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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23209

Chapter 23209 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient management studies in chick pea (Cicer arietinum)

Thirugnanam, M.; Myers, RF., 1974:
Nutrient media for plant-parasitic nematodes. 6. Nucleic acid content and nucleotide synthesis in Aphelenchoides rutgersi

Hongal, M.M.; Nooli, S.S., 2007:
Nutrient movement in fertigation through drip - a review

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient overloading of a few lakes in Bangalore Karnataka, India

Blazka, P., 1976:
Nutrient recycling by zooplankton

Mullin, MM.; Perry, MJ.; Renger, EH.; Evans, PM., 1975:
Nutrient regeneration by oceanic zooplankton: a comparison of methods

Paul, J.T.; Ramaiah, N.; Sardessai, S., 2008:
Nutrient regimes and their effect on distribution of phytoplankton in the Bay of Bengal

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrient regulation in brain development: glucose and alternate fuels

Murray Emma; Smith Craig; Haese Ralf; Heggie David, 2005:
Nutrient release from sediments in a highly eutrophic estuary, southwestern Australia

Hao X.; Chang C., 2005:
Nutrient release from wind erodible sediment of a heavily manured soil

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient release pattern during composting poultry manure

Li, J.P.; Healy, M.G.; Zhan, X.M.; Rodgers, M., 2008:
Nutrient removal from slaughterhouse wastewater in an intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor

Sim, C.Hua.; Yusoff, M.Kamil.; Shutes, B.; Ho, S.Chye.; Mansor, M., 2007:
Nutrient removal in a pilot and full scale constructed wetland, Putrajaya city, Malaysia

Bayley M.L.; Greenway Margaret; Pollard Peter, 2006:
Nutrient removal in stormwater detention ponds and wetlands; bacterioplankton, phytoplankton and periphyton; the untold story

Urgun-Demirtas, M.; Pagilla, K.R.; Kunetz, T.E.; Sobanski, J.P.; Law, K.P., 2008:
Nutrient removal process selection for planning and design of large wastewater treatment plant upgrade needs

Fernandez-Falcon, M.; Alvarez, C., E.; Hernandez, M., M., 2008:
Nutrient removal, fertilization needs and yields of protea plants cultivated in subtropical conditions

Liu, J.; Xu, S., 2006:
Nutrient requirement of marine fish larvae for essential fatty acids and phospholipids

Kadu, P.P.; Bulbule, A.V., 2007:
Nutrient requirements of finger millet based on soil test crop response correlation approach

Mcewen, L.C.; French, C.E.; Magruder, N.D.; Swift, R.W.; Ingram, R.H., 1957:
Nutrient requirements of the white-tailed deer

Jayashree Ratnam; Mahesh Sankaran; Niall P.H.nan; Rina C.G.ant; Nick Zambatis, 2008:
Nutrient resorption patterns of plant functional groups in a tropical savanna: variation and functional significance

Salarmoini, M.; Campbell, G.L.; Rossnagel, B.G.; Raboy, V., 2008:
Nutrient retention and growth performance of chicks given low-phytate conventional or hull-less barleys

Hickey, S.; Downing, D.; Verkerk, R.; Osbourne, A.; Noriega, L.A.; Hickey, A., 2008:
Nutrient risk assessment in a decision theoretic context

Voigt, C.C.; Rex, K.; Michener, R.H.; Speakman, J.R., 2008:
Nutrient routing in omnivorous animals tracked by stable carbon isotopes in tissue and exhaled breath

Dechant, R.; Peter, M., 2008:
Nutrient signals driving cell growth

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient solution and mineral composition of three mint species grown in hydroponic system

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient solution concentrations of Na2SeO4 affect the accumulation of sulfate and selenate in Brassica oleracea L

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient solution for mint production in hydroponic solution

Merino, A.; Real, C.; Rodriguez-Guitian, M., A., 2008:
Nutrient status of managed and natural forest fragments of Fagus sylvatica in southern Europe

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient studies in crossandra (Crossandra infundibuliformis L. Nees)

Oldenburg T.B.P.; Larter S.R.; Huang H., 2006:
Nutrient supply during subsurface oil biodegradation; availability of petroleum nitrogen as a nutrient source for subsurface microbial activity

Owens Phillip; Lee Lai, 2003:
Nutrient transformations in soils under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Solimini, AG.; Singer, GA.; Marti, E.; Battin, TJ.; Gafny, S.; Gerino, M.; Morais, M.; Puig, MA.; Push, M.; Ruggiero, A.; Voreadou, C.; Sabater, F., 2005:
Nutrient transient storage by the invertebrate assemblage in streams with contrasting nutrient loads

Ferguson, J.C., 1964:
Nutrient transport in starfish. I. Properties of the coelomic fluid. II. Uptake of nutrients by isolated organs

Ferguson, J.C., 1962:
Nutrient transport in the starfish, Asterias forbeei, as studied with isolated digestive glands

Dana L.Royer, 2008:
Nutrient turnover rates in ancient terrestrial ecosystems

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient uptake and yield of onion as influenced by integrated nutrient management in rainfed onion cv Bellary Red during kharif season

Prabha, A.C.S.; Senthivelu, M., 2007:
Nutrient uptake and yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.)) as influenced by clomazone-pendimethalin readymix

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient uptake as influenced by post panicle initiation nutrient management in rice plant organs

Melissa; Ruth D.Y.nai; J.D.vereux Joslin, 2008:
Nutrient uptake by intact and disturbed roots of loblolly pine seedlings

Wan-Soon Kim, ; Mi-Young Roh, ; Lieth, J.H., 2008:
Nutrient uptake potential of cut roses (Rosa hybrida L.) in soilless culture

Rathore, H.S.; Porwal, M.K., 2008:
Nutrient uptake, protein content and relative economics of fenugreek (trigonella foenum graecum) as influenced by sowing dates, microbial inoculation and weed management

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient uptake, yield and economics of hybrid rice as influenced by nitrogen and potassium management

Albaugh, T.J.; Allen, H.Lee.; Fox, T.R., 2008:
Nutrient use and uptake in Pinus taeda

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient use efficiency - measurement and management

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrient use pattern and available nutrient balance as influenced by sources of nutrients in medicinal Coleus

Rideout, T.C.; Liu, Q.; Wood, P.; Fan, M.Z., 2007:
Nutrient utilisation and intestinal fermentation are differentially affected by the consumption of resistant starch varieties and conventional fibres in pigs

Emiola, A.; Akinremi, O.; Slominski, B.; Nyachoti, C.Martin., 2010:
Nutrient utilization and manure P excretion in growing pigs fed corn-barley-soybean based diets supplemented with microbial phytase

J.N.U.L.-X.T.An.Y.-J.L.U.K.-S.M.I.H.-J.Y.Ng.C.-X.Y.; W.G.O, 2009:
Nutrient values of dietary ascorbic acid (l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate) on growth, survival and stress tolerance of larval shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrient-abundant natural waters of Arctic Mountain Tundra, North-Eastern Siberia

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrient-allelochemical interactions of castor, Ricinus communis (L.) plants, resistant and susceptible to infestation of green leaf hopper, Empoasca flavescens (Fabr.)

Hoegh Guldberg, O.; Muscatine, L.; Goiran, C.; Siggaard, D.; Marion, G., 2004:
Nutrient-induced perturbations to 13C and 15N in symbiotic dinoflagellates and their coral hosts

Hulot, F.D.; Loreau, M., 2005:
Nutrient-limited food webs with up to three trophic levels: feasibility, stability, assembly rules, and effects of nutrient enrichment

Jang, S.J.; Baglama, J.; Rick, J., 2006:
Nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton models with a toxin

White P.A., 2004:
Nutrients and hydrology

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrients and hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico - an update on progress, 2008

Birgit Holst; Gary Williamson, 2008:
Nutrients and phytochemicals: from bioavailability to bioefficacy beyond antioxidants

Elsdon, T., S.; Limburg, K., E., 2008:
Nutrients and their duration of enrichment influence periphyton cover and biomass in rural and urban streams

Koudela, M.; Petříková, K., 2008:
Nutrients content and yield in selected cultivars of leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa)

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrients degradation, gas production and metabolites concentration on Cryosopogon fulvus-shrubs tree leaves diets in sheep and goat inoculums

Martin, M.M.; Carman, R.M.M.cConnell, J.G., 1969:
Nutrients derived from the fungus cultured by the fungus-growing ant Atta colombica tonsipes

Marcos Llope; Ricardo Anadón; Jorge Á. Sostres; Leticia Viesca, 2007:
Nutrients dynamics in the southern Bay of Biscay (1993-2003); winter supply, stoichiometry, long-term trends, and their effects on the phytoplankton community

Yusuf, K.A.; Osibanjo, O., 2007:
Nutrients in a freshwater lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria

El-Kader, A.A.Abd; Attia, M., 2006:
Nutrients release and biological aspects of butadiene styrene - fertilizer mixtures

Leila Hayashi; Nair S.Y.koya; Sérgio Ostini; Ricardo T.L.P.reira; Elisabete S.B.aga; Eurico C.O.iveira, 2008:
Nutrients removed by Kappaphycus alvarezii (Rhodophyta, Solieriaceae) in integrated cultivation with fishes in re-circulating water

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrients uptake as influenced by different cropping systems in semi-arid tract

Anonymous, 2007 :
Nutrients, mineral and volatile fatty acids content in four Leucaena species and the hybrid K743

Lovegrove, J.A.; Gitau, R., 2008:
Nutrigenetics and CVD: what does the future hold?

Kaput, J., 2008:
Nutrigenomics research for personalized nutrition and medicine

Kato, H., 2008:
Nutrigenomics: the cutting edge and Asian perspectives

Kekilova, A.I., 1970:
Nutriment of Upupa epops L. and Turdus ruficollis Pall. in Prikopetdag areas of Turkmenia

Anonymous, 1950:
Nutrional requirements of the early chick embryo II

Jorgensen, C.B., 1971:

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition & bone health

Cajevskaja, N.S., 1958:
Nutrition & food relations of animals inhabiting bottom vegetation and wrecks of Black Sea : IV. Nutrition habits of Idothea baltica (Pallas) (Isopoda)

Chen, Song; Xia, Guomian; Zhang, Guoping, 2008:
Nutrition Accumulation, Remobilization, and Partitioning in Rice on No-Tillage Soil

Bueche, J.; Charney, P.; Pavlinac, J.; Skipper, A.; Thompson, E.; Myers, E.; Lewis, N.; Smith, E.; Israel, D.; Beto, J.; Conkin, C.A.; Zook-Weaver, M.; Geiger, C.J., 2008:
Nutrition care process part II: using the International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology to document the nutrition care process

Fitzgerald, Nül.; Damio, G.; Segura-Pérez, S.; Pérez-Escamilla, R., 2008:
Nutrition knowledge, food label use, and food intake patterns among Latinas with and without type 2 diabetes

Conti, K., 2008:
Nutrition status of American Indian adults and impending needs in view of the strong heart dietary study

Denish Moorthy; Kathleen L Cappellano; Irwin H Rosenberg, 2008:
Nutrition and Crohn's disease: an update of print and Web-based guidance

Wilson, R.P.; Corraze, G.; Kaushik, S., 2007:
Nutrition and Feeding of Fish. This Special Issue presents a small fraction of the presentations presented at the XII International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding held in Biarritz, France, May 28 to June 1, 2006

G. Abellan van Kan; G. Gambassi; L. C. P. G. M. de Groot; S. Andrieu; T. Cederholm; E. Andre; J. -R. Caudere; J. -R. Bonjour; P. Ritz; A. Salva; A. Sinclair; B. Vellas, 2008:
Nutrition and aging. The Carla workshop

Abolmasova, G.I., 1970:
Nutrition and analysis of some elements ofenergy balance in the Black Sea crabs

Smith, S.G., 1967:
Nutrition and axenic culture of Blepharisma intermedium

Garrison, MV., 1975:
Nutrition and behavioral studies with Polynesian rats

Janda, V.; Heliova, A., 1966:
Nutrition and body growth during development of Antheraea pernyi caterpillars

Bissonauth, V.; Shatenstein, B.; Ghadirian, P., 2008:
Nutrition and breast cancer among sporadic cases and gene mutation carriers: an overview

Timmis, Wh, 1977:
Nutrition and breeding of tropical_ birds (with special reference to insect foods)

Edwards, M.S.; Killmar, K.S., 2004:
Nutrition and captive feeding of red-shanked douc langurs (Pygathrix nemaeus) at the San Diego Zoo

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition and children's cognition: research methods and findings - Introduction

OʼKeefe, Stephen JD, 2008:
Nutrition and colonic health: the critical role of the microbiota

Balashov, Y.S., 1956:
Nutrition and course of spermatogenesis on male ixodid ticks

Akey, DH., 1972:
Nutrition and culture of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum, on defined diets

Shuster, MM.; Khrolinskii, LG., 1973:
Nutrition and development rates of the clover seed weevils A. apricans and A. aestivum, feeding on various clover species and varieties

Bourne, G.H., 1971:
Nutrition and diet of chimpanzees

Trager, W., 1954:
Nutrition and experimental malaria

Reddy, GPV., 1973:
Nutrition and feeding behaviour of the southwestern corn borer Diatraea grandiosella Dyar (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Fundova, A., 1974:
Nutrition and feeding of African ungulates during quarantine at Dvur Kralove Zoo

DV.Charlotte, 2010:
Nutrition and feeding of organic poultry

Bubinas, A.; Kublickas, A.; Peciuliene, O., 1977:
Nutrition and feeding relations of fishes in the littoral zone of the Kaunas hydro-electric plant water reservoir

Maximova, G.D., 1967:
Nutrition and feeding relationship of Coregonus peled (Gm. ) and Coregonus lavaretus maraenoides Pol. with other fishes in bream-bleak Lake. Izv. vses. nauchno-issled

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition and fertilizing of eucalypt plants

Gajevskaja, N.S., 1956:
Nutrition and food interrelations of animals inhabiting bottom vegetation and wrecks of the Black Sea. II. Nutrition of the gastropod mollusc Cerithiolum reticulatum (Da Costa)

Strautman, IF., 1972:
Nutrition and food interrelations of gobies (Fam. Gobiidae) from the Dniester Liman

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition and food service in schools in Saint Paul, MN., USA

Chun Liu; Robert M Russell, 2008:
Nutrition and gastric cancer risk: an update

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition and grain yield of black oat as affected by surface application of lime and phosphogypsum at the establishment of no-tillage system

Yonge, C.M., 1961:
Nutrition and growth in corals

Hall, R.P. ., 1967:
Nutrition and growth of Protozoa

Lesina, A.N., 1970:
Nutrition and growth of carp fingerlings in nursery ponds of fish-breeding farm 'Uitash'

Lezina, A.N., 1970:
Nutrition and growth of fingerling carp in nursery ponds of Uytash fish hatchery

Kuznetzov, V.V., 1946:
Nutrition and growth of plant feeding marine invertebrates of the Eastern Murman

Coe, W.R., 1945:
Nutrition and growth of the California Bay-Mussel (Mytilus edulis diegensis)

Williamson, J.W., 1944:
Nutrition and growth studies of amoeba

McEvoy, T.G.; Robinson, J.J., 2003:
Nutrition and its interaction with reproductive processes

Ito, T.; Inokuchi, T., 1972:
Nutrition and metabolism of amino acids in the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Hodgson, E.; Smith, E.; Snyder, KD., 1972 :
Nutrition and metabolism of certain methyl-containing compounds in insects

Hola, G.G. ., 1965:
Nutrition and metabolism of ciliates

Kidder, G.W., 1951:
Nutrition and metabolism of protozoa

Sharma, G.K.; Rock, G.C., 1970:
Nutrition and metabolism of sulfur amino acids in red-banded leaf roller

Schwenke,D.C., 2008:
Nutrition and metabolism: -tocopherol to prevent cardiovascular disease - deficiency, dose, delivery, and developing context

Zagorodnyaya, YuA., 1974:
Nutrition and migration of the Black Sea Pseudocalanus elongatus (Boeck) in the winter period

Erman, L.A., 1962:
Nutrition and multiplication of planktonic rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus Pall in mass cultures

Han-min Zhu, 2008:
Nutrition and natural herbs in osteoporosis

Barrows, Michelle., 2001:
Nutrition and nutritional disease in chelonians

Darby, W.J., 1956:
Nutrition and nutritional diseases

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition and osteoporosis prevention

Griffiths, RC., 1971:
Nutrition and our fishes

Cook, J.G.; Johnson, B.K.; Cook, R.C.; Riggs, R.A.; Delcurto, T.; Bryant, L.D.; Irwin, L.L., 2004:
Nutrition and parturition date effects on elk: potential implications for research and management

Dement'ev, G.P.; Kartashev, N.N.; Soldatova, A.N., 1953:
Nutrition and practical importance of certain predatory birds in S.W. Turkmenistan

Tannreuther, G.W., 1923:
Nutrition and reproduction in Euglena

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition and reproduction in dairy cattle

Wigglesworth, V.B., 1960:
Nutrition and reproduction in insects

Mason, K.E., 1949:
Nutrition and reproduction. Avery, G. S., Ed

Coe, W.R., 1948:
Nutrition and sexuality in protandric gastropods of the genus Crepidula

Brezeanu, G., 1971:
Nutrition and trophic relations in Leucaspius delineatus (Heckel), during development

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition assessment and nutritional requirements in obese patients

Varga, F., 1977:
Nutrition biology and injury of gipsy moth (Lymantria dispar L. ) in Hungary

Revin, YuV., 1976:
Nutrition character of Vulpes vulpes L. in a zone of large number of Ondatra zibethica L. (the Kolyma-Indigirka lowland)

Wang Lihong,.; Zhang, L.; He, Q.; Zhang Jinguo,, 2006:
Nutrition components analysis of food for Asian elephants in wild and in captivity

Chararas, C.; Courtois, JE.; Thuillier, A.; L.F.y, A.; Laurent-Hube, H., 1972:
Nutrition de Phoracantha semipunctata F. (coleoptere Cerambicidae); etude des osidases du tube digestif et de la flore intestinale. Comptes r. Seanc. Soc

Chauvin, R., 1963:
Nutrition de l'abeille

Derjavine, A.N., 1918:
Nutrition de la breme (Abramis brama L.)

Girin, M., 1974:
Nutrition de la larve de turbot (Scophthalmus maximus (L.)) avant la metamorphose

Gahukar, R.T., 1976:
Nutrition de la pyrale du mats Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Pyraustidae)

Derjavine, A.N., 1918:
Nutrition des Harengs (Caspialosa caspia Eichw., C. caspia volgensis Meissn., C Kessleri Gr., C. brashnikovi Bor., C. saposhnikovi Gr.)

Gontscharow, G.D., 1928:
Nutrition des larves d'Anopheles maculipennis dans les conditions artificielles

Haydak, M.H., 1970:
Nutrition des larves d'abeilles

Lemonde, A.; Bernard, R., 1951:
Nutrition des larves de Tribolium confusum Duval. I, II

Silvina Mariela Vidueiros; Inés Fernandez; Nora Slobodianik; María Estela Roux; Anabel Pallaro, 2008:
Nutrition disorder and immunologic parameters: study of the intestinal villi in growing rats

Mainguet, A M., 1973:
Nutrition du criquet migrateur Locusta migratoria L. (Orthoptera, Acrididae). 1. Comportement alimentaire. survie et variation ponder-ale en fonction de quelques substances

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrition education in primary schools: a planning guide for curriculum development

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition education in team nutrition middle schools: teachers' perceptions of important topics to be taught and teaching curriculum used

Berner, L., 1939:
Nutrition et Infestation de la Moule de Provence (Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk.)

Chararas, C.; Courtois, JE., 1976:
Nutrition et activite enzymatique de Dendroctonus micans Kug. (coleoptere Scolytidae xylophage)

Boucher Rodoni, R., 1973:
Nutrition et croissance de trois octopodides mediterraneens. Etude preliminaire

Greze, I.I., 1968:
Nutrition et groupements trophiques des amphipodes du complex Mediterraneen dans la mer Noire

Avel, M., 1928:
Nutrition et sexualite chez les Lombriciens

Remaudiere, G., 1954:
Nutrition et variations du cycle evolutif des Aphidoidea

Anonymous, 1977:
Nutrition experimentale chez les cerianthaires, 147 153, illust

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrition for premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Dive, D., 1973:
Nutrition holozoique de Colpidium campylum phenomenes de selection et d'antagonisme avec les bacteries. Water

Dive, DG.; Dupont, C.; Leclerc, H., 1974:
Nutrition holozoique de Colpidium compylum aux depens de bacteries pigmentees ou synthetisant des toxines

Martinez, L.M.; Perez-Perez, A.; Turbon, D., 2006:
Nutrition in ancient hominids

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition in childhood - requirements and reality. Results of dietary and catering sitution in daycare centres in Sachsen

Stanga,Z.; Brunner,A.; Leuenberger,M.; Grimble,R.F.; Shenkin,A.; Allison,S.P.; Lobo,D.N., 2008:
Nutrition in clinical practice - the refeeding syndrome: illustrative cases and guidelines for prevention and treatment

O'Brien, A.; Williams, R., 2008:
Nutrition in end-stage liver disease: principles and practice

Alastair O'Brien; Roger Williams, 2008:
Nutrition in end-stage liver disease: principles and practice

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrition in infants with congenital heart disease

Luke, B., 2005:
Nutrition in multiple gestations

Farias, A.; Uriarte, I., 2006:
Nutrition in pectinids

Naerland, G., 1954:
Nutrition in relation to parasitism in sheep

Watson, A., 1973:
Nutrition in reproduction - direct effects and predictive functions.Discussion

Anonymous, 2006:
Nutrition in the neonatal surgical patient

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition interventions during pregnancy: global experience

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition interventions that can accelerate the reduction of maternal and child undernutrition

Anonymous, 2007:
Nutrition knowledge and attitudes of college athletes

Anonymous, 2008:
Nutrition labeling and consumer comprehension

Chararas, C.; Echaubard, M.; David, J., 1973:
Nutrition lavaire d' Ergates faber L. (Coleop. Cerambycidae): morphology du tube digestif, transitintestinal et consommation journaliere

Poulin, G.; O'Neil, L.C., 1968:
Nutrition naturelle d'Arion ater (L.) (Gasteropodes: Pulmones)

Zhteneva, T.S., 1969:
Nutrition of Abramis brama in Gorky reservoir

Zakora, L.P., 1969:
Nutrition of Acipenseridae in the Volgograd reservoir in 1955-1966

Srebrodol'skaja, NI.; Pavljuk, RS., 1976:
Nutrition of Anas platyrhynchos L. in the western part of the Ukrainian Polessie

Hatt, J-M.; Liesegang, A., 2001:
Nutrition of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in captivity - an overview and practical experience

Moore, W., 1946:
Nutrition of Attagenus (?) sp. II (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)

Boldina, I.K., 1960:
Nutrition of Blicca bjoerkna of Volga reservoirs

Konstantinov, A., 1959:
Nutrition of Chironomid larvae and some ways of the increase of food animals in water bodies

Smogorzhevsky, L.A., 1969:
Nutrition of Dendronanthus indicus in the south of the Jewish Autonomous region

Einszporn, T., 1965:
Nutrition of Ergasilus sieboldi Nord-mann. II. The uptake of food and the food material

Einszporn, T., 1965:
Nutrition of Ergasilus sieboldi Nordmann. I. Histological structure of the alimentary canal

Smirnov, N.N., 1960:
Nutrition of Galerucella nymphaeae L. (Chrysomelidae), mass consumer of water-lily

Provasoli, L.; Gold, K., 1963:
Nutrition of Gyrodinium cohnii, an heterotrophic colorless dinoflagellate

Cowperthwaite, J.; Weber, M.M.; Packer, L.; Hutner, S.H., 1953:
Nutrition of Herpetomonas (Strigomonas) culicidarum

Cooperman, J.M., 1943:
Nutrition of Hie Goldon Hamstor

Zaitseva, G.Y., 1962:
Nutrition of Lucioperca fry in the Kakhovka River during the first years of its existence

Hammen, Carl S., 1956:
Nutrition of Musca domestica in single-pair culture

Loskot, VM.; Petrusenko, OA., 1973:
Nutrition of Oenanthe deseni oreophila Oberh. on the Pamirs

Mitchell, P.H., 1918:
Nutrition of Oysters; the nature of the so-called fattening of oysters, Washington D.C

Miller, C.A.; Johnson, W.H., 1960:
Nutrition of Paramecium: a fatty acid requirement

Van Wagtendonk, WJ., 1973 :
Nutrition of Paramecuim

Samchuk, ND., 1976:
Nutrition of Passer domesticus L. under conditions of the Ukraine

Storm, J.H.tner, S.H.; Provasoli, L., 1952:
Nutrition of Peranema

Fortunatova, K.R., 1940:
Nutrition of Scorpaena poreus L. (On methods of quantitative study of nutrition dy-namics in carnivorous marine fish.)

Dewey, V.C., 1941:
Nutrition of Tetrahymena geleii (Protozoa, Ciliata)

Carefoot, J.Russel, 1967:
Nutrition of Volvulina Playfair

Trager, W., 1957:
Nutrition of a hemoflagellate (Leishmania tarentolae) having an interchangeable requirement for choline and pyridoxal

Droop, M.R., 1959:
Nutrition of a phagotrophic marine dinoflagellate

Erokhina, LV.; Voropaev, NV.; Bogeruk, AK.; Krivtsov, VF., 1976:
Nutrition of buffalos during their rearing in ponds

Hume, Ian D., 2003:
Nutrition of carnivorous marsupials

Savely, H.E., 1938:
Nutrition of certain wood-boring Coleoptera

Tashtchilin, V.A., 1954:
Nutrition of ducks and their influence on formation of aquatic biocenosis

Ullrey, DE., 1974:
Nutrition of herbivores in the zoo. Annual

Seamell, L., 1968:
Nutrition of humming birds

Strelova, Ai, 1971:
Nutrition of larvae of the grass carp and the silver carp at different stages of their development

Gold, K., 1962:
Nutrition of marine phytoplankton measured by C14 uptake and cell size distribution

Gashev, N.S., 1965:
Nutrition of marten of the Martes genus in north Urals

Harrison, C.J.O., 1968:
Nutrition of nectar-feeding birds

Friend, W.G.; Salkeld, E.H.; Stevenson, I.L., 1959:
Nutrition of onion maggots, larvae of Hylemya antiqua (Meig.), with reference to other members of the genus Hylemya

Mitchell, P.H., 1918:
Nutrition of oysters; Glycogon formation and storage. Washington D.C

Lwoff, M., 1951:
Nutrition of parasitic amoebae. A. Lwoff (ed.). Biochemistry and physiology of Protozoa. 1

Johnson, W.H., 1956:
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Nutritional performance of goats fed non-conventional diets based on olive pulp in Sinai

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Nutritional physiology and colony form in Podocoryna carnea (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)

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Nutritional physiology of Metridia lucens and M. longa from the Gulf of Maine

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Nutritional physiology of Tetranychus urticae (Kock)

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Nutritional potential of some selected forages for rabbits

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Nutritional problems in young ratites

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Nutritional profile and inflammatory status of stable chronic haemodialysis patients at Nephrology Department, Military Hospital Rawalpindi

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Nutritional profile of rural adults from Vellore District of Tamil Nadu

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Nutritional programmes for pigs subjected to segregated early weaning: (Part II)

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Nutritional programming of disease: unravelling the mechanism

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Nutritional properties of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis

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Nutritional qualities of different wheat varieties grown in North West Frontier Pakistan

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Nutritional quality evaluation of seven ecotypes of Leucaena macrophylla (Benth.) in a Leached Red Ferralitic Soil

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Nutritional quality evaluation of velvet bean seeds (Mucuna pruriens) exposed to gamma irradiation

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Nutritional quality of 'pop' sorghum cultivars after popping

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Nutritional quality of foods

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Nutritional quality of roasted and pressure-cooked chickpea compared to raw (Cicer arietinum L.) seeds

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Nutritional relationships in larvae of Oryzaephilus surinamensis

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Nutritional requirement of digestible lysine to white-egg laying hens on the second cycle of production

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Nutritional requirements and biosynthetic capabilities of the parasitic flagellate Strigomonas oncopelti

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Nutritional requirements of Paramecium multimicronucleatum

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