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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23121

Chapter 23121 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Orlovskji, M.B., 1961:
New bryozoan species from the Famennian of the Chatcal-Naryn zone of Tien Shan

Viskova, La, 2007:
New bryozoans of the class Stenolaemata from the Middle Jurassic of Moscow city and the Moscow region

Romanchuk, T.V., 1968:
New bryozoans of the order Trepostomata of the Upper Permian of the Khabarovsk Territory

Kiseleva, A.V., 1976:
New bryozoans of the suborder Amplexoporoidea from Upper Permian of South Primorye. Trudy dal'nevost. nauch. tsentralbiol. pochv

Giles, D.E., 1962:
New bucephalid cercaria from the mussel Mylilus califomianits

Mottershead, G.S., 1969:
New buildings at Chester Zoo

Jarvis, C., 1965:
New buildings in zoos and aquaria, 1963-4

Gunder, J.D., 1928:
New butterflies (Lepid.: Nymphalidae)

Joicey, J.J.; Noakes, A., 1915:
New butterflies and a moth from Biak

Skinner, H., 1906:
New butterflies and moths, with notes on some species

Gunder, J.D., 1929:
New butterflies and sundry notes. (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera.)

Joicey, J.J.; Talbot, G., 1918:
New butterflies from Africa and the East

Yoshino, Kazuyoshi, 2003:
New butterflies from China 8

Matsumura, S., 1929:
New butterflies from Japan, Korea and Formosa

Passos, C.F. dos., 1949:
New butterflies from Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska, with a review of Erebia rossii (Rhopalocera, Satyridae)

Lathy, P.L., 1913:
New butterflies from Nias

Carcasson, R.H., 1964:
New butterflies from the Kigoma area of western Tanganyika

Hall, A., 1917:
New butterflies of the family Nymphalidae

Haywood, Bryan T., 2006:
New butterfly distribution records for the lower south east region of South Australia

Wong, E.; Leung, PC.; Sze, P.; Wong, A.; Li, V.; Butterfly Working Group., 2003:
New butterfly record for Hong Kong - Thoressa monastyrskyi

Hooper, R.R., 1967:
New butterfly records for Saskatchewan and Alberta

Kosterin, O.G., 2002:
New butterfly records for the Tyva Republic (Tuva), I. Description of a new subspecies of Hyponephele narica (Huebner, (1813)) (= H. huebneri Kocak, 1980) (Lepidoptera: Satyridae)

Heitzman, JR.; Heitzman, RL., 1972:
New butterfly records for the United States (Hesperiidae & Libytheidae)

Pringle, Ernest L., 2002:
New butterfly reserve at Coega, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Klots, A.B., 1940:
New butterfly subspecies from Wyoming (Nymphalidae, Pieridae)

Fisher, W.S., 1936:
New cactus beetle from Argentine Republic (Curambycidae)

Fisher, W.S., 1926:
New cactus beetles

Fisher, W.S., 1931:
New cactus beetles, III

Fisher, W.S., 1928:
New cactus beetles. II

Cibaite, G., 2003:
New caddis fly (Trichoptera) species recorded in Lithuania in 1991-2002

Anonymous, 2007 :
New cadinane-type sesquiterpenes from the roots of Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata

Maclean, M.J.; Brinkworth, C.S.; Bilusich, D.; Bowie, J.H.; Doyle, J.R.; Llewellyn, L.E.; Tyler, M.J., 2006:
New caerin antibiotic peptides from the skin secretion of the Dainty Green Tree Frog Litoria gracilenta. Identification using positive and negative ion electrospray mass spectrometry

Ouyang, M-An.; Zhou, J-Nin.; Wang, S-Bin., 2008:
New caffeoyl derivatives from the leaves of Davidia involucrata

Fernando Allan Gil S.; Okada Hisatake, 2007:
New calcareous nannofossil species from the Cretaceous Budden Canyon Formation, Great Valley Sequence, Northern California (USA)

Echaurren J.C., 2007:
New calculations and mathematical refinements for impact conditions on Argyre Planitia, Mars

T.H.G.een; E.H.H.uri; G.A.G.etani;, 2006:
New calculations on water storage in the upper mantle, and implications for mantle melting models

Sasao, K.; Habe, T., 1973:
New calliostomid species from off Torishima, 580 km. south of Tokyo, Japan

Guha Asit K.; Gopikrishna K., 2007:
New calloporid (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) species from Tertiary sequences of western Kachchh, Gujarat

Kazantsev, S., 2002:
New cantharid genus from North America and Far East Asia (Coleoptera: Cantharidae)

Pradeep K.A.garwal; Oleg Alduchov; Luis Araguás Araguás; Shawan Dogramaci; Gernot Katzlberger; Karel Kriz; Kshitij M.K.lkarni; Türker Kurttas; Brent D.N.wman; Alexander Purcher, 2007:
New capabilities for studies using isotopes in the water cycle

L.D.; Ling Hongfei; Chen Yongquan; Pan Jiayong; Jiang Shaoyong; Feng Hongzhen, 2007:
New carbon isotope stratigraphy of an old section in southwest China; implications for placement of PC-C boundary on Yangtze Platform

Bannikov, Alexandre F., 2005:
New cardinalfishes (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from the Eocene of Bolca, northern Italy

Danelian, FD.; Ha y kazian, AK., 1974:
New case of embrional deformity for parthenogenetic species of rock lizard Lacerta armeniaca

Anikin, V V., 2002:
New casebearer species of the tribe Casignetellini from European Russia and Armenia (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)

Ioff, I.G., 1953:
New cases of formation of species in fleas follow-ing a change of host. Dokl

Lubbock, Hr, 1976:
New cases of mimicry in marine fishes

Kalshoven, L.G.E., 1959:
New cases of synonymy in Indomalayan Scolytids

Blackler, A.W., 1968:
New cases of the Oxford nuclear marker in the South African Clawed Toad

Penczak, T., 1960:
New cases of variability of the stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus L

Wolfe, C., 1974:
New cassid recorded in Hawaii

Meschede M.; Barckhausen U.; Worm H.U., 1998:
New cause for abandoned spreading ridges discounts Galapagos origin for the Cocos Ridge

Ueno, Shun Ichi., 1959:
New cave Trechids from the eastern foot of the Suzuka mountain range, Japan

Loomis, H.F., 1943:
New cave and epigean millipeds of the United States, with notes on some established species

Loomis, H.F., 1943:
New cave and opigean millipeds of the U.S., with notes on some established species

Barr, T.C. jr., 1959:
New cave beetles (Carabidae, Trechini) from Tennessee and Kentucky

Muchmore, W.B., 1967:
New cave pseudoscorpions of the genus Apochthonius (Arachnida- Chelonethida)

Baciiinsky, G.A.; Chernysh, I.V., 1965:
New cave site of fossil vertebrates in the Ukranian Carpathians

Hubbell, T.H., 1938:
New cave-crickets from Yucatan with a review of the Pentacentrinae, and studies on the genus Amphiacusta (Orthoptera, Gryllidae)

Ueno, Shun Ichi, 1955:
New cave-dwelling Anchomenids of Japan

Ueno, S., 1952:
New cave-dwelling Trechids of Japan (Coleoptera, Harpalidae)

Ueno, S.I., 1956:
New cave-dwelling Trechids of Kurasawatrechus-group (Coleoptera, Harpalidae)

Valentine, J.Manson, 1931:
New cavernicole Carabidae of the subfamily Trechinae Jeannel

Moore, B.P., 1964:
New cavernicolous Carabidae (Coleoptera) from mainland Australia

Elliott, WR., 1976:
New cavernicolous Rhagidiidae from Idaho, Washington, and Utah (Prostigmata: Acari: Arachnida)

Vit, S.; Hlavac, P., 2005:
New cavernicolous ant-like beetle of the genus Euconnus (subg. Tetramelus) from Croatia (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae)

Causey, N.B., 1964:
New cavernicolous millipeds of the family Cambalidae (Cambalidea : Spirostreptida) from Texas (U.S.A.)

Lawrence, J.F., 1960:
New cavernicolous species of Agonum (Rhadine) from Texas (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Lawrence, R.F., 1964:
New cavernicolous spiders from South Africa

Muchmore, WB., 1974:
New cavernocolous species of Kleptochthonius from Virginia and West Virginia (Pseudoscorpionida, Chthonudae)

Kudo, S.; Takahashi, Y., 1973:
New cell types of the pancreatic islets in the crucian carp, Carassius carassius

Luganini, A.; Caposio, P.; Mondini, M.; Landolfo, S.; Gribaudo, G., 2009:
New cell-based indicator assays for the detection of human cytomegalovirus infection and screening of inhibitors of viral immediate-early 2 protein activity

Batten, L., 1977:
New census plots wanted

Kirkland James I.; Deblieux Donald D., 2007:
New centrosaurine ceratopsians from the Wahweap Formation, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, southern Utah

Xiao, D.; Deng, S.; Zeng, L., 2002:
New ceramides from the marine sponge Clathria fasciculate

Lakshmi, V.; Raghubir, R.; Gupta, P., 2008:
New ceramides from the sponge Cinachyra cavernosa

Anonymous, 1970:
New cestode Priapocephalus eschrichtii sp. n. (Tetrabothriidae) a parasite of grey whale (Eschrichtius gibbosus Erxleben, 1777) from the Chukotsk Sea

MaximoYa, A.P., 1966:
New cestode Retinometra oxyurae sp. nov. (Cestoda: Hymenalepididae) from the wild goose of Kasakhstan

Matevosyan, E.M.; Sailov, D.I., 1963:
New cestode of the grebe Tatria azerbaijanice nov

Maksimova, A.P., 1966:
New cestodes Retinometra oxyurae sp. nov. (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) from the wild goose of Kazakhstan

Sugonyaev, Y.S., 1969:
New chalcid species (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) parasitic on jumping plant lice and scale insects (Homoptera, Psylloidea, Coccoidea) from the deserts and wastelands of Soviet Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Brues, Charles T., 1907:
New chalcid-flies from Cape Colony

Girault, A.A., 1917:
New chalcid-flies from Maryland

Girault, A.A., 1917:
New chalcid-flies from Maryland. 2

E.Shazly Aley K., 2003:
New challenges facing small undergraduate departments and the role of faculty and administrators

Udovecz, G.; Popp, J.; Potori, N., 2008:
New challenges for Hungarian agriculture

Anonymous, 2007:
New challenges for environmental protection in terms of intensive animal production

Anonymous, 2007:
New challenges for milk in Brazil

Bouchemal, K., 2008:
New challenges for pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery systems characterization using isothermal titration calorimetry

Wang Zifa, 2005:
New challenges in earthquake hazard mitigation in China before 2020

Lehnert K.A.; Lenhardt C.; Langmuir C.H., 2002:
New challenges in sample-based data implementation

Prentice, A.M.; Gershwin, M.Eric.; Schaible, U.E.; Keusch, G.T.; Victora, C.G.; Gordon, J.I., 2008:
New challenges in studying nutrition-disease interactions in the developing world

Bertaco, V.A.; Carvalho, T.P., 2005:
New characid fish, Hemigrammus skolioplatus (Characiformes: Characidae) from Upper Rio Tapajos drainage, central Brazil

Riedl, R.; Rieger, R., 1972:
New characters observed on isolated jaws and basal plates of the family Gnathostomulidae (Gnathostomulida)

Chamberlin, R.V., 1915:
New chilopods from Mexico and the West Indies

Vaida Marioara; Seghedi Antoneta; Verniers Jacques; Veliciu Serban, 2004:
New chitinozoan assemblages for the Pridoli and Lochkovian of Moesia and palaeoacontinental considerations

Vandenbroucke, T.R.A.; Hennissen, J.; Zalasiewicz, J.A.; Verniers, J., 2008:
New chitinozoans from the historical type area of the Hirnantian Stage and additional key sections in the Wye Valley, Wales, UK

Dragiša Savi?; Goran Ana?kov; Pal Boža, 2008:
New chorological data for flora of the Pannonian region of Serbia

Quan-Fen Shi; Heng-Chang Wang; Xin-Wei Li; Ai-Ping Meng; Jian-Qiang Li, 2008:
New chromosome counts in Asarum s. l. (Aristolochiaceae) from China

Gorman, G.C., 1969:
New chromosome data for 12 species of lacertid lizards

Humphrey, D.G., 1959:
New chromosome number from the Order Caudata

Shirle, M.E.Pert, S.Lvan, M.S.De.L.Z Kare, R.Iz.R.Née H.F.Rtunato, L.Di.P.Ggio, 2008:
New chromosome reports in the subtribes Diocleinae and Glycininae (Phaseoleae: Papilionoideae: Fabaceae)

Yosida, T.H.; Imai, H.; Moriwaki, K.; Tsuchiya, K., 1970:
New chromosome types of the Black rat, Rattus rattus, collected in Oceania and F, hybrids between Japanese and Australian rats, Japan

Cascella Antonio; Dinares Turell Jaume, 2004:
New chronostratigraphic constraints for Upper Cretaceous platform deposits from the southern Pyrenees; preliminary calcareous nannofossil and magnetostratigraphic data

Morice, F.D., 1916:
New chrysids from Egypt and Algeria

Chen, S., 1974:
New chrysomelid beetles from West China

Korolevskaya, L.L., 1977:
New cicadids (Auchenorrhyncha, Typhlocybinae) for the fauna of Central Asia

Burgess, W.; Axelrod, IR., 1973:
New cichlids from Lake Malawi

D.Ferrato, A.M., 1966:
New cladocerans for the Argentine waters

M.S.ahjahan Kabir; Kathleen Engelbrecht; Rebecca Polanowski; Sarah M.K.ueger; Rachel Ignasiak; Marc Rott; William R.S.hwan; Mary E.S.emper; Kurt D.R.ed; David Sherman; James M.C.ok; Aaron Monte, 2008:
New classes of Gram-positive selective antibacterials: Inhibitors of MRSA and surrogates of the causative agents of anthrax and tuberculosis

Woodcock, H.M., 1920 :
New classification of Trypanosomes; a question of nomenelature

Radoman, P., 1974:
New classification of fresh and brackish water Prosobranchia from the Balkans and Asia Minor

Tang Zhongli; Yan Haiqing; Jiao Jiangang; L.X.aohu, 2005:
New classification of magmatic sulphide deposits in China and metallogenesis related to small intrusions

Corradetti, A.; Garnham, P.C.C.; Laird, M., 1963:
New classification of the avian malaria parasites

Yushchenko, AK., 1973:
New classification of the reserve territories of the Ukrainian SSR and protection of the animal world

Schaeffer, Charles., 1910:
New clavicorn Coleoptera

Kumagai, K., 1925:
New clearing methods which need no previous dehydration

Anonymous, 2008:
New climate conveyors

Briggs, J.C.; Link, G., 1963:
New clingfishes of the genus Lepadichthys from the Northern Indian Ocean and Red Sea (Pisces, Gobiesocidae)

Ruff Steve W.; Christensen Philip R., 2007:
New clues to the origin of TES surface type 2 material

Fitzgerald, PR., 1975:
New coccidia from the spiny dogfish shark (Squalus acanthias) and great sculpin (Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus)

Musayev, M.A.; Veisov, A.M., 1961:
New coccidia species of the genus Eimeria from Gricetulus migratorius Pallas, 1770

Aubry, M.P.erre; Kahn, A., 2007:
New coccolithophores from the deep photic zone: implications for evolutionary morphological convergence in the calcareous nannoplankton

Leschen, R.; Early, J., 2004:
New collection of Brounia thoracica (Coleoptera: Chelonariidae)

East, J.E.; Saunders, B.P.; Burling, D.; Boone, D.; Halligan, S.; Taylor, S.A., 2008:
New colonoscopic technology or back-to-basic techniques?

Smith, Maxwell., 1911:
New color varieties of Helix (Dentellaria) badia Fer

Christen, H.R., 1959:
New colorless Eugleninae

Stroganova, VK., 1973:
New colour aberrations of Cimbex femorata (L.) (Hym., Cimbicinae) from Siberia

Hnminski, S., 1963:
New colour mutation (ruby) in the Microtua arvalis (Pallas, 1779) and its inheritance

Focke, ES., 1976:
New colours and colour combinations in Discus

Stevenson, J., 1947:
New colours in furs; the results of selective breeding

Hollis, D., 1967:
New combinations affecting the genus Aiolopus (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) and a description of a related new genus and species from Australia

Gnezdilov, V.M., 2004:
New combinations and data on distribution for some Mediterranean Issidae (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea)

de Vaz-Imbassahy, T.ís Freitas; Costa, D.P.nheiro da, 2008:
New combinations and new synonyms in Pilotrichaceae (Bryophyta)

Raw, A., 2002:
New combinations and synonymies of leafcutter and mason bees of the Americas (Megachile, Hymenoptera, Megachilidae)

Ezzat, Y.M., 1960:
New combinations for two Egyptian mealybugs, with redescriptions (Homoptera: Coccoidea-Pseudococcidae)

Baltazar, C.R., 1963:
New combinations in some Indo-Australian Agathidinae and description of a new genus (Braconidae, Hymenoptera)

Anonymous, 2007:
New combinations in the genus Glandularia (Verbenaceace)

Forbes, R., 1955:
New comeback for the sturgeon

Pye, JD., 1975:
New commercial bat detectors. Bat

Bennett Scott A., 2008:
New commercial satellites lead to new exciting products

Anonymous, 2007:
New commercial standards for poultry products regulating food safety for eggs

Tschislenko, L.L., 1971:
New common forms of harpacticids (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from Possjet Bay of the Sea of Japan

Hancock, D., 1971:
New common murre colonies for British Colombia

Paulson, Dennis, 2004:
New common names for some North American Odonata

Anonymous, 2007:
New companies to commercialize IP: should you spinout or start-up?

Begeka, A.D., 1968:
New comparative-anatomical data on M. brachioradialis in mammals

Anonymous, 2006:
New competences in agriculture?

Okulitch Andrew V.; Lane Larry S., 2002:
New compilation map of the Central Foreland Project area; structural transitions in the northern foothills

Coudray, Y.; Quetier, F.; Guille, E., 1970:
New compilation of satellite DNA's

Nohara, M.; Nishida, M.; Nishikawa, T., 2005:
New complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of the lancelet Branchiostoma lanceolatum (Cephalochordata) and the identity of this species' sequences

Novozhilov, NI., 1953 :
New complex of bivalve Phyllopods in the Devonian of Karatan (Tchimkentsk Province, Kazakhskaya Republic

Lindsey, CC.; Franzin, WG., 1972:
New complexities in zoogeography and taxonomy of the pygmy whitefish (Prosopium coulteri)

Serge Michalet; Laëtitia Payen-Fattaccioli; Chantal Beney; Pascale Cégiéla; Christine Bayet; Gilbert Cartier; Diderot Noungoué-Tchamo; Etienne Tsamo; Anne-Marie Mariotte; Marie-Geneviève Dijoux-Franca, 2008:
New components including cyclopeptides from barks of Christiana africana DC. (Tiliaceae)

Lighthouse, D.V.; Buszczak, M.; Spradling, A.C., 2008:
New components of the Drosophila fusome suggest it plays novel roles in signaling and transport

Perevalov, A.A., 1970:
New composed element of blood of poisonous snakes

Gardoll S. J., 1997:
New computer techniques for integrating geochemical and structural data in a Geographic Information System (GIS)

Anonymous, 2008:
New computer-simulated excel-based software for analysis of techno-economic feasibility of dairy farming

Suster, P.M., 1946:
New con-tribution on the study of Tachinidae in Rumania

Nelson, L.S., 1965:
New concept in feeding techniques

Stenina N.G., 2005:
New concept of ore genesis; application to prospecting and exploitation

Sabe, I.; Mangoud, A., M.; Elalfy, Y.; Elsayed, M.; Shaaban, W.; Hafez, A.-Omar; El-Sherbin, G., T.; Morsy, A., T.A., 2008:
New concept of schistosomiasis lesions of urinary bladder versus development of bladder cancer

Knowles, R., 1926:
New conceptions in amoebiasis

Xu, X., 2006:
New concepts and approaches for drug discovery based on traditional Chinese medicine

Danti K., 1996:
New concepts for mineralisation at Olympic Dam

Bermant, G.; Lindburg, D.S., 1973:
New concepts in primate production. Report on the Battelle Seattle Research Center Conference, August 11-12, 1972

Gaemers, PAM., 1976:
New concepts in the evolution of the Gadidae (Vertebrata, Pisces), based on their otoliths. Mededelingen Wkgrp. Tert. Kwart

Sapero, James J., 1947:
New concepts in the treatment of relapsing malaria

Whittaker, R.H., 1970:
New concepts of kingdoms of organisms

Kay, A., 1957:
New concepts of molluscan systematics illustrated by a study of Cypraea caputserpentis

Anonymous, 2006:
New concepts on the pathogenesis of chronic Chagas cardiomyopathy: myocardial gene and protein expression profiles

Nelson, HK.; Duebbert, HF., 1973:
New concepts regarding the production of waterfowl and other game birds in areas of diversified agriculture

Heiman, El, 2005:
New conchological information on Blasicrura teres-like shells of the Hawaiian waters

Molin, V.A., 1964:
New conchostracans from the Ufimskian of the Mezen River

Komeza, N.; Germann, C., 2005:
New conclusions on the distribution of Onyxacalles portusveneris (Mayet, 1903) in France (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae)

Veillard, M., 1972:
New cone from Reunion

Narkiewicz Katarzyna; Malec Jan, 2005:
New conodont color alteration index data base

Ovnatanova, N.S., 1967:
New conodont species from the Domanik of the Volga-Uralian region

Orchard, Michael J., 2007:
New conodonts and zonation, Ladinian-Carnian boundary beds, British Columbia, Canada

Sweet, W.C., 1963:
New conodonts from Joins (Ordovician) Formation of Oklahoma by R. W. Harris

Lang, J.T., 1969:
New conservation legislation in the Republic of Ireland

Anonymous, 2006:
New considerations on dimorphism and aptychus in Gravesia Salfeld (Ammonoidea; Late Jurassic)

H.S.nmez; C.T.nusluoglu, 2008:
New considerations on the use of block punch index for predicting the uniaxial compressive strength of rock material

Hammoda, H.M.; Ela, M.A.Aboul.; El-Lakany, A.M.; El-Hanbali, O.; Zaki, C.S.; Ghazy, N.M., 2008:
New constituents of Artemisia monosperma Del

Mietto, P.; Buratti, N.; Cirilli, S. de Zanche, V.; Gianolla, P.; Manfrin, S.; Nicora, A.; Preto, N.; Rigo, M.; Roghi, G., 2007:
New constraints for the Ladinian-Carnian boundary in the southern Alps: suggestions for global correlations

Turner Simon; Handler Monica; Bindeman Ilya, 2007:
New constraints from Tonga-Kermadec on the origin of O-Hf-Os isotope signatures in oceanic arc lavas

Ehlers K.; Foster J.; Nutman A.P.; Giles D., 1996:
New constraints on Broken Hill geology and mineralisation

Rubie D.C.; Frost D.J., 2007:
New constraints on conditions of core formation and the light element content of the Earth's core

Anderson M.; Bennett R.; Matti J., 2004:
New constraints on models for time-variable displacement rates on the San Jacinto fault zone, Southern California

Cowie Patience A.; Whittaker Alexander C.; Attal Mikael; Roberts Gerald; Tucker Greg E.; Ganas Athanassios, 2008:
New constraints on sediment-flux-dependent river incision; implications for extracting tectonic signals from river profiles

Fiquet G.; Badro J.; Guyot F., 2004:
New constraints on the Earth's core chemical composition

Gallet Yves; Krystyn Leopold; Marcoux Jean; Besse Jean, 2007:
New constraints on the End-Triassic (upper Norian-Rhaetian) magnetostratigraphy

Muinos S.B.; Frank M.; Maden C.; Hein J.R.; van de Flierdt T.; Lebreiro S.M.; Gaspar L.; Monteiro J.H.; Halliday A.N., 2008:
New constraints on the Pb and Nd isotopic evolution of NE Atlantic water masses

Orue Etxebarria, X.; Bernaola, G.; Baceta, J.I.nacio; Angori, E.; Caballero, F.; Monechi, S.; Pujalte, V.; Dinares Turell, J.; Apellaniz, E.; Payros, A., 2004:
New constraints on the evolution of planktic foraminifers and calcareous nannofossils across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary interval: the Zumaia section revisited

Mohan G.; Ravi Kumar M., 2004:
New constraints on the evolution of the Deccan volcanic province, India

Magna Tomas; Wiechert Uwe; Halliday Alex N., 2006:
New constraints on the lithium isotope compositions of the Moon and terrestrial planets

Srinivasan Gopalan; Chaussidon Marc; Bischoff Addi, 2007:
New constraints on the origin of short-lived radioactive nuclides in the early solar system

Becker H.; Horan M.F.; Walker R.J.; Gao S.; Lorand J.P.; Rudnick R.L., 2004:
New constraints on the origin of the highly siderophile elements in the Earth's upper mantle

Hartnady C.; Calais E.; Ebinger C.; Nocquet J., 2004:
New constraints on the present-day kinematics of the East African Rift from GPS and earthquake slip vector data

Allen R.; Carter Andrew; Najman Y.; Bandopadhyay P.C.; Chapman H.J.; Bickle M.J.; Garzanti E.; Vezzoli G.; Ando S.; Foster G.L.; Gerring C., 2008:
New constraints on the sedimentation and uplift history of the Andaman-Nicobar accretionary prism, South Andaman Island

Guest Alice; Smrekar Suzanne E., 2007:
New constraints on the thermal and volatile evolution of Mars

Cai Minghai; Mao Jingwen; Liang Ting, 2005:
New constraints on the timing and origin of the Dachang tin-polymetallic deposit, Guangxi, China

Chin-W.C.en; Stéphane Rondenay; Dayanthie S.W.eraratne; David B.S.yder, 2007:
New constraints on the upper mantle structure of the Slave Craton from Rayleigh wave inversion

Fontaine, P.A., 1966:
New construction at Dallas Zoo

Vasiliu, G.D., 1938:
New contribu-tions to the fauna of the Plecoptera of Roumania

Skompski, S.; Slowanski, W., 1961:
New contribution to knowledge of Zoliborz interglaeial deposits in Warsaw

Juric, M., 1963:
New contribution to the knowledge of Paleozoic of the area of Sana River (N.W. Bosnia)

Mendes, Luis F., 2001:
New contribution to the knowledge of the central and eastern African thysanurans (Zygentoma: Ateluridae)

Cordiviola, E., 1966:
New contribution to the knowledge of the fishery biology of 'surubi' (Pseudoplatystoma coruscans) in the middle Parana River (Pisces, Siluriformes)

Alvarado, R., 1966:
New contribution to the knowledge of the histology of Fasciola hepatica

Bacescu, M.; Orghidan, TN., 1977:
New contribution to the knowledge of troglobian mysids of Cuba: Antromysis juberthiei n.sp

Matic, Z.; Golemanski, V., 1965:
New contribution to the study of Lithobiidae (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha) in Bulgaria

de Paiva, I., 1969:
New contribution to the study of copepods of the Cape Verde Archipelago

Paiva, I., 1971:
New contribution to the study of the copepods of the Cabo Verde Islands

Anonymous, 2007:
New contributions on parasitic fauna of sheep in extensive rainfed farms

Anonymous, 2005:
New contributions to study of the coleopteres epigees species from vineyard plantations

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New control methods for Ichthyophthirius in ponds

Anonymous., 1974:
New controls to protect fish stocks

Anonymous, 2008:
New cooperative economy and building grassland new pastoral area

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New copepods for the Ukraine : Parasienocaris brevipes and Epactophanes richardi

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New copepods from madreporarian corals

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New copopod (Scambicornis hamatus) parasitic on a Japanese Holothurian

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New counting chamber for the enumeration of Protozoa and other organisms

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Merrett, P., 1964:
New county records of British spiders, Part 2. Br

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New county records of British spiders, Part 3. Br

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New county records of British spiders, Part 4. Br

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New county records of freshwater Bryozoa, (Ectoprocta: Phylactolaemata) for Co Westmeath (H23)

Anonymous, 2007:
New county records of insects IV

Anonymous, 2007:
New cover crops mixtures for vineyard located in Montalcino's territory

Anonymous, 2007:
New covers to avoid losses of maize silage

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New crab spider (Araneae: Thomisidae) records for Turkey

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New crabs from hydrothermal vents of the Kermadec Ridge submarine volcanoes, New Zealand: Gandalfus gen. nov. (Bythograeidae) and Xenograpsus (Varunidae) (Decapoda: Brachyura)

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New crayfishes (Decapoda: Parastacidae: Euastacus) from northeastern New South Wales, Australia

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New crayfishes from Georgia (Decapoda, Astacidae)

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New crayfishes of the genus Procambarus from Alabama and Texas (Decapoda, Astacidae)

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New creatine kinase isoenzymes in birds. Distribution among avian orders, tissue-specific patterns and their appearance in ontogeny

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New cretaceous Textulariidae

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New cretaceous fossils from Brenton

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New cricket species from the Fiji Islands (Orthoptera: Grylloidea)

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New crinoid from the Gilmore City Formation, Lower Mississippian of Iowa

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New criteria for an intensity scale in Iran and surrounding counties

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New criteria for nature reserves

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New criteria for the differentiation of species within the Lithobiidae

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New criteria for the specific identification of female imagines of the European species of the genus Lestes Leach

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New criteria of the genesis of platinum group minerals in intergrowths with pyroxenes from zonal gabbro-pyroxenite-dunite massifs in the South Koryak Highland (Russia)

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New criterion for ascertaining sex in Oncopeltus fasciatus (Dallas)

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New criterion for sediment suspension and wind-speed proxy in planetary atmosphere

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New crossopterygian material from the Late Paleozoic of southeastern Utah

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New crustacea from the Swan River estuary

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New crustaceans from the Lockatong of the Newark series

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New cryptostomatous Bryozoans from the Ordovician of Estonia

Anonymous, 2007:
New cultivar 'En Wuye Mi' of Gynostemma

Anonymous, 2007:
New cultivar of netted muskmelon 'Bilong'

Anonymous, 2008:
New cultivars of watermelon without pips, of reduced diameter and mini-watermelons

Anonymous, 2008:
New cultivation strategies for terrestrial microorganisms

David Conradson; Eric Pawson, 2009:
New cultural economies of marginality: revisiting the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

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New culture medium for Leishmania tropica

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New cupedid beetles from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain and the palaeogeography of the family

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New cupedids from the Middle Jurassic of Inner Mongolia, China (Coleoptera: Archostemata)

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New cut-off criterion for uninformative variable elimination in multivariate calibration of near-infrared spectra for the determination of heroin in illicit street drugs

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New cyclopoid copepods associated with the alcyonarian coral Tubipora musica (Linnaeus) in Madagascar

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New cyclopoid copepods associated with the coral Psammocera contigua (Esper) in Madagascar

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New cyclopoid copepods associated with the ophiuroid Amphioplus on the eastern coast of the United States. Transactions Am. micros

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New cyclopoid copepods associated with the ophiuroid genus Amphioplus on the eastern coast of the United States. Transactions Am. microsc

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New cynipids (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea) from USSR and neighbouring countries

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New cypraeacean species (Mollusca: Gastropoda)

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New cyprinid fishes of the genus Rasbora from Borneo and Bunguran Islands

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New cystiphyllids (Rugosa) from the Silurian of the Arctic Urals and the Chernyshev Ridge

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New cytherids (Ostracoda) from continental Mesozoic of Asia

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New cytotoxic bicyclic hexapeptides, RA-XXIII and RA-XXIV, from Rubia cordifolia L

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New cytotoxic diarylheptanoids from the rhizomes of Alpinia officinarum

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New cytotoxic saturated and unsaturated cyclohexanones from Anthemis maritima

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New darkling beetles of the tribe Akidini (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

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New dasycladalean algae from the Middle Norian (Upper Triassic) of northern Italy (Mt. Pramaggiore, Carnic Prealps)

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New data about Heterocera of Tuscan Archipelago (Insecta, Lepidoptera)

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New data about Inoceramus azerbaidjanensis

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New data about Salpingotus heptneri

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New data about bicoloured white-toothed shrew (Crocidura leucodon Herm.) in Belarus

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New data about carpenter moths of China (Lepidoptera, Cossidae)

Anonymous., 2005:
New data about distribution of Coronella austriaca (Reptilia, Colubridae) in Kyiv area

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New data about distribution of foraminifers in the Upper Devonian limestones from the central part of the West Siberian plate

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New data about genus Ancyrocephaloides Yamaguti 1938 (Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalinae), 69-73, illust

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New data about great bustard Otis tarda dybowskii in basin of the Onon River (Russia and Mongolia)

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New data about helminthofauna of the Black Sea red-lipped mullet Liza haematocheila (Pisces: Mugilidae)

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New data about hybridization between Vipera nikolskii Vedmederya, Grubant & Rudaeva, 1986 and Vipera berus berus (Linnaeus, 1758) and their contact zones in Ukraine

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New data about infestation of Neogobius melanostomus (Pisces: Gobiidae) with muscle parasite Kudoa nova (Myxosporea: Kudoidae) in the Sea of Azov

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New data about microfacies and stratigraphy of the Late Jurassic Aj-Petri carbonate buildup (SW Crimea Mountains, S Ukraine)

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New data about nematodes of the Black Sea golden grey mullet Liza aurata (Pisces: Mugilidae)

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New data about paleontological characteristic of Middle Jurassic of Precarpathian

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New data about rare and insufficiently known birds of central Ukraine

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New data about rare and unnumerous birds of the Crimea (materials of expeditions in 2004)

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New data about seasonal variations of the north-south asymmetry of polarized light of Jupiter

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New data about some species of Madreporarian corals of the genus Flabellum.

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New data about the Paleozoic Formations and their significance in the northwestern minor Khingan

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New data about the age of Inoceramus, belonging to the group Retrorsus keys

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New data about the ammonite genus Pseudolioceras Buckman, 1889 (Harpoceratinae, Ammonitina) from the Toarcian of the Balkan Mountains (Bulgaria)

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New data about the biozone of Pseudopecten aequivalvis (J. Sowerby)

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New data about the composition of Alay suite in the Tadgic Depression and Gissaro-Serav-shan mountain system (Middle Asia)

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New data about the distribution of Phoxinellus alepidotus (Heckel, 1843) and Aulopyge huegelii (Heckel, 1841)

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New data about the ecology of Terpsiphone paradisi

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New data about the holostratotype of the Babino formation (Middle Triassic)

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New data about the mayflies (Ephemeroptera) from Borneo

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New data about the nesting of the penduline tit Remiz pendulinus (L.) in Latvia

Kalaber, L., 1970 :
New data about the nestling of the Tichodroma muraria in our country

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New data about the ornithofauna of Podolia

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New data about the species Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl, 1818 in Romania

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New data about the stratigraphy of the Paleogene in Central North Bulgaria

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New data about the structure of the anomalous magnetic field in the central part of the Kuril-Kamchatka island arc

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New data about the volume and the age of effusive-pyroclastic and tuff-sedimentary formations of the peninsula of Kronotsk

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New data about timing of migration and numbers of the nightingale in area of the town Alushta (the Crimea)

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New data and four new species of Aleocharinae from Madagascar. Fauna of Madagascr 89, Supplement IV (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

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New data and interpretation of the Jurassic deposit of dinosaur traces in La Griega beach, Colunga, Asturias

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New data and interpretations of crinoid-platyceratid interaction

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New data and new questions for Crested Auklet research

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New data and nomenclatural notes on the Tephritidae (Diptera) of Far East Russia. II

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New data and species in Simuliidae

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New data and species of Agathidiini (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) from China

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New data cast doubt on age of conodonts in the Cameroons

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New data characterizing the ecological and physiological specifics of Arctic Amphibia

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New data concerning Siphonaptera of Austria

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New data concerning Styringotnyia (Diptera, Tipulidae)

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New data concerning Thaumatoxena Breddin & Borner (Diptera, Phoridae)

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New data concerning host-parasite relationships observed in parasitic infections in Ciconia nigra L

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New data concerning mammals of Istria

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New data concerning of Tournai sediment stratigraphy in western Tataria

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New data concerning reservoir hosts of the nematode Gnathostoma hispidum (Nematoda, Gnathostomatidae)

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New data concerning stratigraphy of the Albian deposits of the Medveditz river basin

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New data concerning the Pseudosuchia of the U.S.S.R

Cotta, V., 1969:
New data concerning the Romanian stag

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New data concerning the Valul-lui-Traian micromammal and bird fauna in the winters of 1957/1958 - 1961/1962, according to Asio otus (L.) pellets

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New data concerning the age of Lower Carboniferous strata in the central part of the North Caucasus

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New data concerning the area of distribution of Succinea elegans Risso (Gastropode. Pulmonate Stylommatophore)

Kormos, K., 1960:
New data concerning the biology of Urnula

Margulis, R.; Ya., 1977:
New data concerning the colony structure in Erenna richardi (Physophorae, Agalmidae)

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New data concerning the distribution of the argali Ovis ammon severtzovi (Artio-dactyla, Caprinae) in Kysylkumy

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New data concerning the eupithecid fauna of Hungary (Lep., Geometridae)

Kelemen, A., 1968:
New data concerning the expansion of the green canary (Serinus canaria serinus L.) in Romania

Tatarinov, L.P., 1966:
New data concerning the formation of an accessory mandibular articulation of mammalian type in the Pteriodonta

Gershenson, S., 1933:
New data concerning the genetically-inert region of the X-chromosome in D. melanogaster

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New data concerning the genus Molobratia Hull (Diptera. Asilidae)

Krivolutskaya N.A.; Sobolev A.V.; Mikhailiov V.N.; Svirskaya N.M., 2007:
New data concerning the high-Mg rocks of the Siberian trap formation in the Noril'sk region

Kotikova, Ea, 1973:
New data concerning the nervous system of Archiannelida

Dulic, B., 1965:
New data concerning the occurrence of Apodemus mystacinus epimelas (Nehring, 1962) (Mammalia, Rodentia) in Yugoslavia

Barkhatova, N.N.; Il'ina, A.P.; Razmyslova, S.S., 1970:
New data concerning the presence of nummulitic zones of Northern Nummulitic Province in Eocene sediments of the near-Caspian depression

Krimholz, G.J.; Tazikhin, N.N., 1957:
New data concerning the stratigraphy of Jurassic deposits of the Viluy syneclyse

Simionescu, V., 1977:
New data concerning the variability of Crocidura suaveo/ens Pallas 1811, in Romania

Whitehead, P.J.P., 1964:
New data extending the range of the bipolar antitropical anchovy genus Engraulis into the tropics

Vit, Stanislav., 2004:
New data for Scydmaenus (Trapezoscydmaenus) from Madagascar with description of two new species (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae)

Scarlato, OA.; Starobogatov, YuI., 1975:
New data for constructing the system of Bivalvia

Osorio Roberto; Cisternas Maria Eugenia; Diaz Leonardo, 1982:
New data for dating the Lonquimay Formation

Evans Curtis, 2007:
New data for new resource types; CBM data for splitting commingled production

Negrobov, O P.; Maslova, OO.; Selivanova, OV., 2006:
New data for some species of the genus Diaphorus Meigen (Diptera, Dolichopodidae) in the fauna of Russia and Central Asia

Logunov, D., 2005:
New data for spiders and harvestman from Scotland

Anonymous, 1904:
New data for the classification of the Thelyphonidoe (Pedipalpi)

Anonymous, 1971:
New data for the comparison of the karyotype of the anthropoid apes with that of man.104 109, 1 fig., 2 pls

Sakalian, V., 2003:
New data for the description of jewel beetles (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in Turkey

Selin, Y.I., 1962:
New data for the faunistic characterization of the upper Eocene deposits of the Molochnaya River head, Dopov

Capuse, I., 1960:
New data for the knowledge of the Lepidoptera of the region Baile Herculane-Orsova.

Mackk, J., 1971:
New data for the study of zoocecidia in Slovenia

Ischenko, II, 2001:
New data from Upper Cretaceous Cancellothyrididae (Brachiopoda, Terebratulida) of Ukraine

Colten, R.H.; Hill, A., 2006:
New data from museum collections: Moustian mammals from La Quina in the Peabody Museum of Natural History

Bakeev, N.N.; Skalon, O.I.; Chugunov, Y.D., 1957:
New data in distribution and ecology of the Slender-Billed Gull (Larus genei Br.)

Boldur, C.; Stilla, A.; Iavorschi, M.; Dumitru, I., 1970:
New data in knowledge related to stratigraphy and tectonics of the Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, north of the Olanesti area (South Carpathians)

Portnaja, V.L., 1966:
New data in structure and distribution of Discocyclina shell and methods of study

Anonymous, 1950:
New data in the study of biological action of the ultra sound waves

Olsuf'ev, N.G., 1945:
New data in the study of the ecology and patho-genic importance of the tick, Derma-centor pictus Herm

Kovacs, T.; Andras, A., 2004:
New data of Brachyptera braueri (Klapalek, 1900) (Plecoptera: Taeniopterygidae) from Hungary

Zhang, S.; Jiang, L.; Feng, D.; Li, Q.; Li, X.; Sun, Z., 2005:
New data of Early Triassic conodonts in the Zishisang area, southern Qiangtang, northern Tibet, China

Zernetsky, B.; Digas, L., 2004:
New data of Lower Eocene Nummulites findines in south-western part of Precaspian Depression

Yakovlev, R.V.; Doroshkin, V.V., 2004:
New data of Macrolepidoptera for the fauna of Mongolia, II (Insecta, Lepidoptera)

Chen, Li-de., 2002:
New data of Middle-Late Triassic elasmobranch ichthyoliths from Falang Formation in Guanling, Guizhou

Karaman, G.S.; Karaman, M.G., 2005:
New data of Myrmecofauna (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Montenegro (Serbia & Montenegro)

Szent-Ivany, J., 1939:
New data of Pyralidae of the Carpathian's Basin

Zhu, T.; Li, Z.; Li, C.; Feng, X.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, H.; Lin, S.; Zeng, Q., 2005:
New data of Triassic strata in the Shuanghu area, northern Tibet, China

Karyakin, I.; Rybenko, A.; Nikolenko, E., 2005:
New data of distribution and number of some birds of prey and owls on the right bank of the Ob River in the Novosibirsk District

Tolkanitz, VI.; Narolsky, NB.; Perkovsky, EE., 2005:
New data of fossil ichneumon wasp Pherhombus dolini (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pherhombinae) from Rovno and Bitterfeld amber

Anonymous, 2008:
New data of genus Oxytropis plants in Xinjiang, China

Hanov, R.A.; Volkova, AV., 2005:
New data of nesting the peregrine falcon in Tatarstan Republic, Russia

Lebedeva, NV.; Lebedev, VD.; Melekhina, EN., 2006:
New data of oribatid mite (Oribatei) fauna of the Spitsbergen

Veselov, A.A., 1963:
New data of the Oligocene age of the zone of sand foraminifers of the Black Sea area depression

Lyubarsky, GY., 2004:
New data of the Phalacridae (Coleoptera) from Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia

G.D.Elía; Agustina A.O.eda; F.M.ndaca; M.H.G.llardo, 2006:
New data of the long-clawed mouse Pearsonomys annectens (Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae) and additional comments on the distinctiveness of Pearsonomys

Khvir, VI., 2002:
New data of the sexual and building behavior of the males in digger wasps Bembix rostrata (Sphecidae, Hymenoptera) from Belarus

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New data on Therangospodus oncalensis from the Berriasian Fuentesalvo tracksite (Villar del Rio, Soria, Spain): an example of gregarious behaviour in theropod dinosaurs

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New data on Tournaisian stratigraphy of Tataria

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New data on Tremellia (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Phaloriinae)

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New data on Tunguska Syneclise territory mapping based on geophysical methods effictiveness

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New data on Tupilakosaurus

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New data on Ukrainian Oligaphorurini (Collembola: Onychiuridae) with description of three new species of Micraphorura Bagnall, 1949

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New data on Ulemosaurus

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New data on Upper Cretaceous in the western part of the North-Sudetic trough

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New data on Upper Eocene and Oligocene deposits of the Tbilisi environs

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New data on Upper Kimmeridgian-Tithonian biostratigraphy and ammonites of the eastern Crimea

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New data on Upper Permian stratigraphy of Primor'ye (Maritime Region)

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New data on a sand-shuttling, eye-popping lizard

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New data on a structure of the Khabarovsk terrane on the Jurassic Accretionary Prism (Sikhote-Alin)

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New data on abundance and distribution of the Persian toadheaded lizard in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary, Armenia

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New data on acoustic communication of grasshoppers of the genera Omocestus Bol. and Myrmeleotettix Bol. (Orthoptera, Acrididae) from southern European Russia and their taxonomic importance

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Anonymous, 2006:
New data on ammonites and stratigraphy of the Upper Kimmeridgian and Lower Volgian (Upper Jurassic) of the middle Volga Region (Russia)

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New data on archaeocyathi of the eastern slope of the Urals

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New data on areals of some poplar gall -aphids (Homoptera, Pemphigidae) of Tadjikistan

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New data on avifauna of Southern Sakhalin

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New data on bats hibernating in underground sites in Vilnius, Lithuania

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New data on bids of central districts of Yakutia

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New data on biogeography, classification and phylogeny of Physidae (Gastropoda: Hygrophila)

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New data on biology of the Chaffinch in the Gorky region

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New data on biology of the Ibis-bill Ibidorhyncha struthersi Vig. in Kirghiz.S.S.R

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New data on biostratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Cambrian series in the northeastern Siberian Platform (section of the Khorbosuonka River, Olenek uplift)

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New data on biostratigraphy of upper Paleozoic sedimentation of the Tereskenskiy Block (northeastern Ustyurt)

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New data on birds distribution in the Middle Siberia

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New data on birds in the Kanin Peninsula

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New data on birds of southern Turkmenia

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New data on birds of the Baikal region

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New data on birds of the Eastern Pamirs

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New data on birds of the Krasnoyarsk region

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New data on birds of the Lower Amur

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New data on birds of the Primorye Territory

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New data on birds of the West Kazakhstan

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New data on birds of the lower course of the Emba river and adjoining desert

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New data on blood parasites of birds in Tadzhikistan

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New data on blood parasites of reptiles

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New data on breeding biology of the Himalayan Eagle-owl (Bubo bubo hemachalanus Hume) in Tian Shan

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New data on breeding of alpine chough Pyrrhocorax graculus in caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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New data on bristletails of the familly Machilidae (Thysanura) from the Altai

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New data on caddisflies (Trichoptera) from Sakhalin Island

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New data on calcareous nannofossils from the Pliocene of the Tyrrhenian Basin site 132 DSDP, Leg 3. Rivista ital

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New data on chalk of the southern part of Sevanokurdistan Zone (Small Caucasus)

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New data on chameleon flies of the subfamily Pachygasterinae (Diptera. Stratyiomyiidae) of the Soviet Union

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New data on chromosomes from murid rodents of Benin - the karyotype of Myomys derooi

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New data on cicada fauna (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha) from Kharkov region. Visnyk Kharkiv

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New data on cistern catfish, Phreatobius cisternarum, from subterranean waters at the mouth of the Amazon River (Siluriformes, Incertae Sedis)

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New data on classification of late Cretaceous Turritellidae.

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New data on coal seam splits in the Lvov-Volyn Basin

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New data on corals of the genus Neomultithecopora from the Lower Carboniferous of Novaya Zemlya

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New data on correlation of Permian profiles of the North Pamirs

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New data on cricket fauna in Uzbekhistan.

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New data on crickets and pigmy mole crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllodea and Tridactylodea) in Armenia

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New data on decapods of Bering Sea

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New data on deep-water fishes of the Bering Sea

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New data on diamond potential of the central Russian aulacogen system

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New data on distribution and biology of the birds of N.W. Yakuriya (the Anabar river)

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New data on distribution and bionomics of Pseudochazara euxina (Lepidoptera, Satyridae)

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New data on distribution and ecology of seven species of Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae)

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New data on distribution and migrations of walleye pollock in the Pacific waters adjacent to the north Kuril Islands and south-east Kamchatka

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New data on distribution and systematic of Cossidae (Lepidoptera) of Europe and adjacent territories

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New data on distribution and taxonomy of the Orthoptera from Caucasus. 1. Stenopelmatoidea and Tettigonioidea

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New data on distribution of Bats of U.S.S.R

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New data on distribution of Cambrian deposits in Dzhagdy Mountain ridge (the territory of Khabarovsk)

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New data on distribution of Kimeridgian deposits on the left bank of lower Dnieper

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New data on distribution of Ostracods in the deposits of Zhivetz layer

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New data on distribution of Oulema duftschmidi (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Criocerinae) on territory of Ukraine

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New data on distribution of Paraechinus hypomelas in the East Caspian Territory

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New data on distribution of Sorex tsherskii Ogn

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New data on distribution of amphibians and reptiles in the Aral Sea Basin and surrounding areas of Kazakhstan. Part I. the green toads of Bufo viridis complex (Amphibia: Anura)

Dujsebayeva, Tatyana N., 2006:
New data on distribution of amphibians and reptiles int he Aral Sea basin and surrounding areas of Kazakhstan. Part II. The snakes (Reptilia: Squamata: Serpentes)

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New data on distribution of birds at the Onega Peninsula

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New data on distribution of birds in the Enisseyan taiga (The second contribution)

Syroechkovski, E.E.; Roga cheva, E.V., 1958:
New data on distribution of certain birds in the Yenisseian taiga

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New data on distribution of some Passeriformes in the Caucasus

Stepanyan, L.S., 1958:
New data on distribution of some birds in Tian-Shan

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New data on distribution of some birds in Turkmenia

Meklenburteev, R.N., 1962:
New data on distribution of some birds in the mountains of the Middle Asia (=Russian Turkestan)

Sharonov, A.D., 1954:
New data on distribution of some species of birds in western Siberia

Danielyan, F.D., 1967:
New data on distribution of some subspecies of Lacerta saxicola Eversmann in Armenia

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New data on distribution of some vertebrate animals in Karabil (south-eastern Turkmenia)

Kukushkin, JV., 2002:
New data on distribution of the Haploembia solierii (Embioptera, Oligotomidae) in Crimea

Korotkov, Y.M., 1967:
New data on distribution of the Japanese snake and common adder in the Far East

Anonymous, 2007:
New data on distribution of the Upper Lena form of grayling (Thymallidae) in the Lake Baikal drainage and on its taxonomic status

Butjev, V.T., 1967:
New data on distribution of the short-toed tree creeper Certhia brachydactyla Brehm in the Caucasus

Pinchuk, V.I.; Permitin, Y.E., 1970:
New data on dogfish sharks of the family Squalidae in the Southeastern Atlantic

Shtil'mark, F.R., 1963:
New data on ecology of Apodemus mystacinus and Ochotona hyperborea in the Sayan taiga

Ulomski, S.N., 1953:
New data on ecology of some Copepods, Meso-cyclops leuckarti (Claus), 1857

Stepanyan, L.S., 1966:
New data on ecology of the Red-capped Falcon (Falco peregrinus babylonicus Scater)

Perfil'ev, V.I., 1963:
New data on ecology of the White Crane

García-Montero, L.G.; Di Massimo, G.; Manjón, Jé.L.; García-Abril, A., 2008:
New data on ectomycorrhizae and soils of the Chinese truffles Tuber pseudoexcavatum and Tuber indicum, and their impact on truffle cultivation

Shaposhnikov, L.V., 1939:
New data on establishment of Nutria in the U.S.S.R

Konstantinov, AG.; Sobolev, ES.; Klets, TV., 2003:
New data on fauna and biostratigraphy of Norian deposits in the Kotelnyi Island (New Siberian Islands)

Narchuk, EP., 1974:
New data on fauna of Chloropidae of the Mongolian People's Republic

Kasparson, G.R., 1963:
New data on feeding habits of the birds of prey in the Latvian SSRJ

Mitropolsky, V.I., 1970:
New data on feeding of Sphaeriidae

Drozdov, N.N., 1971:
New data on findings of the fareastern skink Eumeces latiscutatus Hallowell, 1860 (Reptilia, Scincidae) in the Primor'e

Kulikov, M., 1964:
New data on fish-fauna of Komander Islands

Piroshnikov, P.L., 1947:
New data on fishes of Laptev Sea

Trunov, IA.; Kukuev, EI., 2005:
New data on fishes of the family Trachipteridae and Regalecidae (Trachipteroidei) of the Argentina trench (Southwestern Atlantic)

Telkova, L.A., 1964:
New data on food seizing in the genus Rhynchomonas (Flagellatae)

Ciobann, M., 1967:
New data on fossil fish in the Oligocene of the Piatra Neamt area

D.Franco, Francesca., 2002:
New data on four little-known species of the genus Zelotes Gistel, 1848 (Araneae, Gnaphosidae)

Richter, V.A., 1969:
New data on fruit-flies (Diptera, Trypetidae) of the Soviet far east

Berezovikov, NN., 2005:
New data on game mammals on Kustanai region

Tchernyavsky, F.B., 1967 :
New data on geographic variability of the Siberian lemming, Lemmus sibiricus (Kerr, 1792) within the limits of Polearctics

Nekrutenko, YuP.; Didmanidze, EA., 1975:
New data on geographic varition of ultraviolet reflectance pattern in Gonepteryx rhamni L. (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) in the Caucasus

Spangenberg, E.P.; Leono vich, V.V., 1958:
New data on geographical distribution and biology of birds of the Eastern coast of the White Sea

Akimushkin, I.I., 1954:
New data on geographical distribution of Cephalopods in Far-Eastern seas

Orlova, V.F., 1971:
New data on geographical distribution of Pelodytes caucasicus Boulenger (Amphibia, Salientia)

S.G.K.valev; I.V.V.sotskii, 2008:
New data on geology of the Shatak Complex (western slope of the Southern Urals)

Dzvelaya, M.F.; Maglaperidze, KS., 1954:
New data on guriisk layers of Western Gruzia

Sugrobov V.M.; Smirnov Y.V.; Prol R.M.; Bondarenko V.I.; Gorshkov A.P.; Flores E.L.; Juarez G.M.; Gavrilov V.A.; Nedopeykin L.N.; Akimov G.A.; Rashidov V.A., 1989:
New data on heat flow in the vicinity of Middle American Trench

Rustamov, AK.; Atayev, C., 1976:
New data on herpetofauna of Turkmenistan

Gorodkov, K.B., 1967:
New data on high altitude Scatophagidae (Diptera) from the Asiatic part of the USSR

Terterian, AE., 1977:
New data on horse fly systematics (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Korniychuk, JuM., 2004:
New data on host specificity of the trematode Phyllodistomum acceptum Looss, 1901 in the Black Sea

Vujic, A.A.; Simic, S.D.; Radenkovic, S.R., 2003:
New data on hoverflies diversity (Insecta: Diptera: Syrphidae) on the Fruska Gora Mountain (Serbia)

Kryukov, A V., 2006:
New data on imago life duration of non-synanthropic darkling beetles (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) under laboratory conditions

Andreev, VP.; Shcherbina, AA., 1976:
New data on importance of polyspecies colonies of Kara-Bogaz as natural arbovirus foci

Agamaliev, FG.; Suleimanova, IA., 2004:
New data on infusorian fauna of microbenthos from the northern Absheron Bay and adjacent islands of the Caspian Sea

Bauer, O.N.Nikolskaya, N.P., 1954:
New data on intermediate hosts of the parasites of Coregonus lavaretus ladogae

Zakharov, Yuri D.; Smyshlyaeva, Olga P.; Shigeta, Yasunari; Popov, Alexander M.; Zonova, Tatiana D., 2006:
New data on isotopic composition of Jurassic-Early Cretaceous cephalopods

Komnenov, Marjan, 2006:
New data on jumping spiders in the Republic of Macedonia with a complete checklist (Araneae: Salticidae)

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