Geschlechtsspezifisches Zeichnunsmerkmal einer Kreuzotter-Population, Vipera b. berus, im suedoestlichen Niederrheinischen Tiefland, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Burghardt, P.

Zeitschrift fuer Feldherpetologie 12(2): 254-259


Accession: 022719662

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During a study of an adder population (Vipera b. berus ) near Wesel a new character was found, which enables the sex determination even of juvenile adders in the field. Prenasal and rostral shields have a black or dark brown frame marking in males together with a dark patch on the rostral shield (Rostralfleck). In females this patch is lacking and the frame marking is only pale or light brown or mostly lacking. These characters may occur in other populations also, observations from other areas are recommended.