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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23218

Chapter 23218 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pethon, P., 1966:
Observations of avifauna, South Varanger, 1966

Chauhan, N.S., 2002:
Observations of bamboo flowering and associated increases in rodent populations in the north-eastern region of India

Anonymous, 2006:
Observations of banded linsang Prionodon linsang at the northern edge of its range, with a review of recent northerly records

Workman, GH., 1974:
Observations of bats in Stump Cross Caverns

Grout, CM., 1973:
Observations of bats l,000 meters below ground level. Bat

Leal, M.J.; Simas, E.; Castro, M.; Santos, ME., 2004:
Observations of beaked whales off Pico Islands, Azores

Ffolliott, PF.; Clary, WP.; Larson, FR., 1976:
Observations of beaver activity in an extreme environment

Wright, J.K., 1965:
Observations of behavior of the Andean torrent duck

Smith, K.U.; Daniel, R.S., 1946:
Observations of Behavioral Development in the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta)

Pervushin, A.S., 1968:
Observations of behaviour and feeding of whalebone whales in the area of the Crozet Islands

Smith, K.V.; Daniel, R.S., 1947:
Observations of behavorial develop-ment in the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)

Shoemaker, H.H., 1957:
Observations of bioluminescenee in the Atlantic fish (Porichthys porossissimum)

Kohler, L.S., 1912:
Observations of bird-life in northern New Jersey during the winter of 1910-1911

Kelsall, J.P., 1970:
Observations of birds and mammals at Bluenose Lake

Aleksuik, M., 1965:
Observations of birds and mammals in the Perry River region, N.W.T

Holdgate, M.W., 1963:
Observations of birds and seals at Anvers Island, Palmer Archipelago in 1955-57

Andersen, T., 1967:
Observations of birds at Aved0re Holme, East Zealand, 1961-66

Leck, C.F., 1969:
Observations of birds exploiting a Central American fruit tree

Robbins, RJ.; Casbon, C.; Hattis, GE., 1975:
Observations of birds exploiting a central Michigan fruit tree

Fankhauser, Don, 1962:
Observations of birds feeding on overwintering corn borer

Smith, AP., 1977:
Observations of birds in Brunei

Marris, R.; Webbe, A.H.F., 1969:
Observations of birds in East Greenland, 1966

Konovalov, G.V., 1964:
Observations of birds in Queen Maud Land

Ozawa, K., 1970:
Observations of birds in the East China Sea, April1968, 'Umitaka Maru'

Casey, Tlc, 1977:
Observations of birds in the Molokai forest reserve, July 1975

Anonymous, 1971:
Observations of birds on SW-Amager 1964 1966

Gaskin, C.; Baird, K., 2005:
Observations of black and white storm petrels in the Hauraki Gulf, November 2003 - June 2005: were they of New Zealand storm petrels?

Jablonski, B., 1967:
Observations of black guillemot at Hel Peninsula

Moutou, F.; Besnard, V., 2006:
Observations of black-and-rufous sengis (Rhynchocyon petersi) in Diana Forest, Kenya

Dunbar, WP., 1975:
Observations of black-footed and Laysan albatrosses between Seattle and Guam

Thompson, Paul D., 2004:
Observations of boreal toad (Bufo boreas) breeding populations in northwestern Utah

Mitsukuri, K.; Takahashi, M.; Nagamine, K.; Ueda, T., 2006:
Observations of breeding activity of peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus in Etomo Peninsula, south-eastern Hokkaido

Green, R.; Haywood, B.T., 2003:
Observations of breeding white-bellied cuckoo-shrikes (dark- and normal-morph) in the lower south east of South Australia

Jost, E.; Wegrzyn, E., 2004:
Observations of brood parasitism of the common cuckoo Cuculus canorus in nests of the great reed warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus - vocal behaviour and interactions of the host and the parasite

Black, R., 2005:
Observations of buff-breasted paradise kingfisher Tanysiptera sylvia breeding in Byfield, central Queensland

Ormerod, P., 2005:
Observations of butterflies in remote parts of the Scottish Highlands

Anonymous, 2005:
Observations of cannibalism and prey records in the dugite or spotted brown snake (Pseudonaja affinis affinis)

Brown, D.H.; Norris, K.S., 1956:
Observations of captive and wild cetaceans

Burdett, Af, 1971:
Observations of captive pythons (P. sebae) in Malawi over a three year period

H.A.Y.rk; P.F.F.ster; M.F.J.nes; W.H.S.hwarz; A.L.V.zeau; M.S.Z.rwekh, 2008:
Observations of cavity-roosting behavior in Costa Rican Lophostoma brasiliense (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

Hornell, J., 1893:
Observations of certain Marine animals. IV. Abnormalities in Haliclystus (Lucernaria) octoradiatus. (Preliminary note.)

Campbell, J.M.; Howell, J.C., 1970:
Observations of certain birds

Gol'din, EB.; Gol'din, PE., 2004:
Observations of cetaceans in the Calamita Gulf (Black Sea) and the adjoining sea area

M.G.ippa; N.M.M.gnard;; S.B.ancamaria, 2007:
Observations of changes in surface water over the western Siberia Lowland

Jauquet, J.; Pittman, N.; Heinis, J.I.; Thompson, S.; Tatyama, N.; Cederholm, J., 2003:
Observations of chum salmon consumption by wildlife and changes in water chemistry at Kennedy Creek during 1997-2000

Hutchinson, R.; Eaton, J.; Benstead, P., 2006:
Observations of cinnabar hawk owl Ninox ios in Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a description of a secondary vocalisation

Fairall, C.W.; Uttal, T.; Hazen, D.; Hare, J.; Cronin, M.F.; Bond, N.; Veron, D.E., 2008:
Observations of cloud, radiation, and surface forcing in the equatorial eastern Pacific

Baker, C.L.; Baker, L.C.C.ldwell, M.F., 1947:
Observations of copulation in Amphiuma tridactylum

Farley, C., 1972:
Observations of courtship behaviour in Lycosa cardinensis

Lane, Amanda M., 2006:
Observations of courtship, copulation, and gestation in the wet tropical endemic skink Carlia rubrigularis

Stubbs, Alan E., 2006:
Observations of craneflies (Diptera, Cylindrotomidae and Limoniidae) feeding on leaf-surfaces

Varga, F., 1968:
Observations of cuckoos at the nest of a robin

Lyons J.J.; Johnson J.B.; Waite G.P.; Rose W.I., 2007:
Observations of cyclic strombolian eruptive behavior at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala reflected in the seismo-acoustic record

Hod, K., 1973:
Observations of deep sea luminous organisms collected on the r/v Tansei Maru, Oceanographic Institute of Tokyo University

Espmark, Y., 1968:
Observations of defence reactions to oestrid flies by semidomestic forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) in Swedish Lapland

Finnegan, Cyril V., 1963:
Observations of dependent histogenesis in salamander limb development

Simmons, N.M.; Levy, S.; Levy, J., 1963:
Observations of desert bighorn sheep lambing, Kofa Game Range Arizona

Rainey, R.C., 1955:
Observations of desert locust swarms by radar

Flint, PR., 1975:
Observations of diurnal migration at Cape Andreas and Cape Kormakiti - 1971

Baird, J.; Nisbet, I.C.T., 1959:
Observations of diurnal migration in the Narragansett Bay area of Rhode Island in fall 1958

Bushuyev, SG.; Savusin, VP., 2004:
Observations of dolphins from fishing boats in the course of sprat trawling in the northwestern Black Sea

A.P.S.urman; H.A.M.Gowan, 2009:
Observations of dry season surface energy exchanges over a desert clay pan, Queensland, Australia

Hamabe, M., 1960:
Observations of early development of a squid Loligo bleekeri Keferstein

Anonymous, 2008:
Observations of effect of albendazole against hookworm larvae of canine

Ubelaker, J.E.; Keller, B.L., 1965:
Observations of eggs and larvae of Cuterebra emasculator (Fitch, 1856)

Brooks, D.M., 2004:
Observations of elegant quail (Callipepla douglasit ) in southern Nayarit, Mexico

Ivanov, AV., 1975:
Observations of embryogenesis of Pogonophora. 2. Taxonomic status of Pogonophora

Grant, TR., 1974:
Observations of enclosed and free-ranging grey kangaroos Macropus giganteus

Tyler, M.J.; Parker, F.; Bulmer, R.N.H., 1966:
Observations of endoparasitic leeches infesting frogs in New Guinea

Yoakum, Jim, 1965:
Observations of feeding habits of captive bobcats

Stickney, RR.; White, DB.; Miller, D., 1973:
Observations of fin use in relation to feeding and resting behavior in flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes)

Lee, T.; Yu, X.-Ying; Ayres, B.; Kreidenweis, S., M.; Malm, W., C.; Collett, J., L.J., 2008:
Observations of fine and coarse particle nitrate at several rural locations in the United States

Gooding, R.M., 1964:
Observations of fish from a floating observation raft at sea

Echelle, AA.; Echelle, AF., 1972:
Observations of fish-eating and maintenance behavior in two species of Basiliscus

A.B.lehaki; E.T.S.rris; G.T.iropoula; R.W.M.Entire; S.K.kubun; T.Y.mamoto, 1997:
Observations of flux rope “ associated particle bursts with GEOTAIL in the distant tail

Kaufman, D.W.; Kaufman, G.A., 2006:
Observations of foraging on taproots of invasive thistles by prairie voles

Besson Jean Pierre; Cazenave Gerard; Ebrard D.; Laborde H., 2007:
Observations of frequentation of karstic caves in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques and Landes by bear fossils

Nettleship, DN.; Lock, AR., 1973:
Observations of fulmars on ledges in Labrador

Anonymous, 1964:
Observations of golden eagle lAguila chrysaetos attacks on coyotes

Wright L.D.; M.Y.; Scully M.; Friedrichs C., 2005:
Observations of gravity-driven sediment transport and deposition on the continental shelf off the mouth of the Waiapu River, New Zealand

Cieslak, M., 1977:
Observations of great white egret and squacco heron in central Poland

Kannan, P.; Rajagopalan, M., 2005:
Observations of green turtles in the Lakshadweep Islands, west coast of India

Onoue Kensuke; Umeda Yasuhiro; Shigetomi Kunihiro; Asada Teruyuki; Hoso Yoshinobu; Kondo Kazuo, 2005:
Observations of groundwater in areas reported with the anomalous changes of water levels of wells prior to Showa Nankai earthquake

Faust, E.C., 1963:
Observations of helminths con-tracted by man from the soil in the Republic of Colom-bia

Colin N.Y.tes; Stephen D.M.rphy, 2008:
Observations of herbivore attack on garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Coker, R.E., 1925:
Observations of hydrogen-ion concentration and of fishes in waters tributary to the Catawba River, North Carolina (with supplemental observations in some waters of Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

Kowalczyk Hutchison T.; Hicks Faye E., 2007:
Observations of ice jam release waves on the Athabasca River near Fort McMurray, Alberta

Hill, Epm, 1970:
Observations of imported fire ant predation on nestling cottontails

Ormerod, E.A., 1900:
Observations of injurious insects and common farm pests during the year 1899 with methods of prevention and remedy. Twenty-third report. Second series No. 1

Flueck, Werner T., 2004:
Observations of interactions between puma, Puma concolor, and introduced European red deer, Cervus elaphus, in Patagonia

Parks, J.M.; Bressler, S.L., 1963:
Observations of joint feeding activities of certain fish-eating birds

Higdon, J.W.; Romberg, S., 2006:
Observations of juvenile ivory gulls (Pagophila eburnea) in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada, August 2005

Razlivalov, EV., 2004:
Observations of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in coastal waters of Sakhalin Island

McGraw, KA.; Gunter, G., 1972:
Observations of killing of the Virginia oyster by the gulf oyster borer, Thais haemastoma, with evidence for a paralytic secretion

Towle, Sm, 1975:
Observations of kokako courtship, Hunua December 1973

Sillero-Zubiri, C.; Bassignani, F., 2001:
Observations of large groups of Gambian mongooses (Mungos gambianus, Ogilby 1835) in southeastern Senegal

Ciasto, L.M.; Thompson, D.W.J., 2008:
Observations of large-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Southern Hemisphere

Mitropolsky, V.I., 1970:
Observations of life cycle of Pisidiumhenslowanum (Sheppard) (Mollusca, Lamellibranchia)

Miles, MJ., 1977 :
Observations of little bitterns at Lusaka. Bulletin Zambian om

Carrier, E.B., 1926:
Observations of living cells in the Bat's Wing

Hirth, D.H., 1977:
Observations of loss of antler velvet in white-tailed deer

Wu, Y.T., 1956:
Observations of malaria incidence in the Aboriginal regions of Central Taiwan in the preoperational period of the current island-wide residual insecticide spraying

Allen, Jim., 2003:
Observations of male common koel at Magill and Wattle Park

Simmons, N.M., 1966:
Observations of mammals in the Cabeza Prieta Game Range area, Arizona

Moore, Joseph Curtis, 1956:
Observations of manatees in aggregations

Moreira de Gurjao, L.; Pereira de Freitas, J.E.uardo; Silva Araujo, D., 2005:
Observations of marine turtles during seismic surveys off Bahia, Northeastern Brazil

Sundar, K S.; Gopi, 2005:
Observations of mate change and other aspects of pair-bond in the sarus crane Grus antigone

Stevenson, MF., 1973:
Observations of maternal behaviour and infant development in the De Brazza monkey Cercopithecus neglectus in captivity

Gary, N.E., 1963:
Observations of mating behaviour in the honeybee

Nahallage, C.A.D.; Huffman, M.A., 2006:
Observations of meat eating by captive juvenile macaques

Chau J.L.; Woodman R.F., 2004:
Observations of meteor-head echoes using the Jicamarca 50 MHz radar in interferometer mode

Vanderwerf, E.A.; Wiles, G.J.; Marshall, A.P.; Knecht, M., 2006:
Observations of migrants and other birds in Palau, April-May 2005, including the first Micronesian record of a Richard's pipit

Metcalf, W.G., 1966:
Observations of migrating great shear-waters Puffinus gravis off the Brazilian coast

Pawson, S.; Berndt, L., 2004:
Observations of monarch butterfly overwintering behaviour in Christchurch

Ritcey, R.W.; Verbeek, N.A.M., 1969:
Observations of moose feeding on aquatics in Bowron Lake Park, British Columbia

Monnett, C.; Gleason, J.S., 2006:
Observations of mortality associated with extended open-water swimming by polar bears in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea

Anonymous, 2008:
Observations of mount etna seismicity during the 2002 “2003 eruption based on deep-sea gravimeter data

Wilson, J.A.; Duffell, A.R., 2005:
Observations of movements of water rats Hydromys chrysogaster on Cat Island, Furneaux Group, Bass Strait, Tasmania

Anonymous, 2005:
Observations of natural spawning of Bohadschia vitiensis and Holothuria scabra versicolor

Meurling, P., 1967:
Observations of nerve-types in the hypophysial stem of Raja radiata

Stewart, Andrew C., 2003:
Observations of nest predation by Cooper's hawks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

de Carvalho Filho, E.P.o Mendes. de Carvalho, G.D.nis Mendes.; Alencar Carvalho, C.E.uardo., 2005:
Observations of nesting gray-headed kites (Leptodon cayanensis) in southeastern Brazil

Moulton, P.; Moulton, M.; Sundine, J., 1976:
Observations of nesting long-eared owls

Clark, RJ., 1972:
Observations of nesting marsh hawks in Manitoba

Grossheusch, Dave., 2003:
Observations of nesting northern hawk owls in Minnesota

Kelly, A.M., 1968:
Observations of neuromuscular development in the rat. 1. The histogenesis of intercostal muscle. 2. The differentiation of the motor end plate

Eriksen, K.; Svendsen, K.R.; Ponlsess, J., 1960:
Observations of new and rare Danish birds: Richards' Pipit, Alpine Accentor and Cirl Bunting

Eberhardt, R.L.; Norris, K.S., 1963:
Observations of newborn Pacific gray whales (Eschrictius glaucus Cope) on Mexican calving grounds

Eberhardt, R.L.; Norris, K.S., 1964:
Observations of newborn Pacific gray whales on Mexican calving grounds

Kovshar, AF., 2004:
Observations of night gatherings of Acridotheres tristis in central part of Almaty

Ozawa, K., 1958:
Observations of oceanic birds in the Southern Ocean

Baidya, A.P.asad.; Senoo, S., 2002:
Observations of oocyte final maturation and eggs on African catfish Clarias gariepinus under artificial rearing conditions

Baidya, A.P.asad.; Senoo, S., 2002:
Observations of oocyte final maturation and eggs on patin Pangasius hypophthalmus under artificial rearing conditions

Alphonsus, Brother., 1913:
Observations of our birds in Indiana

Mee, A.; Denny, R.; Fairclough, K.; Pullan, D.M.; Boyd Wallis, W., 2005:
Observations of parrots at a geophagy site in Bolivia

Fournier, R.O., 1968:
Observations of particulate organic carbon in the Mediterranean Sea and their relevance to the deep-living coccolithophorid Cyclococcolithus fragilis

Grande M.; Kellett B.J.; Howe C.; Perry C.H.; Swinyard B.; Dunkin S.; Huovelin J.; Alha L.; D.U.ton L.C.; Maurice S.; Gasnault O.; Barabash S.; Joy K.H.; Crawford I.A.; Lawrence D.; Fernandes V.; Casanova I.; Wieczorek M.; Thomas N.; Mall U.; Foing Bernard H.; Hughes D.; Alleyne H.; Russell S.; Grady M.; Lundin R.; Baker D.; Murray C.D.; Guest J.; Christou A., 2007:
Observations of past lunar landing sites by the D-CIXS X-ray spectrometer on SMART-1

Ozawa, K.; Yamada, T.; Kira, M.; Schimizu, T., 1968:
Observations of patches of Euphausia superba

Mather, F.J.; Day, C.Godfrey, 1954:
Observations of pelagic fishes of the tropical Atlantic

Murphy, William L., 2002:
Observations of pelagic seabirds wintering at sea in the southeastern Caribbean

Lewis, James C., 1966:
Observations of pen-reared European hogs released for stocking

Robinson, GP., 1975:
Observations of peregrine falcons in the Copperbelt Province. Bulletin Zambian orn

van Epenhuijsen, C W., 2005:
Observations of pests in Cyrtanthus hybrids (Amaryllidaceae)

Soriano, S.; Guillen, J.; Demestre, M., 2004:
Observations of physical and biological roughness on the Ebro Delta inner shelf

Brown, S.G., 1961:
Observations of pilot whales (Glo-bicephala) in the north Atlantic Ocean

Streeter, R.G.; Braun, C.E., 1968:
Observations of pine marten in Colorado alpine areas, 1966-1967

Green, Gh, 1975:
Observations of pink-footed and barnacle geese in the Kong Oscar Fjord region of north-east Greenland, 1974

Krylov, VI.; Medvedev, LP., 1974:
Observations of pinnipeds on the vessels of Professor Vize and ob' in 1967/68. Informatsionnyi

Bong, J.P.; Byung, D.L.; Sam, K.K., 1964:
Observations of piroplasmosis among imported dairy cattle

Davis, Charles C., 1950:
Observations of plankton taken in marine waters of Florida in 1947 and 1948

Spaans, A.L., 1962:
Observations of possible hybrids of Redpoll (Cardutlis flammed) and Arctic or Hoary Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanm) on the island of Vlieland

Catling, P.M., 2005:
Observations of possible migration of Common Baskettail, Epitheca cynosura (Say), in Ontario and New York

Mikkonen, AV.; Mikkonen, EJ., 1972:
Observations of postnuptial moult in a red-breasted flycatcher Ficedula parva

Jepsen, N.; Holthe, E.; Okland, F., 2006:
Observations of predation on salmon and trout smolts in a river mouth

Arango, C.P.; Brodie, G.D., 2003:
Observations of predation on the tropical nudibranch Okenia sp. by the sea spider Anoplodactylus longiceps Williams (Arthropoda: Pycnogonida)

Fulton, G.R., 2006:
Observations of predation, nest-predation and other disturbance events at Dryandra, south-western Australia I: birds as predators

Fulton, G.R., 2006:
Observations of predation, nest-predation and other disturbance events at Dryandra, south-western Australia II: birds as prey of other animals

Markiewicz, K.; Zarnowski, K., 1968:
Observations of proteins and of some serum-enzymes activity in the course of experimental fasciolosis in rats

Pearl, C.A.; Bowerman, J., 2006:
Observations of rapid colonization of constructed ponds by western toads (Bufo boreas) in Oregon, USA

Kovatcheva, Nikolina, 2002:
Observations of rearing red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) zoeae and glaucothoe in a recycling water system

Anonymous, 2006:
Observations of recovery of the benthic macroinvertebrate community in an acid-impacted upland stream in Ireland

Vincent, R.E., 1958:
Observations of red fox behaviour

Okiwelu, SN., 1977:
Observations of resting sites of Glossina

Lee W.H.K.; Huang B.S.; Liu C.C.; Teng T.L.; W.C.F., 2007:
Observations of rotational ground motions from local earthquakes in Taiwan

Igel Heiner; Schreiber U.; Cochard A.; Velikoseltsev A.; Suryanto W.; Dinh N.P., 2007:
Observations of rotational ground motions using ring laser gyros

Patel, Kunal, 2006:
Observations of rusty-spotted cat in eastern Gujarat, India

Bourne, W.R.P., 1963:
Observations of sea birds

Fisher, C.D., 1963:
Observations of sea birds between Sydney and Perth

Castenholz, R.W., 1954:
Observations of sea birds off the Southeastern Florida coast

Taylor, M., 1948:
Observations of sea birds on a voyage from Melbourne to England, 1947

Wooldridge, DB., 1974:
Observations of seabird movements at Barfleur, Normandy, in the autumn

Bourne, WRP.; Dixon, TJ., 1977:
Observations of seabirds 1970-1972

Bourne, W.R.P., 1967:
Observations of seabirds and review of literature

Temple, SA., 1976:
Observations of seabirds and shorebirds on Mauritius

Dunnet, GM., 1977:
Observations of seabirds at sea off Cape Town, October 1975

Rowlands, BW., 1977:
Observations of seabirds in the Falkland Islands and the Beagle Channel

Norris, A.Y., 1965:
Observations of seabirds in the Tasman Sea and in New Zealand waters in October and November, 1962

Cheshire, NG., 2002:
Observations of seabirds received in 2001/2

Inoue, S., 1970:
Observations of seaurchin spermatozoa with the surface replication method

Hawley N., 2004:
Observations of sediment resuspension and advection in southern Lake Michigan

Yuan, Y.; Wei, H.; Zhao, L.; Jiang, W., 2008:
Observations of sediment resuspension and settling off the mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, Yellow Sea

Burlacu R.; Pankow K.; Kim T.S.; Hayward C.; Stump B., 2008:
Observations of seismo-acoustic energy propagation from rocket motor detonations in northern Utah

Anne F.Lightbody, Margaret E.Avener and Heidi M.Nepf, 2008:
Observations of short-circuiting flow paths within a free-surface wetland in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A

Anne F.Lightbody, Margaret E.Avener and Heidi M.Nepf, 2008:
Observations of short-circuiting flow paths within a free-surface wetland in Augusta, Georgia, USA

Mudappa, Divya., 2002:
Observations of small carnivores in the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, India

Anonymous, 2007:
Observations of small-toothed Palm Civets Arctogalidia trivirgata in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, with notes on feeding techniques

Wergin William P.; Rango Albert; Foster James; Josberger Edward G.; Erbe Eric F.; Pooley Christopher, 2006:
Observations of snow and ice crystals observations with low temperature scanning electron microscopy (review)

Czaja, J., 1964:
Observations of snowy owl at Hel peninsula

Lord Medway., 1971 :
Observations of social and reproductive biology of the bent-winged bat Miniopterus australis in northern Borneo,

Brayshaw, A., 1968:
Observations of social behaviour in red deer stags

Scott, E.O.G., 1965:
Observations of some Tasmanian fishes: Part XIII

Donaghho, W.R., 1950:
Observations of some birds of Guadalcanal and Tulagi

Francis, G., 1960:
Observations of some carnivores by wardens in the mountain National Parks of Canada

Harford, B., 1958:
Observations of some habits and early development of Melampsalta cingulata (Fabr.), order Hemiptera, family Cicadidae

Cole, A.C., 1956:
Observations of some members of the genus Pheidole in the southwestern United States with synonymy (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Stewart, David J., 2006:
Observations of some mites found on a Euryglossine bee (Colletidae) and on fleas of the swamp rat (Rattus lutreolus), from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Bhattacharya, G.C., 1936:
Observations of some peculiar habits of the spider (Marpissa melanognathus)

Nelson, T.C.; Stauber, L.A., 1940:
Observations of some polychaetes on New Jersey oyster beds with especial reference to Polydora

Wilkonska, M.; Zuromska, M., 1967:
Observations of spawning of pike (Esox lucius L.) and roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) in Mazury Lake district

Jones, D.A., 1965:
Observations of sperm development among gymnolaemate Ectoprocta

Daughtery, D.M., 1965:
Observations of spermatophore production in the red grasshopper mite, Eutrombidium trigonum (Acarina: Trombidiidae)

Thorington, R.W. ., 1968:
Observations of squirrel monkeys in a Colombian forest

Bruce, Tabatha A., 2007:
Observations of stone-eating in two species of Neotropical falcons (Micrastur semitorquatus and Herpetotheres cachinnans)

Tuck, G.S., 1966:
Observations of storm petrels off the coast of British Guiana in May and June 1965, with some notes on identification

Erin E.D.ffy-Echevarria; Richard C.C.nnor; David J.S. Aubin, 2008:
Observations of strand-feeding behavior by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Bull Creek, South Carolina

Fialko Yuri, 2003:
Observations of surface deformation following the 1992 M7.3 Landers earthquake, Southern California; robust test of the post-seismic relaxation models

Aoki Morihiro, 1985:
Observations of surface microtopographies for minute minerals by decoration method

Morris, RB., 1977:
Observations of takahe nesting behaviour at Mount Bruce

Kuroda, N., 1976:
Observations of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow Corvus macrorhynchos in City Tokyo (continued 2)

Kuroda, N., 1977:
Observations of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow Corvus macrorhynchos in City Tokyo (continued 4 : additional observations in 1970)

Kuroda, N., 1976:
Observations of territorial life in breeding season of a pair of jungle crow in City Tokyo (continued 3)

Haas, R., 1961:
Observations of the African frog Hymenochirus boulengeri

Stanley, G.A., 1967:
Observations of the American woodcock

Laine, H., 1960:
Observations of the Arctic warbler in northern Karelia in the summer of 1959

Clarke, W.E., 1885:
Observations of the Arrival of Summer Visitant Birds in the North of England in 1885

Quinn, D.J., 1968:
Observations of the Blue-billed duck

Stepanyanm, L.S., 1962:
Observations of the Brown Dipper in the Central Tian Shan

Bleacher Jake E., 2007:
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Observations on Budding in Paludicella and some other Bryozoa

Green, J., 1951:
Observations on Cafius xantholoma Gr. (Col., Staphylinidae)

Macpherson, A.H., 1961:
Observations on Canadian Arctic Larus gulls, and on the taxonomy of L. thayeri Brooks

Johansen, Frits, 1931:
Observations on Canadian freshwater Crustacea made in 1927-29

Marples, BJ.; Marples, MJ., 1972:
Observations on Cantuaria toddi and other trapdoor spiders (Aranea: Mygalomorpha) in central Otago, New Zealand

Law, S.C., 1948:
Observations on Capt. Baillie's Hazaribagh bird recordings

Sharman, M., 1956:
Observations on Capulus ungaricus (L.)

Arnold, D.C., 1953:
Observations on Carapus acus (Brunnich)

Carlberg, U., 1977:
Observations on Carausius morosus Brunner

Stach, L.W., 1938:
Observations on Carbassa indivisa Busk (Bryozoa)

Zeliff, C.Courson, 1941:
Observations on Cathaemasia reticulata, a trematode from the belted kingfisher

Wood, H.S., 1935:
Observations on Centipedes, Hairy Caterpillars, Monitors and Geckoes

Campbell, J., 1972:
Observations on Central American river turtles Dermatemys mawi at Fort Worth Zoo

Tjonneland, A., 1972:
Observations on Centroptilum notabile Kimmins (Ephemeroptera) at Jinja, Uganda. Arbok

Brander, T., 1963:
Observations on Cephenomyia ulrichii in moose in Finland

Sansome, E.; Sansome, F.W., 1961:
Observations on Ceratiomyxa in West Africa

Williams, S.R., 1929:
Observations on Cercaria gorgonocephala

Williams, Stephen R., 1931:
Observations on Cercaria gorgonocephala Ward

Anantaraman, M., 1948:
Observations on Cercaria patialensis Soparkar,1924 and its relationships

Shaw, C.Ruth, 1933:
Observations on Cercariaeum lintoni Miller and Northup and its metacercarial development

Dwyer, P.D., 1966:
Observations on Chalinolobus dwyeri (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Australia

Tjonneland, A., 1959:
Observations on Chaoborus edulis (Edwards) (Diptera, Culicidae)

Gray, J.E., 1873:
Observations on Chelonians, with descriptions of new genera and species

Leiva, L., 1921:
Observations on Chilomastix intestinalis Kuczinski

Needham, J.G., 1948:
Observations on Chinese Gomphine dragonflies

Tjenneland, A., 1970:
Observations on Choroterpes curtus (Kimmins) (Ephemeroptera) at Jinja, Uganda

Barrio, A., 1969:
Observations on Chthonerpeton indistinctum (Gymnophiona, Caecilidae) and its reproduction

Sprague, V., 1965:
Observations on Chytridiopsis mytilovum (Field), formerly Haplosporidium mytilovum Field (Microsporida?)

Davis, W.T., 1910:
Observations on Cicada pruinosa and a description of a new species

Joutel, Louis H., 1906:
Observations on Cicada tibicen L. and allied forms

Fox, Henry., 1910:
Observations on Cicindelidae in northern Cape May county, N.J., during the summers of 1908-09

Langdon, F.W., 1878:
Observations on Cincinnati Birds

Vickery, R.A., 1926:
Observations on Cirphis latiuscula H. Sch. in the Gulf Coast region of Texas

Vernon, C.J., 1964:
Observations on Cisticola njombe and nigriloris

Kabata, Z., 1960:
Observations on Clavella (Copepoda) parasitic on some British Gadoids

Hardy, LM., 1977:
Observations on Cnemidophorus uttatus in Veracruz. Bulletin Chicago Herpetol

Morgan, A.C.F., 1888:
Observations on Coccidae

Newstead, R., 1897:
Observations on Coccidae (No. 16)

Newstead, R., 1898:
Observations on Coccidae (No. 17)

Newstead, R., 1900:
Observations on Coccidae (No. 18)

Newstead, R., 1901:
Observations on Coccidae (No. 19)

Morgan, A.C.F., 1892:
Observations on Coccidae. No. 9

Szumkowski, W., 1952:
Observations on Coccineliidae. I, II

Allen, J.A., 1958:
Observations on Cochlodesma praetenue (Pulteney)

Sprague, Victor, 1940:
Observations on Coelosporidium periplanetae with special reference to the development of the spore

Crowson, R.A., 1962:
Observations on Coleoptera in Scottish oak woods

Waterhouse, C.O., 1912:
Observations on Coleoptera of the family Buprestidac, with descriptions of new species

Waterhouse, C.O., 1904:
Observations on Coleoptera of the family Buprestidae, with descriptions of new species

Schultz, A.H., 1924:
Observations on Colobus fetuses

Flanders, S.E., 1944:
Observations on Comperiella bifasdata, an endo-parasite of Diaspine Coccids

Herdman, W.A., 1900:
Observations on Compound Ascidians

Fitch, H.S.; Glading, B.; House, V., 1940:
Observations on Cooper Hawk nesting and predation

Molnar, R.E.; Salisbury, S.W., 2005:
Observations on Cretaceous sauropods from Australia

Kondo, T.; Tokumaru, A., 1941:
Observations on Crioceris quatuordecim-punclata (.Scopoli) in Kwantung Pro-vince.

Oda, Shuzitu, 1961:
Observations on Cristatella mucedo Cuvier

Woodward, A.S., 1922:
Observations on Crossopterygian and Arthrodiran Fishes

Springer, S., 1937:
Observations on Cryptotis floridana in captivity

Hawkeswood, Trevor J., 2004:
Observations on Ctenotus robustus Storr (Reptilia: Scincidae) in the Hastings Point area, north-eastern New South Wales, Australia

Rutten, M., 1934:
Observations on Cuban Birds

Ono, T., 1960:
Observations on Culex pipiens reared through successive generations. First report: on the longevity, the blood-sucking and the oviposition of females after overwintering

Ono, T., 1961:
Observations on Culex pipiens reared through successive generations. Second report: results obtained in 1960. Third report

Becker, P., 1958:
Observations on Culicoides circumscriptus Kieffer

Blaewicz-Paszkowycz, M.; Heard, R.W., 2005:
Observations on Cumacea (Malacostraca: Peracarida) from Antarctic and subantarctic waters. II. The rediscovery and redescriptions of Diastylis hammoniae Zimmer, 1902 and Diastylis planifrons Calman, 1912

Blazewicz-Paszkowycz, M.; Heard, R.W., 2005:
Observations on Cumacea (Malacostraca: Peracarida) from Antarctic and subantarctic waters. III. The genus Holostylis Stebbing, 1912 (Diastylidae), with a supplemental description of H. helleri (Zimmer, 1907) and the description of H. spinicauda, a new deep-water species

Lucas, M.S., 1931:
Observations on Cyathodinium piriforme, an endozoic ciliate of the guinea-pig

Kennelly, D.H., 1966:
Observations on Cypraea capensis Gray 1828

Hyland, E., 1970:
Observations on Cypraea mappa from Apra Harbor

Kan, K., 1934:
Observations on Cysticercus fosciolaris fed to cats and dogs

Bonnin, M., 1967:
Observations on Dasyurus viverrinus

Bisset, N., 1928:
Observations on Davainea proglottina in the domestic fowl-with a note on Amoebotaenia sphenoides v. Linstow

Christensen, P.A.Anderson, C.G., 1968:
Observations on Dendroaspis venoms

Waite, E.R., 1894:
Observations on Dendrolagus bennettianus

Hicks, C.H., 1933:
Observations on Dianthidium ulkei (Cresson), (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Brug, S.L., 1936:
Observations on Dientamoeba fragilis

Paulsen, Ove, 1949:
Observations on Dinoflagellates

Jaycox, E.R., 1966:
Observations on Dioxys productus productus (Cresson) as a parasite of Anthidium utahense Swenk (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Blickle, R.L., 1964:
Observations on Diptera in cow dung and their parasites

Bruce, H.M.; Parkes, A.S., 1947:
Observations on Discoglossus pictus Otth

Doan, K.H., 1938:
Observations on Dogfish (Amia calva) and their young

Jacobson, M.K., 1955:
Observations on Donax fossor Say at Rockaway Beach, New York

Jones, R., 1977:
Observations on Doros conopseus

Bowerbank, J.S., 1868:
Observations on Dr. Gray's ' Notes on the arrangement of Sponges, with the description of some new genera'

Birkett, N.L., 1947:
Observations on Drepana binaria in. North Lancashire

Groskin, H., 1952:
Observations on Duck Hawks nesting on man-made structures

Mays, A.S., 1941:
Observations on Duck disease at Tulare Lake basin, 1940. Calif

Baas-Becking, L.G.M., 1930:
Observations on Dunaliella viridis Teodoresco

Winter, A.E., 1947:
Observations on Dyscritulus planiceps (Marshall) (Hym. Aphidiidae)

Lowe, John., 1867:
Observations on Dzierzon's Theory of Reproduction in the Honey Bee

Parker, H., 1883:
Observations on Early Nidification and Migration in North-West Ceylon

Burtt, E., 1946:
Observations on East African Pamphaginae (Orthoptera, Acrididae) with particular reference to stridulation

Brown, L.H., 1963:
Observations on East African birds of prey

Tarjan, A.C., 1957:
Observations on Ecphyadophora tenuissima de Man, 1921

Rothschild, Lord., 1916:
Observations on Edoliisoma incertum (Meyer) and E. meyeri Meyer

Vernon, C.J., 1971:
Observations on Egretta vinaceigula

Fairley, N.H.; Bahr, P.H., 1940:
Observations on Egyptian Bilharziasis. Pt. I

Hoogstraal, H.; Kaiser, M.N., 1958:
Observations on Egyptian Hyalomma ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae). 1. Parasitism of lizards by nymphs

Hoogstraal, H.; Kaiser, M.N., 1958:
Observations on Egyptian Hyalomma ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae). 2. Parasitism of migrating birds by immature H. rufipes Koch

Hoogstraal, H.; Kaiser, M.N., 1958 :
Observations on Egyptian Hyalomma ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae). 3. Infestation of greater gerbils, especially by immature H. impeltatum S. & S

Kaiser, M.N., 1958:
Observations on Egyptian Hyalomma ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae). 4. Identity, distribution, and host of H. franchinii Tonelli-Rondelli (new combination). Systematic status of H. tunesiacum Sc. & Sc. and its subspecies

Hoogstraal, H.; Kaiser, M.N., 1959:
Observations on Egyptian Hyalomma ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae). 5. Biological notes and differences in identity of B. anatolieum and its subspecies anatolicum Koch and excavatum Koch among Russian and other workers. Identity of H. lusitanicum Koch

Kar, A.B., 1944:
Observations on Eimeria barbeta n. sp., from the blue-tbroated Barbet Cyanopa asiatica (Lath.)

Baker, D.W., 1938:
Observations on Eimeria bukidnonensis in New York State cattle

Saxe, L.H., 1955:
Observations on Eimeria from Ambystoma tigrinum, with descriptions of four new species

Doran, D.J.Jahn, TL., 1949:
Observations on Eimeria mohavensis sp. nov. from the Kangaroo rat Dipodomys mohavensis

Lainson, R., 1959:
Observations on Eimeria raillieti in the slow-worm, Anguis fragilis (Reptilia, Anguidae)

Kusnezov, N.J., 1904:
Observations on Embia taurica Kusnezov (1903) from the southern coast of the Crimea

Law, S.C., 1932:
Observations on Emerald Dove's nest and young and certain habits

Hamm, A.H., 1908:
Observations on Empis livida L

Hamm, A.H., 1909:
Observations on Empis opaca F

Hutchison, H.S., 1928:
Observations on Endamoebic Dysentery

Goodey, T.Wellings, A.W., 1917:
Observations on Entamoeba gingivalis from the human mouth, with a note on the Trichomonad Flagellate, Tetratrichomonas buccalis, n. sp

Yorke, W.; Adams, A.R.D., 1926:
Observations on Entamoeba histo- lytica. I. Development of cysts, excystation, and development of ex-cysted amoebae, in vitro.-II. Lon-gevity of the cysts in vitro, and their resistance to heat and to various drugs and chemicals

Cutler, D.W., 1919:
Observations on Entamoeba histolytica

Yorke, W.; Adams, A.R.D., 1927:
Observations on Entamoeba histolytica. III. Some factors governing develop-ment and excystation of the cysts in vitro

Ghosh, T.; N,., 1970:
Observations on Entamoeba invadens Rodhain,1934, in cultures

Tiwari, NK., 1977:
Observations on Entedon sp. (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) parasitising Frauenfeldiella jambooli Grover

Nemoto, H., 1973:
Observations on Entomophthora (Triplosporium) sp. attacking the spiraea aphid, Aphis spiraecola Patch

Hubbard, W.Eugene, 1940:
Observations on Entonyssus ewingi Hubbard 1939

Cobbold, T.S., 1872:
Observations on Entozoa (introductory lecture)

Lowe, H.J.B., 1967:
Observations on Ephemeroptera in the East Midlands

Pike, R.B., 1961:
Observations on Epicaridea obtained from hermitcrabs in British waters, with notes on the longevity of the host-species

Klinger, H.C.ristian; Kennedy, W.J.mes, 2005:
Observations on Eubaculites labyrinthicus (Morton, 1834) (Cephalopoda: Ammonoidea) from Madagascar

Johnson, L.P., 1956:
Observations on Euglena fracta sp. nov., with special reference to the locomotive apparatus

Barclay, MVL., 2003:
Observations on Euophryum confine (Broun), E. rufum (Broun) and Pentarthrum huttoni Wollaston (Col., Curculionidae) in Jersey, Channel Islands

Roberts, SJ.; Lewis, JMS., 2003:
Observations on European honey-buzzard breeding density in Britain

Bennett, FD., 1972:
Observations on Exaercte spp. and their hosts Eulaema terminata and Euplusia surinamensis (Hymen., Apidae, Euglossinae) in Trinidad

Lord, E.A.R., 1952:
Observations on Figbirds

Robinson, D.E., 1971:
Observations on Fijian coral reefs and the crown of thorns starfish

Prout, W.T., 1901:
Observations on Filaria volvulus

Banerji, N., 1925:
Observations on Filariasis

Korke, V.T., 1928:
Observations on Filariasis in some areas in British India, Part II

McKenzie, A., 1925:
Observations on Filariasis, yaws, and intestinal helmin-thic infections in the Cook Islands, with notes on the breeding habits of Stegomyia pseudoscutellaris

Ali, S.; Crook, J.H., 1960:
Observations on Finn's Baya (Ploceus megarhynchus Hume) re-discovered in the Kumaon terai, 1959

Scott, E.O.G., 1938:
Observations on Fishes of the Family Galaxiidae. Part II

Japp, WC.; Wheaton, J., 1975:
Observations on Florida reef corals treated with fish-collecting chemicals

Castle, W.A.Hyman, L.H., 1934:
Observations on Fonticola velata (Stringer), including a description of the anatomy of the reproductive system

Fyles, T.W., 1883:
Observations on Form and Colour, as exhibited in Insects

Duges, A., 1883 :
Observations on Four Mules in Milk

Svihla, A., 1957:
Observations on French Frigate shoals, February 1956

Calder, D.R.; Bleakney, J.S., 1967:
Observations on Frenchman's Cave, Nova Scotia, and its fauna

Kellicott, D.S., 1889:
Observations on Freshwater Infusoria

Oka, A., 1891:
Observations on Freshwater Polyzoa. (Pectinatella gelatinosa, n. sp.)

West, G.S., 1903:
Observations on Freshwater Rhizopods, with some remarks on their Classification

Millikan, G.C.; Bowman, R.I., 1967:
Observations on Galapagos tool-using finches in captivity

Serventy, D.L., 1935:
Observations on Gammarus zaddachi Sexton, an estuarine Araphipod, and associated forms

Hebard, W.B., 1951:
Observations on Gartersnakes in the Puget Sound Region. The color pattern of Thamno-phis ordinoides

Nicholas, W.; Todaro, M.; Antonio, 2005:
Observations on Gastrotricha from a sandy beach in southeastern Australia, with a description of Halichaetonotus australis sp. nov. (Gastrotricha, Chaetonotida)

Happold, D.C.D., 1968:
Observations on Gerbillus pyramidum (Gerbillinae, Rodentia) at Khartoum, Sudan

Callahan, JR., 1974:
Observations on Gerris incognitus and Gerris gillettei (Heteroptera: Gerridae)

Wheeler, W.M., 1922:
Observations on Gigantiops destructor Fabricius and other leaping Ants

Tibbs, J.F., 1965:
Observations on Gigantocypris (Crustacea: Ostracoda) in the Antarctic Ocean

Anonymous, 1970:
Observations on Great Gull Island summer 1969

Mills, H.B.; Pepper, J.H., 1937:
Observations on Grylloblatta campodeiformis Walker

Perez, Gsa, 1972:
Observations on Guam bats

Ashe, J., 1965:
Observations on Gunther's garter or coral snake, Elapsoidea sundevalii guntheri Loveridge

Norris, A.S., 1958:
Observations on Habbaniya (Iraq) from 24th October, to 30th November, 1957

Habe, T., 1943:
Observations on Habea inazawai with special reference to its development

Habe, T., 1943:
Observations on Habea inzawai, with special reference to its development

Salensky, W., 1875:
Observations on Hackel's Gastroea-theory

Cobbold, T.S., 1873:
Observations on Haematozoa

Castellani, A.; Willey, A., 1905:
Observations on Haematozoa in Ceylon

Henshaw, H.W., 1913:
Observations on Hawaiian Achatinellidae

Pritchett, Annie H., 1904:
Observations on Hearing and Smell in Spiders

Steel, T., 1924:
Observations on Helix aspera in Australia

Vaughn, C.M., 1941:
Observations on Helodrilus tetraedrus forma typica and on other Lymbricidae (Oligochaeta) found in a sewage treatment plant

Cmoluchowa, A., 1961:
Observations on Hemiptera-Heteroptera of the botanical garden of the Maria Curie-Skladowska University, Lublin

Fish, Frederic F., 1939:
Observations on Henneguya salminicola Ward, a myxosporidian parasitic in Pacific salmon

Poulton, E.B., 1887:
Observations on Heredity in Cats with an abnormal number of toes

Wenyon, C.M., 1913:
Observations on Herpetomonas muscae-domesticae and some allied Flagellates. With special reference to the structure of their nuclei

Poglayen, I. , 1965:
Observations on Herrera's mud turtle Kinosternon herrerai Stejneger

Woodcock, Alfred H., 1940:
Observations on Herring Gull soaring

Thompson, TE., 1972:
Observations on Hexabranchus from the Australian Great Barrier Reef

Crouch, H.B., 1934:
Observations on Hexamita marmotae n. sp., a protozoan flagellate from the woodchuck Marmota monax (Linn.)

Russell, P.J.; Tennent, W.; John., 2005:
Observations on Hipparchia (Pseudotergumia) wyssii Christ, 1889, and related species in the Canary Islands (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

Yonge, C.M., 1953:
Observations on Hipponix antiquatus (Linnaeus)

Cernohorsky, W.O., 1968:
Observations on Hipponix conicus (Schumacher, 1817)

Hunter, P.E.; Davis, R., 1963:
Observations on Histiostoma gordius (Vitz.) (Anoetidae) and other mites associated with Ips beetles

Hunter, P.E.; Davis, R., 1963:
Observations on Histostoma gordius (Vitz.) (Anoetidae) and other mites associated with Ips beetles

Whitfield, R.P., 1889:
Observations on Home imperfectly known fossils from the Calciferous Sandrock of Lake Champlain, and descriptions of several new forms

Moore, W.E., 1940:
Observations on Huberia striata Smith and Discothyrea antarctica Aiuery

Chakravarty, M.; Mitra, A.N., 1936:
Observations on Hyalosporina rayi n. sp. from Polydestmus sp

Hennessey, G.J., 1942:
Observations on Hydra

Threlkeld, W.L.; Hall, S.R., 1928:
Observations on Hydra and Pelmatohydra under determined hydrogen ion concentration

Chang, J.T.H.ieh, H.H.; Liu, D.D., 1952:
Observations on Hydra, with Special Reference to Abnormal Forms and Bud Formation

Schijfsma, K., 1935:
Observations on Hydractinia echinata (Flem.) and Eupagurus bernhardus (L.)

Laurence, B.R., 1952:
Observations on Hydrellia (Hydropota) griseola Hn. (Dipt., Ephydridae)

Takahashi, R., 1921:
Observations on Hydrometridae (2)

Takahashi, R., 1922:
Observations on Hydrophilidae

Jackson, D.J., 1958:
Observations on Hydroporus ferrugineus Steph. (Col. Dytiscidae), and some further evidence indicating incapacity for flight

Bartsch, Paul, 1944:
Observations on Hyla evittata

Bragg, A.N., 1948:
Observations on Hyla versicolor in Oklahoma

Litchford, R.G., 1963:
Observations on Hymenolepis microstoma in three laboratory hosts : Mesocricetus auratus, Mus musculus and Rattus norveqicus

Swezey, O.H., 1903:
Observations on Hymenopterous parasites of certain Fulgoridae

Green, J., 1953:
Observations on Hypogastrura viatica sensu Stach, 1949, and other Collembola in Car-marthenshire

Chapman, H.C., 1904:
Observations on Hyrax

Lowne, B.T., 1871:
Observations on Immature sexuality and Alternate Generation in Insects

Bell, T.R., 1906:
Observations on Indian butterflies

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1901:
Observations on Insects

Eaton, A.E., 1879:
Observations on Insects collected in Kerguelen Island

Marszalek, D.S., 1969:
Observations on Iridia diaphana, a marine foraminifer

Haldar, D.P.; Chakravarty, M.M., 1969:
Observations on Isospora hominis Rivolta (1. belli Wenyon) from man

Nevo, E., 1961:
Observations on Israeli populations of the mole rat Spalax e. ehrenbergi Nehring 1898

Kobel, H.R.; Van Breugel, F.M.A., 1967:
Observations on Itl (lethal tumorous larvae) of Drosophila melanogaster

Heath, A.G., 2006:
Observations on Ixodes eudyptidis Maskell (Acari: Ixodidae), Ornithodoros capensis Neumann (Acari: Argasidae), and other tick parisites of sea birds in New Zealand

Arthur, D.R., 1947:
Observations on Ixodes hexagonus Leach, 1815

Cheke, R.A., 1967:
Observations on Japanese seabirds

Goodwin, D., 1963:
Observations on Java Sparrows

Felt, E.P., 1921:
Observations on Johnsonomyia Felt with a description of a new species

Cowan, F.B., 1974:
Observations on K+-stimulated p-nitrophenylphosphatase in the lachrymal gland of Malaclemys terrapin, during adaptation to salt and fresh water

Maisch, M.W., 2002:
Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. Part 3: notes on the gorgonopsians from the Upper Permian of Tanzania

Maisch, M.W., 2003:
Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. Part 5. Notes on the anatomy and phylogenetic position of Propelanomodon devilliersi Toerien, 1955 (Dicynodontia) from the Upper Permian of South Africa

Maisch, M.W., 2005:
Observations on Karoo and Gondwana vertebrates. Part 6. A new rhachiocephalid dicynodont (Therapsida) from the Uppper Permian of the Ruhuhu Basin (Tanzania)

Patten, R.A., 1947:
Observations on Kuhl's Ruffed Lory in captivity

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