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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 22797

Chapter 22797 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Idler, D.R.; Horne, D.A.; Sangalang, G.B., 1971:
Identification and quantification of the major androgens in testicular and peripheral plasma of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) during sexual maturation

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification and quantification of three tubeimosides in Rhizoma Bolbostematis by high performance liquid chromatography with evaporative light scattering detection and electrospray mass spectrometric detection

Hodisan, T.; Casoni, D.; Beldean-Galea, M.; Cimpoiu, C., 2008:
Identification and quantification of tocopherols in vegetable oils by thin-layer chromatography

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification and quantification of tomato yield loss components in unheated greenhouse

Allen, R.H.; Stabler, S.P., 2008:
Identification and quantitation of cobalamin and cobalamin analogues in human feces

Srodon Jan, 2006:
Identification and quantitative analysis of clay minerals

Pullman, G.S.; Buchanan, M., 2008:
Identification and quantitative analysis of stage-specific carbohydrates in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) zygotic embryo and female gametophyte tissues

Duquesnoy, E.; Castola, V.; Casanova, J., 2008:
Identification and quantitative determination of carbohydrates in ethanolic extracts of two conifers using 13C NMR spectroscopy

Hammond, J.A.; Pomeroy, P.P.; Hall, A.J.; Smith, V.J., 2005:
Identification and real-time PCR quantification of Phocine distemper virus from two colonies of Scottish grey seals in 2002

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification and reasons for use and not use the herbal plants and food items by the rural women

Choate, JR., 1973:
Identification and recent distribution of white-footed mice (Peromyscus) in New England

Chan, L.L., 1966:
Identification and relationships of Tanichthys albonubes and Aphyocypris pooni, two cyprinid fishes from South China and Hong Kong

Santana, J.C.; Hidalgo, E.; De-Lucas, A.I.; Recio, P.; Ortiz, J.M.; Martin, J.P.; Yuste, J.; Arranz, C.; Rubio, J.A., 2008:
Identification and relationships of accessions grown in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Germplasm Bank of Castilla y Leon (Spain) and the varieties authorized in the VQPRD areas of the region by SSR-marker analysis

Hubbs, C.L., 1953:
Identification and relationships of the anchovy described from California as Anchovia scitula

Lau, C.; Glümer, C.; Toft, U.; Tetens, I.; Carstensen, B.; Jørgensen, T.; Borch-Johnsen, K., 2007:
Identification and reproducibility of dietary patterns in a Danish cohort: the Inter99 study

Anonymous, 2004:
Identification and screening of Turcicum leaf blight tolerant maize germplasm for temperate highlands

Williams, G.C., 1967:
Identification and seasonal size changes of eggs of the labrid fishes, Tautogolabrus adspersus and Tautoga onitis, of Long Island Sound

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification and sequence analysis of NS1 and NS2a of two strains of dengue type-4 virus from mosquitoes in Yunnan province

Mossallam, A.A.A.; Bibars, M.A.; Mahfouz, E.R.; E.N.has, S.M., 2008:
Identification and sequence analysis of two antimicrobial peptides in Egyptian native and crossbred Frisian cattle

Yang, C.C.; Lin, Y.S.; Hsu, C.C.; Wu, S.C.; Lin, E.C.; Cheng, W.T.K., 2008:
Identification and sequencing of remnant messenger RNAs found in domestic swine (Sus scrofa) fresh ejaculated spermatozoa

Nardelli Maria Grazia; Droghini Francesca; Giamello Marco; Guasparri Giovanni; Mugnaini Sonia; Sabatini Giuseppe; Scala Andrea, 2004:
Identification and significance of ancient treatments on the stone surfaces of the Santa Maria della Scala Facade; Siena, Italy

Richter, D.; Massmann, G.; Dünnbier, U., 2007:
Identification and significance of sulphonamides (p-TSA, o-TSA, BSA) in an urban water cycle (Berlin, Germany)

Conger, C.L.; Fletcher, C.H.; Hochberg, E.J., 2004:
Identification and spatial distribution of remotely sensed sand on fringing reefs of Oahu, Hawaii

Carrozzo, F.G.acomo; Bellucci, G.; Altieri, F.; Bibring, J.P., 2007:
Identification and spatial distribution of water frost at low latitudes on Mars

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification and species analysis of the Lactobacillus Heilongjiang strain from the intestinal tracts of healthy piglets

Katrien Kenis; Johan Keulemans; Mark, W.D.vey, 2008:
Identification and stability of QTLs for fruit quality traits in apple

McGowan, R.; Clugston, D.; Forrester, R., 2004:
Identification and status of Scotland's wrens and other endemic subspecies

Mirshamsi, O.; Darvish, J.; Goodarzi, HR., 2000:
Identification and study of five genera of crab species in Khorasan Province (Aranea, Thomisidae)

Nadjafi, M.; Moussavi Harami, R.; Mahboubi, A.; Hashemi, N., 2006:
Identification and study of mammal footprints of Eocene sediments in north of Birjand

Essenreiter Robert; Karrenbach Martin; Treitel Sven, 2003:
Identification and suppression of multiple reflections in marine seismic data with neural networks

Lee, J.L.n; Chu, S.Y.ng; Yu, Z.S.eng; Lee, C.Y.; Lai, C.C.u; Hung, C.S.un; Wang, J.H.iung; Wu, Z.B.ng; Chen, S.C.u; Chang, T.C.ou; Tsai, S.S.yong, 2006:
Identification and survey on gram-positive Streptococcus-like organisms isolated from grey mullet (Mugil cephalus Linnaeus)

Bergmann, J.; Lopez, K.; Buono-Core, G., 2007:
Identification and synthesis of some fatty acid derivatives from larvae of Chilecomadia valdiviana (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)

Batelli, C., 1961:
Identification and territorial distribution of ticks

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification and traceability in the sheep production chain, through the combined use of electronic identification (e-ID) and molecular markers (DNA)

Nichols, N.N.; Mertens, J.A., 2008:
Identification and transcriptional profiling of Pseudomonas putida genes involved in furoic acid metabolism

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification and treatment of the high-risk foal

Garner, Martin., 2002:
Identification and vagrancy of American merlins in Europe

M.M.ñoz-Amatriaín; A.M.C.stillo; X.W.C.en; L.C.stué; M.P.V.llés, 2008:
Identification and validation of QTLs for green plant percentage in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) anther culture

S.F.ndevilla; D.R.biales; M.T.M.reno; A.M.T.rres, 2008:
Identification and validation of RAPD and SCAR markers linked to the gene Er3 conferring resistance to Erysiphe pisi DC in pea

Varshney, R.K.; Thiel, T.; Sretenovic-Rajicic, T.; Baum, M.; Valkoun, J.; Guo, P.; Grando, S.; Ceccarelli, S.; Graner, A., 2008:
Identification and validation of a core set of informative genic SSR and SNP markers for assaying functional diversity in barley

Q.W.n; S.-K.L.e; J.L.e, 2008:
Identification and validation of endogenous reference genes for biomarker expression profiling in abalone under endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) exposure by quantitative real-time RT-PCR

De Boever, S.; Vangestel, C.; De Backer, P.; Croubels, S.; Sys, S.U., 2008:
Identification and validation of housekeeping genes as internal control for gene expression in an intravenous LPS inflammation model in chickens

Schmalenbach, I.; Léon, J.; Pillen, K., 2008:
Identification and verification of QTLs for agronomic traits using wild barley introgression lines

Jin, W.; Li, N.; Zhang, B.; Wu, F.; Li, W.; Guo, A.; Deng, Z., 2008:
Identification and verification of microRNA in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Lefevre, C.; L.C.rdinal, G.; Richalet, J.; Riviere, R.; Kellershohn, C., 1972:
Identification automatique d'un systeme de compartiments avec pre-estimation physiologique des echanges

Khammes, N.; Lek, S.; Aulagnier, S., 2006:
Identification biometrique des deux especes sympatriques de souris Mus musculus domesticus et Mus spretus en Kabylie du Djurdjura (Algerie)

Guan-Han; Zhao-Ping; Hou-Yong; Liu-Hong-Li; Zou-Yong; Xia-Qing-You, 2008:
Identification by MALDI-TOF MS and expression pattern of a low molecular weight protein, Apolipophorin III, from hemolymph in the silkworm Bombyx mori

Foster, N.J.; Wozniakiewicz, P.J.; Burchell Mark, J.; Kearsley, A.T.; Creighton, A.J.; Cole, M.J., 2007:
Identification by Raman spectroscopy of processing effects in forsterite-fayalite samples during hypervelocity impacts on foils and capture in aerogel

Dekkers, D.H.W.; Bezstarosti, K.; Gurusamy, N.; Luijk, K.; Verhoeven, A.J.M.; Rijkers, E-J.; Demmers, J.A.; Lamers, J.M.J.; Maulik, N.; Das, D.K., 2008:
Identification by a differential proteomic approach of the induced stress and redox proteins by resveratrol in the normal and diabetic rat heart

Konstantinov, A.S.; Nesterova, S.I., 1971:
Identification by anatomi-cal and karyotypical parameters in the systematics of chironomids

Leadbeater, BSC., 1972:
Identification by means of electron microscopy, of flagellate nannoplankton from the coast of Norway

Schiavone, R.; Zilli, L.; Storelli, C.; Vilella, S., 2008:
Identification by proteome analysis of muscle proteins in sea bream (Sparus aurata)

George, P.V., 1967:
Identification chart for Balaenoptera and Megaptera sp

Drilhon, A., 1951:
Identification chromotographique et chimique d'une substance fluorescente du sang et du tube de Malpighi do la larve de Bombyx mori atteinte do grasserie

Veit, Richard, R., 2006:
Identification criteria for young female bullock's and Baltimore orioles: an evaluation based on museum skins

Doerr-Schott, J.; Dubois, MP., 1972:
Identification cytoimmunologique des cellules gonadotropes de trois especes d'amphibiens

Tixier-Vidal, A.; FoIIet, B.K.; Farner, D.S., 1967:
Identification cytologique et fonctionnelle des types cellulaires de l'adenonypophyse chez la caille male, Coturnix cotumix japonica, soumise a difFerentes conditions experimentales

Bacq, Z.M.Mazza, F., 1935:
Identification d'Acetyleholine extraite des cellules ganglionnaires d'Octopus

Dollfus, R.P., 1932:
Identification d'un Cestode de la collection du laboratoire de parasitologie de la Faculte de Medecine de Paris

Juberthie-Jupean, L., 1957:
Identification d'un segment muqueux dans les tubes de Malpighi des Symphyles (Myriapodes)

Deray, A.; Gomot, L., 1973:
Identification d'un type cellulaire presentant une reaction positive pour

Gottesmann, C., 1966:
Identification d'une activite electro-physiologique phasique independante de la phase paradoxale du sommeil chez le rat

L.Touze, S., 1956 :
Identification dans le muscle lateral d'un Teleosteen (Tinca tinca L.) de deux systemes moteurs, lent et rapide

Emonet-Denand, F.; Laporte, Y.; Proske, U., 1970:
Identification de 'action statique ou dynamique de fibres fusimotrices basee sur les modifications de 1'electroneurogramme afferent 'integre'

Barriga, O.O.; Reyes, H., 1965:
Identification de Glycyphagus domesticus en Chile (Acarina)

Jeldes, F., 1962:
Identification de algunos anelidos poliquetos conservados en la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Wane, A.; Desmet, G.; Seck, I., 1970:
Identification de certains exoantigbnes de Trypanosoma gambiense par electrophorese en gel mixte de polyacrylamide-agarose

Guerrier, D.; Thonnerieux, M.; Banderier, M.; Pellet, H., 1974:
Identification de corticosteroides dans la graisse brune de rat, du hamster dove et du herisson

Villanueva Rodriguez, C., 1964:
Identification de cuatro especies de Anopheles en la selva peruana y breves observaciones experimentales sobre su ciclo evolutive

Anonymous, 2002:
Identification de debris vegetaux colles au guano dans une colonie de reproduction de Vespertilions a oreilles echancrees dans le Cher

Acher, R.; Chauvet, J.; Chauvet, M.T., 1972:
Identification de deux nouvelles hormones neurohypophysaires, la valitocine (val 8 -ocytocine) et l'aspartocine (Asn'-ocytocine) chez un poisson selacien, l'aiguillat (Squalus acanthias)

Gaspard, D., 1973:
Identification de deux reseaux de ponctuations chez certaines terebratules (brachiopodes) du Cretace

L'Helias, C., 1956:
Identification de facteurs hormonaux dans le cerveau et le complexe retrocerebra du Phasme Carausius morosus

Gaillard, C., 1934:
Identification de l'oiseau Ama figure dans une tombe de Beni-Hassan

Desdmon, H., 1965:
Identification de la sepiapterine dans les ailes des Pieridae (Lepidoptera: Rhopolocera)

Ronderos, R.A., 1959:
Identification de las especies de tucuras mas comunes de la provincia de Buenos Aires

Pinto, Lg, 1971:
Identification de las postlarvas del camaron (genero Penaeus) en el occidente de Venezuela y observaciones sobre su crecimiento en el laboratorio

Ringuelet, R.A., 1961:
Identification de los crustaceos anomuros del genero Aegla de la Republica de Bolivia

Boussac, Hippolyte., 1908:
Identification de quelques oiseaux represented dans les monuments pharaoniques

Bocquet, J., 1967:
Identification de quelques oses du plasma d'un selacien: Scylliorhinus canicula

Durette-Dessert, M.C., 1968:
Identification des Strongyles des Mulots et Campagnols decrits par Dujardin

Laveran, A.; Thiroux, A., 1911:
Identification des Trypanosomes pathogenes

Laveran, A.; Mesnil, F., 1906:
Identification des Trypanosomes pathogenes. Essais de serodiagnostic

Maire, A., 1977:
Identification des biotopes a larves de moustiques des tourbieres de la Basse-Mauricie (Quebec meridional)

Girod, C., 1961:
Identification des cellules S (thyrotropes) du lobe anterieur de l'hypophyse chez le singe Macacus sylvanus L

Olivereau, M., 1972:
Identification des cellules thyreotropes dans l'hypophyse du saumon du Pacifique (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Walbaum) apres radiothyroidectomie

Leclercq, J., 1972:
Identification des crabronieus du genre Ectemnius trouves en Amerique latine (Hymenoptera Sphecidae Crabraninae)

Arvy, L.; Gabe, M., 1946:
Identification des diastases sanguines chez quelques insectes

Bauman, A.; Benda, P.; Rieger, F., 1972:
Identification des especes acetylcholinesterasiques de gymnote apres fractionnement d'organe electrique et electrophorese en gel de polyacrylamide

Geistdoerfer, P., 1976:
Identification des especes de poissons par electrophorese des proteins du cristallin

Pollard, DA.; Pichot, P., 1972:
Identification des especes du genre Spicara par electrophorese des proteines du cristallin

Dachy, P.; Delmee, E.; Simon, P., 1967:
Identification des jeunes mesanges (Paridae) au nid

Schollaert, Valery, 2002:
Identification des mouettes et goelands en Wallonie. II. Les plumages immatures

Vangeluwe, Didier, 2003:
Identification des mouettes et goelands en Wallonie. III. L'evolution du plumage avec l'age

Voicu, G., 1974:
Identification des mysides fossiles dans les depots du Miocene superieur de la Paratethys centrale et orientate et leur importance paleontologique, stratigraphique et paleogeographique

Etchecopar, R.D., 1949:
Identification des oeufs d'Aepyornis, p. 99. Quelques observations en Holland, p. 203

Clerc, M.; Andre, D.; Barbier, M., 1970:
Identification des pigments de la peau de Lezard Agama agama (L. )

Brumpt, E., 1938:
Identification des piroplasmes du Chien du type Piro-plasma canis. Transmission de la souche franYaise par la tique sud-africaine Haemaphysalis leachi. Faible valeur des epreuves d'immunite croisee dans les piroplasmoses

Brumpt, E., 1938:
Identification des piroplasmes du chien du type Piroplasma canis. Transmission de la souche franYaise par la tique sud-africaine Haemaphysalis leachi. Foible valeur des epreuves d'immunite croisee dans les piroplasmoses

Sorensen, LH., 1972:
Identification des rapaces en vol (2 e partie)

Hailing Sorensen, L., 1970:
Identification des rapaces en vol (Ire partie)

Hawlitzky, N.; Boulay, C., 1974:
Identification des regimes alimentaires de la larve d'un insecte entomophage Phanerotoma flavitestacea (Hym.: Braconidae)

Lenfant, M.F.rrugia, G.; Lecompte, M.F., 1970:
Identification des sterols de Physarum polycephalum

Barker, D.; Emonet-Denand, F.; Laporte, Y.; Proske, U.; Stacey., 1970:
Identification des terminaisons motrices des fibres fusimotrices statiques chez le chat

Villiers, A., 1972:
Identification des vignettes de couverture de l'Entomologiste

Laveran, A., 1917:
Identification des virus de trypanosomiase equine marocaine de doux origines

Fischer Piette, E.; Fischer, P.H., 1940:
Identification du Cerite d'Adanson

Fouquet, J.P., 1966:
Identification du D-glucose dans les organes accessoires de la reproduction chez quelques rongeurs

Holiande, A.; Martoja, R., 1974:
Identification du cristalloide des isospores de radiolaires a un cristal de celestite (SrSO 4 ,). Determination de la constitution du cristalloide par voie cytochimique et a l'aide de la microanalyseur par emission ionique secondaire

Anonymous, 2003:
Identification du hobereau

Guichard, G.L., 1954:
Identification du nid de Canard pilet (Anas a. acuta L.)

Banchot, M.L., 1963 :
Identification du type de Julis lessonii Valenciennes

Aubert, MFA., 1974:
Identification en France de Pholeoixodes rugicollis (Schulze et Schlottke, 1929) et premiere observation des stades preimginaux de cette espece

Renault, L.; Reid, W.M.; Pitois, M.; Johnson, J., 1965:
Identification en France de la coccidiose intestinale aviaire provoquee par Eimeria brunetti

Racadot, J., 1968:
Identification en microscopie electronique de six types cellulaires dans l'antehypophyse du rat a 1'aide d'une technique de coloration par Ie melange acide chromique-phosphotungstique

Conand, F.; Franqueville, C., 1973:
Identification et distribution saisonniere de larves de carangides au large de Senegal et de la Gambie

Jeso, F.D.; Laudani, U.; Ugazio, A., 1968:
Identification et dosage du Phosphagene chez Tegenaria domestica

Jeso, F. di.; Malcovati, M.; Speranza, M.L., 1965:
Identification et dosage du phosphagene dans differentes especes d'insectes

Laveran, A., 1911:
Identification et essai de classification des Trypanosomes des Mammiferes

Arvanitaki, A., 1951:
Identification et localisation de quelques catalyseurs respiratoires dans le Neurone d'Aplysia

Dispons, P., 1969:
Identification et notes biogeographiques sur quelques nabides de l'Institut royal des sciences naturelles de Belgique (Hemiptera-Heteroptera)

Balesdent-Marquet, M.L., 1963:
Identification et role d'une glande annexe de l'appareil genital femelle chez les Crustace Isopode Asellus aquaticus

Boffa, MC.; Boffa, GA., 1972:
Identification et separation de differents facteurs du venin de Vipera aspis actifs en hemostase. Compte r. Seanc. Soc

Arnoult, J.; Daget, J., 1965:
Identification et synonomie d'Epiplatys chaperi (Sauvage, 1882). (Pisces, Cyprinodontidae)

Girod, C.; Dubois, P.; Cure, M., 1964:
Identification experimentale des cellules corticotropes antehypophysaires chez le hamster dore (Mesocricetus auratus Waterh.); observations au microscope optique et au microscope electronique

Girod, C., 1963:
Identification experimentale des cellules corticotropes antehypophyses chez le Singe Macacus irus F

Girod, C., 1962:
Identification experimentale des cellules e, source de prolactine, dans l'antehypophyse du singe Macacus sylvanus L

Girod, C.; Dubois, P.; Cure, M., 1965:
Identification experimentale en microscopie optique et en microscopie electronique des cellules a prolactine antehypophysaires chez le herisson (Erinaceus europaeus L.)

Garner, Martin., 2002:
Identification extra: lesser scaup - the underwing

Williamson, K., 1967:
Identification for ringers. 2. The genus Phylloscopus

Williamson, K., 1964:
Identification for ringers. 3. The genus Sylvia

Williamson, K., 1960:
Identification for ringers. I. The genera Locustella, Lusciniola, Acrocephalus and Hippolais

Williamson, K., 1968:
Identification for ringers. The genera Cettia, Locustella, Acrocephalus, and Hippolais

Williamson, K., 1968:
Identification for ringers. The genus Sylvia

Kiuchi, Makoto., 2002:
Identification guide (4). Subgenus Agrilinus and its allied subgenera of the genus Aphodius (Scarabaeidae)

Anonymous, 2003:
Identification guide (6): four species of the genus Anomala from the main islands of Japan

Fujioka, M.; Kawai, S., 2004:
Identification guide (7): Japanese species of the genus Melolontha (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Campbell, N.A.; Borrett, R.P., 1969:
Identification guide to the large plovers and dikkops in Rhodesia

O'malley, J., 1971:
Identification guide. Cowries of the Jeddah-Red Sea area

Worsfold, T., 2006:
Identification guides for the NMBAQC scheme: 1. Scalibregmatidae (Polychaeta) from shallow seas around the British Isles

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification guides for the NMBAQC scheme: 2. Goniadidae, with notes on Glyceridae (Polychaeta) from shallow seas around the British Isles

Brotchi, J., 1969:
Identification histo-enzymologique des types de fibres musculaires striees squelettiques chez la Roussette

Brotchi, J., 1968:
Identification histoenzymologique des fibres Ientes et rapides dans les muscle squelettiques des vertebres

Koivistoinen, O.M.; Hilditch, S.; Voutilainen, S.P.; Boer, H.; Penttilä, M.; Richard, P., 2008:
Identification in the yeast Pichia stipitis of the first L-rhamnose-1-dehydrogenase gene

Anonymous, 2006:
Identification key for agaric and boletus fungi in Europe. Part 1

Mahunka, S., 1965:
Identification key for the species of the family Scutacaridae (Acari: Tarsonemini)

Hochleithner, M.; Vecsei, P., 2004:
Identification key to sturgeons and paddlefish of North America

Mordukhai;-Boltovskoi, F.D. ., 1969:
Identification key to the fauna of the Black and Azov Seas. Volume 2. Free-living invertebrates; Crustacea

Soos, xC., 1969:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. 5. Family: Hirudinidae

Soos, xC., 1969:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. 6. Family: Glossiphoniidae

Soos, xC., 1965:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. I. Family: Piscicolidae

Soos, xC., 1966:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. II. Families: Semiscolecidae, Trematobdellidae, Americobdellidae, Diestecostomatidae

Soos, xC., 1966:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. III. Family Erpobdellidae

Soos, xC., 1967:
Identification key to the leech (Hirudinoidea) genera of the world, with a catalogue of the species. IV. Family Haemadipsidae

Anonymous, 2005:
Identification key to the mayfly larvae of the German Highlands und Lowlands

Soos, A., 1963:
Identification key to the species of the genus Dina R. Blanchard, 1892 (emend. Mann, 1952) (Hirudinea : Erpobdellidae)

Soos, Xc, 1968:
Identification key to the species of the genus Erpobdella de Blainville, 1818 (Hirudinoidea: Erpobdellidae)

Soos, xC., 1963:
Identification key to the species of the plumata group of the genus Sobarocephala Czerny (Diptera: Clusiidae)

Balogh, J., 1963:
Identification keys of holarctic oribatid mites (Acari) families and genera

Balogh, J., 1961:
Identification keys of world Oribatid (Acari) families and genera

Steinmann, H., 1974 :
Identification keys to Integripalpia (Trichoptera) of the European families, subfamilies and genera 2

Dubose, W.P.; Curtin, T.J., 1965:
Identification Keys To The Adult And Larval Mosquitoes Of The Mediterranean Area

Wunderlich, J., 2004:
Identification keys to the spiders in Baltic amber

Anon., 1931:
Identification list of helminths from departmental collection 1920-1931

Morris, BF.; Mogelberg, DD., 1973:
Identification manual to the pelagic Sargassum fauna

Moms, BF.; Mogelberg, DD., 1974:
Identification manual to the pelagic Sargassum fauna. Special Contr

Morris, BF.; Mogelberg, DD., 1975:
Identification manual to the pelagic Sargassum fauna. Special Pub,. Bermuda biol. Stn

Wang Guangcai; Wang Xiuhui; L.J.ngsheng, 1998:
Identification model of the Gushing Aquifer in the Pingdingshan coal mine, Henan, China

Namouchi Kachouri, N.; B'chir, Mm, 2005:
Identification morphometrique et moleculaire de quelques populations Tunisiennes dHeterodera avenae associees aux cereales

Anonymous., 1977:
Identification notes. Female grosbeaks

Iashchenko, V.V.; Potekhin, A.A.; Migunova, A.V.; Kvitko, K.V.; Rautian, M.S., 2008:
Identification of Chlorella viruses in Paramecium bursaria clones by pulse-field electrophoresis

Song, Y.; Hui, J.; Kou, W.; Xin, R.; Jia, F.; Wang, N.; Hu, F.; Zhang, H.; Liu, H., 2008:
Identification of Inonotus obliquus and analysis of antioxidation and antitumor activities of polysaccharides

Xiang-Yang Shi; Donald, A.C.oksey, 2009:
Identification of hrpL up-regulated genes of Dickeya dadantii

Nagata, S.; Hakuno, F.; Takahashi, S-Ichiro.; Nagasawa, H., 2008:
Identification of Bombyx mori Akt and its phosphorylation by bombyxin stimulation

Maley, S.W.; Livingstone, M.; Rodger, S.M.; Longbottom, D.; Buxton, D., 2008:
Identification of Chlamydophila abortus and the development of lesions in placental tissues of experimentally infected sheep

Ohmori, K.; Kawarai, S.; Yasuda, N.; Tanaka, A.; Matsuda, H.; Nishimura, R.; Sasaki, N.; Tsujimoto, H.; Masuda, K., 2008:
Identification of c-kit mutations-independent neoplastic cell proliferation of canine mast cells

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Identification of cis-acting promoter sequences required for expression of the glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase 1 gene in mice

Norris, A.Y., 1966:
Identification of 'Cookilaria' and Hypoleuca petrels in the Tasman Sea and around New Zealand

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Identification of 'black-and-white' storm-petrels of the north Atlantic

Scott, J.B.; Chakraborty, S., 2008 :
Identification of 11 polymorphic simple sequence repeat loci in the phytopathogenic fungus Fusarium pseudograminearum as a tool for genetic studies

Z.J.L.u; B.P.R.n; Y.L.H.o; H.R.Z.ang; F.W.W.i; M.L., 2008:
Identification of 13 human microsatellite markers via cross-species amplification of fecal samples from Rhinopithecus bieti

Ordovas, L.; Zaragoza, P.; Altarriba, J.; Rodellar, C., 2008:
Identification of 14 new single nucleotide polymorphisms in the bovine SLC27A1 gene and evaluation of their association with milk fat content

Yueh, W.S.iun; Thomas, P.; Chang, C.F.ng, 2005:
Identification of 17,20,21-trihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one as an oocyte maturation-inducing steroid in black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli

Atsushi Suzuki; Yusuke Yokoyama; Hironobu Kan; Kayo Minoshima; Hiroyuki Matsuzaki; Nozomu Hamanaka; Hodaka Kawahata, 2008:
Identification of 1771 Meiwa Tsunami deposits using a combination of radiocarbon dating and oxygen isotope microprofiling of emerged massive Porites boulders

Lin, L.; Hu, X.; Liu, C., 2005:
Identification of 2 Aphelenchida parasites in rhigosphere soil of Erigeron breviscapus in Yunnan Province

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of 20 S-genotypes and cloning novel S-RNases in Pyrus

Idler, D.R.; Wiseman, P., 1971:
Identification of 22-cis-cholesta-5, 22-dien-3 -ol and other scallop sterols by gas-liquid chromatography and mass-spectrometry

Stheneur, C.; Collod-Béroud, Gëlle.; Faivre, L.; Gouya, L.; Sultan, G.; L.P.rc, J-Marie.; Moura, B.; Attias, D.; Muti, C.; Sznajder, M.; Claustres, M.; Junien, C.; Baumann, C.; Cormier-Daire, Vérie.; Rio, Mène.; Lyonnet, S.; Plauchu, H.; Lacombe, D.; Chevallier, B.; Jondeau, G.; Boileau, C., 2008:
Identification of 23 TGFBR2 and 6 TGFBR1 gene mutations and genotype-phenotype investigations in 457 patients with Marfan syndrome type I and II, Loeys-Dietz syndrome and related disorders

Mukherjee Gargi; Varadachari Chandrika; Ghosh Kunal, 2006:
Identification of 2:1 clay minerals from compositional data

Beysen, D.; D.J.egere, S.; Amor, D.; Bouchard, P.; Christin-Maitre, S.; Fellous, M.; Touraine, P.; Grix, A.W.; Hennekam, R.; Meire, Fçoise.; Oyen, N.; Wilson, L.C.; Barel, D.; Clayton-Smith, J.; de Ravel, T.; Decock, C.; Delbeke, P.; Ensenauer, R.; Ebinger, F.; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G.; Hendriks, Y.; Kimonis, V.; Laframboise, R.; Laissue, P.; Leppig, K.; Leroy, B.P.; Miller, D.T.; Mowat, D.; Neumann, L.; Plomp, A.; Van Regemorter, N.; Wieczorek, D.; Veitia, R.A.; D.P.epe, A.; D.B.ere, E., 2008:
Identification of 34 novel and 56 known FOXL2 mutations in patients with Blepharophimosis syndrome

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of 4- phenylacetyl-(4 S )-fluoro-(2 S )-pyrrolidinylmethoxybenzoic acid as a potent, orally active VLA-4 a

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of 45S rDNA sites in maize and teosintes by CPD Banding

Zhu, G.W.Ng.J.Z.U.X., 2008:
Identification of 987P Protein Receptors for Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Ball, J.N.; Olivereau, M., 1966:
Identification of ACTH cells in the pituitary of two teleosts, Poecilia latipinna and Anguilla anguilla: Correlated changes in the interrenal and in the pars distalis resulting from administration of metopirone (SU 4885)

Fangqin Zeng; Bin Yi; Jinxing Tu; Tingdong Fu, 2009:
Identification of AFLP and SCAR markers linked to the male fertility restorer gene of pol CMS ( Brassica napus L.)

Bloethner, S.; Mould, A.; Stark, M.; Hayward, N.K., 2008:
Identification of ARHGEF17, DENND2D, FGFR3, and RB1 mutations in melanoma by inhibition of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Fang, M.; Nie, Y.; Dai, X.; Theilmann, D.A., 2008 :
Identification of AcMNPV EXON0 (ac141) domains required for efficient production of budded virus, dimerization and association with BV/ODV-C42 and FP25

Holcik, J., 1963:
Identification of Acanthorhodeus chankaensis (Dybowski) 1872 (Cyprinidae, Acheilognathinae) as a natural hybrid between Acanthorhodeus asmussii (Dyb.) 1872 and Rhodeus sericens sericews (Pallas) 1776

Donald, C.H., 1902:
Identification of Accipitrine birds

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Acetobacter strains isolated in Thailand based on 16S-23S rRNA gene ITS restriction and 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses

Serrano-Rubio, L.E.; Tenorio-Gutiérrez, Víctor.; Suárez-Güemes, F.; Reyes-Cortés, R.; Rodríguez-Mendiola, M.; Arias-Castro, C.; Godínez-Vargas, D.; de la Garza, M., 2008:
Identification of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae biovars 1 and 2 in pigs using a PCR assay

Nadia Haider; Imad Nabulsi, 2008:
Identification of Aegilops L. species and Triticum aestivum L. based on chloroplast DNA

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Agrostis tenuis leaf proteins in response to As(V), As(III) induced stress using a proteomics approach

Cole, H.I., 1922:
Identification of Ambergris

Lyne, P.D.; Aquila, B.; Cook, D.J.; Dakin, L.A.; Ezhuthachan, J.; Ioannidis, S.; Pontz, T.; Su, M.; Ye, Q.; Zheng, X.; Block, M.H.; Cowen, S.; Deegan, T.L.; Lee, J.W.; Scott, D.A.; Custeau, D.; Drew, L.; Poondru, S.; Shen, M.; Wu, A., 2010:
Identification of amidoheteroaryls as potent inhibitors of mutant (V600E) B-Raf kinase with in vivo activity

Rymaszewska, A.; Skotarczak, B., 2004:
Identification of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Ixodes ricinus ticks in West Pomerania, Poland

Chang, Yuon-Chuan.; Chien, Maw-Sheng.; Lai, Jong-Yih.; Liu, Cheng-I., 1999:
Identification of Anguilla japonica, A. rostrata and A. anguilla by RAPD and PCR-RFLP techniques

Sahu, S.S.; Gunasekaran, K.; Jambulingam, P.; Krishnamoorthy, N., 2008:
Identification of Anopheles fauna in a hyperendemic falciparum area of Orissa State, India

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Identification of Anopheles introlaius as a vector

Mizukubo, Takayuki., 2003:
Identification of Aphelenchoides in Japan

Gomec, C.Y.; Letsiou, I.; Ozturk, I.; Eroglu, V.; Wilderer, P.A., 2008:
Identification of Archaeal population in the granular sludge of an UASB reactor treating sewage at low temperatures

Sekizaki, H.; Kuninaga, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Asazu, S.Naomi.; Sawa, S.; Kojoma, M.; Yokosawa, R.; Yoshida, N., 2008:
Identification of Armillaria nabsnona in gastrodia tubers

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of Asian Glaucidium owlets

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of Australian poultry rearing regions at high risk of avian influenza disease incidents

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Baishan Tablets by thin layer chromatography

Brooks, A.R., 1952:
Identification of Bombyliid parasites and hyper-parasites of Phalaenidae of the prairie provinces of Canada, with descriptions of six other Bombyliid pupae (Diptera)

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Identification of British ants (Hym.: Formicidae) with keys to the genera and species

Bagenal, TB., 1973:
Identification of British fishes

A.D.houk, S.; Tomaso, H.; Prenger-Berninghoff, E.; Splettstoesser, W.D.; Scholz, H.C.; Neubauer, H., 2006:
Identification of brucella species and biotypes using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP)

L.Roux, P.L., 1954:
Identification of Bulinus and Physa

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of CCA+ and SP-C+ cells by dual immunofluorescent labeling technique in lung tissues

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of CMV and screening for CMV resistance of pepper in Guangzhou

Garner, C.E.; Smith, S.; Elviss, N.C.; Humphrey, T.J.; White, P.; Ratcliffe, N.M.; Probert, C.S., 2008:
Identification of Campylobacter infection in chickens from volatile faecal emissions

Poole, R.L., 1965:
Identification of Cancer magister larvae

Slater, J.M., 1964:
Identification of Carboniferous fossils

Wu, X.; Li, Z.; Hu, D.; Shen, Z., 2003:
Identification of Chinese populations of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) by analyzing ribosomal ITS1 sequence

DeZalia, M.; Speck, S.H., 2008:
Identification of closely spaced but distinct transcription initiation sites for the murine gammaherpesvirus 68 latency-associated M2 gene

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Colletotrichum species from strawberry in Shanghai

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Colocasia genotypes against Phytophthora leaf blight

Lanyon, W.E.; Bull, J., 1967:
Identification of Connecticut, mourning, and Macgillivray's warblers

Wang, H.; Guo, X., 2008:
Identification of Crassostrea ariakensis and related oysters by multiplex species-specific PCR

Glover, B.; Schodde, R., 1955:
Identification of Crows

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of DNA markers and characterization of the genes for resistance against Asian soybean rust

Soregaon, C.D.; Ravikumar, R.L.; Thippeswamy, S., 2007:
Identification of DNA markers linked to H2 locus of fusarium wilt resistance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Smith, J.F.; Mahmood, S.; Song, F.; Morrow, A.; Smiraglia, D.; Zhang, X.; Rajput, A.; Higgins, M.J.; Krumm, A.; Petrelli, N.J.; Costello, J.F.; Nagase, H.; Plass, C.; Held, W.A., 2007:
Identification of DNA methylation in 3' genomic regions that are associated with upregulation of gene expression in colorectal cancer

Zhang, J.; Jacobi, A.M.; Mackay, M.; Aranow, C.; Wang, T.; Chinnasamy, P.; Diamond, B., 2008:
Identification of DNA-reactive B cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Strasimorov, B., 1963:
Identification of Dentalium acutum Hebert from the marls of the Lower Tertiary at the village Gorno Eserovo (Mugris village) district of Burgas

Guo-hui ZHU.Z.uo-lie HUANG, 2008:
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes Induced by Ammonium Nitrogen in Rice Using mRNA Differential Display

Sangeeta Dhaubhadel; Priti Krishna, 2008:
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in Brassinosteroid-Treated Brassica napus Seedlings

Watson, G.E.; Divoky, G.J., 1971:
Identification of Diomedea leptorhyncha Coues 1866, an albatross with remarkably small salt glands

Boone, J.Q.; Doe, C.Q., 2008:
Identification of Drosophila type II neuroblast lineages containing transit amplifying ganglion mother cells

Burrows, R.B., 1964:
Identification Of Entamoeba Hartmanni Trophozoites From Nuclear Structure

Jones, D.R.; Musgrove, M.T., 2008:
Identification of enterobacteriaceae on vacuum loaders in shell egg processing

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Identification of Eocene coral species of the Belsue-Atares Formation, Jaca Basin, Pyrenees

Wang, S.; Du, J.; Wang, J.; Ding, S., 2007 :
Identification of Epinephelus malabaricus and Epinephelus coioides using DNA markers

Tipsmark, C.Kølbaek., 2008:
Identification of FXYD protein genes in a teleost: tissue-specific expression and response to salinity change

Zuzana Hrdli?ková; Jaroslav Michálek; Miroslav Kolá?; Vít?zslav Veselý, 2008:
Identification of Factors Affecting Air Pollution by Dust Aerosol PM10 in Brno City, Czech Republic

Oh, D.Young.; Yoon, J.Min.; Moon, M.Jin.; Hwang, J-Ik.; Choe, H.; Lee, J.Yeon.; Kim, J.Il.; Kim, S.; Rhim, H.; O'Dell, D.K.; Walker, J.Michael.; Na, H.Sik.; Lee, M.Goo.; Kwon, H.Bang.; Kim, K.; Seong, J.Young., 2008:
Identification of farnesyl pyrophosphate and N-arachidonylglycine as endogenous ligands for GPR92

Hickman, J.W.; Harwood, C.S., 2008:
Identification of FleQ from Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a c-di-GMP-responsive transcription factor

Dunbar, C.A., 1930:
Identification of Fusulinidae from Big Lake Oil Company Well I-C

Kaya, N.; Al-Zahrani, F.; Al-Odaib, A.; Rahbeeni, Z.; Al-Hassnan, Z.; Al-Sharif, F.; Ozand, P.; Al-Sayed, M., 2008:
Identification of Gaucher disease mutations found in Saudi Arabia

Morán, J.é M.; González-Polo, R.A.; Ortiz-Ortiz, M.A.; Niso-Santano, M.; Soler, G.án; Fuentes, J.é M., 2008:
Identification of Genes Associated with Paraquat-Induced Toxicity in SH-SY5Y Cells by PCR Array Focused on Apoptotic Pathways

Suetomi, K.; Takahashi, S.; Kubota, Y.; Fujimori, A., 2008:
Identification of Genes Responding to Low-Dose Arsenite Using HiCEP

Tian, Y.; Kelly-Spratt, K.S.; Kemp, C.J.; Zhang, H., 2008 :
Identification of glycoproteins from mouse skin tumors and plasma

Bauer, M.E.; Fortney, K.R.; Harrison, A.; Janowicz, D.M.; Munson, R.S.; Spinola, S.M., 2008:
Identification of Haemophilus ducreyi genes expressed during human infection

de Mello, M.Freire.Vallim.; Monteiro, A.Beatriz.Soares.; Fonseca, E.Carvalho.; Pissinatti, A.; Ferreira, A.Maria.Reis., 2005:
Identification of Helicobacter sp. in gastric mucosa from captive marmosets (Callithrix sp.; callitrichidae, primates)

Henrard, J.B., 1964:
Identification of Helix stewrsiana

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of Hemicriconemoides kanayaensis and H. californianus (Nematoda: Criconematoidea, Criconematidae) among tea plantations in Taiwan

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Heterobasidion species in Serbia and possibility of control

Ou, S.; Peng, D.; Liu, X.; Li, Y.; Moens, M., 2008:
Identification of Heterodera glycines using PCR with sequence characterised amplified region (SCAR) primers

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Human T Cell Receptor g-recognized Epitopes/Proteins via CDR3 Peptide-based Immunobiochemical Strategy

Hana Schmeisser; Josef Mejido; Kathryn C. Zoon, 2008:
Identification of IFN-alpha-induced genes and proteins that are associated with antiviral activity in Daudi cells

Mathur, R.N., 1955:
Identification of Indian Lyctidae and Dinoderus species

Kerfoot, S.M.; Szczepanik, M.; Tung, J.W.; Askenase, P.W., 2008:
Identification of initiator B cells, a novel subset of activation-induced deaminase-dependent B-1-like cells that mediate initiation of contact sensitivity

Taoka, A.; Umeyama, C.; Fukumori, Y., 2008:
Identification of iron transporters expressed in the magnetotactic bacterium Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum

Payne, J.E.; Bonnefous, Céline.; Hassig, C.A.; Symons, K.T.; Guo, X.; Nguyen, P-Manh.; Annable, T.; Wash, P.L.; Hoffman, T.Z.; Rao, T.S.; Shiau, A.K.; Malecha, J.W.; Noble, S.A.; Hager, J.H.; Smith, N.D., 2008:
Identification of KD5170: a novel mercaptoketone-based histone deacetylase inhibitor

Williams, J.G., 1955:
Identification of Kenya birds of prey in flight

Kanda, S.; Akazome, Y.; Matsunaga, T.; Yamamoto, N.; Yamada, S.; Tsukamura, H.; Maeda, K-ichiro.; Oka, Y., 2008:
Identification of KiSS-1 product kisspeptin and steroid-sensitive sexually dimorphic kisspeptin neurons in medaka (oryzias latipes)

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of L-tryptophan as an allelochemical in wheat bran extract

Junguo Wang; Xia Chen; Wenjun Liu; Mei Yang; Airidengcaicike; Heping Zhang, 2008:
Identification of Lactobacillus from koumiss by conventional and molecular methods

Markiewicz, L., H.; Wasilewska, E.; Bielecka, M., 2008:
Identification of Lactobacillus strains present in fermented dairy products and their differentiation using molecular methods

Myrberget, S., 1977:
Identification of Lagopus species by bone measurements and weight

Zullo, V.A., 1967:
Identification of Lepas cassis Spengler (Cirripedia, Thoracica)

Grant, C., 1946:
Identification of Lepidochelys kempii (Garman)

Okumura, G.T., 1961:
Identification of Lepidopterous larvae attacking cotton, with illustrated key (primarily California species)

Reyes, M.R.; Lazalde, B.; Posadas del Rio, F.A.; Escalante, B., 2008:
Identification of leptin gene expression in sinusoidal endothelial rat liver cells

Orton, G.L., 1964:
Identification of Leptocephalus acuticeps Regan as the larva of the eel genus Avocettina

Friedly, E.C.; Crandall, P.G.; Ricke, S.; O'Bryan, C.A.; Martin, E.M.; Boyd, L.M., 2008:
Identification of Listeria innocua surrogates for Listeria monocytogenes in hamburger patties

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of Listeria sp. in hams and frankfurters products exhibited for sale

St.; Romain, PA., 1974:
Identification of Louisiana white-footed mice and cotton mice

Oshtrakh, M.I.; Zhiganova, E.V., 2006:
Identification of M1 and M2 sites in olivine and pyroxene by Moessbauer spectroscopy of ordinary chondrites

Markaryan, DS.; Guaramyan, IA.; Chalyan, VG., 1975:
Identification of Macaca arctoides chromosomes by differential staining pattern (G-banding) study. Comparison with G-banding in Papio hamadryas

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Maize dwarf mosaic virus in maize in Poland

Medway, Lord., 1965:
Identification of Malaysian cave bats

López-Flores, I.; Garrido-Ramos, M.A.; de la Herran, R.; Ruiz-Rejón, C.; Ruiz-Rejón, M.; Navas, Jé.I., 2008:
Identification of Marteilia refringens infecting the razor clam Solen marginatus by PCR and in situ hybridization

Adam, M.A.; Phillips, M.S.; Blok, V.C., 2005:
Identification of Meloidogyne spp. from north east Libya and comparison of their inter- and intra-specific genetic variation using RAPDs

Xu, J-Hua.; Li, F.; Sun, Q-Feng., 2008:
Identification of microRNA precursors with support vector machine and string kernel

Hoso, M.; Hori, M., 2006:
Identification of Molluscan prey from feces of Iwasaki's slug snake, Pareas iwasakii

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Monosialylated N -glycoforms in the CDG Urinome by Ion Mobility Tandem Mass Spectrometry: The Potential for Clinical Applications

Bogan, MA., 1974:
Identification of Myotis californicus and M. leibii in southwestern North America

Olivereau, M., 1971:
Identification of N-acetyl-neuraminic acid in the skin of Anguilla anguilla L. Interest of its determination in the study of osmoregulation

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of NO x and Ozone Episodes and Estimation of Ozone by Statistical Analysis

Fishman, HM.; Moore, LE.; Poussart, DJM., 1976:
Identification of Na conduction noise in squid axon

Crane, M.; Wong, S.; Tilden, A.; Towle, D., 2004:
Identification of Na+/Cl--dependent neurotransmitter transporters in the lobster, Homarus americanus

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Naegleria species in recreational areas in Hornos, Sonora

Lux, F.E., 1963:
Identification of New England Yellow-tail flounder groups

Falla, R.A., 1960:
Identification of New Zealand Gulls and Terns

Falla, R.A., 1949:
Identification of New Zealand Mainland Shags

Hasegawa, T.; Gonoi, T.; Ito, J.; Kogure, T.; Yazawa, K.; Mikami, Y., 2007:
Identification of Nocardia farcinica by a PCR primer amplifying a specific DNA band for the bacterium

Millington, R., 2005:
Identification of North Atlantic and continental cormorants

Binford, L.C., 1971:
Identification of Northern and Louisiana waterthrushes

Lee, H-Seung.; Lee, J.Hye.; Won, H.; Park, S-Kyu.; Kim, H.Mook.; Shin, H.Jae.; Park, H.Sik.; Sim, C.J.; Kim, H-Kyeong., 2009:
Identification of novel acetylenic alcohols and a new dihydrothiopyranone from the tropical sponge Reniochalina sp

Park, H.; Bahn, Y.Jae.; Jeong, D.Gwin.; Woo, E.Jeon.; Kwon, J.Sun.; Ryu, S.Eon., 2008:
Identification of novel inhibitors of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 based on the structure-based virtual screening

Mahmoud, S.Y.M.; Abo, E.M.aty, S.A.; E.B.rollosy, A.M.; Abdel Ghaffar, M.H., 2008:
Identification of Onion yellow dwarf potyvirus as one of the major viruses infecting garlic in Egypt

Hubbs, C.L.; Bailey, RM., 1952:
Identification of Oxygenum pulverulentum Forbes, from Illinois, as a hybrid cyprinid fish

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of PCTA, a TGIF antagonist that promotes PML function in TGF-b signalling

Zang, Z.Jiang.; Gunaratnam, L.; Cheong, J.Kong.; Lai, L.Yun.; Hsiao, L-Li.; O'Leary, E.; Sun, X.; Salto-Tellez, M.; Bonventre, J.V.; Hsu, S.I-Hong., 2008:
Identification of PP2A as a novel interactor and regulator of TRIP-Br1

Robertson, BI., 1977:
Identification of Pacific and Dominican gulls

Tabatabai, L.B., 2008:
Identification of Pasteurella multocida CHAPS-soluble outer membrane proteins

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Pediococcus acidilactici by using 16S rRNA sequence analysis

Nakao, I.; Kanaji, S.; Ohta, S.; Matsushita, H.; Arima, K.; Yuyama, N.; Yamaya, M.; Nakayama, K.; Kubo, H.; Watanabe, M.; Sagara, H.; Sugiyama, K.; Tanaka, H.; Toda, S.; Hayashi, H.; Inoue, H.; Hoshino, T.; Shiraki, A.; Inoue, M.; Suzuki, K.; Aizawa, H.; Okinami, S.; Nagai, H.; Hasegawa, M.; Fukuda, T.; Green, E.D.; Izuhara, K., 2008:
Identification of pendrin as a common mediator for mucus production in bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of Peptide Antagonists to Glycoprotein Iba That Selectively Inhibit von Willebrand Factor Dependent Platelet Aggregation

Zhang, X.; Liang, Y.; Fan, J.; Zhang, W.; Pu, H.; Liang, B.; Chen, H.; Song, L., 2005:
Identification of Perkinsus-like parasite in Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum using DNA molecular marker at ITS region

Jacobsson, M.; Gäredal, M.; Schultz, J.; Karlén, A., 2008:
Identification of Plasmodium falciparum spermidine synthase active site binders through structure-based virtual screening

L.H.iJun; H.W.nQi; Song DeGuang; Liu LiGuo; Chang LingZhu; L.Z.iPing; Chen KeYan; Gao Feng, 2008:
Identification of Porcine haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus receptor in PK cell membranes

Mizukubo, Takayuki., 2002:
Identification of Pratylenchus spp. and Hirschmanniella spp. in Japan

Phromraksa, P.; Nagano, H.; Boonmars, T.; Kamboonruang, C., 2008:
Identification of proteolytic bacteria from thai traditional fermented foods and their allergenic reducing potentials

Chen XiuXian; Zeng HuiCai; H.H.nHing; Peng Yan, 2008:
Identification of Pythium splendens, a new record in Hainan and its pathogenicity test to oil palm

Ding, J-qiang.; Wang, X-ming.; Chander, S.; Li, J-sheng., 2008:
Identification of QTL for maize resistance to common smut by using recombinant inbred lines developed from the Chinese hybrid Yuyu22

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of QTLs associated with commercial postharvest quality traits and disorders using a collection of near isogenic lines of melon

Fukino, N.; Ohara, T.; Monforte, A.J.; Sugiyama, M.; Sakata, Y.; Kunihisa, M.; Matsumoto, S., 2008:
Identification of QTLs for resistance to powdery mildew and SSR markers diagnostic for powdery mildew resistance genes in melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Shu-Jun Wu; Huan Zhong; Yong Zhou; Hui Zuo; Li-Hui Zhou; Jin-Yan Zhu; Cao-Qiu Ji; Shi-Liang Gu; Ming-Hong Gu; Guo-Hua Liang, 2009:
Identification of QTLs for the resistance to rice stripe virus in the indica rice variety Dular

Chen QinBin; Hou XiLin; Chen XiaoFeng; Zhang JingYi; Xue Ping, 2007:
Identification of RAPD and SCAR markers linked to the cytoplasmic male sterility of onion line

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of RAPD marker linked to pollen fertility gene and conversion to SCAR marker in peach

Khampila, J.; Theerakulpisut, P.; Lertrat, K.; Saksirirat, W.; Sanitchon, J.; Muangsan, N., 2008:
Identification of RAPD markers for Northern Corn Leaf Blight resistance in waxy corn (Zea mays var. ceratina)

Shen Qi.; Ren Chunhua.; H.C.aoqun.; Zhang luping., 2002:
Identification of RAPD markers for important traits in Litopenaeus vannamei

Schwarz, E., 1943:
Identification of Rats of medical importance. Laboratory Guide to protozoology and helminthology, V.W

Sousa, S.I.V.; Pereira, M.M.C.; Martins, F.G.; Alvim-Ferraz, C.M., 2008:
Identification of Regions with High Ozone Concentrations Aiming the Impact Assessment on Childhood Asthma

Ho, L. H.M.; Giraud, E.; Uggalla, V.; Lister, R.; Clifton, R.; Glen, A.; Thirkettle-Watts, D.; Van Aken, O.; Whelan, J., 2008:
Identification of Regulatory Pathways Controlling Gene Expression of Stress-Responsive Mitochondrial Proteins in Arabidopsis

Argaw, T.; Figueroa, M.; Salomon, D. R.; Wilson, C. A., 2008:
Identification of Residues outside of the Receptor Binding Domain That Influence the Infectivity and Tropism of Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus

Song, X.-Yuan {a}; 1 ; Cong, B.; 1 Email: tianshui1999@sohu.com, 2008:
Identification of Rhopalosiphum maidis in key predators using CO II marker

Ahson Wardak; Michael, E.G.rman; Nathan Swami; Shilpa Deshpande, 2008:
Identification of Risks in the Life Cycle of Nanotechnology-Based Products

Anonymous, 2007:
Identification of S-genotype of ten cultivars from Niitaka line pear

Anonymous, 2008:
Identification of S-genotypes of Japanese plum cultivars by PCR and analysis on polymorphism of S-RNase genes

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