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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 22774

Chapter 22774 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Gentry, J.B., 1964:
Homing in the old-field mouse

Fisler, G.F., 1966:
Homing in the western harvest mouse, Reithrodontomys megalotis

Best, P.B., 1957:
Homing in water voles

Wimsatt, W.A., 1940:
Homing instinct and prolificacy in the Duck Hawk

Taft, A.C.; Shapovalov, L., 1938:
Homing instinct and straying among Steelhead Trout (Salmo Gairdnerii) and Silver Salmon (Oncorhynchus Kisutch)

Vladykov, V.D., 1940:
Homing instinct de la truite mouchetee (Salvelinus fontinalis). and Remarques preliminaires sur la nourriture de la ruite (Salvelinus fontinalis) du Parc des Laurentides.

Calderwood, W.L., 1937:
Homing instinct in Salmon

Scheer, Bradley, T., 1939:
Homing instinct in salmon

Dahl, K., 1939:
Homing instinct in salmon. The case for separate river races

Neff, J.A., 1943:
Homing instinct in the Dwarf Cowbird in Arizona

Tibbetts, T., 1956:
Homing instincts of two bats, Epteaicus fuscus and Tadarida mexicana (Mammalia: Chiroptera)

Riper, W.V.; Kalmbach, E.R., 1952:
Homing Not Hindered by Wing Magnets

Mayhew, W.W., 1963:
Homing of Bank Swallows and Cliff Swallows

Willcox, M.A., 1905:
Homing Of Fissurella And Siphonaria

McCabe, R.A., 1947:
Homing of Flying Squirrels

Mito Kanatsu-Shinohara; Masanori Takehashi; Seiji Takashima; Jiyoung Lee; Hiroko Morimoto; Shinichiro Chuma; Aurelia Raducanu; Norio Nakatsuji; Reinhard Fässler; Takashi Shinohara, 2008:
Homing of Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells to Germline Niche Depends on β1-Integrin

Kendeigh, S.Charles, 1944:
Homing of Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis

Furrer, RK., 1973:
Homing of Peromyscus maniculatus in the channelled scablands of east-central Washington

Southern, W.E., 1959:
Homing of Purple Martins

Gerasimou, A.; Ramella, R.; Brero, A.; Boero, O.; Sheiban, I.; Levi, R.; Gallo, M.Pia., 2008 :
Homing of annexin-labeled stem cells to apoptotic cells

Beeman, LE.; Pelton, MR., 1976:
Homing of black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

O'Connor, JF.; Power, G., 1973:
Homing of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in Matamek Lake, Quebec

Tesch, F.W., 1967:
Homing of eels (Anguilla anguilla) in the southern North Sea

Jahn, L.A., 1977:
Homing of green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) in a west-central Illinois stream

Lindsey, C.C.; Northcote, T.G.; Hartman, G.F., 1959:
Homing of rainbow trout to inlet and outlet spawning streams at Loon Lake, British Columbia

Alison, RM., 1977:
Homing of subadult oldsquaws

Vladykov, Vd, 1971:
Homing of the American eel, Anguilla rostrata, as evidenced by returns of trausplanted tagged eels in New Brunswick

Mazzeo, R., 1953:
Homing of the Manx Shearwater

Jensen, AL.; Duncan, RN., 1971:
Homing of transplanted coho salmon

Grant, D.; Anderson, O.; Twitty, V., 1968:
Homing orientation by olfaction in newts (Taricha rivularis)

Hasler, A.D., 1960:
Homing orientation in migrating fishes

Pratt, J.G.; Thouless, R.H., 1955:
Homing orientation in pigeons in relation to opportunity to observe the sun before release

Parker, K.A.; Hughes, B.; Thorogood, R.; Griffiths, R., 2004:
Homing over 56 km by a North Island tomtit (Petroica macrocephala toitoi)

Davis, Russell, 1966:
Homing performance and homing ability in bats

Lamfers, M.; Idema, S.; van Milligen, F.; Schouten, T.; van der Valk, P.; Vandertop, P.; Dirven, C.; Noske, D., 2008:
Homing properties of adipose-derived stem cells to intracerebral glioma and the effects of adenovirus infection

Ralph, CJ.; Mewaldt, LR., 1976:
Homing success in wintering sparrows

Perdeck, A.C., 1971:
Homing tendencies of black-headed gulls in the Kramer-cage? Neth

Pritchard, A.L., 1939:
Homing tendency and age at maturity of pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in British Columbia

Nichols, Paul, R., 1960:
Homing tendency of American shad, Alosa sapidissima, in the York River, Virginia

Olson, D.E.; Scidmore, W.J., 1963:
Homing tendency of spawning white suckers in Many Point Lake, Minnesota

Nagasaki, F.; Matsumoto, K., 1957:
Homing tendency of the bachelor seals to their native rookeries

Rose, Francis, L., 1966:
Homing to nests by the salamander Desmognathus auriculatus

Forester, DC., 1976:
Homing to the nest by female Desmognathus oschrophaeus, with comments on the sensory modalities essential in clutch recognition. Herpetological

Jordan, H.D., 1954:
Homing toads

Bennett, S.M., 1971:
Homing, density and population dynamics in the adult newt, Notophthalmus viridescens Rafinesque

Barthalmus, G.T., 1971:
Homing, homerange, and the homing mechanism of the northern dusky salamander, Desmognathus fuscus fuscus

Cockrum, E.L., 1956:
Homing, movements and longevity of bats

Whitford, W.G.; Vinegar, A., 1966:
Homing, survival, arid overwintering of larvae in spotted salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum

Mann, A., 1972:
Hominid and cultural origins. Man, Jl R. anthrop

Hewes, G.W., 1964:
Hominid Bipedalism: Independent Evidence For The Food-Carrying Theory

Morris, DH., 1974 :
Hominid canine tooth semantics. Man, Jl R. anthrop

Lee-Thorp, Julia., 2002:
Hominid dietary niches from proxy chemical indicators in fossils, the swartkrans example

Dennell, Robin, W., 2004:
Hominid dispersals and Asian biogeography during the Lower and Early Middle Pleistocene, c. 2.0-0.5 Mya

Hamilton, J., 1974:
Hominid divergence and speech evolution

Romano, M., 2006:
Hominid dual type of gait and its ecosystem implications

Akinade, Oa, 2002:
Hominid evolution and the concept of techno-cultural dynamism in Africa

Day, M.H.; Napier, J.R., 1964:
Hominid fossils from Bed 1, Olduvai Gorge, Tanganyika. Fossil foot bones

Anonymous, 2007:
Hominid fossils from Dmanisi and their place among the early hominids

Ahern, James CM., 2005:
Hominid fossils: an interactive atlas

Wright, R.V.S., 1959:
Hominid nomenclature

Shipman, P.; Phillips-Conroy, J., 1977:
Hominid tool-making versus carnivore scavenging

Rabinovich, R.; Bar Yosef, O.; Vandermeersch, B.; Horwitz, L.K.lska, 2004:
Hominid-Carnivore interactions in the Paleolithic site of Qafzeh Cave, Israel

Sergi, G., 1927:
Hominidae. Intorno alla classificazione e problemi relativi

Anonymous, 2002:
Hominidenzaehne im Internet HOTPAD

Tomczyk, J., 2004:
Hominids' taxonomy. Three levels of discussion

Zipfel, B.; Kidd, R., 2006:
Hominin first metatarsals (SKX 5017 and SK 1813) from Swartkrans: a morphometric analysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Hominin paleodiets: the contribution of stable isotopes

Sponheimer, M.; Lee-Thorp, J.; de Ruiter, D.; Codron, D.; Codron, J.; Baugh, A.T.; Thackeray, F., 2005:
Hominins, sedges, and termites: new carbon isotope data from the Sterkfontein valley and Kruger National Park

Anonymous, 2004:
Hominisation et technologie

Derivot, J.H., 1962:
Hominisation; reproduction et hybridation

Snow, F.H., 1883:
Hominivorous Habits of Lucilia macellaria, Fabr., the Screw Worm.

Murtfeldt, M.E., 1891 :
Hominivorous habits of the Screw Worm in St. Louis

Stopa, R., 1974:

Gulec Erksin; Sevim Ayla; Pehlevan Cesur; Karabiyikoglu Mustafa, 2004:
Hominoid bearing mammalian fossil beds from middle to upper Miocene deposits in the Cankiri Basin, central Anatolia, Turkey

Anonymous, 2007:
Hominoid cranial diversity and adaptation

Kunimatsu, Y.; Ratanasthien, B.; Nakaya, H.; Saegusa, H.; Nagaokas, S., 2005:
Hominoid fossils discovered from Chiang Muan, northern Thailand: the first step towards understanding hominoid evolution in Neogene southeast Asia

Simons, EL.; Pilbeam, DR., 1974:
Hominoid paleoprimatology

Creel, N.; Preuschoft, H., 1971:
Hominoid taxonomy. A canonical analysis of cranial dimensions

Pickford, M.; Senut, B., 2005:
Hominoid teeth with chimpanzee- and gorilla-like features from the Miocene of Kenya: implications for the chronology of ape-human divergence and biogeography of Miocene hominoids

Zvejska, F., 1946:
Hominy krido-veho utvaru v okol Kunstatu

Anonymous, 2005:
Hommage a Bernard Ehanno

Chaudonneret, Jean, 2004:
Hommage a Bruno Conde 5 mars 1920 - 1 fevrier 2004

Rostand, J., 1960:
Hommage a Eugene Bataillon

Sice, A., 1948:
Hommage a Felix Mesnil

Balachowsky, A.S., 1965:
Hommage a Filippo Silvestri

Anthony, J., 1970:
Hommage a Georges Cuvier. Allocutions prononckes a l'occasion des ceremonies du bi-centenaire de la naissance de Georges Cuvier

Anonymous, 2006:
Hommage a Jean-Pierre et Jean-Louis Nicolas

Perrier, E., 1913:
Hommage a Lamarck

Herlant, M.; Herlant, H., 1976:
Hommage a Louis Gallien (1908-1976)

Gaston., 1902:
Hommage a M. Marey

Paccand, O., 1963:
Hommage a Paul Geroudet

Anonymous, 2007:
Hommage a Paul Geroudet. Honoraria Avium nostrarum formica : redacteur honoraire de Nos Oiseaux (1917-2006)

Anonymous, 2005:
Hommage a Pierre Herve, Entomologiste provencal

Anonymous, 2004:
Hommage a Renaud Paulian (1913-2003)

Motas, C., 1966:
Hommage a la memoire de R. Jeannel (23.III.1879-20.II.1965)

Motas, C., 1966:
Hommage a la memoire de Rene Jeannel. (23 mars 1879-20 fevrier 1965)

Brien, P., 1962:
Hommage a la memoire du Professeur Pol Gerard (2 mars 1886-28 decembre 1961). President d'Honneur de la Societe Royale Zoologique de Belgique

Nicolau Guillaumet, Pierre, 2007:
Hommage a mon ami

Hovasse, R., 1967:
Hommage au Professeur Pierre Paul Grasse

Anonymous, 2004:
Hommage au Profsseur Matthey

Roubaud, E., 1948:
Hommage de ses collaborateurs pastoriens a M

Pic, M., 1938:
Hommage descriptif au voyageur retraite

Anonymous, 2007:
Hommage fuer Alfred Schifferli

Blanchard, Rapha xEBl., 1905:
Hommage funebre au Dr. Bunge

Germain, M.L., 1936:
Hommage national a Jean Charcot et a ses compagnons

Blondel, Jacques, 2005:
Hommage: Ernst Mayr (1904-2005)

Purchase, C.; Benoit, H.; Boyce, D.; Brown, G.; Gotceitas, V.; Laurel, B.; Puvanendran, V.; Thompson, R., 2006:
Hommage: Joseph Albert Brown, Ph.D

Costamagno, S.; Beauval, C.; Lange Badr, B.; Vandermeersch, B.; Mann, A.; Maureille, B., 2005:
Homme ou carnivores? Protocole d'etude d'ensembles osseux mixtes: l'exemple du gisernent mousterien des Pradelles (Marillac-le-Franc, Charente)

Anonymous, 2003:
Hommelproject 2003

Barendrecht, G., 1941:
Hommels uit het Noorden

Anonymous, 2002:
Hommes et castors. Le temps d'une observation. Ou comment les hommes viennent a la rencontre des castors. (Approche et perception de l'animal)

Oppenoorth, W.F.F., 1932:
Homo (Javanthropus) soloensis een plistoceene mensch van Java

Heintz, A., 1973:
Homo 1470, et tre millioner ar gammelt menneske fra Afrika

Kleinschmidt, O., 1922:
Homo Sapiens (L.). Eine naturgeschlichtliche Monographic des Menschen

Mallegni, F.; Carnieri, E.; Bisconti, M.; Tartarelli, G.; Ricci, S.; Biddittu, I.; Segre, A., 2003:
Homo cepranensis sp. nov. and the evolution of African-European Middle Pleistocene hominids

Anonymous, 2007:
Homo ergaster and its contemporaries

Larson, S.G.; Jungers, W.L.; Morwood, M.J.; Sutikna, T.; Jatmiko; Saptomo, E.Wahyu.; Due, R.Awe.; Djubiantono, T., 2007:
Homo floresiensis and the evolution of the hominin shoulder

de Sarre, Francois., 2006:
Homo floresiensis: a little woman on Flores Island dives evolutions its right 'sense'!

Argue, D.; Donlon, D.; Groves, C.; Wright, R., 2006:
Homo floresiensis: microcephalic, pygmoid, Australopithecus, or Homo?

Montagu, A.; Tobias, P.V., 1965:
Homo habalis

Inskeep, R.R., 1964:
Homo habilis at Olduvai Gorge

Coppens, Y., 1964:
Homo habilis et les nouvelles decouvertes d'Oldoway (ou la genese angiaise de l'Humanite)

Schaefer, U., 1964:
Homo neanderthalensis (King). II. E-Schadel-Fragment, Frontale F, und Torus-Fragment 37, 2 von Krapina

Woodhill, A.R.; Lee, D.J., 1944:
Homo new records and new synonymy of Australian species of Anopheles (Diptera, Culicidae)

Gee, E.P., 1949:
Homo of India's Rhino

Haar, C. ter., 1934:
Homo soloensis De Ing. in Ned. Indie I. iv

Altshuler, V., 1935:
Homo- and heterozygosity as factors of viability and productivity

Johnson, R.G.; Herman, W.S.; Preus, D.M., 1973:
Homocellular and heterocellular gap junctions in Limulus: a thin-section and freeze-fracture study

Ergene, S., 1952:
Homochrome Farbanpassung bei Oedipoda-Larven

Ergene, S., 1953:
Homochrome Farbanpassungen bei Mantis religiosa

Ergene, S., 1954:
Homochromer Farbwechsel bei Oedaleus-Imagines

Ergene, S., 1953:
Homochromer Farbwechsel ohne Hautung bei Heuschrecken auf schwarzem Untergrund

Jeannel, R., 1936:
Homochromie et mimetisme (fin)

Villiers, A., 1945:
Homochromie et mimetisme chez les Reduvides (lnsectes Hemipteres)

Carpenter, G.D.H., 1949:
Homochromie et moyens de defense chez les insectes

Anonymous, 1957:
Homochromie und Dressierbarkeit nach Versuchen mit Oedipoda coerulescens Imagines

Caudell, A.N., 1918:
Homocoryphus malivolans Scudd. in Texas

Loureiro, S.Oliveira.; Heimfarth, L.; Pelaez, P.de.Lima.; Vanzin, C.Simioni.; Viana, L.; Wyse, A.T.S.; Pessoa-Pureur, R., 2008:
Homocysteine activates calcium-mediated cell signaling mechanisms targeting the cytoskeleton in rat hippocampus

Anonymous, 2008:
Homocysteine and alcohol consumption

Kumar, M.; Tyagi, N.; Moshal, K.S.; Sen, U.; Kundu, S.; Mishra, P.K.; Givvimani, S.; Tyagi, S.C., 2008:
Homocysteine decreases blood flow to the brain due to vascular resistance in carotid artery

Anonymous, 2008:
Homocysteine effects classical pathway of GPCR down regulation: GÎ q/11, GÎ 12/13, Gi/o

Heidenreich, D.J.; Reedy, M.V.; Brauer, P.R., 2008:
Homocysteine enhances cardiac neural crest cell attachment in vitro by increasing intracellular calcium levels

Kothekar, M.Anantrao., 2007:
Homocysteine in cardiovascular disease: a culprit or an innocent bystander?

Vayá, Amparo; Gómez, Inés; Mira, Yolanda; Ferrando, Fernando; Corella, Dolores, 2008:
Homocysteine levels in patients with deep vein thrombosis lacking thrombophilic defects

Marcus, J.; Sarnak, M.J.; Menon, V., 2007:
Homocysteine lowering and cardiovascular disease risk: lost in translation

Anonymous, 2008:
Homocysteine lowering and plasma phosphatidylcholine

Martens, G.A.; Nayer, J. de; Smet, D. de; Couck, P.; Gorus, F.; Gerlo, E., 2008:
Homocysteine measurement by VitrosReg. Microtip homocysteine assay

Unt, E.; Zilmer, K.; Mägi, A.; Kullisaar, T.; Kairane, C.; Zilmer, M., 2007:
Homocysteine status in former top-level male athletes: possible effect of physical activity and physical fitness

Postea, O.; Koenen, R.R.; Hristov, M.; Weber, C.; Ludwig, A., 2008:
Homocysteine up-regulates vascular transmembrane chemokine CXCL16 and induces CXCR6+ lymphocyte recruitment in vitro and in vivo

McNulty, H.; Pentieva, K.; Hoey, L.; Ward, M., 2008:
Homocysteine, B-vitamins and CVD

Hecke,M.V.van; Dekker,J.M.; Nijpels,G.; Teerlink,T.; Jakobs,C.; Stolk,R.P.; Heine,R.J.; Bouter,L.M.; Polak,B.C.P.; Stehouwer,C.D.A., 2008:
Homocysteine, S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine are associated with retinal microvascular abnormalities: the Hoorn Study

Wright, A.D.; Martin, N.; Dodson, P.M., 2007:
Homocysteine, folates, and the eye

Kalra, L.; Iveson, E.; Rambaran, C.; Sherwood, R.; Chowienczyk, P.; Ritter, J.; Shah, A.; Forrester, T., 2007:
Homocysteine, migration and early vascular impairment in people of African descent

Jiang, Y.; Jiang, J.; Xiong, J.; Cao, J.; Li, N.; Li, G.; Wang, S., 2008:
Homocysteine-induced extracellular superoxide dismutase and its epigenetic mechanisms in monocytes

Malz, H.; Lord, A.R.; Whittaker, J.E., 2005:
Homocythere Kaye 1963 (Ostracoda; Albian), a re-evaluation

Sadun, E.H.; Gore, R.W.; Mota, I.W.ng, D., 1970:
Homocytotropic antibodies in animals infected with Trichinella spiralis. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

Faulk, W.P.; Pondman, K.W.; Fudenberg, H.H., 1969:
Homocytotropic antibodies in the primary and secondary immune response

Font, WF.; Corkum, KC., 1974:
Homocytotropic antibody response in mice infected with plerocercoids of the genus Spirometra (Pseudophyllidea: Di ph y l lobot h ri idae)

Sadun, E.H.; Gore, R.W., 1970:
Homocytotropic reagin-like antibodies in man and experimental animals with schistosomal infections. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

Sasaki, Noboru., 2006:
Homodes vivida Guenee (Noctuidae) captured in Osaka Prefecture

Bell, C., 1938:
Homoemorphy in the Brachiopod genus Acrotreta.

Jauhar, P.P.; Rahman, H.; Rao, M.B., 2008:
Homoeologous group-5 chromosome effects on the ability of durum and bread wheats to produce haploids

Buckman, S.S., 1901:
Homoeomorphy among Jurassic Brachiopoda

Neaverson, E., 1921:
Homoeomorphy in Ammonites

Lang, W.D., 1917:
Homoeomorphy in fossil corals

Muir-Wood, H.M.; Elliott, G.F., 1961:
Homoeomorphy in recent Brachiopoda : Abyssothyris and Neorhynchia

Cockayne, E.A., 1926:
Homoeosis and heteromorphosis in insects

Robertson, T.S., 1969:
Homoeosis and related phenomena in the small copper butterfly, Lycaena phlaeas L

Cockayne, E.A., 1923:
Homoeosis in Coenympha pamphilus L

Cockayne, E.A., 1944:
Homoeosis in Psychoda phalaenoides L. (Diptera)

Rasmussen, B.W., 1970:
Homoeosoma sinuellum F.(Pyr.) i Danmark

Goldschmedt, R.B., 1952:
Homoeotic mutants and evolution

Schmit-Jenson, H.C., 1915:
Homoeotic regeneration of the antennae in a phasmid or walking-stick

Kobel, H.R., 1968:
Homoeotische Flugelbildung durch das loboid-Allel 'opthalmoptera' (ldoph) bei Drosophila melanogaster

Schmit-Jensen, H.O., 1913:
Homoeotisk Regeneration af Antenen hos en Phasmide, Carausius (Dixippus) morosus.

Reh, L., 1919:
Homoesoma nebulella Hb. als Sonnenblumen-Schiadling im Rumalnien

Gregory, JL., 1972:
Homoesoma saxicola Vaughan (Lep. Phycitinae)

Salnikov, V.V.; Ageeva, M.V.; Gorshkova, T.A., 2008:
Homofusion of Golgi secretory vesicles in flax phloem fibers during formation of the gelatinous secondary cell wall

Chow, M.; Li, C.K.ei, 1965:
Homogalax and Heptodon of Shantung

Patricio Solís; Thomas, W.P.llum; Jenifer Bratter, 2007:
Homogamy by education and migration status in Monterrey, Mexico: changes and continuities over time

Willdughby, R.R.; Pomerat, C.M., 1932:
Homogamy in the Toad

Pomerat, C.M., 1940:
Homogamy its significance in biology

Rosa, D., 1887:
Homogatter redii, n. g. & sp

Anonymous, 2008:
Homogenate extraction of resveratrol from peanut-castoff

Lambremont, Edward, N., 1961:
Homogenate respiration of diapausing and nondiapausing boll weevils

LaFrance, J.T.; Pope, R.D., 2008 :
Homogeneity and supply

Anonymous, 2007:
Homogeneity of Japanese persimmon 'Saijo' old trees distributed in Chugoku District as revealed by morphological characters and RFLP analysis

Robinson, ES.; Potter, IC.; Webb, CJ., 1974:
Homogeneity of holarctic lamprey karyotypes

Anonymous, 2007:
Homogeneity of soil physical quality in-between rows of an orange orchard with groundcover management systems

Li-Wen Xu; Ya-Dong Ju; Li Li; Hua-Yu Qiu; Jian-Xiong Jiang; Guo-Qiao Lai, 2008:
Homogeneous Silicone Modified Primary Amine-Brønsted Acid Salt Catalyzed Aldol Reaction: Unexpected Synergistic Effect of Polysiloxane with Remarkable Improvement of Efficiency and Stereoselectivity

W.C.ungHsin; Kuo ChaoYin; Chang ChungLiang, 2008:
Homogeneous catalytic ozonation of C.I. Reactive Red 2 by metallic ions in a bubble column reactor

Wu, C-Hsin.; Kuo, C-Yin.; Chang, C-Liang., 2007:
Homogeneous catalytic ozonation of C.I. Reactive Red 2 by metallic ions in a bubble column reactor

Duran, R.Q.; Sanchez, A.G.; Lombana, A.C.; Arboleda, F.M.; Aguas, J.S.T.; Gonzalez, J.A.C.; Murillo, C.A.O., 2008:
Homogeneous groups of soils in the area dedicated to the cultivation of sugarcane in the valley of the River Cauca (second approximation)

Wang, X.; Zhao, X.; Liu, X.; Li, Y.; Fu, L.; Hu, J.; Huang, C., 2008:
Homogeneous liquid-liquid extraction combined with gas chromatography-electron capture detector for the determination of three pesticide residues in soils

Tavakoli, L.; Yamini, Y.; Ebrahimzadeh, H.; Shariati, S., 2008:
Homogeneous liquid-liquid extraction for preconcentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using a water/methanol/chloroform ternary component system

Anonymous, 2008:
Homogeneous regions and sample size for attributes of the climate in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Wang, Z-Mei.; Li, L.; Xiao, K-Jun.; Wu, J-Yong., 2008:
Homogeneous sulfation of bagasse cellulose in an ionic liquid and anticoagulation activity

Anonymous, 2007:
Homogeneous wine-growing zones in Puglia region: an application of multivariate analysis on data of the last agricultural census

Marchetti, M.P.; Light, T.; Feliciano, J.; Armstrong, T.; Hogan, Z.; Viers, J.; Moyle, P.B., 2001:
Homogenization of California's fish fauna through abiotic change

Kedzierska, K.; Venturi, V.; Valkenburg, S.A.; Davenport, M.P.; Turner, S.J.; Doherty, P.C., 2008:
Homogenization of TCR repertoires within secondary CD62Lhigh and CD62Llow virus-specific CD8+ T cell populations

Eberle, M.E.; Channell, R.B., 2006:
Homogenization of fish faunas in two categories of streams in a single basin in Kansas and the choice of similarity coefficients

Marmier, R.; Jeannin Laurent; Barthelemy, J.F., 2007:
Homogenized constitutive laws for rocks with elastoplastic fractures

Hartung, E.W.; Laflamme, C.J., 1961:
Homograft studies of the developing limb bud area of tadpoles of Rana pipiens

Granger, G.A.; Weiser, R.S., 1966:
Homograft target cells: contact destruction in vitro by immune macrophages

Delanney, Louis, E., 1961:
Homografting of sexually mature Mexican axolotls, Siredon mexicanum

Durchon, M., 1960:
HomogrefFes chez des Nereidiens (Annelides Polychetes)

Urvoy, J., 1968:
Homogreffe de tarse en place d'antenne chez le phasme Sipyloidea sipylus Westwood

Aron, M., 1962:
Homogreffes chez Ie cobaye. Problemes posees par leur reussite

Brusle, J., 1967:
Homogreffes et heterogreffes reciproques du tegument et des gonades chez Asterina gibbosa Pennant et Asterina pancerii Gasco (echinodermes, Asterides)

Pearse, A.S.; Hall, F.G., 1928:
Homoiothermism : The origin of warmblooded vertebrates

Yi-Feng ZHOU.J.n QI.D.n-N.Z.U.B.-Yang YU, 2008:
Homoisoflavonoids from Ophiopogon japonicus and its oxygen free radicals (OFRs) scavenging effects

Mettler, F.A.; Zimmerman, F.T., 1943:
Homolateral reflex exaggeration after brain-stem lesion

Lopez Jurado, Carles, 2002:
Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Balears. Informe de 2001

Lopez Jurado, Carles, 2005:
Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Balears. Informe de 2005

Lopez Jurado, C.; Comite, D.R.reses Ornitologiques Del Gob, 2000:
Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Mallorca i Formentera. Informe de 2000

Kosswig, C., 1948:
Homologe und analoge Gene, parallele Evolution und Konvergenz

Wodzinska, Jadwiga., 1908:
Homologia odnozy przyustnych u owadow.

Bartikova, J., 1975:
Homologic nekterych prvkii chovani u celedi Giraffidae a Bovidae

Soderstrom, A., 1925:
Homologie Homogenie und Homoplasie

Jaworowski, A., 1891:
Homologie der Gliedmassen bei Arachniden und Insekten

Fauvel, P., 1896:
Homologie des segments anterieurs des Ampharetiens (Annelides Polychetes sedentaires)

Alexeieff, A., 1912:
Homologie entre le stigma des Eugleniens et le kinetonucleus des Flagelles binucleates

L.Dantec, F., 1900:
Homologie et Analogic

Bouchard, J., 1967:
Homologie probable de Padenome et du carcinome mammaires de la souris mise en valeur par un test stathmocinetique

Rabl, C., 1899:
Homologie und Eigeuart

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