Note biologische su Lagocephalus lagocephalus (L. 1758) (Osteichthyes - Tetraodontidae) delle acque Siciliane

Zava, B.; D'anna, G.; Giordano, D.; Giusto, G.; Monteverde, G.; Pipitone, C.; Fiorentino, F.

Biologia Marina Mediterranea 12(Part 2): 614-617


ISSN/ISBN: 1123-4245
Accession: 023150293

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Information on Lagocephalus lagocephalus (L., 1758) (Osteichthys - Tetraodontidae), gathered in autumn-winter around Sicily, was reported. A total of 23 specimens were recorded from February 1999 to February 2004. Most of them were caught by off-shore long lines, 3 by angling from shore and 2 were stranded on the beach, confirming that this fish frequent both coastal and offshore waters. Nine specimens (7 females and 2 males) were analysed for biological features, biometrics and meristics. Size ranged between 480 and 659 mm TL. It is worth noting the catch of a mature female on October 2001, being the largest female reported in the world literature (659 mm TL with GSI=8,0%) and a mature male caught in October 2003 (573 mm TL with GSI=1,6%). Finally the examined specimens showed a higher number of rays in the anal fin than in the Mediterranean literature (14-15 vs. 11-13).