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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23123

Chapter 23123 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

McCoy, C.J.; Durden, C.J., 1965:
New distribution records of amphibians and reptiles in Eastern Canada

James, Cm, 1976:
New distribution records of species of the sub-family Asteropinae (Ostracoda) from Indian seas

Okada, T., 1976:
New distribution records of the drosophilids in the Oriental region

Brinton, E.P.; Kohls, G.M., 1963:
New distributional and host data for the tick Dermacentor hunteri Bishopp

Williamson, F.S.L.; Peyton, L.J.; Isleeb, M.E., 1965:
New distributional and overwintering records of birds from south-central Alaska

Neame, G.B., 1968:
New distributional data

Hava, J.; Votruba, P., 2005:
New distributional data about Dermestidae (Coleoptera) and description of a new species from Sudan

Hava, J., 2005:
New distributional data about Dermestidae (Coleoptera) with descriptions of two new species, synonymy and lectotype designations

Gruev, Blagoy, A., 2002:
New distributional data about some leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae: Eumolpinae, Chrysomelinae, Alticinae, Hispinae, Cassidinae) in the Balkan Peninsula

Papapavlou, K P., 2005:
New distributional data on the Orthoptera (Saltatoria) of the northern Dodecanese (southern Sporadhes) Archipelago, Greece

Gatt, P., 2006:
New distributional data on the Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) of Italy with three additions to the Italian list

Lockhart, P.S., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. African finfoot Podica senegalensis

Cooper, J.; Marshall, B.E., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Crowned eagle Stephanoaetus coronatus

Niven, P.N.F., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Goliath heron Ardea goliath, Spur-winged goose Plectropterus gambensis

Brown, D.M.V., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Greater kestrel Falco rupicoloides, House sparrow Passer domesticus, Yellow-eye canary Serinus mozambicus

Campbell, N.A., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Lesser gallinule Porphyrio alleni

Winterbottom, J.M., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Lesser honeyguide Indicator minor

Fraser, W., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Little egret Egretta garzetta, Grey heron Ardea cinerea, Chestnut-banded sandplover Charadrius pallidus, Scops owl Otus scops, Grey penduline tit Anthoscopus cardi, Heuglin's robin Cossypha heuglini. Long-tailed starling Lamprotornis mevesii and Red-billed oxpecker Buphagus erythrorhynchus

Edwards, K.Z., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Saddle-billed stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

Thompson, W.R., 1969:
New distributional data: 2. Taita falcon Falco fasciinucha

Anonymous., 1973:
New distributional data: 4

Anonymous., 1974:
New distributional data: 5

Anonymous., 1975:
New distributional data: 6

Beesley, JSS.; Shaughnessy, PD.; Stuart, CT.; Stuart, P.; Mills, MGL.; Lockhart, PS.; Milstein, P.S.; Schmitt, MB.; Baur, S.; Gerhart, JD.; Winterbottom, JM.; Blake, E.; Bennett, G.; Robson, NF.; Sinclair, JC.; Trevor, SM.; Milewski, A.; Every, B.; Kuhn, JT., 1976:
New distributional data: 7

Downing, C., 2005:
New distributional information for some Colombian birds, with a new species for South America

Gangloff, M.M.; Folkerts, G.W., 2006:
New distributional record for Simpsonaias ambigua (Say) (Salamander mussel; Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the Duck River, central Tennessee

Heinz, M.; Schmidt, V.; Schaefer, M., 2005:
New distributional record for the Jocotoco Antpitta Grallaria ridgelyi in south Ecuador

Cheatum, E.P., 1934:
New Distributional Record For The Medusa Craspedacusta

Baba, K., 1974:
New distributional record of Aegires punctilucens (d'Orbigny, 1837) from Sado Island, Japan. (Gastropoda: Doridoidea: Aegiretidae)

Mukherjee, A.K., 1977:
New distributional record of Micrencaustes liturata (Macleay) from Andaman Islands

Talukdar, SK., 1977:
New distributional record of Russell's viper, Vipera russelli (Shaw) (Reptilia : Serpentes :: Viperidae) from Assam

Datta, M.; Dey, RK.; Paul, AK.; Pal, TK., 1974:
New distributional record of Simulium (Eusimulium) aureohirtum Brunetti (Diptera: Simuliidae) from the Darjeeling area, West Bengal

Morey, N.M.; Berry, C.R.; Jr., 2004:
New distributional record of the northern redbelly dace in the northern Great Plains

Tremouilles, E.R.; Torres, P.L.; Michat, M.C., 2004:
New distributional records and comment for the species of the genus Queda (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

Calderon-Mandujano, R.; Mora-Tembre, L., 2004:
New distributional records and comments on amphibians and reptiles from Quintana Roo, Mexico

Vogt, KD., 1973:
New distributional records and description of a new species of liparid from Alaska

Hayashi, Toshihiko., 2005:
New distributional records and taxonomic notes on the Japanese lesser dung flies (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae)

Pinhey, E., 1966:
New distributional records for African Odonata and notes on a few larvae

Collinge, Walter, E., 1944:
New distributional records for Asellus meridianus Racovitza

McFadden, M.W., 1969:
New distributional records for Canadian soldier flies (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) Part 1. Beridinae and Sarginae

Skoglund, Carol., 2004:
New distributional records for Panamic Province Eulimidae (Gastropoda)

Skoglund, Carol., 2004:
New distributional records for Panamic Province Turridae (Gastropoda)

Leviton, A.E., 1955:
New distributional records for Philippine amphibians

Tipton, V.J., 1950:
New distributional records for Utah Siphonaptera

Stebbins, R.C., 1948:
New distributional records for Xantusia vigilis with observations on its habitat

Hulse, AC., 1977:
New distributional records for amphibians and reptiles from the provinces of Catamarca La Rioja, and Cordoba, Argentina

Kronenberg, G.C.; Dharma, B., 2005:
New distributional records for four species of Stromboidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Australasia

Angulo Campillo, Orso, 2002:
New distributional records for opisthobranch mollusks from the Golfo de California, Mexico

Hoy, W.E., 1953:
New distributional records for reptiles and amphibians in South Carolina

Minckley, W.L.; Deacon, J.E., 1959:
New distributional records for three species of Kansas crayfish

Ciniglio, AE.; Payne, JF., 1977:
New distributional records for three species of gammarid amphipods

Hand, C.; Gwilliam, G.F., 1951:
New distributional records for two athecate hydroids, Cordylophora lacus-tris and Candelabrum sp., from the west coast of North America, with revisions of their nomenclature

Metcalf, A.L.; Distler, D.A., 1961:
New distributional records for two species of crayfish

Caldwell, B.; Tumlison, R., 2005:
New distributional records of Ambystoma talpoideum (Caudata: Ambystomatidae) in southwestern Arkansas

Guha, DK., 1975:
New distributional records of Brachymeria Westwood (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae)

O.; Kane, KD.; Britton, JC.; Coldiron, DR., 1977:
New distributional records of Corbicula manilensis (Pelecypoda: Corbiculidae) in the south central United States

Usinger, R.L., 1936:
New distributional records of Hawaian Heteroptera

Dhar, M., 1975:
New distributional records of Scotia from India (Hymenoptera: Scolioidea)

Smith, Hobart, M., 1963:
New distributional records of amphibians and reptiles from South Dakota and Wyoming

Cisneros-Heredia, D.F., 2004:
New distributional records of amphibians in the Andes of Ecuador

Deblase, A.F., 1971:
New distributional records of bats from Iran

Osborn, D.J., 1963:
New distributional records of bats from Turkey

Henry, Pierre Yves, 2005:
New distributional records of birds from Andean and western Ecuador

Tomlinson, RE.; Levy, SH.; Levy, JJ., 1973:
New distributional records of breeding Mexican ducks

Robison, HW., 1975:
New distributional records of fishes from the Lower Ouachita River system in Arkansas

Logan, E.R.; Smith, S.D., 1966:
New distributional records of intermountain stoneflies (Plecoptera)

Stoev, Pavel, 2004:
New distributional records of millipedes from Bulgarian caves (Myriapoda: Diplopoda)

Brooke, R.K.C.nnell, L.C.; Jeffery, R.D., 1971:
New distributional records of raptors in western Angola

Robison, HW., 1974 :
New distributional records of some Arkansas fishes with addition of three species to the state ichthyofauna

Keith, S.; Twomey, A., 1968:
New distributional records of some East African birds

Lance, J.R., 1966:
New distributional records of some northeastern Pacific Opisthobranchiata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) with descriptions of two new species

Verma, S.C.; Thakur, R.K., 1977:
New distributional records of termites (Isoptera) from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Freihofer, W.C., 1966:
New distributional records of the butterflyfish Chaetodon falcifer

Robinson, T.S.; Rsichard, K.T.T.omas, W.L., 1965:
New distributional records of the prairie vole in Kentucky

Kohls, G.M.; Ryckman, R.E., 1962:
New distributional records of ticks associated with cliff swallows, Petrochdidon spp. in the United States

Diaz-Marrero, A.; Issi, N.; Canales, V.; Chamy, C.; San-Martin, A.; Darias, J.; Rovirosa, J., 2008:
New diterpenes from the marine pulmonate Trimusculus peruvianus

Weeks, A.G., 1902:
New diurnal Lepidoptera from Bolivia

Anonymous, 2005:
New domestic grapevine cultivars resistant to frost and fungal diseases

Ellis, M., 2008:
New dosing strategies for liposomal amphotericin B in high-risk patients

Reimeis, P.E., 1963:
New downstream distribution record for the sand roller, Percopsis transmontana, in the Columbia river

Needham, J.G., 1904:
New dragon-fly nymphs in the United States National Museum

Lieftinck, M.A., 1953:
New dragonflies (Odonata) from Borneo, with notes on their habits and larvae

Ris, F., 1915:
New dragonflies (Odonata) of the subfamily Libellulinae from Sierra Leone

Asahina, S., 1949:
New dragonflies from Japan (Odonata)

Asahina, S., 1959:
New dragonflies from the north-eastern Asia

Pinhey, Elliot, 1959:
New dragonflies of the genus Agriocnemis and a key to males of this genus

Fan, J., 2006:
New drawing program for palaeontological and stratigraphical research, stratdraw 1.0

Cerri Riccardo; Capone Graziano; Carugo Carlo; Riva Angelo; Riva Marcello; Zausa Fabrizio, 2007:
New drilling technologies and their implications on the quality of well data for geological and geochemical interpretation; problems and solutions

Anonymous, 2007:
New drugs for small animal practice 2006

Scarpignato, Carmelo, 2007:
New drugs to suppress acid secretion: current and future developments

Lawrence, R.F., 1966:
New dune spiders (Sparassidae) from the Namib Desert, South West Africa

Anonymous, 2007:
New dwarf borlotto bean varieties for industry and for marketing fresh

Saveliev, A.A., 1962:
New early Cretaceous Nucula from Mangyshlak

Krasilova, I.N., 1962:
New early Devonian Modiomorpha from the PreBalkhan Mts

Chemova, 0 A., 1970:
New early Jurassic mayflies (Ephemeroptera,Epeoromimidae and Mesonetidae)

Kiparisova, L.D., 1962:
New early Mesozoic Monotis from north eastern S.S.S.R

Stevens, M.S.S.evens, J.B.; Dawson, M.R., 1969:
New early Miocene Formation and vertebrate local fauna, Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas. Pearce-Sellards Ser

Astakhova, T.V., 1960:
New early Triassic Ceratitida from Mangyshlak

Kiparisova, L.D., 1962:
New early Triassic Nautilida and Prosphingites from southern coasts

Kuznetzov, V.I., 1971:
New east Asiatic species of the leaf rollers of the subfam. Olethreutinae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Green, J.W., 1947:
New eastern American species of Podabrus (Coleop-tera: Cantharidae)

Green, J.W., 1948:
New eastern American species of Podabrus II (Coleoptora: Cantharidae)

Johannsen, O.A., 1916:
New eastern Anthomyiidae

McLean, J.H., 1970:
New eastern Pacific subgenera of Turbo Lin-naeus, 1758, and Astraea Riding, 1798

Tolkanits, Vj, 1976:
New eastern Palaearctic species of the genus Phytodietus Grav. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Kelleher, Conor., 2007:
New eastern boundary record for lesser horseshoe bat Rhinolophus hipposideros in Co Cork

Ross, H.H.; DeLong, D.M., 1949:
New eastern species and a newly reported introduction of Typhlocyba (Homoptera, Cicadellidae)

Curran, C.H., 1928:
New eastern species of Medeterus (Dolichopodidae, Diptera)

Patterson, B.; Pascual, R., 1968:
New echimyid rodents from the Oligocene of Patagonia, and a synopsis of the family

Poretzkaya, ES., 1974:
New echinoids from the Upper Oxfordian of the Kopetdag range and on the problem of classification and phylogeny of the disasterids

Madan, S.; Rajpurohit, L., 2005:
New ecological habitats for avian fauna in water logged areas of Indira Gandhi Nahar Canal project Rajasthan

Gultekin, L., 2005:
New ecological niche for weevils of the genus Lixus Fabricius and biology of Lixus obesus Petri (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Lixinae)

Pogosyan, E.E., 1967:
New ecological subspecies of plant nematode in Armenia (Nematoda, Tylenchidae)

Buchary, EA.; Pitcher, TJ.; Cheung, WL.; Hutton, T., 2002:
New ecopath model of Hong Kong marine ecosystem

Radford, C.D., 1942:
New ectoparasitic mites (Acarina) from Uganda

Skoracki, M.; Sikora, B., 2002:
New ectoparasitic mites of the family Syringophilidae (Acari: Prostigmata: Cheyletoidea) associated with birds from Argentina

Sugibayashi, Kenji, 2007:
New education curriculum and pharmaceuics in pharmacy schools: Role of 4-year course

Southey, J.F., 1958:
New eelworm host records : Heterodera cacti Filipjev & Sch. Stekhoven

Campbell, A.G., 1910:
New egg for Victoria

Howe, F.E., 1912:
New eggs from the Mallee District, Victoria

Eastman, C.R., 1911:
New elasmobranchs from Solenhofen in the Carnegie Museum

Coote, J., 1977:
New electrical devices for vivarium husbandry : Pearlco dull emitter

Pichugin, M.; Yu., 2002:
New element in forming up of pair fin rays in salmons

Joly Camille; Visset Lionel, 2005:
New elements concerning human impacts on the coast of Vendee (France) at the end of the Mesolithic

Bouima, T., 2003:
New elements in favor of a pre-Paleozoic desertification of the Ougarta Mountains, Algeria

Gamya, I.M., 1959:
New elements of the ornithological fauna of Moldavia

Amon, JH., 1972:
New elephant enclosure at Crandon Park Zoo, Miami

Imaizumi, E., 1970:
New elephant house at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Schmidt, CR., 1973:
New elephant house at Zurich Zoo

Andersen, Lars Lunding., 2005:
New elephant house in Copenhagen Zoo

Lehr, Edgar, 2007:
New eleutherodactyline frogs (Leptodactylidae : Pristimantis, Phrynopus) from Peru

Bolten Andreas; Bubenzer Olaf, 2006:
New elevation data (SRTM/ ASTER) for geomorphological and geoarchaeological research in arid regions

Campbell, J.B., 1970:
New elevational records for the Boreal toad(Bufo boreas boreas)

Scherpner, C., 1965:
New enclosures for grassland animals at Frankfurt Zoo

Thomas, W.D., 1965:
New enclosures for ungulates at Oklahoma City Zoo

Croat, T., B.; Chavez, J.-Lingan, 2008:
New endemic species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Rio Huallaga, Peru

Watanabe, H.; Nakashima, K.; Saito, H.; Slaytor, M., 2002:
New endo--1,4-glucanases from the parabasalian symbionts, Pseudotrichonympha grassii and Holomastigotoides mirabile of Coptotermes termites

Black Haydn, 2007:
New energy paradigm to be considered

Jr, Walton, M., 1970:
New entocytherid ostracods from Tennessee and Virginia

Hobbs, H.H.; Walton, M., 1968:
New entocytherid ostracods from the southern United States

Hobbs, H.H.; III., 1971:
New entocytherid ostracods of the genera Ankylocythere and Dactylocythere

Hobbs, HH., 1970:
New entocytherid ostracods of the genus Ornithocythere and the description of a new genus

Hobbs, H.H.; Jr., 1970:
New entocytherid ostracods with a key to the genera of the subfamily Entocytherinae

Malaise, R., 1950:
New entomological evidences of a former trans-Pacific land-connection

May, B.M., 1963:
New entomological records

L., L.; Duan, Y.; Hu, D.; Wang, L.; Chng, S.; Hou, L.anha, 2006:
New eoenantiornithid bird from the Early Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation of western Liaoning, China

Huang, Xue Shi, 2002:
New eomoropid (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) remains from the Middle Eocene of Yuanqu Basin

Gebo, D.L.; Gunnell, G.F.; Ciochon, R.L.; Takai, M.; Tsubamoto, T.; Egi, N., 2002:
New eosimiid primate from Myanmar

Krassilov, V.A.; Dilcher, D.L.; Douglas, J.G., 1998:
New ephedroid plant from the Lower Cretaceous Koonwarra Fossil Bed, Victoria, Australia

Oseko, Norihisa, 2007:
New epidemic diseases of penaeid species

Anigstein, L.; Bader, M.N., 1942:
New Epidemiological Aspect Of Spotted Fever In The Gulf Coast Of Texas

House, H.L.; Barlow, J.S., 1957:
New equipment for rearing small numbers of Pseudosarcophaga affinis (Fall.) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) for experimental purposes

Sapozhnikov, B.G., 2005:
New equipment for vertical electric sounding applied to hydrogeological studies at medium depths

Andre, H.M.; Ducarme, X.; Lebrun, P., 2004:
New ereynetid mites (Acari: Tydeoidea) from karstic areas: true association or sampling bias?

Priest, A., 1969:
New erisocrinid from Nebraska

Rzepecki, J., 1965:
New especially rich locality of Bufo calamita Laur., in Michatowie

Yeates, DK.; Harvey, MS.; Austin, AD., 2003:
New estimates for terrestrial arthropod species-richness in Australia

Kelemen Peter, B.; Hacker Bradley, R.; Greene Andrew; Rioux Matthew; Johnsen Michael; Mehl Luc; DeBari Susan; Hanghoj Karen; Clift Peter; Behn Mark, 2006:
New estimates for the bulk composition of the Jurassic Talkeetna Arc

DomĂ­nguez-Rodrigo, M.; Barba, R., 2006:
New estimates of tooth mark and percussion mark frequencies at the FLK Zinj site: the carnivore-hominid-carnivore hypothesis falsified

Mutter Raoul, J.; Neuman Andrew, G., 2008:
New eugeneodontid sharks from the Lower Triassic Sulphur Mountain Formation of Western Canada

Gutierrez Marco, J.C.; Rabano, I., 2001:
New euripterid example (Arthropoda, Chelicerata) in the Carboniferous of Iberia

Aristov, Daniil, S., 2002:
New euryptilonids (Insecta: Grylloblattida: Euryptilonidae) from the Lower Permian of the Urals (Russia)

Lu, J.; Li, S.; Ji, Q.; Zhang, J.; Wang, G.; Dong, Z., 2006:
New eusauropod dinosaur from Yuanmou of Yunnan Province, China

Yablokov, AV., 1973:
New evidence about swordfish attacking whales

Mckenna, Malcolm, C., 1963:
New evidence against Tupaioid affinities of the mammalian family Anagalidae

Tobias, P.V., 1961:
New evidence and new views on the evolution of man in Africa

Welsh, J.H., 1951:
New evidence concerning the source and action of the eyestalk hormone

Mudar, K.; Anderson, D., 2007:
New evidence for Southeast Asian Pleistocene foraging economies: faunal remains from the early levels of Lang Rongrien Rockshelter, Krabi, Thailand

Maetz, J.; Pic, P., 1975:
New evidence for a Na/K and Na/Na exchange carrier linked with the Cl pump in the gill of Mugil capito in sea water

Anonymous, 2004:
New evidence for a breeding population of Lucy's warbler in southwestern Colorado

Maisch, M.W.; Hungerbuehler, A., 2001:
New evidence for a discrete supratemporal bone in the Jurassic ichthyosaur Temnodontosaurus

Lourenco, W. R.; Da-Silva, E. Aparecida, 2000:
New evidence for a disrupted distribution pattern of the Tityus confluens complex, with the description of a new species from the State of Para, Brazil Scorpiones, Buthidae

L.L.¶wemark; S.S.einke;; M.-T.C.en; A.M.Ľller; L.-J.S.iau; S.-J.K.o;; H.-L.L.n; K.-Y.W.i, 2009:
New evidence for a glacioeustatic influence on deep water circulation, bottom water ventilation and primary productivity in the South China Sea

Luscher, Martin, 1952:
New evidence for an ectohormonal control of caste determination in termites

Suddendorf, T.; Corballis, M., C., 2007:
New evidence for animal foresight?

Hill Jenna, C.; Driscoll Neal, W.; Brigham Grette Julie; Donnelly Jeffrey, P.; Gayes Paul, T.; Keigwin Lloyd, 2007:
New evidence for high discharge to the Chukchi shelf since the last glacial maximum

Khitsova, L.N.; Budaeva, I.A., 2006:
New evidence for mass reproduction of midges (Diptera, Simuliidae) in the Voronezh Region

Stahl, P.W.; Muse, M.C.; Delgado Espinoza, F., 2006:
New evidence for pre-Columbian muscovy duck Cairina moschata from Ecuador

Sugni, M.; Ferreri, P.; Bonasoro, F.; Candia Carnevali, MD.; Wilkie, IC., 2004:
New evidence for serotonergic control of regenerative processes in crinoids

Iossa, S.; Chinetti, V.; Auletta, G.; Laria, C.;, M.; Rienzo, M.; Giannini, P.; Delfino, M.; Ciccodicola, A.; Marciano, E.; Franzé, A., 2008:
New evidence for the correlation of the p.G130V mutation in the GJB2 gene and syndromic hearing loss with palmoplantar keratoderma

Nicholson, R.A.; Barber, P.; Bond, J.M., 2005:
New evidence for the date of introduction of the house mouse, Mus musculus domesticus Schwartz & Schwartz, and the field mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus (L.) to Shetland

Bulmer, M.H.; Zimermann, B.A., 2004:
New evidence for the formation of large landslides on Mars

Krivshenko, J., 1960:
New evidence for the homology of the short euchromatic elements of the X and Y chromosomes of Drosophila busckii with the microchromosome of Drosophila melanogaster

Lienkaemper James, J.; Williams Patrick, L.; Guilderson Thomas, P., 2008:
New evidence for twelve southern Hayward Fault earthquakes in past 1900 years

Gill, E.D., 1951:
New evidence from Victoria relative to the antiquity of the Australian aborigines

Baker, R.G.A.; Schoenbaechler, M.; Rehkaemper, M., 2007:
New evidence from carbonaceous chondrites for the presence of live (super 205) Pb in the early solar system

Anonymous, 2003:
New evidence from hystricognath rodent monophyly from the phylogeny of their pinworms

England, J., H.; Furze, M., F.A., 2008:
New evidence from the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago for the resubmergence of Bering Strait

Gal, Erika, 2005:
New evidence of fowling and poultry keeping in Pannonia, Dacia and Moesia during the period of the Roman Empire

Isra, Deblauwe., 2006:
New evidence of honey-stick use by chimpanzees in southeast Cameroon

Rousseau, D.D.; Schevin, P.; Duzer, D.; Cambon, G.; Ferrier, J.; Jolly, D.; Poulsen, U., 2006:
New evidence of long distance pollen transport to southern Greenland in late spring

Almirall, J.; Bolíbar, I.; Serra-Prat, M.; Roig, J.; Hospital, I.; Carandell, E.; Agustí, M.; Ayuso, P.; Estela, A.; Torres, A.; de Salas, J.M.; Costa, J.; Tristany, M.; Grau, M.J.; Sancho, S.; Miguel, E.; Fradera, M.; Ochoa, I.; Castany, M.J.; Quilez, A.; Marina, V.; Subias, P.; Jimeno, B.; Bradnovich, A.; Rodriguez, M.; Ramon, E.; Gardella, C.; Mestres, X.; Armada, A.; Mallafré, J.; Roger, M.; Gros, M.T.; Les, N.; Joanola, J.; Doménech, J.; Bundó, M.; Trilla, M.; Massons, J.; Montero, J.;, 2008:
New evidence of risk factors for community-acquired pneumonia: a population-based study

Hibbard, C.W.; Keenmon, K.A., 1950:
New evidence of the Lower Miocene age of the Blacktail Deer Creek formation in Montana

Dubois, E., 1934:
New evidence of the distinct organization of Pilhecanthropux

Ormerod, W.E., 1966:
New evidence of the nature and significance of cytoplasmic granules in trypanosomes

Savory, T.H., 1924:
New evidence of the relationship between the Spiders Liphistius and Segestria

Becking, JH., 1975:
New evidence of the specific affinity of Cuculus lepidus Muller

Hynd, J.S., 1969:
New evidence on southern blue fin stocks and migrations

Sivasubramanian, K., 1968:
New evidence on the distribution of predatory pelagic sharks in the tuna grounds of the Indian Ocean

Barker, D.C., 1963:
New evidence on the distribution of ribonucleoprotein in Entanioeba invadens

Thomson, KS., 1972:
New evidence on the evolution of the paired fins of Rhipidistia and the origin of the tetrapod limb, with description of a new genus of Osteolepidae

Gabelaia, T.D., 1970:
New evidence on the fossil fishes of Kisatibi

Kelez, S.; Velez Zuazo, X.; Mannique, C., 2003:
New evidence on the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta (Linnaeus 1758) in Peru

Zangerl, R.; Williams, ME., 1975:
New evidence on the nature of the jaw suspension in Palaeozoic anacanthous sharks

Guo, P.; Malhotra, A.; Li, P., P.; Pook, C., E.; Creer, S., 2007:
New evidence on the phylogenetic position of the poorly known Asian pitviper Protobothrops kaulbacki (Serpentes : Viperidae : Crotalinae) with a redescription of the species and a revision of the genus Protobothrops

Gentry, A.W., 1966:
New evidence on the systematic position of Hippotragus niro Hopwood,1936 (Mammalia)

Akinchina, G.T.; Zasukhin, D.N., 1971:
New evidence on toxo- plasmosis.1: The causative agent of toxoplasmosis

Happ John, W., 2007:
New evidence regarding the structure and function of the horns of Triceratops (Ceratopsidae, Dinosauria)

Wieland, F.; Reimold, W.U.; Gibson, R.L., 2003:
New evidence related to the formation of shatter cones; with special emphasis on structural observations in the collar of the Vredefort Dome, South Africa

Cohen, A.I., 1968:
New evidence supporting the linkage to extracellular space of outer segment saccules of frog cones but not rods

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New evidence to support the clinical and biological relevance of the protein carbamylation process in human pathophysiology

Antoine Pierre; Rousseau Denis Didier; Saad Marie Claude; Moine Olivier; Hatte Christine; Zoeller Ludwig, 2007:
New evidences for a rapid climatic warming at about 37.5 ka BP in Western Europe; the thermokarst processes from the Nussloch loess sequence (Germany)

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New evidences for an early Birimian evolution in the West African Craton; an example from the Kedougou-Kenieba Inlier, southeast Senegal

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New evidences for old biomarkers: effects of several xenobiotics on EROD and AChE activities in Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha)

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New evidences of Late Triassic fish swimming traces in Hengshan County, Shaanxi Province, China

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New evidences of Triassic conodont biostratigraphy in Japan

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New evidences on the distribution of predatory pelagic sharks in the tuna grounds of the Indian ocean

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New excavation of Lianhua Cave in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu, East China

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New excavations in marine Middle Triassic fossil-Lagerstaetten at Monte San Giorgio (Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland) and the Ducan Mountains near Davos (Canton Graubuenden, eastern Switzerland)

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New exotic Fulgoroidea

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New exotic Geometridae

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New exotic Lepidoptera

Alexander, C.P., 1915:
New exotic Tipulidae

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New exotic Zygaenidae in the Tring museum

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New exotic bird for Oahu

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae : Diptera). Parts 12 & 13

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera) part 23

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera) part 24

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera), parts III, IV

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 15

Alexander, C.P., 1968:
New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 16

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 21

Alexander, CP., 1972:
New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 22

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 25

Alexander, CP., 1976:
New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 26

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part VII

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Parts I, II

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Parts VIII & IX

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New exotic crane-flies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Parts X, XI

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New exotic cranefiies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Part 14

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New exotic craneflies (Tipulidae: Diptera). Parts V, VI

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New exotic neuropteroid insects

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New exotic species of the genus Ecnomus (Trichoptera)

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New exotio Diptera in the American Museum of Natural History

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New experimental constraints on the Na-in-cordierite thermometer and its application to high-grade rocks

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New experimental data on the nature of rhythmic activity of the foot in Helix pomatia

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New experimental modifications of Phytometra gamma. Haw. obtained by the application of chemical factors

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New experimental technique for P-V-T measurements of crustal fluids around critical point

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New experiments in ovariotomy and the problem of sex inversion in the Fowl

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New Experiments On Chemical Phenocopies

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New experiments on colour vision in bees

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New experiments on fundamental structures in cytoplasmic systems

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New experiments on ovariotomy and the problem of sex inversion in the fowl

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New experiments on the activation and organization of the central nervous system in amphibians.

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New experiments on the mode of action of the limb inductor

Anonymous, 1896:
New experiments on the seasonal dimorphism of Lepidoptera

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New experiments on xenoplastic grafts between Anura and Urodela in relation to the problems of immunitary tolerance

Montgomery Scott, L., 2008:
New exploration concepts highlight Columbia River basin's potential

Yang Jianmin; Zhang Yujun; W.H.a; Deng Gang; L.M.ngwen, 2005:
New exploration developments using a new exploration parameter (alteration remote sensing anomaly) for metallic deposits in east Tianshan

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New exposition of Zoological Museum of the Central Scientific-Naturalistic Museum of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

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New exposures of Cambrian and Liandoverian rocks in the southern Malvern Hills

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New extant and fossil Dominican Republic spider records, with two new synonymies and comments on taphonomic bias of amber preservation

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New extant species of ironic flies (Diptera, Ironomyiidae) with notes on ironomyiid morphology and relationships

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New extinct taxa of Pelecinidae sensu lato (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea) in the Laiyang Formation, Shandong, China

Zhang, W.-Tang.; Babcock, L.E., 2001:
New extraordinarily preserved enigmatic fossils, possibly with Ediacaran affinities, from the Lower Cambrian of Yunnan, China

Anonymous, 2007:
New eyes: improving Europe's infectious disease surveillance

Anonymous, 1952:
New f nd of Candona eremita Vejd. in Czechoslovakia

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New faces of poverty in Ghana

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New facts about Brent geese. South

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New facts about Manx Puffins

Reznikov, Ae, 1971:
New facts about dolphins' hydrolocation

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New facts about earthworms

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New facts about of Cheimoptena pennigera Danilevsky, 1969 (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) and Nesa sena (Rollar, 1884) (Lycaenidae, Lepidoptera)

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New facts about the canyon in Maykop sediments north of Stavropol

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New facts about the characteristics and the age of the horizon of Pecten arcuatus Brocchi in South-Western Armenia

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New facts about the family life of the Australian Platypus

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New facts and views concerning the occurrence of a sexual process in the Myxosporidian life-cycle

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New facts con cerning the distribution of some Mammals in Jougoslavia

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New facts concerning the apparent innervation of peripheral autonomic neurones

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New facts concerning the coccosteids (Placodermi) from the Baltic Devonian

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New facts concerning the extru-sion of microsporidian spores

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New facts concerning the fauna of Black Sea sponges

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New facts concerning the larvae of Anchylostoma caninum and Necator americanus

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New facts concerning the larvae of Ancylostoma caninum and Necator americanus

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New facts in the study of fauna and ecology of the Lepidoptera of Karelian isthmus

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New facts on mesoderm formation and proamnion derivatives in the normal mouse embryo

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New facts on reflex regulation of inner secretion of the pancreas with the participation of chemical agents

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New facts on stratigraphy of Jurassic deposits of Central Caucasus (River Fiag-Don)

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New facts on the age of the lower part of the Black Bereznyansky flysh (the Ukranian Carpathians)

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New facts on the distribution of Tauraco ruspolii Salvadori

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New facts on the stimulating influence of light on gonads

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New facts on the taxonomy, morphology and phylogeny of the family Loeblichiidae

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New facts regarding the development of the olfactory nerve

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New facts relating to the problem of the origin of pelagic nemertines

Anonymous, 2006:
New factsheets on BAP Priority butterflies and moths

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New false spider mites with notes on some previously described species (Aearina : Tenufpalpidae)

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New families and subfamilies of amphipod crustaceans

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New families of Diptera (Insecta) from the Azores Islands: Opomyzidae and Aulacigastridae

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New family Eckastraeidae, Scleractinia (Middle Triassic, Peri-Tethys, central Europe)

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New family characters of larval Plecoptera, with an analysis of the Chloroperlidae: Paraperlinae

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New family of trematodes, Echinoporidae Krasnolobova et Timofeeva

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New family of uncoiled ammonites from Aptian stage of the western Caucasus

Anon., 1969:
New fauna districts

Yarkov, AA.; Popov, EV., 1998:
New fauna of cartilaginous fish from the Berezovian strata (Lower Palaeocene) of the Volgograd Volga region: preliminary data.

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New fauna! elements from the Cretaceous of Arizona

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New faunal analyses and amino acid dating of the Lower Palaeolithic site at East Farm, Barnham, Suffolk

Anonymous, 1971:
New faunal and structural data related to the Paleogene and Cretaceous flysch north of the Brelcu Tg Secuiesc depression

Bucur, I., 1971:
New faunal and structural data related to the Paleogeneand Cretaceous flysch north of the Brecu-Tg Secuiesc depression

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New faunistic data on Cyclopoida of the Baikal lake

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New faunistic records for the Manx region. Occurrence of Folliculina elegans

Moore, H.B., 1934:
New faunistic records for the Manx reigon

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New faunistic records from Gabon

Kozanek, M.; Rozkosny, R., 2004:
New faunistic records of Stratiomyidae (Diptera) from Slovakia

Jezek, Jan, 2006:
New faunistic records of moth flies (Insecta, Diptera, Psychodidae) from Slovakia

Anonymous, 1965:
New faunistic records on Homoptera Auchenorhyncha from the Netherlands North Sea island Terschelling

Schilder, F.A., 1965:
New faunistic relations of Japan to Queensland

Hajduk, Z.; Wiszniowska, T., 1968:
New faunistic studies in the cave Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia in Kletno

Rodrigues Marcondes, N.; Ledesma Taira, C.; Cirena Vandresen, D.; Estivalet Svidzinski, T.Inez.; Kadowaki, M.Kimiko.; Peralta, R.Marina., 2007:
New feather-degrading filamentous fungi

Dybas, H.S., 1955:
New feather-wing beetles from termite nests in the American tropics (Coleoptera: Ptiliidae)

Bradfield, J.R.G., 1953:
New features of protoplasmic structure observed in recent electron microscopic studies

Sigurdsen, Trond, 2006:
New features of the snout and orbit of a therocephalian therapsid from South Africa

D.Lisle, H., 1977:
New federal regulations proposed

Brooks, C.J., 1928:
New female forms of and notes on Papilio memnon anceus Cr., from Lebong Tandai, West Sumatra

Dyar, H.G., 1892:
New ferms of Ichthyura

Pontecorvo, G., 1950:
New fields in the biochemical genetics of micro-organisms

Ghauri, M.S.K., 1964:
New fig leaf-hoppers (Homoptera: Cicadelloidea) from India with redescription of allied species under new genera

Hamajima, F., 1970:
New final hosts of the lung fluke, Paragonimus sadoensis Miyazaki, Kawashima, Hamajima et Otsuru, 1968. Jap

Anonymous, 1976:
New find in Hungary.

Anonymous., 1977:
New find of Foraminifera and conodonts from Spiti

Yabe, H., 1935:
New find of Mio gypsina in tho tertiary of Mino

Anonymous, 2007:
New find of a mammoth calf

Hayashi, S., 1964:
New find of conodonts from the Oku-Chichibu

Chellani, S.K., 2007:
New find of diamonds in Basna kimberlite field, District Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh

Anonymous., 1976:
New find of fossil fish from Palamau district, Bihar

Dutt, AB., 1973:
New find of fossil insect

Jirasek Jakub, 2007:
New find of huntite at Hrubsice, western Moravia with implications for its genesis

Anonymous., 1977:
New find of microvertebrates and fossil eggs from Ardhra Pradesh

Anonymous., 1973:
New find of mussel bands from North Karanpura coalfield

Makarenko, D.Ye, 1966:
New find of paleontologically identified Upper Eocene deposits

Kovtun, OA., 2006:
New find of rare shrimp Lysmata seticaudata (Decapoda, Natantia, Hippolytydae) in the Black Sea

Jonsgard, A., 1959:
New find of sword from swordfish (Xiphias gladius) in blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) in Antarctic

Goto, M., 1975:
New find of the Permian and Triassic fish fossils in Japan

Anonymous, 2006:
New findinds of halobiont ciliates

Son, MO., 2004:
New finding Lymnaea pachyta (Pulmonata, Lymnaeidae)

Slovak, M.; Rehacek, J., 2002:
New finding of Dipetalonema rugosicauda (Nematoda: Filarioidea) in the tick Ixodes ricinus

Nikolskii, VS.; Molyukov, MI., 1975:
New finding of Myomimus personatus in the west Kopet-Dag

Makarenko, D.E., 1956:
New finding of Nautilidae from lower Tertiary deposits of U.S.S.R

Reyes, H.; Figueroa, E.; Rojo, M., 1969:
New finding of Panstrongylus rufotuberculatus in Peru

Umanskaya, AS., 1973:
New finding of Urmiornis Mecq. remains from the Neogene deposits of the Ukraine

Zarenkov, N.A., 1968:
New finding of crab Cryptocnemius aberrans Balss (Brachyura, Leucosiidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
New finding of crested oarfish Lophotus lacepede (Lophotidae), in the Adriatic Sea

Filatova, ZA.; Vinogradova, NG.; Moskalev, LI., 1975:
New finding of the ancient primitive mollusc Neopilina in the Atlantic part of the Antarctic

Mihoci, I.; Sasic, M., 2005:
New finding of the butterfly Brenthis ino (Rottemburg, 1775) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Croatia

Voskoboinikova, OS.; Aibulatov, DN., 2005:
New finding of the larval Chionobathyscus dewitti (Notothenioidei, Channichthyidae) in the Lazarev Sea (Antarctica)

Geller, M.Kh, 1967:
New finding of the mammoth corpse on Taimyr

Wainstein, B.A.; Tuzovsky, P.V., 1971:
New finding of water ticks in the Rybinsk reservoir and adjacent waters

Bednarz, S.; Czajka, M., 1966:
New finding place of the spider Xysticus cambridgii (Blackwall) (Thomisidae) in Poland

Pocrnjic, Z.; Kosoric, D., 1966:
New finding-sites of neotenic alpine tritons (Triturus alpestris, F.)

Jozsef Szilagyi; Janos Jozsa, 2008:
New findings about the complementary relationship-based evaporation estimation methods

Zambriborshch, F.S.; Marchenko, A.S.; Telegin, O.N., 1968:
New findings and distribution of Mya arenaria L. in the north-western part of the Black Sea

Tamar, H., 1965:
New findings for the protozoan Halteria grandinella

Myasoedova, K.N., 2008:
New findings in studies of cytochromes P450

Anonymous, 1950:
New findings in the avifauna of south Saghalien

Landa, V., 1961:
New findings in the development of the spermatophore of Melolontha melolontha L

Anonymous, 2007:
New findings of Alsophylax pipiens and Phrynocephalus helioscopus in the south-western foothills of Southern Altay

Makridin, V.P.; Zinovyev, M.S., 1955:
New findings of Ammonites in upper Jurassic deposits of north-western edge of Donetz folded erection)

Lobkov, EG., 1976:
New findings of Bucephala albeola and Gallicrex cinerea in the USSR

Venglinskij, LV.; Rozumejko, SV.; Liskovich, Z.N., 1976:
New findings of Chilostomellides (Foraminifera) in the Eocene of the Ukranian Carpathians

Tyrner, P., 1970:
New findings of Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus Pallas) and its distribution in Bohemia

Anonymous, 2005:
New findings of Lophius litulon and Lophiomus setigerus (Lophiidae) in Russian waters and rare capture of Eurymen gyrinus in the Peter the Great Bay

Lu, L.; Pan, J.; Zhao, L., 2007:
New findings of Middle Paleozoic Agnatha and fishes from Kalpin, Xinjiang

Ghaffar, A.; Khan,; Nazir, M.; Akhtar, M., 2004:
New findings of Miocene Carnivora from the Kelar Kahar (Middle Siwaliks), Pakistan

Ryasina, V.; Ye., 1962:
New findings of Quaternary mammalian fossils in the Upper Ob'region

Krakatilsa, T.F., 1970:
New findings of Rapana (Gastropoda, Muricidae) in the Karkinitsky and Djarylgachsky bays of the Black Sea

Nosotti, S., 1999:
New findings of Tanystropheus longobardicus (Reptilia, Prolacertiformes) in the Middle Triassic of Besano (Lombardy, northern Italy)

Wainstein, B.A., 1956:
New findings of Tetranychoidea-mites in southern Kazakhstan

Zakharov, Y.D.; Melnikov, M.E.; Khudik, V.D.; Punina, T.A.; Pletnev, S.P.; Cmyshlyaeva, O.P., 2004:
New findings of ammonoid shells (Cephalopoda) in ocean floor deposits

Aliev, R.A., 1962:
New findings of belemnites in Hauterivian of the South Eastern Caucasus

Svistun, Vi, 1971:
New findings of camel (Tylopoda, Camelidae) remains in Pontian deposits of the south of the USSR European part

Athanassiou, A., 2001:
New findings of fossil large mammal remains in the Penios Valley (Area of Larissa, Thessaly, Greece)

Bachinskii, G.A.; Dublyanski, V.N., 1966:
New findings of fossil vertebrates in the Karst deposits of the Crimea

Khlystov, O.M., 2006:
New findings of gas hydrates in the Baikal bottom sediments

Ostrovsky, OO.; Dzmitranok, MG.; Yurko, VV., 2004:
New findings of little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus) nests in Minsk

Arefina, T.I.; Armitage, B.J., 2003:
New findings of micro-caddisflies (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) from the Russian Far East

Pogosyan, E.E., 1970:
New findings of parasitic nematodes belonging to the genus Anguina Scopoli, 1777 and Paranguina Kirjanova 1955 in the Armenian SSR

Dubrowsky, J.A., 1967:
New findings of reptiles in Kazakhstan's steppe

Sattarov, TS., 1976:
New findings of reptiles in northern Tadzhikistan

Yolkin, EA.; Izokh, NG.; Romanov, AP., 2006:
New findings of the Early Famennian conodonts from the west Taimyr

Ivanov, A.D., 1959:
New findings of the egg shell of the fossil ostrich in the Selenga Dauria. Trudy Buryat, komplex

Lucan, Radek, K., 2007:
New findings of the northern bat (Eptesicus nilssonii) in Romania

Anonymous, 2007:
New findings of the woodland brown Lopinga achine (Scopoli, 1763) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) in Croatia

Wainstein, BA.; Tuzovsky, PV., 1972:
New findings of water mites in the fauna of the Yaroslavl re g ion. Biologiya Vnutrenn. Vod. inf

Omoto, K.; Funahashi, A., 2006:
New findings on Hestina nicevillei (Moore, 1896) in the northern part of Vietnam

Nunes, E.A.; Fernandes, L.C., 2008:
New findings on beta -hydroxy- beta -methylbutyirate: supplementation and effects on the protein catabolism

Anonymous, 2007:
New findings on cracking of sweet cherries

Mansurov, AK.; Khamraev, ASh.; Babanov, YuK., 2001:
New findings on fauna and traits of the wintering of Cocinellidae in Okhangaran oasis

Tartar, V., 1959:
New findings on oral regeneration in Stentor coendeus

Paccagnini, E.; Lupetti, P.; Afzelius, Börn.A.; Dallai, R., 2008:
New findings on sperm ultrastructure in thrips (Thysanoptera, Insecta)

Solyanik, G.A., 1965:
New findings on the bathypelagic fish Paradiplospinus antarcticus Andr. in the Antarctic

Navarrete-Heredia,; Cortes-Aguilar, J.; Beutel, R.G., 2005:
New findings on the enigmatic beetle family Lepiceridae (Coleoptera: Myxophaga)

Mitropol'skii, Vi, 1971:
New findings on the feeding of sphaeriids

Anonymous, 2007:
New findings on the spread of grapevine yellows in Abruzzi region, central-eastern Italy

Anonymous, 2007:
New findings with ethyl glucuronide testing in hair samples

Orvig, T., 1960:
New finds of Acanthodians, Arthrodires, Crossopterygians, Ganoids and Dipnoans in the Upper Middle Devonian Calcareous Flags (Oberer Plattenkalk) of the Bergisch Gladbach-Paffrath Trough

Belyaeva, E.I.; Pidoplichko, I.G., 1960:
New finds of Anchitherium remains in the Ukraine

Andreeva, O.N., 1957:
New finds of Arthropods in Eastern Siberia

Vereshchagin, N.K., 1947:
New finds of Carnivores and Ungulates in the Binagadian asphalt (Apsheron penin-sula)

Vasyluk, OV., 2002:
New finds of Gracillaridae in Ukrainian polissya

Walnstein, B.A., 1968:
New finds of Hydracarina in fauna of the USSR

Hotsanyuk, H.; Leschukch, R., 2006:
New finds of Jurassic ammonites in Ukrainian Carpathians

Bonev, N.G., 2005:
New finds of Late Permian foraminifers in clastic fragments from the mesozoic low-grade sequence (Eastern Rhodope, Bulgaria). Geodynamic implications

Nagibina, MS.; Badamgarav, Z., 1974:
New finds of Lower Cretaceous fauna in central Mongolia

Nestoyanova, O.A.; Koren', T.N., 1964:
New finds of Ludlovian graptolites in the southern Urals

Uryson, M.I., 1958:
New finds of Oigantopithecus ossecms remains in China

Radzievsky, V.I., 1957 :
New finds of Old Quaternary Mollusca in the Middle Dniester area

Anonymous, 1952:
New finds of Pl istocene man

Korotkevich, E.L., 1964:
New finds of Pliocene roedeer of the genus Procapreolus in the south of the USSR

Sergeev, VN.; Vorobeva, NG.; Petrov, PYu., 2007:
New finds of Riphean microbiotas of the Billyakh Group, the North Anabar Region (Fomich River Basin): to Riphean biostratigraphy of the Siberian Platform

Horny, R., 1963:
New finds of Silurian Drahomirinae (Monoplacophora) in Bohemia and notes on their ontogeny and bionomy

Malakhov, D.V.; Dyke, G.J., 2004:
New finds of Upper Cretaceous vertebrates in South-Eastern Aral Sea region

Motuzko, AN.; Kalinovskii, PF., 1976:
New finds of anthropogenic rodents in Byelorussia

Niedzwiedzki Grzegorz; Niedzwiedzki Dariusz, 2004:
New finds of dinosaur tracks with metatarsal impressions from the Lower Jurassic of the Swiety Krzyz Mountains

Shpansky, AV., 2001:
New finds of fossil remains of elk Alces alces L. (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) in Tomsk Priobiye

Yermakov, V.A., 1989:
New finds of granitoids in the Kurile Islands

Feniksova, V.V., 1965:
New finds of mammals fauna in Anthropogen (Quaternary) beds of the Chulym River valley

Pidoplichko, I.G., 1959:
New finds of mammals in the Neogene of the Ukraine

Mamaev, BM., 1973:
New finds of relict insects in Kedrovaya Pad reservation

Baishashev, B.U., 1977:
New finds of rhinoceros of the genus Chilotherium from the Turgai region

Zidek, J., 1966:
New finds of shark-like fish of the Xenacan-thodii in the Lower Permian strata of the Boskovice Furrow in Moravia

Hofmann Beda, A.; Gnos, E., 2006:
New finds of shatter cones in distal Ries ejecta, Bernhardzell, eastern Switzerland

Klyuchko, Z.F.; Matov, A.Yu., 2006:
New finds of some Noctuidae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) of the fauna of Ukraine

Ponomarenko, VV., 1969:
New finds of the 'spinetail' ray (Raja spinicauda Jensen) in the Barents Sea

Korotkevich, E.L., 1966:
New finds of the Late Pliocene Mammalia in the Ukraine

Nazarenko, A.A., 1963:
New finds of the Painted Snipes in the South of the Primorye Territory

P'an, K., 1961:
New finds of the Palaeozoic fishes from China

Nilsson, A., 1969:
New finds of the anthropochorous terrestrial mollusc Cecilioides acicula (Muller) in Scania

Demediuk, M.S., 1966:
New finds of the mammalias fauna in the valley of River Dnister

Pocrnjic, Z.; Kosoric, D., 1967:
New finds of the phenomenon of neotony in the populations of alpine tritons

Ratnikov, V.; Motuzko, A.; Ivanov, D., 2004:
New finds of the remains of Holocen amphibians and reptiles in Belorussia

Ivanov, SP.; Fateryga, AV., 2005:
New finds of the wasp Polochrum repandum (Hymenoptera, Sapygidae) in Crimea

Scharpilo, V.P.; Loskot, V.M., 1970:
New finds of trematodes Collyriclum faba (Bremser, 1831) on the territory of the USSR

Snajdr, M., 1976:
New finds of trilobites from the Dobrotive Formation (Llandeilian) in the Barrandian. V estnik Usti-ed

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New for Denmark.

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New for science species of slug from the genus Deroceras (Gastropoda, Limacidae) from the Crimea

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New for the Azerbaidjan fauna-species of Hemiptera in the region of the Small Caucasus

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New form of Anodonta from Hokkaido and Karahuti

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New form of Pecten

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New form of Poma-torhinus described

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New form of Prorocentrum micans Ehr. (Prorocentrales, Dinophyta) from the plankton of the Black Sea (Ukraine)

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New form of Toxostoma from Hidalgo

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New form of deer from the neogenicdeposits of the south Ukraine

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New form of water vole from the Middle and Late Pleistocene of the Ukrainian SSR

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New forma of Prunus campanulata Maxim

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New formations in the duodenal mesentery and stomach-wall of Bufo regularis Reuss

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New forms and new localities of some European butterflies

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New forms and species of the genus Catasticta-I (Pieridae: Rhopalocera)

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New forms and subspecies of North American Liby-theidae and Lycaenidae

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New forms in the genus Erebia (Lepidoptera)

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New forms of AEqithaliscus, Dendrocitta, Seicercus

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New forms of African Danaidae

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New forms of African Lepidoptera

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New forms of African Lepidoptera

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New forms of African Nymphalidae (Lep. Rhop.) in the Musee du Congo, Tervueren

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New forms of African butterflies

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New forms of Akodon and Phyllotis, and a new genus for Akodon teguina

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New forms of American Pupidae

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New forms of American Shells

Anonymous, 1895:
New forms of American Zonitidoe and Helicida

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New forms of American moths (Lepidoptera)

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New forms of Anthreptis and Seicercus (Aves) from the Indo-Chinese sub-region

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New forms of Aphaenogaster treatae Forel from the southern United States (Hym.: Formicidae)

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New forms of Belukha (Delphinapterus)

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New forms of Birds from Mexico and Colombia

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New forms of Birds from the Hima-laya.

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New forms of British Noctuae

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New forms of Caecum in New England

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New forms of Catocala

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New forms of Cerambycidae from the Ryukyus (Coleoptera)

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New forms of Charaxes jasius L. 1775

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New forms of Chironomidae (Tendipedidae) in the waters of Dnester river basin

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New forms of Colias (Lep. Pieridae) collected in Arabia by Major H. St. J. B

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New forms of Collocalia described

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New forms of Coniontus (Coleoptera)

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New forms of Coniophanes Hallowell, and the status of Dromius clavatus Peters

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New forms of Culicidae from N. America

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New forms of Delias (Lep. Pieridae)

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New forms of Dendromus, Dipodillus and Gerbillus

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New forms of Diacria quadridentata (de Blainville, 1821), Cavolinia longirostris (de Blainville, 1821) and Cavolinia uncinata (Rang, 1829) fron the Red Sea and the east Pacific Ocean (Mollusca, Pteropoda)

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New forms of Dutch butterflies

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New forms of Elateridae (Coleoptera) from Kazakhstan

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New forms of Emberiza

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New forms of Emberiza fucata

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New forms of Euryphura, etc., from Uganda Pro tectorate and Kenya Colony, British East and Central Africa

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New forms of Finches and Tanagers from tropical America

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New forms of Foraminifera from the Northwest Pacific I

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New forms of Galerida and Charadrius

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New forms of Indo-Australian butterflies

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New forms of Insectivorous Mammals

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New forms of Jice (Siphunculata) parasites of pinnipeds and hares

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New forms of Laughing Thrushes from Yunnan

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New forms of Lepidoptera

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New forms of Lepidoptera Rhopalocera

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New forms of Lepidoptera from the Island of Sao Thome, West Africa

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New forms of Lepidoptera from the Nederlands

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New forms of Lepidoptera in the Musee du Congo Beige at Tervueren

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New forms of Lepidoptera of the subfamily Charaxi dinae, from East Africa

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New forms of Lycaenidae in the Musee du Congo Beige at Tervueren

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New forms of Malayan butterflies

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New forms of Melanocorypha and Corvus described

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New forms of Mosaic-tailed Rats (Melomys and Uromys) from Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland

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New forms of Munia, Sericornis, Xanthotis, Melipotes, Peltops, Pachycephala, Pinarolestes, Cacomantis, Collocalia, Hemiprocne described

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New forms of Neotropical Birds

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New forms of North American Collembola

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New forms of Nupserba madurensis Pic. (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Saperdini)

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New forms of Nymphalidae (Rhopalocera) in the collection of the British Museum

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New forms of Nymphalinae and Itbomiinae

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New forms of Odontoponera transversa

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New forms of Osmia from New Mexico

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New forms of Papilio from the Indo-Australian region

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New forms of Pieris phileta Fabr. (Lep., Pieridae)

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New forms of Pipit, Longclaw, Robin-Chat, Grass-Warbler, Sunbird, Quail-Finch and Canary from Central Africa

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New forms of Planorbis and Lymnaea with notes on other forms

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New forms of Polygyra (Triodopsis) loricata

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New forms of Polygyra from Alabama

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New forms of Pyralidae from Spain

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New forms of Pyrgus centaureae Ramb. (Lep. Hesperioidea)

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New forms of Rhopalocera

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New forms of Rhopalocera in the Hill Museum

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New forms of Riparia, Hirundo, Pachysylvia Thinocorus described

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New forms of Saimiri, Oryzomys, Phyllotis, Coendou, and Cyclopes

Thomas, O., 1904:
New forms of Saimiri, etc., from the Neotropical region

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New forms of Sciurus, Oxymycterus, Kannabateomys, Proechimys, Dasyprocta, and Caluromys from S. America

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New forms of South American birds

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New forms of South American. Birds and proposed new subgenera

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New forms of Sphingidae

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New forms of Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) from Kazakhstan

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New forms of Timeliidae described

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New forms of Trechini (Coleoptera) from caves of the west Transcaucasus

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New forms of Vimba vimha L. from the Dnieper and the Bug

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New forms of Volvox

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New forms of Western Helices

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New forms of birds from Panama and Colombia

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New forms of butterflies

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New forms of butterflies from Buru