Note of occurrence of radiolarian fossils in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan. -No. 8 - Onyu-touge Area

Umeda, M.; Taga, H.

Fukui-shi Shizenshi Hakubutsukan Kenkyu Hokoku 51: 5-14


Accession: 023150893

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The Onyu-touge area is situated between Fukui and Shiga Prefecture, where the geology belongs to Tamba Terrane of the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan. Field observation showed that the sequence of the area consisted of phyllitic siliceous shale, siliceous shale, siliceous mudstone, chert, and black shale. Triassic radiolarian fossils were obtained from the some reddish siliceous shales. On the other hand, Early to Middle Jurassic radiolarian fossils were obtained from the some siliceous mudstones and the some manganese nodules. SEM photographs of these radiolarians are presented.