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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23152

Chapter 23152 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Blanford, W.T., 1901:
Note on Bensonia and on an apparently undescribed species, B. mimela

Blanford, W.T., 1901:
Note on Bensonia mainwaringi and Macrochlamys dalingensis

Sterki, V., 1916:
Note on Bifidaria minuta St

Bell, F.J., 1886:
Note on Bipalium kewense and the Generic Characters of Land Planarians

Newton, E.T., 1924:
Note on Birds from Merlin's Cave, Herefordshire

Schilder, F.A., 1962:
Note on Bistolida luchuana Kuroda

Ogilby, J.D., 1912:
Note on Blanfordia maculata

D'Abreu, E.A., 1910:
Note on Blyth's Baza (Bazajerdoni)

Shortt, H.E., 1926:
Note on Bodo phlebotomi (Herpetomonas phlebotomi) (Mackie 1914): a reconsideration of its generic position

Talwar, P.K., 1977:
Note on Bolin's type-specimens of lantern fishes from 'Investigator' station 670, Indian Ocean

Kruseman, G., 1953:
Note on Bombus jonellus (Kirby)

Lydekker, R., 1881:
Note on Bome Siwalik Carnivora

Rhoads, S.N., 1923:
Note on Bonaparte's continuation of Wilson's Ornithology

M'lachlan, R., 1869:
Note on Boreus hyemalis and B. westwoodii

Linton, E., 1931:
Note on Bothriocephalus sp. from Coregonus quadrilateris

Rousselet, C., 1889:
Note on Brachionus quadratus, a new Rotifer

Hubbard, H.G., 1894:
Note on Brathinus

Hammond, PM., 1972:
Note on British Staphylinidae 3. The British species of Sepedophilus Gistel (Conosomus auctt.)

Sclater, W.L., 1917:
Note on British examples of Neophron percnopterus and Catharacta skua

Grant, C., 1931:
Note on Bufo marinus (Linnaeus)

Fulton, Hugh C., 1906:
Note on Bulimulus (Drymoeus). citrinellus. Pfr., and scitulus, Reeve

Brown, A.D., 1869:
Note on Bulimus ciliatus (Gould)

Pilsbry, H.A., 1896:
Note on Bulimus hanleyi and B. coronatus

Guppy, R.J.L., 1892:
Note on Bulimus oblongus

Pocock, R.I., 1903:
Note on Burchell's Zebra

Smith, Edgar A., 1914:
Note on Bursa (Tutufa) rubeta (Bolten)=Triton lampas (Lamarck et Auct.)

Hackney, A.G., 1944:
Note on Busycon carica (Gmelin)

Cernohorsky, W.O., 1964:
Note on C summersi

Pilsbry, H.A., 1916:
Note on Caecilioides

Cobbold, T.S., 1864:
Note on Caenurus

Tanaka, O., 1938:
Note on Calanus cristatus Kroyer

Hickson, S.J., 1907 :
Note on Caligorgia flabellum from Port Philip

Shiino, S.M., 1954:
Note on Caligus quadratus n. sp. a copepod parasitic on the fish, Neothynnus macropterus (T. & S.)

Niceville, L.; De., 1901:
Note on Calinaga, an aberrant genus of Asiatic butterflies

Sharman, M., 1956:
Note on Capulus ungaricus (L.)

Dawson, J.W., 1897:
Note on Carboniferous Entomostraca, from Nova Scotia, in the Peter Redpath Museum, determined and described by Prof. T. Rupert Jones, F.R.S., & Mr Kirkby

Ami, H.M., 1896:
Note on Cardinia subangulata, Dawson, and Area punctifer, Dawson

Kenyon, A.F., 1904:
Note on Cassis paucirugis Menke

Brazier, J., 1893:
Note on Cassis wyvillei, Watson, from the Solomon Is

Rothschild, Hon Walter., 1908:
Note on Casuarius casuarius bistriatus

Rothschild, W., 1899:
Note on Casuarius casuarius sclateri

Rothschild, W., 1913:
Note on Casuarius mitratus and C. claudii

Meyer, A.B., 1886:
Note on Centurus striatus, Mull

Fricke, F.T., 1967:
Note on Cephalodesmius sp. (Col., Scara-baeidae, Coprinae)

Blanc, H., 1885:
Note on Ceratium hirundella (O. F. Muller); its Variability and Mode of Reproduction

Schwarz, E., 1935:
Note on Cercopithecus picturatus Santos

Pilsbry, HA., 1943:
Note on Cerion striatellum ( Fer. Guerin)

Christophers, S.R.; Stephens, J.W.W., 1900:
Note on Certain Bodies found in the Glands of two species of Culex

Hachisuka, M., 1932:
Note on Chae tura cekbmris P. Sclater

Leene, J.E., 1936:
Note on Charybdia erythrodactyla (Lam.), Charybdis acutifions ,(de Man) and Charybdis obtusifrons nov. spec

Leene, J.E.; Buitendijk, A.M., 1949:
Note on Charybdis ihlei nov. spec, Charybdis beauforli nov. spec, and Charybdis edwardsi noin. nov. from the collections of the British Museum (Natural History) London

Regan, C.T., 1919:
Note on Chaudhuria a Teleostean Fish of the Order Opisthomi

L.Touche, J.D., 1923:
Note on Chinese species of Tribura

Hedley, C., 1911:
Note on Chiton Torri

Riley, J.H., 1915:
Note on Chlorostilbon puruensis

Beer, F.M., 1971:
Note on Cicindela columbica hatch

Rainbow, W.J., 1904:
Note on Cicindela jungi and descriptions of two new beetles

Pilsbry, H.A., 1914:
Note on Circinaria caelata Mazyck

Baker, E.C.; Stuart., 1903:
Note on Clangula glaucion (The Golden Eye)

Bell, T.R., 1907:
Note on Clania variegata, Snell

Boulenger, G.A., 1908:
Note on Clarias capcnis C. V

Buitendijk, A.M., 1939:
Note on Cleistostoma edwardsii (Mcleay), a South African Ocypodid

Jukes-Browne, A.J., 1914:
Note on Clementia subdiaphana, Carp

Fowler, Henry W., 1928:
Note on Clupea fimbriata Bowdich

Stone, W., 1899:
Note on Coccyzus euleri Cab

Spence, G.C., 1916:
Note on Coelocentrum gigas von. Mts

Sarojini, R.; Nagabhushanam, R., 1969:
Note on Coenobita perlatus H. Milne-Edwards, a hermit crab new to Indian coast

Ozaki, Y., 1929:
Note on Coitocaecidae, a new Trematode family

Tate, R., 1894:
Note on Colina brazieri, Tryon

Blanford, W.T., 1871:
Note on Colonel M Master's List of Birds from Nagpore &c. (vide infra)

Madge, E.H., 1938:
Note on Colparion madgei Laidlaw

Salvadori, T., 1912:
Note on Conurus aeruginosus and the allied species

Hopwood, A.T., 1920:
Note on Conus chytreus Melvill

Hopwood, A.T., 1921:
Note on Conus lineatus Solander and Conus lineatus Brug

Melvill, J.C., 1917:
Note on Conus melvilli Sow

Melvill, J.C., 1917:
Note on Conus traversianus Smith

Warren, E., 1906:
Note on Convoluta roscoffensis Graff, collected on the Natal Coast

White, C.M.N., 1938:
Note on Coracina novaehollandiae

Benham, W.B., 1900:
Note on Cordyceps sinclairii Berkely

Berg, L.S., 1936:
Note on Coregonus (Prosopium) cylindraceus (Pallas)

Gude, G.K., 1904:
Note on Corilla erronella Nev. MS

Salvadori, T., 1909:
Note on Corvus neglectus of Schlegel

Newton, E.T., 1884:
Note on Coryphodon Remains from the Woolwich Beds of the Park Hill Section, Croydon

Sharpe, R.; Bowdler., 1875:
Note on Cotiypha pyrrhopygia, Hartlanb

Miyake, S., 1939:
Note on Crabs of the genus Echinoecus Rathbun living commensally with Echinoids (Parthenopidae, Eumedoninae)

Wilmer, L.W., 1917:
Note on Crioccras bowerbankii (J. de C. Sowerby)

Lal Mohan, RS., 1974:
Note on Cristiceps halei Day, 1888 (Pisces: Clinidae) a junior synonym of Springeratus xanthosoma (Sleeker), 1857

Shelley, G.E., 1895:
Note on Crithagra rendalli

Hindle, E.; Lewis, R.C., 1912:
Note on Crithidia cleti n. sp., parasitic in the alimentary canal of Cletus varius, Dall

S.Leger, J., 1932:
Note on Crocidura denti St.L

Humioski, S.; Wojcik-Migala, I., 1967:
Note on Crocidura suaveolens (Pallas, 1811) from Poland

Dunkle, D.H., 1935:
Note on Crocodilus moreletti A. Dumeril from Mexico

Brown, A.E., 1903:
Note on Crotalus scutulatus Kenn

Dawson, J.W.; Sir., 1897:
Note on Cryptozoon and other ancient fossils

Dyar, H.G., 1923:
Note on Cucullia alfarata (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae). Insec

Berg, L., 1934:
Note on Culter recurviceps (Rich.) (Cyprinidae)

Wynter Blyth, M.A., 1943:
Note on Curetis species at Kallar

Diener, C., 1904:
Note on Cyclolobus haydeni Diener

Tryon, G.W., 1870:
Note on Cyclophorus foliaceus, Reeve, and C. leai, Tryon

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1912:
Note on Cylindrella cequatoria, Morelet

Melvill, J.C., 1920:
Note on Cypraea bernardinae Preston

Button, F.L., 1907:
Note on Cypraea coxeni Cox

Cernohorsky, W.O., 1964:
Note on Cypraea esontropia Duclos

Button, Fred L., 1908:
Note on Cypraea gracilis

Smith, E.A., 1902:
Note on Cypraea microdon Gray

Button, F.L., 1922:
Note on Cypraea pacifica Ostergaard

Markham, J., 1967:
Note on Cypraea ziczac in Southern Tanganyika

Beddome, C.E., 1896:
Note on Cyprea angustata, Gray, var. subcarnea, Ancey

Dall, W.H., 1913:
Note on Cyprina islandica

Kenyon, A.F., 1898:
Note on Cyproea caput-anguis, Philippi, with the description of a new variety of C. caput-serpentis

Smith, E.A., 1893:
Note on Cyproea greegori, Ford

Standen, R., 1895:
Note on Cyproea tessellata

Cox, J.C., 1889:
Note on Cyproea venusta (Sowerby)

Shiino, S., 1942:
Note on Cyproniscus ovalis n. sp. a new Cryptoniscan Parasite (Epicalidea, Isopoda) found on Cypridina hirgendorfi

Mccook, H.C., 1887:
Note on Cyrtophora bifurca and her Cocoons; a new orb-weaving Spider

Shipley, A.E., 1908:
Note on Cystidicola farionis Fischer. A Thread - worm Parasitie in the Swim-Bladder of a Trout

Dall,., 1892:
Note on Cytherea convexa, Say

Hoyle, W.E., 1901:
Note on D'Orbigny's figure of Onychoteuthis dussumieri

Salvadori, T., 1898:
Note on Daphaenositta miranda, De Vis

Buitendijk, A.M., 1937:
Note on Dardanus craasimanus (H. M. Edw.) and Dardanus rufus nov. spec

Tait, L., 1884:
Note on Deafness in White Cats

Cooper, J.E., 1910:
Note on Decollated Shells

Quelch, J.J., 1885:
Note on Deep-Sea and Shallow-Water Hydrozoa

Carpenter, P.H., 1883:
Note on Democrinus parfaiti

Thomson, J.; Arthur., 1910:
Note on Dendrobrachia fallax Brook, a rare and remarkable Antipatharian

Forbes, H.O., 1896:
Note on Dendrocolaptine species (Dendrexetastes capitoides)

Rothschild, W., 1904:
Note on Dendrodorcopsis woodwardi

Thomas, M.K., 1897:
Note on Deridea, Westwood (Lyttidae), with the description of a new speciea

Babcock, H.L., 1931:
Note on Dermochelys

Ewart, J.C., 1884:
Note on Deserted Spawning Grounds of the Herring

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1922:
Note on Diala leithii Smith

Herdman, W.A., 1891:
Note on Diazona and Syntethys

Thompson, W.R., 1953:
Note on Dichaetoneura leucoptera Johns. (Diptera, Tachinidae)

Dewalque, G., 1899:
Note on Dinocystis Barroisi

Woodward, A.S., 1908:
Note on Dinodocus mackesoni, a Cetiosaurian from the Lower Greensand of Kent

Robinson, H.C., 1928:
Note on Dinopium raveni. A new race of Weaver-Finch

Rousselet, C., 1891:
Note on Dinops longipes

Vazirani, TG.; Rathore, NS., 1976:
Note on Diopsis indica Westwood (Diptera: Diopsidae) from Gujarat

Smith, E.A., 1909:
Note on Diplommatina Strubelli, Smith

Lantz, L.A., 1947:
Note on Discoglossus in captivity

Nlckerson, W.S., 1900:
Note on Distomum arcanum (n. sp.) in American Frogs

Linton, Edwin., 1914:
Note on Distomum trachinoti Mac Callum

Berg, L.S., 1906:
Note on Doliichthys stellatus Sanvage

Rainbow, W.J., 1912:
Note on Dolomedes trux, Lamb

Tomlin, J.; Rle B., 1926:
Note on Donax conradi Deshayes

Hepburn, D., 1897:
Note on Dr H. H. Wilder's paper on the disposition of the epidermic folds upon the palms and soles of Primates

Chick, G.C., 1903:
Note on Dr J. E. Gray's type-specimens of Jurassic Ammonites from India

Pearson, K., 1902:
Note on Dr Simpson's Memoir on Paramacium caudatum

Bannerman, W.B., 1910:
Note on Dr. Bentley's paper The natural history of malaria.

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1944:
Note on Dr. H. K. Jordan 1838-1923

Lendenfeld, R.; Von., 1892:
Note on Dr. Hinde's Tertiary Sponge-spicules

Hull, E., 1887:
Note on Dr. Hinde's paper On beds of Sponge-remains in the Lower and Upper Greensands of the South of England.

Richards, W.G., 1922:
Note on Dracunculus medineusis (Guinea-worm)

Delacour, J., 1927:
Note on Dryonastes maesi

Dietz, W.G., 1910:
Note on Dryophthorus bituberculatus Fab

Pilsbry, H.A., 1906:
Note on Dyahia and Pseudoparlula

Pallares, R.E., 1966:
Note on Echinoderes pilosus Lang,1949(Aschelminthes, Kinorhyncha)

Currie, E.D., 1939:
Note on Echinoidea from Burma

Perkins, R.C.L., 1913:
Note on Echthro-morpha fuscator (Fab.)

Gilchrist, J.D.F., 1918:
Note on Eggs and Embryos of the South African Myxinoid Bdellostoma hexatrema Mull

Bomford., 1886:
Note on Eggs of Distoma (Bilharzia) hoematobium found in Transport Cattle

Duges, A., 1886:
Note on Egoenus mexicanus (Becker)

Bonhote, J.L., 1907:
Note on Eider Ducks

Funita, Tsunenobu, 1934:
Note on Eimeria of herring

Coues, E., 1897:
Note on Elanus glaucus

Schmidt, K.P., 1925:
Note on Elaphe subocularis (Brown)

Sherborn, C.D., 1932:
Note on Eleazar Albin, A Natural History of English Insects, 1720

Thomas, G.J.; Scott, D.C., 1965:
Note on Elliptio spinosa in Georgia

Sclater, P.L., 1906:
Note on Emberiza citriniventris

Hartog, M., 1904:
Note on Embryonic Ferments

Ray, H.N.; Raghavachari, K., 1941:
Note on Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in a rabbit

Taliaferro, W.H., 1924:
Note on Endamoeba barreti Taliaferro and Holmes, from Chelydra serpentina

Hedley, C., 1893:
Note on Endodonta (Flammulina) infundibulum, Hombr. & Jacq

Kloss, C.B., 1923:
Note on Enicurus maculatus robinsoni

Cobbold, T.S., 1865:
Note on Entozoa collected by Mr. C. W. Devis

Crick, G.C., 1900:
Note on Ephippioceras clitellarium J. de C. Sowerby, sp., and E. costatum Foord

Annandale, N., 1908:
Note on Ephydatia meyeni (Carter)

Jordan, D.S., 1885:
Note on Epinephelus nigritus

Button, Fred L., 1911:
Note on Epiphragmophora infumata Gld

Maulik, S., 1918:
Note on Epistictia reicheana, Guerin

Osgood, W.H., 1914:
Note on Eptesicus propinquus

Broom, R., 1913:
Note on Equvs capensis Broom

Fisher, Walter K., 1907:
Note on Ercmicaster, a Genus of Starfishes

Dixon Nuttall, F.R., 1893:
Note on Euchlanis bicarinata, Perty

Smith., 1885:
Note on Eulima Candida of Marrat

Gude, G.K., 1902:
Note on Eulota blakeana Newc. and Eulota luna Pils

Bingham, C.T., 1899:
Note on Eumenes conica Fabr. and Megachile disjuncta Fabr., and their parasites Chrysis fuscipennis Brulle and Parevaspis abdominalis Smith

Anonymous, 2006:
Note on Eumerus ehimensis Shiraki et Edashige new to Kyushu

Butler, A.G., 1894:
Note on Eumestleta, Butl., a group of Noduae of the Eublemmine type

Thomson, J.; Arthur., 1910:
Note on Eunephthya glomerata, Verrill, from the Faeroe Channel

Storey, G., 1918:
Note on Euproclis Susanna Stgr., a Lymantriid new for Egypt, with a description of the previously unknown larva

Woodward, H., 1888:
Note on Eurypterus from the Carboniferous

Bankes, E.R., 1909:
Note on Evetria-(Retinia) buoliana Schiff. and E. pinicolana Doubl

Fowler, H.W., 1928:
Note on Evolantia Snodgrass and Heller

Fowler, Henry W., 1927:
Note on Exallias obscurus Borodin

Allen, J.A., 1883:
Note on Exceptions to the Law of Increase in Size Northward among North American Birds

Kennard, A.S.; Woodward, B.B., 1926:
Note on F. O. Muller's types of Tellina fluminalis, fluminea and fluvia-tilis

Sushkin, P.P., 1924:
Note on Falco altaicus

Hartert, E., 1915:
Note on Falcons

Hackney, A.G., 1944:
Note on Fasciolaria distans Lam

Longstaff, G.B., 1910:
Note on Feeding of Helix desertorum, Forsk. in Captivity

Dall, W.H., 1922:
Note on Fenella A. Adams

Dall, W.H., 1923:
Note on Fenella, Obtortio and Alabina

Muratet, L., 1906:
Note on Filaria perforans

Smith, E.A., 1907:
Note on Fistulana mumia perforating a valve of a Dosinia

Chatterjee, G.C., 1917:
Note on Flagellate dysentery

Fowler, Henry W., 1929:
Note on Fodiator Jordan and Meek

Chapman, F., 1915:
Note on Foraminifera and Ostracoda found in a sample of sand at Williamstown Beach

Anonymous, 1950:
Note on Formicomus caeruleus Thunb with description of two new African species (Anthicidae, Coleoptera, Heteromera)

Wells, J.W., 1942:
Note on Fossil Corals from Langley Park Bore, Perth

Sclater, W.L., 1917:
Note on Francolinus gariepensis jugularis and F. g. pallidior

Prout, L.B.; Sherborn, C.D., 1913:
Note on G. Fischer de Waldheim's Oryctographie du Gouvernement de Moscou, Hist. nat. Mosquensis, and Entom. Mosquensis.

Dall, W.H., 1872:
Note on Gadinia

Dall, N.H., 1882:
Note on Gadinia excentrica, Tiberi

Finn, F., 1899:
Note on Galloperdix lunulata

Hinton, M.A.C., 1908:
Note on Gazella dariesi, Hinton, an Antelope from the Norwich Crag

Hachisuka, Marquess., 1939:
Note on Gennaeus noffitti

Andrews, C.W., 1899:
Note on Genyornis newtoni

Chamberlin, R.V., 1912:
Note on Geophagus

Demir, M., 1961:
Note on Germo alalunga Gml. and Euthynnus alletleratus Raf. in the Sea of Marmara

Paris, E.Talbot, 1911:
Note on Gervillia acuta Auctt. nom Sowerby (Gervillia scarburgensis nom. nov.) from the Scarborough Limestone

Buller, W.L., 1876:
Note on Gerygone flaviventris

Wheeler, William Morton, 1929:
Note on Gesomyrmex

Peile, A.J., 1922:
Note on Gibbula pennanti Philippi

Jordan, D.S., 1918:
Note on Gistel's Genera of Fishes

Robson, G.C., 1913:
Note on Glypto-rhagada silveri (Angas)

Mitter, S.N., 1912:
Note on Gnathostomum spinigerum

Pilsbry, H.A., 1891:
Note on Goniobasis catenaria, Say

Prasad, A.R.; Ali, S.M., 1958:
Note on Goniozus sp. (Bethylidae Hymenoptera) parasite of stem and root-borers of sugarcane in Bihar

Viosca, P.; Jr., 1927:
Note on Gopherus berlandieri in Louisiana

Rothschild, Hon W., 1908:
Note on Gorilla gorilla dichli, Matschie

North, A.J., 1907:
Note on Grant's Bird of Paradiso, Paradisea granti

Sclater, P.L., 1901:
Note on Grant's Zebra

Newton, E.T., 1901:
Note on Graptolites from Peru

Fawcus, L.R., 1944:
Note on Green Pigeons in Bengal

Mienis, HK., 1973:
Note on Gregariella petagnae (Scacchi) (Pelecypoda, Mytilidae)

Maclagan, D., 1874:
Note on Grouse Disease

Allen, J.A., 1920:
Note on Gueldenstaedts's names of certain species of Felidae

Langmead, L.B., 1943:
Note on H. obvoluta Miiller. Jour

Webster, F.M., 1907:
Note on Hadena semicana Walker and H. misera Grote

Uilenberg, G. ., 1967:
Note on Haematozoa and ticks of domestic animals in Madagascar

Bowhill, T., 1906:
Note on Haematozoa observed in a Bat and the occurrence of Acanthia pipistrelli Jenyns in South Africa

Haddon, A.C., 1885:
Note on Halcampa chrysanthellum, Peach

Smith, E.A., 1914:
Note on Haliotis sieboldii, Reeve

Pearson, J., 1915:
Note on Halodeima atra (Holothuria atra)

Stone, W., 1912:
Note on Hapalopteron familiare, (Kittl.)

Taylor, G.W., 1894:
Note on Helcioniscus nigrisquamatus, Reeve, sp

Delacour, J., 1935:
Note on Helia frigida Hartl

Gude, G.K., 1900:
Note on Helicoid land shells from the Canary Islands

Pilsbry, H.A., 1890:
Note on Helix albolabris

Schlesch, H., 1917:
Note on Helix hispida var. morchi Westerlund

Jolliffe, J.E.A., 1915:
Note on Helix hnrtensis var. fascialba Taylor

Johnson, C.W., 1908:
Note on Helix hortensis

Hele, Missfm., 1886:
Note on Helix obvoluta

Spence, Geo C., 1911:
Note on Helix pomatia

Smith, E.A., 1913:
Note on Helix rufescens of Pennant

Fulton, H., 1895:
Note on Helix saulioe, Pfr. (non Reeve), = palumba, Souverbie

Gude, G.K., 1916:
Note on Helix scytodes, Pfr

Daubney, R., 1923:
Note on Helminths common to man and domesticated animals

Trimen, H., 1886:
Note on Helopeltis antonii, Sign., in Ceylon

Dyar, H.G., 1914:
Note on Hemihyalea and some species of Amastus

Seyd, E.L., 1970:
Note on Heminothrus valentianus together with a further record from Britain and a synonymy of Platynothrus punctatus (Acari: Oribatei)

Sizemore, P.D., 1937:
Note on Heronimus chelydrae MacCallum

Couchman, L.E., 1947:
Note on Hesperilla chrysotricha plebeia Water-house (Lepidoptera-Hesperiidae)

Thomas, O., 1886:
Note on Hesperomys pyrvhorhinua, Pr. Max

Cave, F.O., 1948:
Note on Heuglin's Bnnded Frnncolin

Regan, C.; TATE., 1905:
Note on Hexanchus griseus

Vercammen-Grandjean, P.H.; Loomis, R.B., 1967:
Note on Hexidionis n.g. and Pentidionis n. sg

Cumming, W.D., 1903:
Note on Hieraetus fasciatus

Boulenger, G.A., 1904:
Note on Hinulia pardalis of Macleay

Thomson, G.M., 1902:
Note on Hippomedon kergueleni Miers, an Amphipod received from Cape Adare, South Victoria Land

Grant, C.H.B., 1931:
Note on Hirundo a. angolensis and Larus cirro-cephalus on Lake Tanganyika

Huang, W.P.; Chi, H.G., 1963:
Note on Holocene Hsienjen cave deposit of Wannian, Kiangsi

Ricketts, B.D., 1977:
Note on Holocene deposits at Turanga Creek, Whitford, Auckland

Ricketts, BD., 1977:
Note on Holocene deposits at Turanga Creek, Whitford, Aukland

Froilano de Mello, C.I., 1950:
Note on Holomastigotoides operculatum sp. n., parasite of the intestine of a wood-eating termite collected in Dharwar

Wright, E.; Perceval., 1868:
Note on Hyalonema, Gray

Smith, E.A., 1890:
Note on Hydrobia jenkinsi

Bowell, E.W., 1915:
Note on Hygromia hispida, var nana, Jeff

Davis, W.T., 1904:
Note on Hyla andersoni Baird

Lane, C., 1925:
Note on Hymenolepis nana

Marshall, M.Y., 1945:
Note on Hyperaspidius flavocephalus Blatchley, with description of the female (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae)

Saunders, H., 1897:
Note on Hypolais polyglotta in Sussex

Kerr, J.G., 1900:
Note on Hypotheses as to the Origin of the Paired Limbs of Vertebrates

Gray, J.E., 1869:
Note on Ianthella, a new genus of Keratose Sponges

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Note on Icichthys lockingtoni Jordan and Gilbert, a pelagic fish from California

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Note on Idiopholis collaris Mocquard

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Note on Intra uterine Eggs of Heterodontus (Cestracion) Phillipi

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Note on Ischnochiton oniscus, Krauss, and I. elizabethensis, Pilsbry

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Note on Ixodes

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Note on J. V. Thompson's use of the term Polyzoa.

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Note on John Curtis' British entomology 1824-1839; 1829-1840; and 1862

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Note on Junco annectans, Baird, and J. ridgwayi, Mearns

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Note on Kalij Pheasant, especially on a specimen from the Goalpara district, Assam

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Note on Kammerer's experiments with Ciona concerning the inheritance of an acquired character

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Note on Keramosphoera, a new type of Porcellaneous Foraminifera

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Note on Kitakamila and Labechiellata, invalid names of Stromatoporoidea

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Note on Kraatz's criticism

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Note on Laccoptera vigintisex-notata, Boheman

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Note on Laceripora cribrosa, Eichwald

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Note on Lagomys curzoniae (Hodgs.)

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Note on Lam-propeltis mexicana (Garman)

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Note on Lampsilis discus (Lea)

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Note on Lanistes anagnus, Furtado

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Note on Lapparia parki

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Note on Larus audouinii, its eggs and nestlings

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Note on Lasaea scalaris

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Note on Latrodectus hasselti

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Note on Leda coelata Hinds

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Note on Leishmania and mosquitoes: Leishmania donovani can live and develop in the intestinal tract of Anopheles

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Note on Lemming remains from the Arctic bed at Angel Road

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Note on Lemur macaco, and on the way in which it carries its young

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Note on Leonardina woodi of the Philippines and its systematic position and status

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Note on Lepadomorpha (Cirripedia, Pedunculata) collected from Kume Island, Ryukyu Islands, western Japan

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Note on Lepas fascicularis

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Note on Lepidopleurus badius (Hedley and Hull)

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Note on Leptinaria imperforata F. Baker

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Note on Leptomicmrus collaris (Schlegel) (Reptilia, Serpentes)

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Note on Leptopoma crenilabre Strubell

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Note on Leptus phalangii and Leptus autumnalis and their parent Earthmites

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Note on Lepyrium

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Note on Liasis boeleni Brongersma

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Note on Lima (Acesta) angolensis

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Note on Limax tenellus (Mull.), with exhibition of living examples from the Forth Area

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Note on Limnaea auricularia

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Note on Lindia Janickii (Wiszniewski)

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Note on Liparus

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Note on Locusts as propagators of foot and mouth disease

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Note on Locusts in India

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Note on Loligo forbesii, Steenstrup, the so-called L. vulgaris of our coasts

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Note on Long-Faced Birds

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Note on Lophopus lendenfeldi

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Note on Loutfia loutfia Khalil ot Azim

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Note on Lucernarians occurring in the neighbourhood of Port Erin, Isle of Man

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Note on Lucina (Miltha) childreni Gray and on a new species from the Gulf of California

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Note on Luteva Carolina H. S. (Hemiptera, Heteroptera Fam. Reduviidae)

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Note on Luvarus imperialis, a very rare Fish

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Note on Lymnaea desidiosa Say

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Note on Lymnaea hemphilliana (Baker)

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Note on Lymnaea palustris, Mull

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Note on Lyrurus tetrix britannicus recently described

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Note on MSS. of G. C. Hyndman

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Note on Macrochlamys (Eurychlamys) platychlamys, (Blanford) etc

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Note on Macrogeomys cherriei (Allen)

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Note on Macron trochlea

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Note on Macropus rufus, with description of a new subspecies

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Note on Macrothrix hirsuticornis Norman & Brady, with description of the male

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Note on Malaria in Chota Nagpur

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Note on Mallophaga from the Little Auk or Rotchie (Alle alle), with a list of species taken, on birds and mammals in the Forth area

Evans, W., 1912:
Note on Mallophaga from the little Auk or Rotchie (Alle alle); with list of species taken on birds and mammals in the Forth area

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Note on Malurus leucopterus Quoy and Gaimard

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Note on Mammilla kurodai Iw. Taki, 1943 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Naticidae) from Kii Channel (west coast of Wakayama Prefecture), Honshu, Japan

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Note on Mangelia antillarum Reeve

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Note on Marginella guttula, Sowerby

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Note on Marginella perla, Marrat and Pusionella recurvirostris, Marrut

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Note on Marsupites testudinarius, v. Schlotheim, sp

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Note on Martyn's Universal Conchologist

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Note on Mastigochirus quadrilobatus Miers, an anomuran (Crustacea: Decapoda) new to India

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Note on Megalosaurian teeth discovered by Mr. J. Alstone in the Portlanidan of Aylesbury

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Note on Megaploiaria McAtee & Malloch, 1926, with the description of a new species from Australia (Emesinae, Reduv., Hem.)

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Note on Melanemys, Shufeldt

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Note on Melanoconion indecorabilis Theobald (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Note on Meleagris gallopavo fera

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Note on Mellicerta ringens

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Note on Merlia normani and the Monticuliporas.

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Note on Merlia normani, Kirkp

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Note on Mesodon andrewsae normalis (Pils.)

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Note on Mesosuchus browni, Watson, and on a new South African Triassic Pseudosuchian (Euparkeria capensis)

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Note on Mesozoic Mammals

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Note on Micronycteris brachyotis (Dobson) and M. microtis, Miller

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Note on Middle Devonian Crossopterygians from the Eastern part of Gauss Halvo, East Greenland

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Note on Mitra picta Reeve

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Note on Mitra stephanucha Melv., with description of a proposed new variety

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Note on Mollusca

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Note on Molothrus bonariensis, its eggs and its fosterers

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Note on Monostomes

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Note on Mr Bateson's paper heredity, differentiation and other conceptions of biology: a consideration of Prof. Karl Pearson's paper on the principle of homotyposis.

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Note on Mr. Ancey's criticism

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Note on Mr. Garman's Paper on The American Salmon and Trout.

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Note on Mr. H. Ohshima's paper (on situs in-versus in Echinoids)

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Note on Mr. Howard Saunders's Review of the Larinae, or Gulls

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Note on Mr. Minchin's paper on Ascetta

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Note on Mr. Philby's collecting stations. Expedition to south-west Arabia 1937-8

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Note on Mr. Sabrosky's article on Madiza (Dipt.)

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Note on Mr. Williams's Paper on a New Species of Ampullaria

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Note on Muhlenberg's turtle

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Note on Murex man cinella

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Note on Murex marcoensis Sowerby

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Note on Mus burtoni, Thos

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Note on Muscipeta incanescens, Wied

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Note on Musk-Rats and other animals killed since the inception of the campaign against Musk-Rats in October 1932

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Note on Myiothera loricata S

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Note on Myrina simpsoni Marsh

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Note on Myriocladus

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Note on Myriodon and Platycranium

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Note on Myrmeleonid and Ascalaphid larvae found living free upon tree-trunks

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Note on Mysia undata (Pennant)

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Note on Myxine capensis

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Note on Natrix grahamii, B. & G

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Note on Nautilus mokattamensis, A. H. Foord, from the Eocene of Egypt

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Note on Nautilus robustus Foord & Crick

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Note on Nemotelus (Dip., Stratiomyidae)

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Note on Neoanthias guentheri, Casteln

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Note on Neocorbicula Fischer

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Note on Neopleustes bicuspis (Kroyer) and N, monocuspis (Sars)

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Note on Neotropical Mycetophilidae (Diptera, Nematocera)

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Note on Neptunca antiqua

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Note on Neritina showalteri, Lea.

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Note on Nesillas typica monticola

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Note on Nkosi Island and its Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekii)

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Note on North American Aphelia species (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

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Note on Notornis hochstetteri

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Note on Nut-tall's Poorwill in eastern Washington, 291948p. 50. Sight records of Loons in south-eastern Washington, 30 1949 p. 20. White-fronted Geese in eastern Washington, p. 41. Survey of Waterfowl in eastern Washington in 1947, pp. 46-52

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Note on Nyctolherus cochlearis nov. sp. from Rana curtipes Jerdon

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Note on OEstrelata neglecta, with an exhibition of specimens

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Note on Oceanites oceanieus (Kuhl) in the Gulf of Aden

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Note on Octhoeca frontalis (Lafr.) and Cardinalis granadensis, Lafr

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Note on Oculinaria, a new genus of Social Ascidians

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Note on Odostomia lutea Garrett

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Note on Oka's biannulate Leech

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Note on Oklahoma salamanders

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Note on Oliva oryza Lamarck

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Note on Omogymna Martens

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Note on Omomyia hirsuta Coquillett

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Note on Oniscia ponderosa, with its locality

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Note on Ophiolepis gracilis (Allman) from the Brickclay of Seafield

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Note on Orbitolites italica, Costa sp

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Note on Orchestia parvispinosa M. Weber, a terrestrial Amphipod from Java

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Note on Oreohelix idahoensis baileyi

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Note on Oreomyias riisi and the genus Pedilorhynchus

Tomasovic, G., 2007:
Note on Oriental Asilidae: description of Ancylorhynchus cambodgiensis n. sp. from Cambodia and taxonomic changes (Diptera)

Anonymous., 1928:
Note on Ornithodorus Gurneyi Warb.-An Australian Tick

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Note on Orthotomus sutorius, the Indian Tailor-bird. On Rhipidura albifrontata, Whitebrowed Fantail Flycatcher

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Note on Otohime, a new genus of gurnards

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Note on Ottonia bicolor

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Note on Oxycottus acuticeps (Gilbert) from Sitka and Kadiak, Alaska

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Note on Oxyuris vermicularis

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Note on P. Picot's 'Tableau Mothodique des Mammiferes et des oiseauxde la Haute Garonne.'

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Note on Pachycheilus violaceus Preston

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Note on Pachypygus gibber

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Note on Pagophila alba

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Note on Palaeoniscid fish-scales from the Ecca shales, near Ladysmith (Teleostoi)

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Note on Paleoecological import of salinity.

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Note on Palinostus, Sp. Bate

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Note on Pallas's Fishing Eagle (Hali-aetus leucoryphus)

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Note on Paloeornis exsul

Smith, E.A., 1907:
Note on Paludestrina Jenkinsi

Smith, E.A., 1907:
Note on Paludestrina confusa from Oulton Broad

Tomlin, J.R.L.B., 1930:
Note on Panopea cancellata Sowerby

Robertson, C., 1925:
Note on Panurgidae (Bees)

Fowler, H.W., 1929:
Note on Paralepis barracunda Fowler and Phillips

Tweedie, M.W.F., 1936:
Note on Paratelphusa (Liotelphusa) kadamaiana

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Note on Parmacella deshayesii Moq. Tand

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1891:
Note on Parmacellus gracilis, Gray

Kawasaki, Y., 2004:
Note on Parnassius charltonius Gray, (1853) collected by Helia's expedition 2004 to Ladakh, N. India

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Note on Paromalus luberti, Mars., and description of a remarkable species of the genus from Sumatra

Ogilvie-Grant, W.R., 1915:
Note on Parus cristatus scoticus and Rubigula johnstoni

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Note on Paryphanta lignaria

Taylor, G.W., 1894:
Note on Patella kermadecensis, Pilsbry

Hornell, J., 1903:
Note on Pearl-formation in the Ceylon Pearl Oyster

Fulton, H.C., 1939:
Note on Peckten (Chlamys) muscosus Wood 1828 and P. exasperatus Sow. 1842

Curran, C.H., 1926:
Note on Pego myia affinis Stein (Diptera, Musoidae)

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Note on Pentara badia, Rosh., with description of a second species from the Pyrenees-orientales

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Note on Perichaeta campanulata Rosa and Pheretima houlleti (E; Perr.)

Baker, E.C.S., 1929:
Note on Pericrocotus peregrinus

Crick, G.C., 1904:
Note on Pericyclus fasciculatus M'Coy, sp

Dall, W.H., 1900:
Note on Petricola denticulata Sby

Burton, E.; S.J., 1958:
Note on Petricola pholadiformis Lamarck

Barber, H.S., 1905:
Note on Phengodes in the vicinity of Washington

Barber, H.S., 1906:
Note on Phengodes in the vicinity of Washington, D.C

Hatai, S., 1930:
Note on Pheretima agrestis (Goto and Hatai), together with the description of four new species of the genus Pheretima

Robinson, H.C., 1927:
Note on Phodilus Less

Dall, W.H., 1909:
Note on Pholadomya pacifica Dall

Walsingham., 1916:
Note on Pholas costu-lata, Goodall

Smith, E.A., 1909:
Note on Photographic Conchology of Sylvanus Hanley

Shih, C.T., 1971:
Note on Phronima affinis Vosseler, 1901 (Amphipoda, Phronimidae)

Moreau, R.E., 1937:
Note on Phyllastrephus fischeri and related forms

Rees, W.J., 1952:
Note on Phyllirrhoe buccphala Peron and Lesueur and Mnestra parasites Krohn

Rees, W.J., 1953:
Note on Phyllirrhoe bucephala Peron and Lesueur and Mnestra parasites Krohn

Schwarz, E.A., 1892:
Note on Phytobius

Anonymous, 1885:
Note on Phytoptidoe

Richmond, C.W., 1902:
Note on Pinaroloxias inornata (Gould)

Williamson, Wm, 1910:
Note on Piona carnea C. L. Koch and Eurycypris pubera (O. F. M.)

Williamson, Wm., 1910:
Note on Piona carnea C. S. Koch and Eurycypris pubera (O. F. M.)

Giffard, W.M., 1909:
Note on Plagithmysus perkinsi Sharp

Eigenmann, C.H., 1896:
Note on Plankton. General Fauna of Turkey Lake. (Report on Cnidaria.)

Cooper, J.E., 1924:
Note on Planorbia stroemi, Westerlund (= Aeronucus, Ferussac), living in the Thames

Baker, Frank Collins., 1909:
Note on Planorbis binneyi Tryon

Smith, A.G., 1971:
Note on Planorbis mysarus Mabille, 1895

Sclater, P.L., 1903:
Note on Platycercus macgillivrayi

Morison, G.D., 1927:
Note on Platythrips tunicatus Hal. (Thysanoptera), with a description of the male and male pupa

Woodward, A.S., 1917:
Note on Plectrodus, the jaw of an Upper Silurian Fish

Smith, E.A., 1912:
Note on Pleurotoma (Clionella) bipartita, Smith

D.Gregorio, A., 1889:
Note on Pleurotoma turbida, Solander, and P. colon, Sav

Beesley, J.S.S., 1956:
Note on Ploceus reichardi Reichenow

Premkumar, V.K., 1962:
Note on Podophthalmus vigil (Fabricius) from India

Zarudny, N., 1901:
Note on Poecile salicaria neglecta

Garrod, A.H., 1878:
Note on Points in the Anatomy of Levaillant's Darter (Plotus levaillanti)

Richardson, L., 1909:
Note on Pollicipes aalensis Richardson

Watson, AR.O.L.D.T., 1905:
Note on Polydora armata, Ceylon

Anonymous, 1900:
Note on Polynesian and East Indian Pupidoe

Allman, G.J., 1870:
Note on Polytrema miniacea

Anonymous, 2008:
Note on Portulaca californica Legrand (Portulacaceae), a poorly known species endemic to Baja California Sur, Mexico

Thomson, J.A., 1907:
Note on Primnoa reseda from the Faeroe channel, and on its embryos

Stevens, John., 1912:
Note on Proales (Notommata) gigantea Glascott, a Rotifer parasitic in the egg of the Water-snail

Baylis, H.A., 1923:
Note on Procamallanus spiralis Baylis 1923 (Nematoda)

Hardman, E.T., 1887:
Note on Prof, Hull's paper

Hincks, T., 1872:
Note on Prof. Heller's Catalogue of the Hydroida of the Adriatic

Pease, M.S., 1922:
Note on Professor T. H. Morgan's Theory of Hen Feathering in Cocks

Fowler, H.W., 1925:
Note on Propoma roseum Gunther

Rider, D.S., 1958:
Note on Psammophis s. sibilans food.

Dow, R.P., 1916:
Note on Psenocerus supernotatus

Rapp, J.L.C., 1946:
Note on Pseudo-scorpions

Zompro, Oliver., 2001:
Note on Pseudodiacantha macklottii (de Haan, 1842)

Pilsbry, H.A., 1891:
Note on Pupa muscorum, Linne

Schilder, F.A., 1967:
Note on Pusula dartevellei Knudsen 1955. (Gastropoda: Triviidae)

Woods, H., 1923:
Note on Pygocephalus from the Upper Dwyka Shales of Kimberley

Ellis, A.E., 1926:
Note on Pyramidula

Bates, G.L., 1935:
Note on Pyrrhu-lauda eremodites Meinertz, and Erema-lauda kinneari Bates

Peile, A.J., 1938:
Note on Radula of Nesopupa (?) morini Madge

Regan, C.T., 1907:
Note on Raia undulata, Lacep

Buller, W.L., 1875:
Note on Rallus modestus

Cushman, J.A., 1950:
Note on Ramulina globifera H. B. Brady

Low, G.C., 1933:
Note on Redshank and Dunlin from Orkney and on the recently described Dowditcher (Limnodromus griseus hendersoni) from Canada

Bisat, W.S., 1932:
Note on Reticuloceras reticulatum (Phillips), late mut. Bisat

Freeman, R.B., 1942:
Note on Rhadinopsylla isacanthus (Roths.) (Si-phonaptera)

Anonymous, 1914:
Note on Rhipidandri a correction

Mathews, G.M., 1910:
Note on Rhipidura phasiana De Vis

Beutenmuller, W., 1922:
Note on Rhodites

Hinton, M.A.C., 1923:
Note on Rodent-remains from Clacton-on-Sea

Shortt, H.E., 1918:
Note on Romanowsky-staining

Nuttall, C.H.F., 1912:
Note on Rossiella rossi (Nuttull 1910) occurring in the jackal in British Kant Africa

Sclater, P.L., 1882:
Note on Ruppell's Parrot

Heape, Walter., 1908:
Note on Russo's attempt to show differentiation of sex in the ovarian ova of the rabbit

Heape, W., 1908:
Note on Russo's attempt to show differentiation of sex in the ovarian ovum of the Rabbit

Fowler, Henry W., 1928:
Note on Safole Jordan

Garstang, W., 1893:
Note on Salensky's account of the development of the Stigmata in Pyrosoma

Woodland, W.N.F., 1924:
Note on Sanguinicola from the Sudan. A correction

Jubb, RA.; Skelton, P., 1974:
Note on Sarotherodon placida (Trewavas, 1941) (Pisces, Cichlidae)

Sharpe, R.B., 1883:
Note on Saxicola monticola, with special reference to the observations of Majors Butler & Feilden and Capt. Reid

Woodward, A.S., 1899:
Note on Scapanorhynchus, a Cretaceous Shark apparently surviving in Japanese Seas

Scourpield, J., 1900:
Note on Scapholeberis mucronata and the Surface-Film of Water

Watkins-Pitchford, W., 1915:
Note on Schistosomiasis

Dyar, H.G., 1921:
Note on Schizura apicalis G. & R. (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)

Allen, J.A., 1903:
Note on Sciurus mollipilosus

Rothschild, Lord., 1916:
Note on Scolopax saturata and S. s. rosenbergi

Ponsonby, J.H., 1910:
Note on Sculptaria, Pfeiffer

Grant, C., 1927:
Note on Sea Turtles

Menon, K.R., 1902:
Note on Semper's larvae

Pilsbry, H.A.; Raymond, W.J., 1898:
Note on Septifer bifurcatus, Conrad

Fowler, H.W., 1925:
Note on Serranus zonatus Valenciennes

Wallace, A.; Russel., 1892:
Note on Sexual Selection

Darbishire, R.D., 1888:
Note on Shells of Argonauta argo

Huxley, J.S., 1910:
Note on Shepheardella taeniformis Siddall

Baker, E.C.S., 1920:
Note on Siamese Pheasants

Dall, W.H., 1899:
Note on Sigaretus oldroydii

Malipatil, M.B.; Mutalikdesai, K.S.; Panchabhavi, K.S.; Thimmaiah, G., 1970:
Note on Simplicia robustalis Guenee (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) damaging dry chillies at Dharwar

MacGillivray, M.E., 1956:
Note on Sipha agropyrella Hille Ris Lambers Homoptera: Aphidae), an Aphid new to North America

Westwood, J.O., 1891:
Note on Siphonophora artocarpi, Westw

Connolly, M., 1916:
Note on South African non-marine Mollusca

Mcgregor, R.C., 1898:
Note on Speotyto cunicularia obscura, Stephens

Hayden, H.H., 1904:
Note on Spirifer curzoni Diener

Anonymous, 1950:
Note on Spirobolus surinamensis Bollman

Carter, H.J., 1885:
Note on Spongilla fragilis, Leidy, and a new species of Spongilla from Nova Scotia

Macdonald, J.D., 1946:
Note on Square-tailed Drongos

Tatem, J.G., 1877:
Note on Stein's genus Hyalosphenia

Baylis, H.A., 1928:
Note on Stenurus ovatus (v. Linstow), a little known lung worm of Cetacea

Ransom, B.H., 1932:
Note on Stephanurus dentatus

Ridgway, Robert, 1875:
Note on Sterna longipennis, Nordmann

Lewis, G., 1892:
Note on Sternocaelis, and on one new species

Gray, J.E., 1864:
Note on Sternothoerus adansonii from West Africa

Bean, T.H., 1885:
Note on Stoasodon narinari, Euphrasen

Anonymous, 1900:
Note on Strombus belutechiensis Melviil

Romanes, James., 1911:
Note on Strongylocentrotus lividus as a rock borer

Crisp, E., 1864:
Note on Strongylus filaria in the lungs of the lamb and calf

Hume, A.O., 1876:
Note on Sturnus nitens, Hume

Skerman, T.M., 1960:
Note on Stylochus zanzibaricus Laidlaw (Turbellaria, Polycladida), a suspected predator of Barnacles in the Port of Auckland, New Zealand

Okamoto, K., 1931:
Note on Suisan-Zukai by S. Frejukawa

Robinson, H.C.; Kinnear, N.B., 1928:
Note on Sula leucogaster (Bodd.)

Newton, R.Bullen, 1906:
Note on Swainson's Genus Volutilthes

Allen, J.A., 1903:
Note on Sylvia caerulea Wilson

Nathusius, W., 1887:
Note on Symbiotes

Palmer, E.G.W., 1888:
Note on Sympathy and Foster-Parentage among Birds

Meyrick, E., 1922:
Note on Synonymy of two Microlepidoptera from British Columbia

Brady, H.B., 1883:
Note on Syringammina, a New Type of Arenaceous Rhizopoda

Cordeaux, J., 1899:
Note on Syrrhaptes paradoxus in Lincolnshire

Soos, L., 1933:
Note on Tacheopsis

Bailey, F.M., 1912:
Note on Takin (Budorcas taxicolor)

Salvadori, T., 1904:
Note on Tanysiptera dea

Boulenger, G.A., 1893:
Note on Tarentola americana, Gray

Fraser, F.C., 1955:
Note on Tarsophlebiopsis mayi Tillyard (Odonata: Tarsophlebiidae)

Pilsbry, H.A., 1895:
Note on Tasmanian Acmoea and Ischnochiton

Koike, A., 1953:
Note on Tauti's estimation of the loss rate of fish popula-tion in a fishing ground

Dixon, A.F.; Dixon, G.Y., 1890:
Note on Tealia tuberculata and T. crassicornis

Bailey, F.M., 1940:
Note on Teinopalpus imperialis

Smith, E.A., 1915:
Note on Tellina splendula of Anton

Kruseman, G., 1949:
Note on Tendipedidae of the Suez Canal

Waterhouse, C.O., 1896:
Note on Tenebrio ferrugineus, Fab., in the Banksiau collection of Coleoptera

Smith, E.A., 1904:
Note on Terebra hedleyi Tate

Basedow, H., 1904:
Note on Tertiary Exposures in the Happy Valley District, with description of a new species of Septifer

Cooke, A.H., 1904:
Note on Testacella haliotidea Drap

Rothschild, W., 1899:
Note on Testudo sumeirei

Kent, W.S., 1872:
Note on Tethya muricata, Bow., and Dorvillia agariciformis, Kent

Rousselet, Charles F., 1906:
Note on Tetramastix opoliensis (Zacharias)

Buturlin., 1907:
Note on Tetrao urogallus lugens

Crabb, E.D., 1917:
Note on Texas land snails

Williamson, M.Burton, 1911:
Note on Thais (Purpura)

Richmond, C.W., 1899:
Note on Thalassidroma castro of Harcourt

Barber, Herbert S., 1905:
Note on Thaumatoglossa (Axinocerus) americana Jayne

Wiliamson, D.I., 1949:
Note on Themisto gracilipes Norman

Rehder, H.A., 1940:
Note on Thericium ausicoma Schwengel and slantoni Dall

Aldrich, J.M., 1912:
Note on Theronia fulvescens

Cox, J.C., 1899:
Note on Thersites pachystyla, Pfr., var. subfusco-zonata, var. nov., from Queensland

Sherborn, C.D., 1898:
Note on Thomas Martyn's 'Psyche' 1797

Lydekker, R., 1885:
Note on Three Genera of Fossil Artiodactyla, with a Description of a New Species

Bourne, G.C., 1890:
Note on Three Specimens of Asterids

Osborn, Herbert, 1883:
Note on Thripidae, with descriptions of new species

Dall, W.H., 1919:
Note on Thyasira bisecta. Conrad

Pilsbry, H.A., 1900:
Note on Thysanophora hornii Gabb

Hellmayr, C.E., 1907:
Note on Todirostrum capitale, Scl

Ward, H.B., 1897:
Note on Toenia confusa

Luther, A., 1905:
Note on Toenia solium and T. saginata, Finland

Perkins, R.C.L., 1906:
Note on Tomocera, a genus of scale-bug parasites, with description of a new species

Haldeman, G.B., 1886:
Note on Tornaria and Balanoglossus

Ray, H.N.; Raghavachari, K., 1941:
Note on Toxoplatsmn canis infection in a spaniel

Boulenger, G.A., 1892:
Note on Toxotes microlepis, Gthr, and Toxotes microlepis, Biyth

Hall, R., 1911:
Note on Trachinops taeniatus

Hey, W.C., 1909:
Note on Transported Lias near Filey

Bielicka, W., 1956:
Note on Triassic foraminifers of the north-west periphery of the Swiety Krzyz Mountains

Rorie, J., 1864:
Note on Trichina spiralis

Dall, W.H., 1905:
Note on Trichodina Ancey

Melvill, J.C.; Standen, R., 1916:
Note on Trichotropis antarctica Melv. and St. (non Thiele)

Smith, EA., 1916:
Note on Triphora smithi, Sowerby and T. gracilior, Smith

Peile, A.J., 1911:
Note on Triton tessellatus, Reeve

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1903:
Note on Tritonia palmeri Cooper, 1882

Button, Fred L., 1906:
Note on Trivia acutidentata Gask

Melvill, J.; Cosmo., 1909:
Note on Trivia costispunctata, Gaskoin

Button, Fred L., 1908:
Note on Trivia galapagensis Melv

Button, Fred L., 1908:
Note on Trivia maugeriae, Gray

Button, Fred L., 1907:
Note on Trivia pilulu Kiener

Brandt, RA., 1971:
Note on Trochoidea davidiana (Bourguignat)

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1921:
Note on Trochus pennanti Philippi

Raj, B.S., 1914:
Note on Trygon kuhlii

Floyd, J.F., 1916:
Note on Trypanophis grobbeni, a Protozoan parasite of Siphonophora

Broch., 1905:
Note on Tubularia larynx

Smith, E.A., 1887:
Note on Tudicula inermis, &c

Metcalf, M.M., 1896 :
Note on Tunicate Morphology

Dall, W.H., 1908:
Note on Turbonilla castanea and Odostomia montereyensis

Tomlin, J.; Rle B., 1915:
Note on Turbonilla phrikalea, Watson

Young, J., 1895:
Note on Turdus alpestris in Hungary

Lydekker, R., 1892:
Note on Two Dinosaurian Foot-bones from the Wealden

Mead, J.R., 1886:
Note on Two Kansas Mammals

Mccock, H.C., 1884:
Note on Two New Californian Spiders and their Nests

Crick, G.C., 1907:
Note on Two Rare Forms of Actinocamax from the English Upper Chalk

Sclater, P.L., 1886:
Note on Two Species of Monkeys (Macacus tcheliensis and Brachyurus calvus) added to the Zoological Society's Gardens

Chorley, C.W., 1928:
Note on Uganda Gorillas seen during a visit to Mount Sabinio, Christmas, 1927

Schepman, M.M., 1896:
Note on Unio infrarostratus, Schepm

Simpson, C.T., 1895 :
Note on Unio oregonenses , Lea

Spence, G.C., 1940:
Note on Uro-coptis (Autocoptis) olssoni Pils

Spence, G.C., 1916:
Note on Urocoptidae

Spence, G.C., 1914:
Note on Urocoptis (Bactrocoptis) rosea, Pfr

Spence, G.C., 1913:
Note on Urocoptis lata C. B. Ad. var. producta C. B. Ad

Rothschild, W., 1903:
Note on Uroplates fimbriatus lichenius, subsp. nov

Hedley, C., 1890:
Note on Vaginula Leydigi and V. Hedleyi, from Brisbane; and on Synonomy of Queenslandica, Hedley

Pilsbry, H.A., 1916:
Note on Valvata micra Pils. and Ferr

Sharp, B., 1890:
Note on Variations in Bulimus exilis

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1923:
Note on Venus, affinis, Sowerby

Taylor, J.W., 1888:
Note on Vertigo tumida West

True, F.W., 1888:
Note on Vesperugo hesperus (Allen)

Vesey-Fitzgerald, D., 1956:
Note on Vespidae (Hym.) from Demerara, British Guiana

Chick, G.C., 1903:
Note on Vestinautilus crassimarginatus A. H. Foord

Brongersma, L.D., 1958:
Note on Vipera russelii (Shaw)

Gude, G.K., 1912:
Note on Viquesnelia of Deshayes from the Miocene (Sar-matian) of Turkey

Dudgeon, G.C., 1896:
Note on Virachola perse, Hewitson, a Lycaenid butterfly

Grant, C.H.B.; Mackworth-Praed, C.W., 1938:
Note on Viridibucco simplex

Pilsbry, H.A.; Walker, B., 1906:
Note on Vitrea approxima and V. vanattai

Grierson, P.H., 1908:
Note on Vitrina elongata Drap

Dall, W.H., 1906:
Note on Vitrina pfeifferi Deshayes

Correa, D., 1947:
Note on Vittaticella elegans (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata)

Mivart, S.G., 1885:
Note on Viverricula

Oldham, C., 1931:
Note on Vivi-pants contectus (Millet)

Cox, J.C., 1899:
Note on Voluta bednalli. Brazier

May, W.L., 1911:
Note on Voluta mamilla (Gray)

Kenyon, A., 1899:
Note on Voluta roadknightoe, McCoy

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1944:
Note on W. Metcalfe and his Collection

Ijima, I., 1902:
Note on Walteria leuckarti Ij

Ridgeway, W., 1909:
Note on Ward's Zebra

Hertlein, L.G.; Strong, A.M., 1948:
Note on West American species of Condylocurdia

Ogilvie-Grant, W.R., 1911:
Note on Xanthomelus ardens

Doncaster, Leonard., 1907:
Note on Xanthorhoe ferrugata, Clerck, and the Mendelian hypothesis

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1920:
Note on Xylophaga praestans, Smith

Crick, G.C., 1900:
Note on Zieten's Type-specimens of Ammonites polygonius and Ammonites discoides

Hemming, F., 1954:
Note on Zoological nomenclature

Lister, J.J., 1898:
Note on a (? Stomatopod) Metanauplius Larva

Whistler, H., 1928:
Note on a Baikal Teal shot in Sussex

Nambu, H.; Tajima, Y.; Amano, M.; Hayano, A.; Arai, K.; Kakuda, T.; Yamada, KT.; Tanaka, Y.; Kudoh, H.; Shibata, O.; Ogasawara, S.; Ishikawa, Y.; Tamaki, S.; Shibayama, K.; Yamamoto, S.; Umino, T., 2004:
Note on a Baird's beaked whale stranded on the coast of Hachiryu-machi, Akita Prefecture, Sea of Japan in 2001

Andrews, C.W., 1922:
Note on a Bear (Ursus savini sp. n.) from the Cromer Forest-bed

Hoyle, W.E., 1891:
Note on a British Cephalopod-Illex eblanoe (Ball)

Rothschild, Lord., 1924:
Note on a British-killed specimen of Cursorius cursor

Burrows, H.W., 1905:
Note on a Bryozoan attached to Neptunea found in one of the Mekran Nodules

Pilsbry, H.A., 1897:
Note on a Californian Helix

Hemphill, H., 1892 :
Note on a Californian Loligo

Yoshii, Narao, 1928:
Note on a Carapus in a starfish

Woodward, A.S., 1893:
Note on a Case of Subdivision of the Median Fin in a Dipnoan Fish

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1898:
Note on a Chalcidid of the subfam. Encyrtinae, parasitic on Phenacoccus minimus

Crick, G.C., 1901:
Note on a Chalk Ammonite, probably referable to Ammonites ramsayanus Sharpe

Blackburn, K.B., 1942:
Note on a Chara Marl at Haltwhistle

Woodward, S., 1909:
Note on a Chelonian skull from the Purbeck beds of Swanage

Tristram, H.B., 1881:
Note on a Collection of Birds from the Marquesas Islands

Hay, O.P., 1885:
Note on a Collection of Fishes from Florida, with descriptions of new or little known species

Jordan, D.S., 1884:
Note on a Collection of Fishes from Pensacola, Florida, obtained by Silas Stearns, with descriptions of 2 new species (Exocoetus volador and Gnathypops mystacinus)

Hill, D.; Edwards, A.B., 1941:
Note on a Collection of Fossils from Queenstown, Tasmania

Theobald, W., 1865:
Note on a Collection of Land- and Freshwater Shells from the Shan States, collected by F. Fedden

Hefford, A.E., 1908:
Note on a Conger with abnormal gonad

Minato, M., 1947:
Note on a Coral of Lower Carboniferous Type from the Kwanto Mountainland

Benham, W.B., 1891:
Note on a Couple of Abnormalities

Calman, W.T., 1911:
Note on a Crayfish from New Guinea

Bell, F.J., 1882:
Note on a Crinoid from the Straits of Magellan

Woodward, H., 1900:
Note on a Crustacean, Mesodromilites birleyi gen. et sp. nov., from the Gault of Folkestone, Kent

Woodward, A.S., 1898:
Note on a Devonian Coelacanth Fish

Crick, G.C., 1901:
Note on a Dibranchiate Cephalopod from the London Clay of Sheppey

Thompson, D.; Aposaw., 1901:
Note on a Dolphin shewing traces of an encounter with a Cuttlefish

Newton, Alfred., 1876:
Note on a Dutch Translation of Pliny's Natural History, and on a print of the Dodo contained therein

Seeley, H.G., 1879:
Note on a Femur and a Humerus of a small Mammal from the Stonesfield Slate

Whiteaves, J.F., 1897:
Note on a Fish Tooth from the Upper Arisaig series of Nova Scotia

Ross, R., 1906:
Note on a Flagellate Parasite found in Culex fatigans

Prater, S.H., 1929:
Note on a Formosan Viper (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus) from the North-East frontier

Yabe, H.; Eguchi, M., 1944:
Note on a Fossil Dendrophyllia from the Miocene of the Tugaru District in Amori-Ken

Miers, E.J., 1882:
Note on a Fresh-water Macrurous Crustacean from Japan

Annandale, N., 1910:
Note on a Fresh-water Sponge and Polyzoon from Ceylon

Root, L.A., 1928:
Note on a Garter Snake

Ishikawa, C.; Wakiya, Y. xFjir xF., 1914:
Note on a Gigantic Squid obtained from the Stomach of a Sperm Whale

Harding, W.A., 1908:
Note on a Gnathobdellid Leech (Limnatis sp. ?) from Angola

Smith, G., 1905:
Note on a Gregarine (Aggregate inachi n. sp.), which may cause the parasitic castration of its host (Inachus dorsettensis)

Sclater, W.L., 1928:
Note on a Guinea-Fowl from. Uganda and remarks on African Chats with descriptions of new races

Jepps, M.W., 1927:
Note on a Haemogregarine in Lepidosiren paradoxa

Gilruth, J.A., 1910:
Note on a Haemogregarine in the blood of Varanus varius

Punnett, R.C., 1900:
Note on a Hermaphrodite Frog

Cooper, J.E., 1913:
Note on a Holocene Deposit at Boveney, Buckinghamshire

Kishinonye, K., 1897:
Note on a Japanese Penaeus and its classification

Yosii, N., 1931:
Note on a Japanese Spiny Lobster with an antennule regenerated in place of an eye

Crick, G.C., 1899:
Note on a Jurassic Ammonite

Van Veen, G.W., 1966:
Note on a Jurassic-Cretaceous section in the subbetic S.W. of Caravaca (Prov. Murcia, Spain)

Ford, E., 1920:
Note on a Leplocephalus Stage of the Conger

Adie, J.R., 1906 :
Note on a Leucocytozoon found in Mus rattus in the Punjaub

Warren, E., 1923:
Note on a Lizard-eating S. African Spider

Pruess, K.P.; Pruess, N.C., 1966:
Note on a Malaise trap for determining flight direction of insects

Peterson, O.A., 1905:
Note on a Mammal from the Loup Fork beds of Nebraska

Wells, D., 1936:
Note on a Mammoth tooth from the gravels of the Monongahela River

Lendenfeld, R.Von, 1885:
Note on a Medusa from the Tropical Pacific

Lendenfeld, R.V., 1886:
Note on a Medusa from the Tropical Pacific. Liriope rosacea (Eschsch.). Ggbr

Woodward, A.; Smith., 1908:
Note on a Megalosaurian tibia from the Lower Lias of Wilmcote, Warwickshire

Macmunn, C.A., 1886:
Note on a Method of Obtaining Uric Acid Crystals from the Malpighian Tubes of Insects

Macmunn, C.A., 1886:
Note on a Method of obtaining Uric Acid Crystals from the Malphigian Tubes of Insects, and from the Nephridium of Pulmonate Mollusca

Dowdeswell, G.F., 1883:
Note on a Minute Point in the Structure of the Spermatozoon of the Newt

Sykes., 1903:
Note on a Monstrosity of Rissoia parva Da Costa

Nicholls, L., 1925:
Note on a Nematode Larva removed from the Eye of a Man

Atkinson, C.F., 1891:
Note on a Nematode Leaf-Disease

Bell, F.J., 1884:
Note on a Nematoid Worm (Gordius verrucosus) collected by Mr. H. H. Johnston on Kilima-njoro

Mccoy, Sir F., 1899:
Note on a New Australian Pterygotus

Pilsbry, H.A., 1890:
Note on a New Bulimulus

Benham, W.B., 1888:
Note on a New Earthworm

Anonymous, 1877:
Note on a New Example of tho Phyllodocidoe (Anaitis rosea)

Rousselet, C., 1889:
Note on a New Rotifer Limnias cornuella.

Sheppard, T.; Stather, J.W., 1906:
Note on a New Section in the Glacial Drifts of Holderness

Sheppard, T.; Stather, J.W., 1908:
Note on a New Section in the Glacial Gravels of Holderness

Lydekker, R., 1884:
Note on a New Species of Merycopotamus

Lewis, G., 1887:
Note on a New Species of Osmoderma and a Trichius from Japan

Benham, W.B., 1893:
Note on a New Species of the genus Nais

Beddard, F.E., 1887:
Note on a New Type of Compound Eye

Chilton, C., 1906:
Note on a New Zealand Amphipod belonging to the genus Seba

Garstang, W., 1891:
Note on a New and Primitive Type of Compound Ascidian

Baily, J.L.Jr, 1944:
Note on a Pacific Cetoconcha

Pilsbry, H.A., 1932:
Note on a Panamic Corbulid Clam-Panamicorbula, new subgenus of Corbula

Chilton, C., 1890:
Note on a Parasite (Temnocephala) found on the Freshwater Crayfish of New Zealand

Quilter, H.E., 1888:
Note on a Parasitic Mite of Testacella scutulum

Sedgwick, A., 1893:
Note on a Peripatus from Natal

Packard, A.S., 1883:
Note on a Peripatus from the Isthmus of Panama

Bateson, W.; Thomas, R.H., 1917:
Note on a Pheasant showing abnormal sex-characters

Gressitt, J.L., 1937:
Note on a Philippine Cobra

Moore P.R., 1972:
Note on a Pleistocene shellbed near Weymouth, Auckland

True, F.W., 1903:
Note on a Porpoise of the genus Prodelphinus from the Hawaiian Islands

Griffith, A.F., 1928:
Note on a Pratincole and an Andalusian Hemipode reported killed in England

Bray, A.W., 1924:
Note on a Protozoon from the gill-chambers of Bankia (Xylolrya) gouldi

Sanderson, A.R., 1936:
Note on a Pteropod Trochophora found in the Tay Estuary

Gahan, A.B., 1941:
Note on a Puerto Rican species of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera)

Hinde, G.J., 1897:
Note on a Radiolarian Chert from the Island of Billiton. Jaarb

Hinde, G.J., 1892:
Note on a Radiolarian Rock from Fanny Bay, Port Darwin, Australia

Wang, H.C., 1948:
Note on a Re-markable Rhizophyllum species from the Middle Silurian of Hueitze, Northern Yunnan

Lydekker, R., 1902:
Note on a Reindeer skull from Novaia Zemlia

Bell, F.J., 1889:
Note on a Remarkably Large Specimen of Luidia from the Island of Mauritius

Swinton, W.E., 1927:
Note on a Rhinoceros bone from the Glacial Sands of Cadder

Annandale, N., 1911:
Note on a Rhizocephalous crustacean from fresh water and on some specimens of the order from Indian seas

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