurnal temperature change in laboratory populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Rittenhouse, E., 1968:
Genetic effects of fine structure and development of pigment granules in mouse hair bulb melanocytes. 1. The b and d loci

Rizkalla, Aida, A., 2007:
Genetic effects of gamma radiation on drought stress tolerance in embryognic calli of wheat genotypes

Allendorf, F.W.; England, P.R.; Luikart, G.; Ritchie, P.A.; Ryman, N., 2008:
Genetic effects of harvest on wild animal populations

Osborne, M.J.; Benavides, M.A.; Alo, D.; Turner, T.F., 2006:
Genetic effects of hatchery propagation and rearing in the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow, Hybognathus amarus

Chaudhary, R.P., 1968:
Genetic effects of prenatal x-irradiation in mice

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic effects of quality protein maize on kernel traits

Green, E.L., 1969:
Genetic effects of radiation on mammalian populations

Catcheside, D.G., 1948:
Genetic effects of radiations. Advances in Genetics,

Carter, T.C., 1959:
Genetic effects of radioactive pollution

Singer, A.C., 1968:
Genetic effects of x-irradiation on quantitative traits in mice as estimated from a diallel cross

Rittenhouse, E., 1968:
Genetic effects on fine structure and development of pigment granules in mouse hair bulb melanocytes. 2. The c and p loci, and ddpp interaction

Eric Saillant; Xiaoxue Wang; Liang Ma; Delbert M Gatlin III.R.bert R Vega; John R Gold, 2008:
Genetic effects on tolerance to acute cold stress in red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus L.

Demerec, M., 1942:
Genetic effects produced by neutrons in Drosophila melanogaster

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic engineering approaches for improving abiotic stress tolerance in crops

Singh, A.; Grover, A., 2008:
Genetic engineering for heat tolerance in plants

Singh, M.B.; Bhalla, P.L., 2008:
Genetic engineering for removing food allergens from plants

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic engineering in oil palm improvement

Ouyang, S-Ping.; Liu, Q.; Sun, S-Yu.; Chen, J-Chun.; Chen, G-Qiang., 2007:
Genetic engineering of Pseudomonas putida KT2442 for biotransformation of aromatic compounds to chiral cis-diols

Lutz Heide, 2008:
Genetic engineering of antibiotic biosynthesis for the generation of new aminocoumarins

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic engineering of bacteria used in food fermentation

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic engineering of fish, and methods of detection

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic enhancement of groundnut through gamma ray induced mutagenesis

Dobzhansky, T., 1963:
Genetic entities in hominid evolution

Milankov, V.R.; Stamenkovic, J.S.; Vujic, A.A., 2005:
Genetic equilibrium in Cheilosia vernalis populations (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic erosion and extinction threat to old world cottons, Gossypium L. - a case study

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic erosion and genetic 'pollution' in forage species and their wild relatives

Maxted, N.; Guarino, L., 2006:
Genetic erosion and genetic pollution of crop wild relatives

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic erosion and pollution - genetic and conservation consequences for European forest species

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic erosion and pollution assessment methodologies

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic erosion and pollution assessment methodologies. Proceedings of PGR Forum Workshop 5, Terceira Island, Autonomous Region of the Azores, Portugal, 8-11 September 2004

Firew Mekbib, 2008:
Genetic erosion of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) in the centre of diversity, Ethiopia

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic evaluation and improvement of biological traits of pigs in Lithuania

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic evaluation for growth of calves at early stage in Saudi camels

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic evaluation for subjective traits in the Pirenaica Breed

Anonymous, 2005:
Genetic evaluation of English oak provenance tests for high quality seed production

Anonymous, 2005:
Genetic evaluation of Hevea brasiliensis for juvenile vigour using the Reml/Blup method

Anonymous, 2005:
Genetic evaluation of Leucaena leucocephala De Wit progenies in indigenous reserve, in Caarapo city, MS

Mallick, P.K.; Ghosh, A.K., 2008:
Genetic evaluation of Red Sindhi sires at organized farm by BLUPF90-Dairy Pack model compared to DFREML model

Krejcova, H.; Pribyl, J.; Pribylova, J.; Stipkova, M.; Mielenz, N., 2008:
Genetic evaluation of daily gains of dual-purpose bulls using a random regression model

Gauri, G.K.; Kumar, A.; Beniwal, B.K.; Praveen, 2007:
Genetic evaluation of frieswal bulls under farm and field conditions

Wolc, A.; Barczak, E.; Wezyk, S.; Badowski, J.; Bielinska, H.; Szwackowski, T., 2008:
Genetic evaluation of production and reproduction traits in two selected lines of geese under multitrait animal model

Vasquez, R.; Martinez, R.; Manrique, C.; Rodriguez, Y., 2007:
Genetic evaluation of production and reproductive behavior in clusters of New Zealand and Chinchilla races of rabbits

Gaviol, H.C.T.; Gasparino, E.; Prioli, A.J.; Soares, M.A.M., 2008:
Genetic evaluation of the HSP70 protein in the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic evaluation of the wild Oryza species for resistance against the yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas Wlk

Tamarin, RH.; Malecha, SR.; Steiner, WW.; Dennis, MN., 1972:
Genetic events in rat populations at Eniwetok Atoll

Martin, A. jr., 1948:
Genetic evi-dence for speciation in Habrobracon juglandis Ashmead

Tanaka, K-Ichiro.; Namba, T.; Arai, Y.; Fujimoto, M.; Adachi, H.; Sobue, G.; Takeuchi, K.; Nakai, A.; Mizushima, T., 2007:
Genetic evidence for a protective role for heat shock factor 1 and heat shock protein 70 against colitis

Schultheis, A.S.; Booth, J.Y.; Vinson, M.R.; Miller, M. P., 2008:
Genetic evidence for cohort splitting in the merovoltine stonefly Pteronarcys californica (Newport) in Blacksmith Fork, Utah

Whiting, Anna, R., 1928:
Genetic evidence for diploid males in Habrobracon

Torvik, M.M., 1931:
Genetic evidence for diploidism of biparental males in Habrobracon

Schmitt, LH., 1975:
Genetic evidence for the existence of two separate populations of Rattus fuscipes greyii on Pearson Island, South Australia

Austin, J.W.; Szalanski, A.L.; Scheffrahn, R.H.; Messenger, M.T.; Mckern, J.A.; Gold, R.E., 2006:
Genetic evidence for two introductions of the Formosan subterranean termite, Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae), to the United States

Kanginakudru, S.; Metta, M.; Jakati, R.D.; Nagaraju, J., 2008:
Genetic evidence from Indian red jungle fowl corroborates multiple domestication of modern day chicken

Russello, M.A.; Avery, M.L.; Wright, T.F., 2008:
Genetic evidence links invasive monk parakeet populations in the United States to the international pet trade

Chauhan, N.S.; Majumdar, N., 1967:
Genetic evidence of 'spurious emergence' in the Aghani generation of Kenia lacca (Kerr)

Metz, C.W., 1926:
Genetic Evidence of a Selective Segregation of Chromosomes in Sciara (Diptera)

Metz, C.W., 1928:
Genetic Evidence of a Selective Segregation of Chromosomes in a Second Species of Sciara (Diptera)

Spiridonova, L.N.; Chelomina, G.N.; Tsuda, K.; Yonekawa, H.; Starikov, V.P., 2006:
Genetic evidence of extensive introgression of short-tailed ground squirrel genes in a hybridization zone of Spermophilus major and S. erythrogenys, inferred from sequencing of the mtDNA cytochrome b gene

Tsvirka, M V.; Chelomina, GN.; Korablev, VP., 2006:
Genetic evidence of hybridization between paletailed Spermophilus pallidicauda Satunin, 1903 and Alashanic S. alaschanicus Buechner, 1888 ground squirrels in Mongolia

Li, S.-fa.; Zou, S.-ming., 2002:
Genetic evidence of immigration of Eriocheir sinensis in Europe and USA from Yangtze River in China

Eriksson, R.; Nygren, A.; Sundbg, P., 2006:
Genetic evidence of phenotypic polymorphism in the aeolid nudibranch Flabellina verrucosa (M. Sars, 1829) (Opisthobranchia: Nudibranchia)

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic evidence on the historical biogeography of Central American howler monkeys

Banta, A.M.; Wood, T.R., 1928:
Genetic Evidence that the Cladocera Male Is Diploid

Harai, H.; Tanaka, H.; Hayanoh, A., 2004:
Genetic examination of small apes in Indonesia

Klitz, W., 1973:
Genetic expansion of colonization with subsequent expansion: the house sparrow in North America

Wahlsten, D., 1972:
Genetic experiments with animal learning: a critical review

Crabb, Edward Drane, 1927:
Genetic experiments with pond snails Lymnaea and Physa

Nanney, D.L., 1959:
Genetic Factors Affecting Mating Type Frequencies in Variety 1 of Tetrahymena Pyriformis

Sturtevant, A.H., 1917:
Genetic Factors Affecting the Strength of Linkage in Drosophila

Goldschmidt, R., 1916:
Genetic Factors and Enzyme Reaction

Ale Pa, F.Paul, 1967:
Genetic factors and polypeptide chain subclasses of human immunoglobulin G detected in the sera of non-human primates

Luzzatto, L., 1974:
Genetic factors in malaria

Waddington, C.H., 1950:
Genetic factors in morphogenesis

Curtis, M.R.; Dunning, W.F.; Bullock, F.D., 1933:
Genetic factors in relation to the etiology of malignant tumors

Allison, A.C., 1961:
Genetic factors in resistance to malaria

Danforth, C.H., 1933:
Genetic factors in the response of feather follicles to thyroxin and theelin

Demerec, M., 1929:
Genetic factors stimulating mutability of the miniature gamma wing character of Drosophila virilis

Demerec, M., 1929:
Genetic factors stimulating mutability of the miniature-gamma wing character of Drosophila virilio

Tatsumi, K.; Takebayashi, H.; Manabe, T.; Tanaka, K.F.; Makinodan, M.; Yamauchi, T.; Makinodan, E.; Matsuyoshi, H.; Okuda, H.; Ikenaka, K.; Wanaka, A., 2008:
Genetic fate mapping of Olig2 progenitors in the injured adult cerebral cortex reveals preferential differentiation into astrocytes

M.Y. Ozerov; N.S.M.rzanov; M.T.pio; A.A.B.rabaev; L.K.M.rzanova; Kh. A.A.erkhanov; Yu. Kantanen, 2008:
Genetic features of Kazakh sheep breeds according to microsatellites

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic features of populations from stress-prone environments

A.F.K.azov; D.V.P.trovskii, 2007:
Genetic features of supergene modified gold in weathering crusts

Yan, Q.; Yu, Y.; Feng, W., 2006:
Genetic fingerprinting of plankton community provides new insights into aquatic ecology

A.E.A.sogbadjo; T.K.ndt; F.J.C.adare; B.S.nsin; G.G.eysen; O.E.og-Matig; P.V.n Damme, 2009:
Genetic fingerprinting using AFLP cannot distinguish traditionally classified baobab morphotypes

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic gain in physical and mechanical properties of Eucalyptus clones

Cargnin, Adeliano; de Souza, M.Alves; Machado, C.Gomes, 2007:
Genetic gain prediction for wheat with different selection criteria

Mokrousov, I., 2008:
Genetic geography of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing genotype: a multifacet mirror of human history?

L.Z.ongquan; Ran Longhui; Chen Gengsheng; L.Z.ongkai; Duan Xinguo, 2002:
Genetic geologic model of high steep structures in eastern Sichuan Basin, China and gas potential analysis

Montassier, M.-De-Fatima, S.; Brentano, L.; Montassier, H., J.; Richtzenhain, L., J., 2008:
Genetic grouping of avian infectious bronchitis virus isolated in Brazil based on RT-PCR/RFLP analysis of the S1 gene

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic grouping of certain rhizobial strains native to Iranian soils by 16S-23S IGS PCR-RFLP and plasmid profile techniques

Russell, W.L., 1963:
Genetic hazards of radiation

Hosgood, S.M.W., 1967:
Genetic hetero-geneity among the founders of laboratory populations of Drosophila. 1. Scutellar chaetae

Hosgood, S.M.W.; Parsons, P.A., 1967:
Genetic heterogeneity among the founders of laboratory populations of Drosophila rnelanogaster. 2. Mating behaviour

Hosgood, S.M.; MacBean, I.T.; Parsons, P.A., 1968:
Genetic heterogeneity and accelerated responses to directional selection in Drosophila

Lalle, M.; Pozio, E.; Capelli, G.; Bruschi, F.; Crotti, D.; Caccio, S.M., 2005:
Genetic heterogeneity at the -giardin locus among human and animal isolates of Giardia duodenalis and identification of potentially zoonotic subgenotypes

Zhou, K.; Chen, W.; Buitelaar, J.; Banaschewski, T.; Oades, R.D.; Franke, B.; Sonuga-Barke, E.; Ebstein, R.; Eisenberg, J.; Gill, M.; Manor, I.; Miranda, A.; Mulas, F.; Roeyers, H.; Rothenberger, A.; Sergeant, J.; Steinhausen, H-Christoph.; Lasky-Su, J.; Taylor, E.; Brookes, K.J.; Xu, X.; Neale, B.M.; Rijsdijk, F.; Thompson, M.; Asherson, P.; Faraone, S.V., 2008:
Genetic heterogeneity in ADHD: DAT1 gene only affects probands without CD

Carlsson, J.; Mcdowell, J.R.; Carlsson, J.E.; Olafsdottir, D.; Graves, J.E., 2006:
Genetic heterogeneity of Atlantic bluefin tuna caught in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland

S.L.H.ti; R.T.angadurai; R.D.amodharan; P.K.D.s, 2008:
Genetic heterogeneity of Wuchereria bancrofti Populations at spatially hierarchical levels in Pondicherry and surrounding areas, south India

Kadir, Yşilbağ.; Christine, Förster.; Barbara, B-Wolf.; Zeki, Y.; Feray, A.; Aykut, O.; Ibrahim, B.; Sibilina Cedillo, R.; Heinz-Jürgen, T.; Matthias, König., 2008:
Genetic heterogeneity of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) isolates from Turkey: identification of a new subgroup in BVDV-1

Shitara, M.; Tsuboi, Y.; Sekizuka, T.; Tazumi, A.; Moorei, J.E.; Millar, B.C.; Taneike, I.; Matsuda, M., 2008:
Genetic heterogeneity of the dnaK gene locus including transcription terminator region (TTR) in Campylobacter lari

Tang, S.; Popongviwat, A.; Klinbunga, S.; Tassanakajon, A.; Jarayabhand, P.; Menasveta, P., 2005:
Genetic heterogeneity of the tropical abalone (Haliotis asinina) revealed by RAPD and microsatellite analyses

Tuomi, J., 2004:
Genetic heterogeneity within organisms and the evolution of individuality

Lertrit, P.; Poolsuwan, S.; Thosarat, R.; Sanpachudayan, T.; Boonyarit, H.; Chinpaisal, C.; Suktitipat, B., 2008:
Genetic history of Southeast Asian populations as revealed by ancient and modern human mitochondrial DNA analysis

Anonymous, 2006:
Genetic history of an Australian Merino strain in Romania

Lush, J.L.; Holbert, J.C.; Willham, 0. S., 1936:
Genetic history of the Holstein-Friesian Cattle in the United States

Ayllon, F.; Martinez, J.L.; Juanes, F.; Gephard, S.; Garcia-Vazquez, E., 2006:
Genetic history of the population of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., under restoration in the Connecticut River, USA

Faure, M.F.; David, P.; Bonhomme, Fçois.; Bierne, N., 2008:
Genetic hitchhiking in a subdivided population of Mytilus edulis

Cuellar, O., 1977 :
Genetic homogeneity and speciation in the parthenogenetic lizards Cnemidophorus velox and C. neomexicanus: evidence from intraspecific histocompatability

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic identification and pedigree control on horses through microsatellite DNA sequences

Gao, Q.; Cooper, R.; Zhou, H.; E.A., 2002:
Genetic identification of Anopheles anthropophagus and Anopheles sinensis by PCR - RFLP

Patel, D.S.; Fang, L.L.; Svy, D.K.; Ruvkun, G.; Li, W., 2008:
Genetic identification of HSD-1, a conserved steroidogenic enzyme that directs larval development in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kenji Saitoh; Shinji Uehara; Taro Tega, 2009:
Genetic identification of fish eggs collected in Sendai Bay and off Johban, Japan

Seddon, J.; Sundqvist, A K.; Bjornerfeldt, S.; Ellegren, H., 2006:
Genetic identification of immigrants to the Scandinavian wolf population

Khrabrova, NV.; Sibataev, AK.; Stegnii, VN., 2005:
Genetic identification of mosquitoes of Culex pipiens group (Diptera: Culicidae) by using RAPD-analysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic identification of some Syrian local apple (Malus sp.) cultivars using molecular markers

D.A.W.ese; S.R.S.ntos, 2009:
Genetic identification of source populations for an aquarium-traded invertebrate

Jung, W.; Lee, Y.; K.m, S.; J.n, D.; Seong, K.B.ek, 2003:
Genetic identification of the North Pacific chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) stocks

Metz, C.W.; Ullian, S.S., 1929:
Genetic Identification of the Sex Chromosomes in Sciara (Diptera)

Iwata, M., 1975:
Genetic identification of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) populations on the basis of tetrazolium oxidase polymorphism

Kim, E.; Lee, J.Y.; Nam, Y.K.on; Noh, J.K.o; Lee, S.Y.n; Kim, D.S.o, 2002:
Genetic identification on natural population of triploid crucian carp, Carassius auraus in Korea

Vapa, L.B.; Selmic, V.R.; Popovic, T.S.; Vapa, M.M., 2001:
Genetic identity of brown hare populations in Vojvodina

Glass, H.B., 1940:
Genetic identity of translocations of independent origin

Saillant, E.; Bradfield, S.; Coleen; Gold, J.R., 2006:
Genetic impacts of shrimp trawling on red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Khan, L.A.; Yamanaka, T.; Nukina, N., 2008:
Genetic impairment of autophagy intensifies expanded polyglutamine toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans

King, J.C., 1965:
Genetic implications in the origin of higher levels of organization

Bodon, S.B., 1996:
Genetic implications of the paragenesis and rare-earth element geochemistry at the Cannington Ag-Pb-Zn deposit, Mt Isa Inlier, northwest Queensland

Li, C.; Bin, Y.; Curchoe, C.; Yang, L.; Feng, D.; Jiang, Q.; O'Neill, M.; Tian, X.Cindy.; Zhang, S., 2008:
Genetic imprinting of H19 and IGF2 in domestic pigs (Sus scrofa)

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic improvement and management of small populations

Cruz, C.O.; Resende, M.D.V. de, 2008:
Genetic improvement and mating system of the camu camu shrub in the Peruvian Amazon

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic improvement in grain yield and related traits of oat cultivars released in Canada during 1921-1997

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic improvement in yield related traits of wheat under irrigated and rainfed environments

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic improvement of agronomic characters of germplasm resources resistant to rice blast in Sichuan province

Wolfarth, G.; Lahman, M.; Moav, R., 1964:
Genetic improvement of carp. 5: A comparison of fall and winter growth of several carp progeny

Moav, R.; Wohlfarth, G.; Lahman, M., 1964:
Genetic improvement of carp. 6. Growth rate of carp imported from Holland, relative to Israeli carp, and some crossbred progeny

Kang, S.Y.; Kim, D.S.; Lee, G.J., 2007:
Genetic improvement of crop plants by mutation techniques in Korea

Crosby, K.M.; Jifon, J.L.; Leskovar, D.I., 2008:
Genetic improvement of early root vigor in melon (Cucumis melo L.) to enhance stand establishment

Marquez Sanchez, F., 2004:
Genetic improvement of maize landraces for the Yucatan peninsula with limited backcrossing

Bellini, E.; Giordani, E.; Rosati, A., 2008:
Genetic improvement of olive from clonal selection to cross-breeding programs

Anonymous, 2005:
Genetic improvement of some traits in four strains of silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic improvement of soybean variety JS 80-21 through induced mutations

Anonymous, 2007:
Genetic improvement of the onion local cultivar Rossa di Tropea

Anonymous, 2008:
Genetic inactivation of the laminin a5 chain receptor Lu/BCAM leads to kidney and intestinal abnormalities in the mouse

Fuller, R.C., 2009:
Genetic incompatibilities in killifish and the role of environment

Oliver, Cg, 1971:
Genetic incompatibility between Pararge aegeria and P. megera (Lep., Satyridae)

Johnson, C., 1960:
Genetic incompatibility in the call races of Hyla versicolor Le Conte in Texas

Muir, F.V., 1968:
Genetic increase in bursa of Fabricius weight at hatching and correlated responses in the domestic fowl

Allison, J.D.; Roff, D.A.; Cardé, R.T., 2008:
Genetic independence of female signal form and male receiver design in the almond moth, Cadra cautella

Kumpf, O.; Schumann, R.R., 2008:
Genetic influence on bloodstream infections and sepsis

Liu, S.Kwang, 1966:
Genetic influence on resistance of mice to Nematospiroides dubius

Gill, K.J.; Boyle, A.E., 2009:
Genetic influences on drug-induced psychomotor activation in mice

Loevy, H., 1963:
Genetic influences on induced cleft palate in different strains of mice

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