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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23071

Chapter 23071 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bovee, E.C., 1958:
Morphology and fission of a helioflagellate of the genus Dimorphella

Vaughan, T.A., 1966:
Morphology and flight characteristics of molossid bats

Norden, C.R., 1969:
Morphology and food habits of the larval alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson), in Lake Michigan

Szekely, M.; Kellermayer, M.; Sumegi, I.; Cholnoky, G., 1971:
Morphology and function of interscapular brown adipose tissue in the non-cold-adapted adult guinea pig

Parsley, R.L., 1968:
Morphology and function of the aulacophore in the Mitrate carpoid Enoploum (Echinodermata: Middle and Upper Ordovician)

Parsley, R.L., 1969:
Morphology and function of the aulacophore in the mitrate carpoid Enopleura (Echinodermata; Middle and Upper Ordovician)

Hiller, U., 1974:
Morphology and function of the dorsal sound producing scales in the tail of Teratoscincus scincus (Reptilia; Gekkonidae)

Schipp, R. von Boletzky, S., 1974:
Morphology and function of the excretory organs in dibranchiate cephalopods

Schaefer, P.; Bader, B.; Blaschek, H., 2006:
Morphology and function of the flexible nodes in the cheilostome bryozoan Cellaria sinuosa (Hassall)

Frazzetta, T.H., 1964:
Morphology and function of the jaw apparatus in Python sebae and Python molurus

Il'ichev, V.D., 1961:
Morphology and function of the limbus facialis of birds

Zerbst-Borottka, I.; Haupt, J., 1974:
Morphology and function of the metanephridia in annelids

Gotow, T., 1975:
Morphology and function of the photoexcitable neurones in the central ganglia of Onchidium verruculatum

Richter, C.J.J., 1970:
Morphology and function of the spinning apparatus of the wolf spider Pardosa amentata (Cl. ) (Araneae, Lycosidae)

Ferrara, F.; Paoli, P., 2003:
Morphology and function of the sulcus arcuatus in the Eubelidae (Isopoda, Oniscidea)

Zapolskikh, OV., 1976:
Morphology and functional activity of haemolymph cells in Heterartrus acropodae (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinoidea)

Misyalyunene, IS., 1976:
Morphology and functional activity of the haemolymph cells on various stages of larvae, pupae and imago of cabbage butterfly

Schultz, J.W.; Pinto-da-Rocha, R., 2007:
Morphology and functional anatomy

Makhotin, A.A.; Davydova, xCD., 1961:
Morphology and functional importance of the elements of mouth apparatus in the caterpillars of some moths

Kennedy, WJ.; Garrison, RE., 1976:
Morphology and genesis of odular phosphates in the Cenomanian glauconitic marl of south-east England

Zaleszkiewicz Leszek, 2004:
Morphology and genesis of the sub-Quaternary surface in the area around Leczyce near Lebork

Liu, X.; Sun, B.; Zhang, G.; Wang, C.; Zhang,; Gu, Z.; Zhang, F., 2006:
Morphology and genetic differentiation in offsprings of four transplanted bay scallop populations

Hinegardner, RT., 1975:
Morphology and genetics of sea urchin development

Birchall Roger, 2007:
Morphology and geohazard surveys; identifying geohazards and constraints for infrastructure

Mineo Yamaguchi; Haruo Yamaguchi; Goh Nishitani; Setsuko Sakamoto; Shigeru Itakura, 2008:
Morphology and germination characteristics of the cysts of Chattonella ovata (Raphidophyceae), a novel red tide flagellate in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Muzik, K.; Wainwright, S., 1977:
Morphology and habitat of five Fijian sea fans

Popova, NI., 1972:
Morphology and histochemistry of olfactory layer of some freshwater fishes under normal and experimental conditions

Bakhshinyan, M.Z., 1968:
Morphology and histochemistry of testis and the appendages of cat

Williams, AA., 1977:
Morphology and histochemistry of the cloacal glands and reproductive tract in male Eurycea lucifuga Rafinesque and Eurycea longicauda (Green)

Ehlers, N., 1970:
Morphology and histochemistry of the corneal epithelium of mammals

Blood, L.A.; Kennerson, A.R.; van Lennep, E.W., 1977:
Morphology and histochemistry of the mandibular gland of the Australian brush-tail possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Marsupialia)

Sottovia-Filho, D., 1974:
Morphology and histochemistry of the mast cells of snakes

Botte, V., 1973:
Morphology and histochemistry of the oviduct in the lizard, Lacerta sicula. The annual cycle

Khanna, S.S., 1968:
Morphology and histocytology of the pituitary gland of Glyptothorax pectinopterus (Teleostei)

Jackson, H.W., 1940:
Morphology and histogenesis of the Wood of the mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.)

Rashid, S., 1966:
Morphology and histology of alimentary canal of Tachysurus tenuispinis (Day)

Yanai, T., 1950:
Morphology and histology of mid-intestine of Scotinophora lurida, a Hemipteran

Men, Q.; Lei, J., 2003:
Morphology and histology of swimbladder development in turbot Scophthalmus maximus

Clark, L.S.; Pfeiffer, D.C.; Cowan, D.F., 2005:
Morphology and histology of the atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) adrenal gland with emphasis on the medulla

Singh, S.B., 1960:
Morphology and histology of the Malpighian tubuli in certain Coleoptera

Srivastava, P.N., 1955:
Morphology and histology of the air-bladder of certain sciaenoid fishes with the description of a new type of ear-air bladder connection

Srivastava, P.N., 1956:
Morphology and histology of the airbladder of Hilsa ilisha (Hamilton) and Gadusia chapra (Hamilton) and their connection with the internal ear

Walker, J.R.; Clower, D.F., 1961:
Morphology and histology of the alimentary canal of the imported fire ant queen (Selenopsis saevissima richteri)

All, S., 1972:
Morphology and histology of the alimentary tract of a fresh water turtle - Lissemys punctata Bonnaterre

Banhawy, M.A.Anwar, I.M., 1970:
Morphology and histology of the brain of Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Sinha, K., 1970:
Morphology and histology of the brain of Tor tor (Hamilton) in relation to its feeding habits

Branson, B.A.Ulrickson, G.U., 1967:
Morphology and histology of the branchial apparatus in percid fishes of the genera Percina, Etheostoma, and Ammocrypta (Percidae: Percinae: Etheostomatini)

Agarwal, V.P.; Rajbanshi, V.K., 1965:
Morphology and histology of the cutaneous sense-organs of Mystus vittatus (BL)

Kang, S.W.n; Lee,; Lee,, 2003:
Morphology and histology of the digestive tract of the abalone, Haliotis discus hannai (Gastropoda: Haliotidae)

Datta Gupta, A.K.; Ravindra Kumar., 1963:
Morphology and histology of the female reproductive organs of some beetles (Coleoptera)

Gladys N.H.rmida; Alejandro Farías, 2009:
Morphology and histology of the larynx of the common toad Rhinella arenarum (Hensel, 1867) (Anura, Bufonidae)

Mathur, L.M.L., 1966:
Morphology and histology of the male reproductive organs of Utetheisa pulchella L. (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

Datta Gupta, A.K.; Menon, P.K.B., 1964:
Morphology and histology of the males of Acanthobonellia

Louis, D.; Kumar, R., 1971:
Morphology and histology of the mushroom-shaped in some Dictoptera

Crosswhite, C.D.; Medler, J.T., 1966:
Morphology and histology of the neuroendocrine system of Bombus fervidus Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Walker, J.R., 1959:
Morphology and histology of the poison glands and sting of the imported fire ant (Solenopsis saevissima v. richteri Forel)

Tomer, B.S., 1973:
Morphology and histology of the pyloric caeca of Gadusia chapra lom.)

Hermann, H.R.; Blum, M.S., 1965 :
Morphology and histology of the reproductive system of the imported fire ant queen, Solenopsis saevissima richteri

Peters, D.C., 1968:
Morphology and histology of the reproductive systems of adult southern corn root-worm

Kapil, R.P., 1958:
Morphology and histology of the salivary gland system of honeybee, Apis indicaFab. (Apidae, Hymenoptera)

Roberts, N.L., 1967:
Morphology and histology of the stomach of the white shrimp Penaeus fluviatilis (Say, 1817)

Khanna, S.S.; Mehrotra, B.K., 1971:
Morphology and histology of the teleostean intestine

Nottingham, M.C.; Silva, J.R.berto Feitosa de Araujo, M.E.isabeth, 2004:
Morphology and histology of the testicles of queen angelfish, Holacanthus ciliaris (Linnaeus, 1758) (Teleostei: Perciformes: Pomacanthidae)

Hague, A.K.M.; Rahman, Q.A.T.M.H., 1967:
Morphology and histology of the thyroid gland of Lebistes reticulatus Peters

Hammad, S.M., 1967:
Morphology and history of the scent glands of Vespa orientalis F. and Cataglyphis bicolor F. (Hymenoptera)

Bower, S.M.; Woo, P.T.K., 1977:
Morphology and host specificity of Cryptobia catastomi n. sp. (Protozoa: Kinetoplastida) from white sucker (Catostomus commersom) in southern Ontario

Anonymous, 2007:
Morphology and identification of Cladoceran fauna occurring in the Fish Seed Farm, Aarey, Mumbai, India

Emden, H.F. van., 1956:
Morphology and identification of the British larvae of the genus Elater (Col., Elateridae)

Okiyama, M., 1972:
Morphology and identification of the young ipnopid, 'Macristiella' from the tropical western Pacific

Cioni, C.; Bordieri, L., 2003:
Morphology and immunohistochemistry of the caudal neurosecretory system in tetraodontids

Rudnick, D.A.; Chan, V.; Resh, V.H., 2005:
Morphology and impacts of the burrows of the Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne Edwards (Decapoda, Grapsoidea), in South San Francisco Bay, California, U.S.A

Il'ina, TG., 1974:
Morphology and important evolutionary stages of the suborder Polycoeliina

Lawrence, Craig S., 2001:
Morphology and incidence of Yabby (Cherax albidus) burrows in western Australia

Wonde, T.; Honigberg, B.M., 1971:
Morphology and infectivity of Leishmania donovani cultivated in nonliving media at elevated temperatures

Shi, X.L.; Xu, R.L.n, 2003:
Morphology and infraciliature of Pseudokeronopsis rubra in Jieshi Waters of South China Sea

Xu, D.; Song, W.; Sun, P.; Chen, X., 2006:
Morphology and infraciliature of the oligotrich ciliate Strombidium rapulum (Yagiu, 1933) Kahl, 1934 (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Oligotrichida) from the intestine of sea urchin Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus Agassiz

Xu, D.; Song, W.; Warren, A., 2006:
Morphology and infraciliature of two new species of marine oligotrich ciliates (Ciliophora: Oligotrichida) from China

van den Eeckhaut M.; Verstraeten G.; Poesen J., 2007:
Morphology and internal structure of a dormant landslide in a hilly area; the Collinabos landslide (Belgium)

Kiauta, B., 1968:
Morphology and kinetic behaviour of the odonate sex chromosomes, with a review of the distribution of sex determining mechanisms in the order

Anker, GCH., 1974:
Morphology and kinetics of the head of the stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus

Franzen, A., 1970:
Morphology and larval development in Entoprocta

Anonymous, 2007:
Morphology and leaf anatomy of three morphotypes of Marcetia taxifolia (A. St.-Hil.) DC. (Melastomataceae) in Serra do Cipo, MG

Logan, A., 1974:
Morphology and life habits of the recent cementing bivalve Spondylus americanus Hermann from the Bermuda Platform

Shrivastva sc Srivastava, PS., 1961:
Morphology and life history of Artyfechinostomum indicum (Bhalerao 1931) Jain, 1960

Singh, R.N., 1969:
Morphology and life history of Clino-stomum microstomum n.sp. (Trematoda: Clinostomatidae) Part 2. Observations on the egg and the miracidium

Singh, R.N., 1969:
Morphology and life history of Clino-stomum microstomum n.sp. (Trematoda; Clinostomatidae) Part 1. Avian phase of the life cycle with an account of the metacercaria and the adult

Johnson, David F., 1934:
Morphology and life history of Colacium vesiculosum Ehrbg

Padnos, M.; Jakowska, S.; Nigrelli, R.F., 1954:
Morphology and life history of Colpoda maupasi, Benson-hurst strain

Elliott, A.M., 1931:
Morphology and life history of Haematococcus pluvialis

Burford, D R.; Jr., 1977:
Morphology and life history of Hydrozetes bushelli n. sp. (Oribatei, Hydrozetidae)

Ahmed, A.T., 1973:
Morphology and life history of Mitraspora cyprini Fujita, parasitic in the kidney of goldfish

Akesson, B., 1973:
Morphology and life history of Ophryotrocha maculata sp. n.(Polychaeta, Dorvilleidae)

Malviya, HC.; Dutt, SC., 1972:
Morphology and life history of Railleitina (Raillietina) torquata (Meggitt, 1924) Southwell 1930

Malviya, HC.; Dutt, SC., 1972:
Morphology and life history of Raillietina (Raillietina) nagpurensis Moghe, 1925 (Cestoda: Davaineidae)

Remley, L.W., 1936:
Morphology and life history studies of Microcotyls spinicirrus, a monogenetic Trematode from the gills of Aplinodonotus grunniens

Akesson, B., 1976:
Morphology and life-cycle of Ophryotrocha diaderna, a new polychaete species from California

Geiman, QM.; Ratcliffe, H.L., 1936:
Morphology and life-cycle of an amoeba producing amoebiasis in reptiles

Kater, J.M., 1925:
Morphology and life-history of Polytomella citri sp. nov

Thompson, D.Aposaw, 1916:
Morphology and mathematics

Micallef Aaron; Masson Douglas G.; Berndt Christian; Stow Dorrik A.V., 2007:
Morphology and mechanics of submarine spreading; a case study from the Storegga Slide

Y.R.iYu; Y.X.n; Abuliz, R., 2008:
Morphology and medical significance of Linognathoides laeviusculus and Linognathoides palaearctus

Vera Candioti, M.F.; Ubeda, C.; Lavilla, E.O., 2005:
Morphology and metamorphosis of Eupsophus calcaratus tadpoles (Anura: Leptodactylidae)

Ogle, T.F., 1971:
Morphology and microanatomy of the adrenal cortex of the coyote

Setyawan D.; Gilkes R.J., 1993:
Morphology and mineralogy of some Ultisols and Inceptisols from South Sumatra

Andrews, J.M., 1925:
Morphology and mitosis in Trichomonas termopsidis, an intestinal Flagellate of the termite, Termopsis

Kirby, H., 1924:
Morphology and mitosis of Dinenympha fimbriata sp. nov

Cleveland, L.R., 1938:
Morphology and mitosis of Teranympha

Pohlo, R.H., 1963:
Morphology and mode of burrowing in Siliqua palula and Solen rosaceus (Mollusca : Bivalvia)

Anonymous, 2008:
Morphology and modern sedimentary deposits of a macrotidal estuary: Marapanim River, Northern Brazil

Keenan, M.D.; Walker, S.; Widderick, M.; Christopher, M.; Sindel, B.; Taylor, I.; W.H.nWen, 2006:
Morphology and molecular characterisation of Echinochloa species in the northern grain region

Rueckert, S.; Leander, B.S., 2008:
Morphology and molecular phylogeny of Haplozoon praxillellae n. sp. (Dinoflagellata): a novel intestinal parasite of the maldanid polychaete Praxillella pacifica Berkeley

Peck, RK., 1974:
Morphology and morphogenesis of Pseudomicrothorax glaucoma and Dexiotricha, with emphasis on the types of stomatogenesis in holotrichous ciliates

Naqvi, I.; Gupta, R.; Borgohain, P.; Sapra, G.R.i, 2006:
Morphology and morphogenesis of Rubrioxytricha indica n. sp. (Ciliophora: Hypotrichida)

Paiva, T. da Silva, 2007:
Morphology and morphogenesis of Strongylidium pseudocrassum Wang and Nie, 1935, with redefinition of Strongylidium Sterki, 1878 (Protista: Ciliophora: Stichotrichia)

Li, L.; Song, W.; Warren, A.; Al-Rasheid, K.A.S.; Roberts, D.; Yi, Z.; Al-Farraj, S.A.; Hu, X., 2008:
Morphology and morphogenesis of a new marine ciliate, Apokeronopsis bergeri nov. spec. (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida), from the Yellow Sea, China

Hu, X.; Warren, A.; Suzuki, T., 2004:
Morphology and morphogenesis of two marine ciliates, Pseudokeronopsis pararubra sp. n. and Amphisiella annulata from China and Japan (Protozoa: Ciliophora)

Scott, J.S., 1969:
Morphology and morphometric variation in Lecithophyllum botryophorum (Trematoda: Hemiuridae) in Argentina silus

Abdollahi, M., 2008:
Morphology and morphometrics of Heterodera filipjevi (Madzhidov, 1981) Steller, 1984 from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, Iran

Arora, G.L.; Sawai Singh., 1962:
Morphology and musculature of the head and mouth-parts of Idiocerus atkinsoni Leth. (Jassidae, Homoptera)

Srivastava, B.K.; Mathur, L.M.L., 1964:
Morphology and musculature of the head capsule of mature larva of Prodenia litura Fabr. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Singh, R.P., 2007:
Morphology and natural population dynamics of mycrrhizal fungi in rhizoshpere of kush (Desmostachya cynosuroides)

Sharma, G.P., 1950:
Morphology and nature of blood and meat spots in hens' eggs. No.9. Some observations on the formation of the hen's egg with special reference to the chalaziferous layer and the chalazae, No. 7 1950 pp.83-89 1 pl

Kaars, CJ., 1974:
Morphology and neural control of abdominal spiracles in the cockroach, Blaberus discoidalis

Baker, G.T.; Ma, P.W., 2006:
Morphology and number of Ommatidia in the compound eyes of Solenopsis invicta, Solenopsis richteri, and their hybrid (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Kornicker, LS.; Angel, MV., 1975:
Morphology and ontogeny of Bathyconchoecia septemspinosa Angel, 1970 (Ostracoda: Halocyprididae)

Hanagan, E.J., 1964:
Morphology and ontogeny of some ostracods from the Bromide formation (middle Ordovician) of the Simpson group of Oklahoma

Barycka, E., 2007:
Morphology and ontogeny of the humerus of the Triassic temnospondyl amphibian Metoposaurus diagnosticus

Thomas, L.J., 1921:
Morphology and orientation of the otcoysts of Gonionemus

Haude, R., 2004:
Morphology and palaeobiology of echinoderms in the Lower Devonian of the Argentine Precordillera

Hodges, C.F.; Taylor, D.P., 1965:
Morphology and pathological histology of bentgrass roots infected by a member of the Meloidogyne incognita group

Takahashi, K.G.; Yanai, H.; Muroga, K.; Mori, K., 2005:
Morphology and phagocytic activity of hemocytes from the Japanese rock oyster Crassostrea nippona and the Pacific oyster C. gigas

Bolch, C.J.S.; Campbell, C.N., 2004:
Morphology and phylogenetic affinities of Thecadinium foveolatum sp. nov. (Dinophyceae: Thecadiniaceae), a new marine benthic dinoflagellate from the west of Scotland

Zhang, J.; Huss, V., A.R.; Sun, X.; Chang, K.; Pang, D., 2008:
Morphology and phylogenetic position of a trebouxiophycean green alga (Chlorophyta) growing on the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis , with the description of a new genus and species

Hernandez-Ortiz, V., 2006 :
Morphology and phylogenetic relationships of species groups of the genus Hexachaeta Loew (Diptera: Tephritidae: Trypetinae)

Yankovsky, A.V., 1968:
Morphology and phylogeny of Crateristoma (Cilliophora: Rhynchodida)

Noback, C.R., 1951:
Morphology and phylogeny of hair

Krijnen, JP., 1972:
Morphology and phylogeny of pseudorbitoid Foraminifera from Jamaica and Curacao, a revisional study

Krijnen, J.P., 1977:
Morphology and phylogeny of pseudorbitoid foraminifera from Jamaica and CuraYao, a revisional study

Simone, L.Ricardo L., 2004:
Morphology and phylogeny of the Cypraeoidea (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda)

Davis, N.T., 1961:
Morphology and phylogeny of the Reduvioidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera). Part II. Wing venation

de Laubenfels, M.W., 1936:
Morphology and physiology of Sponges

Isaakyan, Z.S. ., 1969:
Morphology and physiology of division in Balantidium

Ottoson, D., 1976:
Morphology and physiology of muscle spindles

Anonymous, 1963:
Morphology and physiology of protozoa, Trans

Schneider, H., 1967:
Morphology and physiology of sound-producing mechanisms in teleost fishes

Capranica, RR., 1976:
Morphology and physiology of the auditory system

Hrbacek, J., 1949:
Morphology and physiology of the spiracles of the family Hydrophilidae (Coleoptera)

Zorović, M.; Presern, J.; Cokl, A., 2008:
Morphology and physiology of vibratory interneurons in the thoracic ganglia of the southern green stinkbug Nezara viridula (L.)

Tewari, R.-Kumar; Kumar, P.; Sharma, P.-Nand, 2008:
Morphology and physiology of zinc-stressed mulberry plants

Jankowski, A.W., 1968:
Morphology and phytogeny of Nyctotherus cordiformis

Kostova Irena, 2006:
Morphology and precipitation stages of the iron disulphides in the coals from Maritza East, Beli Breg, Burgas, Pernik and Balkan basins

Anonymous, 2008:
Morphology and productivity of Nagpuri buffalo

Wessells, N.K., 1965:
Morphology and proliferation during early feather development

Dolapsakis, N.P.; Kilpatrick, M.W.; Economou-Amilli, A.; Tafas, T., 2006:
Morphology and rDNA phylogeny of a Mediterranean Coolia monotis (Dinophyceae) strain from Greece

Walker, J.M.rtin; Taylor, H.L.; Maslin, T.P.ul, 1966:
Morphology and relations of the teiid lizard, Cnemidophorus ceralbensis

Golden, A.M.Murphy, D.G., 1967:
Morphology and relationship of an undescribed dorylaimid nematode with cephalic setae

Edgecombe, G.D.; Hollington, L.M., 2005:
Morphology and relationships of a new species of Henicops (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha) from New South Wales and Queensland, Australia

Kumar, R., 1971:
Morphology and relationships of the Pentatomoidea (Heteroptera) 5-Urostylidae

Kumar, R., 1969:
Morphology and relationships of the Pentatomoidea (Heteroptera). 3. Natalicolinae and some Tessaratomidae of uncertain position

Stunkard, H.W., 1930:
Morphology and relationships of the Trematode Opisthoporus aspidonectes (MacCallum, 1917) Fukui 1929

Ercolini, A.; Berti, R., 1977:
Morphology and response to light of Uegitglanis zammaranoi Gianferrari, anophthalmic phreatic fish from Somalia

Froilano de Mello, C.I.; Raimundo, M., 1934:
Morphology and schizogonic cycle of Haemoproteus raymundi n. sp., parasite of Leptocoma zeylanica (Lin.)

Inger, R.F.; Greenberg, B., 1956:
Morphology and seasonal development of sex characters in two sympatric African toads

Sever, DM., 1975:
Morphology and seasonal variation of the mental hedonic gland of the dwarf salamander, Eurvcea yuadridigitata (Holbrook)

Sever, DM., 1975:
Morphology and seasonal variation of the nasolabial glands of Eurycea yuadridigitata (Holbrook)

Quayum, MA., 1975:
Morphology and secretion of the salivary glands of Ranatra filiformis (Fabr.) (Heteroptera: Nepidae)

Liao Horn Ru;; S.C.ih Chieh, 2008:
Morphology and sedimentation of sand bodies in the tidal shelf sea of eastern Taiwan Strait

Henk de Haas; Furu Mienis; Norbert Frank; Thomas O.R.chter; Reinhold Steinacher; Henko de Stigter; Cees van der Land; Tjeerd C.E. van Weering, 2009:
Morphology and sedimentology of (clustered) cold-water coral mounds at the south Rockall Trough margins, NE Atlantic Ocean

Suda, S.; Nozaki, H.; Watanabe, M.M., 2005:
Morphology and sexual reproduction of Carteria palmata sp. nov. belonging to the Carteria group I sensu Lembi (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales)

Shakoori, A.R., 1968:
Morphology and skeletomusculature of Caenestheria propinqua (Sars) (Conchostraca; Branchiopoda; Crustacea)

Choudhuri, DK.; Das, KK., 1975:
Morphology and some aspects of histochemistry and biochemistry of stink apparatus of Cydnus indicus Westw. (Pentatomidae: Heteroptera: Insecta)

Shchur, LE., 1974:
Morphology and some biological peculiarities of larvae and nymphs of Xenocastor fedjushini A.Z., 1941 Acariformes Glycyphagidae

Ikramov, EF., 2002:
Morphology and some ecological peculiarities of Acanthocephala juveniles in Uzbekistan

Soule, DF.; Soule, JD., 1973:
Morphology and speciation of Hawaiian and eastern Pacific Smittinidae (Bryozoa, Ectoprocta)

Golovin Nikolai; Garanin Konstantin; Khachatryan Galina; Mineeva Rimma (Mineyeva Rimma); Verichev Elisey, 2004:
Morphology and spectroscopic characteristics of diamonds from Archangelsk region deposits

Klingstedt, H., 1939:
Morphology and spermatogenesis of Chorthippus bicolor Charp

Bronnimann, P., 1957:
Morphology and stratigraphic significance of Pseudorbitoides israelskyi Vaughan and Cole

Hackbarth Claudia J.; Shew Roger D., 1994:
Morphology and stratigraphy of a mid-Pleistocene turbidite leveed channel from seismic, core and log data, northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Ohmori H.; McArthur W.M., 1985:
Morphology and stratigraphy of coastal sand dunes, near Perth, Western Australia

Ma, X.L.n; Hong, W.S.u; Zhang,; Chai,; Chen, S.X., 2005:
Morphology and structure of olfactory organ in Bostrichthys sinensis

Neagu, A., 2004:
Morphology and structure of the tracheal gills of two species of stoneflies (Plecoptera)

Satar, A.; Suludere, Z.; Candan, S.; Canbulat, S., 2007:
Morphology and surface structure of eggs and first instar larvae of Croce schmidti (Navas, 1927) (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae)

Naumov, D.V., 1957:
Morphology and systematic position of Monobrachium parasitum Mereschk (Hydrozoa)

Khotenovsky, I.A., 1967:
Morphology and systematic position of Mosesia pavlovskii sp. nov. (Trematoda, Lecithoden-driidae)

Berger, J., 1961:
Morphology and systematic position of Schizocaryum dogieli, a ciliate entocommensal in Strongylocentrotid echinoids (Ciliata: Trichostomatida)

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Morphology of the invertebrate types

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Morphology of the larva of Phloeophagus turbatus Schoenherr, 1845 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Zawal, A., 2006:
Morphology of the larvae of Arrenurus nodosus Koenike, 1896; A. knauthei Koenike, 1895 and A. stecki Koenike, 1894 (Acari: Parasitengona: Arrenuridae)

Kawada, A., 1930:
Morphology of the larvae of four species of the genus Zephyrus, with a key to the species based on the larval characters

Zawal, Andrzej, 2006:
Morphology of the larvae of three species of Arrenurus (Acari: Parasitengona: Arrenuridae)

Nordlander, R.H.; Edwards, J.S., 1968:
Morphology of the larval and adult brains of the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus plexippus, L

Liria, J.; Navarro, J.-Carlos, 2003:
Morphology of the larval mandible and maxilla in the subgenus Carrollia Lutz of Culex L. (Diptera: Culicidae)

Krynchkova, GA., 1976:
Morphology of the larval skeleton of sea urchins from the Sea of Japan

Tester, A.L.; Kendall, J.I., 1970:
Morphology of the lateralis canal system in the shark genus Carcharbinu

Kendall, J.I., 1969:
Morphology of the lateralis canal system in the shark genus Carcharhinus

Cook, A.J., 1888:
Morphology of the legs of Hymenopterous Insects

Pytel, S.; Wegrzyn, M., 1976:
Morphology of the liver of the European bison

Kley, N.J., 2006:
Morphology of the lower jaw and suspensorium in the Texas blindsnake, Leptotyphlops dulcis (Scolecophidia: Leptotyphlopidae)

Parmar, Sn, 1974:
Morphology of the male external genitalia of Hippobosca maculata (Leach) (Hippoboscidae: Diptera)

Yamamoto, H., 1953:
Morphology of the male genital organ of Argyro-nome laodice japonica Menetries (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

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