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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 23252

Chapter 23252 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Poulsen, E.M., 1944:
On fluctuations in the size of the stock of cod in the waters within the Skaw during recent years

Khokhlova, L.V., 1965:
On fluctuations on the abundance of young omul in the Selenga River

Kokshaiski, N.V., 1961:
On flying properties of Herons

Pavlik, GN., 1974:
On fodder relations of caterpillars from the Arctiidae family

Allan, JD.; Barnthouse, LW.; Prestbye, RA.; Strong, DR., 1973:
On foliage arthropod communities of Puerto Rican second growth vegetation

Martirosyan, B.A., 1959:
On food and economic significance of the Eagle-owl in vicinity of Djulfa, Nakhichevan A.S.S.R.

Davis, H.C., 1954:
On food and feeding of larvae of the American Oyster C. virginica

Somov, P.M., 1924:
On food and growth of the Bream in different lakes of Prussia

Tsikhon-Lukanina, E.A.; Soldatova, I.N.N.kolaeva, G.G., 1968:
On food assimilation by bottom crustaceans from the Sea of Azov and methods for its determination

Dantsig, E.M., 1961:
On food forms of Eulecanium franconicum (Lndgr.) (Homoptera, Coccoidea)

Otterlind, G., 1948:
On food habits and distribution ecology of the Herring Gull (Larus a. argentatus Pont.)

Zadorozhnaya, EA., 1971:
On food habits of fishes of Karatomarsky reservoir of the Kustanai region

Prokofyeva, I.V., 1971:
On food habits of great spotted woodpecker in the Leningrad region

Prokof'ieva, I.V., 1958:
On food of certain forest birds' nestlings

Prieditis, A.P., 1958:
On food of certain sinanthropous birds

Prokof'eva, I.V., 1963:
On food of nestlings of the Twite (Acanthis carmabina L.)

Neufeldt, xCFA.; Shibaev, Y.V., 1968:
On food of nestlings of the grey-faced buzzard-eagle

Prokof'eva, I.V., 1965:
On food of rollers (Coracias garrulus L.).

Nechaev, V.A.; Nazarov, Y.N., 1967:
On food of some birds of southern parts of the Primorye territory

Kashkarov, D.; Yu., 1966 :
On food of some common species of ducks in Uzbekistan

Zabarnyi, A.F., 1968:
On food of the Aquila h. heliaca in the Kustanai region

Iehunin, G.I.; Maksimov, B.N., 1962:
On food of the Carrion Crow in the riparian zone of the Amu Darya delta

Ostapenko, M.M., 1958:
On food of the Chukor Partridge in the south-western spurs of Chatkal range

Golodushko, B.Z., 1958:
On food of the Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo L.) and the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina Brehm) in the reservation Belovezh-skaya Pushta

Pokrovskaya, I.V., 1958:
On food of the Corvidae nestlings in Leningrad province

Bianchi, V.V.; Koshkina, T.V., 1960:
On food of the Hawk-Owl

Skokova, N.N., 1960:
On food of the Night Heron in the Volga delta

Karpovich, V.N.; Sapetin, Y.V., 1958:
On food of the Pygmy Owl

Koshkina, T.V.; Kishchinski, A.A., 1958:
On food of the Raven in the tundra of the Kola peninsula and o. Seven islands

Inozemtsev, A.A., 1963:
On food of the River Warbler and the Dunnock's nestlings in the Moscow province

Sukhinin, A.N., 1961:
On food of the Saker Falcon Falco cherrug coatsi Dementiev in Badkhyz (S.E. Turkmenia)

Priklonsk, S.G., 1960:
On food of the Spotted Eagle at the mouth of the Belaya River

Varshavskii, S.N., 1968:
On food of the golden eagle in south-west of the Ust Urt Plateau

Prokofyeva, I.V., 1971:
On food plasticity of the fledgeling of insectivorous and grain eating birds

Macdonald, D.W., 1977:
On food preference in the red fox

Brito da Cunha, A.; Dobzhansky, T.; Sokoloff, A., 1951:
On food preferences of sympatric species of Drosophila

Vasilieva, I.S., 1970:
On food providers for Alectorobius tartakovskyi 01. tick (Ixodoidea, Argasidae). Experimental data

Vasilieva, I.S., 1970:
On food providers for Alectorobius tartakovskyi Ol. tick (Ixodoidea, Argasidae). Experimental data

Inozemtsev, A.A., 1963:
On food relations between some sparrow types in the Moscow region forests

Gaevskaya, N.S., 1965:
On food relations of Homopteran insects (Insecta Homoptera) with higher aquatic plants

Romashov, D.D.; Belyaeva, V.N., 1958:
On food specialization of different Rhynchaenini species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

Leonteva, MN.; Tomilova, TP., 1974:
On food storage by Rhombomys opimus Licht. in relation to soil humidity

Skoczen, Stanislaw, 1961:
On food storage of the mole, Talpa europaea Linnaeus 1758

Spett, G.I.; Kharitonova, N.N., 1963:
On food utilization by Camssius auratus gibelio Bloch and Cyprinus carpio L

Chiba, S., 1966:
On food-habit of Himalayan broad-billed roller

Gyotoku, N., 1938:
On food-plants of Pterolophia zonata Bates (Col. Cerambycidae)

Michio, K., 2005:
On food-web complexity, flexibility and population stability

Torre-Bueno, J.B. de la., 1939:
On foot notes, glosses, obiter dicta and asides

Hickling, G., 1906:
On footprints from the Permian of Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)

Seeley, H.G., 1904:
On footprints of small fossil reptiles from the Upper Karroo rocks of Cape Colony

Hofker, J., 1949:
On foraminifera from the Upper Senonian of South Limburg (Maestrichtian)

Dam, Aten., 1944:
On foraminifera of the Netherlands No. 7. Een nieuwe soort van het geslacht Polymorphina d'Orbigny

McGowran, B., 1975:
On foraminiferal taxonomy

Rakitina, N.I., 1970:
On forecasting fish stocks with the help of the theory of random functions

Matis, J.; Kleerekoper, H.; Childers, D., 1974:
On forecasting locomotor behaviour of the nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum. Journal interdiscipl. Cycle

Vyushkova, V.P., 1977:
On forecasting of zooplankton development in the Volgograd water reservoir by data from many years

Levander, K.M., 1925:
On forekomsten av Membranipora i Ekenastrakten

Mikhailovskaya, A.A., 1940:
On form-building in the Caspian herring, Caspialosu brashnikovi (Borodin)

Znamensky, VS., 1972:
On formation and development of complex midi of the oak-groves leaf-beetles

Furuuchi, E., 1964:
On formation and dissolution of winter-colony in the first larva of Atypus karschi Doenitz

Burchuladze, OG.; Dombrugov, VI., 1975:
On formation of brood stock of pelad in Georgia

Efimov, M.I., 1948:
On formation of cartilage tissue around transplant of central nervous system in Axolotl

Efimov, M.I., 1948:
On formation of cartilage tissue around transplant of eyeball in Axolotl

Chinareva, ID., 1974:
On formation of eggs follicles in the peled (Coregonus peled)

Rashkevich, N.A., 1957:
On formation of the fauna and distribution of birds in steppe field protection forest belts

Belyshev, B.F., 1968:
On formation of the range and constancy of morphological characters in Pantala flavescens Fabr. (Insecta, Odonata)

Lugovoi, A.E., 1963:
On formation of winter concentrations of birds in the north of the Caspian Sea

Ticehurst, N.F., 1921:
On former breeding places of the Oystereatcher and Black-headed Gull in East Sussex

Herbert Floyd; Davis, D.R.; Weidenschilling, S.J., 1985:
On forming the Moon in geocentric orbit; dynamical evolution of a circumterrestrial planetesimal swarm

Clarke, W.E., 1904:
On forms of Mus musculus, with description of a subspecies from the Faeroe Islands

Deinse, A.; Bvan., 1920:
On fossil Cetacea and Pinnepedia in the Nether-lands

Major, C.J.; Forsyth., 1899:
On fossil Dormice

Tan, K., 1931:
On fossil Elephant remains in the Government Museum of Taiwan

Markiyama, J., 1922:
On fossil Fusinus niponicus

Nagasawa, J., 1931:
On fossil Mammalian remains from Nakajima etc. Prov. of T?tomi p. 480 figs. On some remains of Cervus found in a fissure in limestone at Shimoda, Prov. of Tosa p. 484 1 pl

Hayasaka, I., 1943:
On fossil Thyasira in the Philippines

Major, C.J.; Forsyth., 1899:
On fossil and recent Lagomorpha

Shufeldt, R.W., 1897:
On fossil bird-bones obtained by expeditions of the University of Pennsylvania from the bone-caves of Tennessee

Currie, E.D., 1924:
On fossil echinoidea from the Aru Islands

Hora, S.L., 1937:
On fossil fish remains from the Karewas of Kashmir

Traquair, R.H., 1909:
On fossil fish-remains collected by J. S. Flett, M.A., D.Sc, from the Old Red Sandstone of Shetland

Woodward, A.; Smith., 1908:
On fossil fish-remains from Snow Hill and Seymour Islands. (Wissenschaftl. Ergebnisse der Schwed. Sudpolar-Exped. 1901-1903 3 Lief. 4.)

Nair, K., 1945:
On fossil fish-teeth from the Nicobar Islands

Brough, J., 1931:
On fossil fishes from the Karroo System, and some general considerations on the Bony Fishes of the Triassic period

Dzhafarova.; Zh., 1963:
On fossil fishes from the She-makha region

Takei, F.; Hasegawa, Y.; Inoue, M.; Shikama, T., 1969:
On fossil milk teeth of elephant from Iinoya-mura, Inasa-gun, Shizuoka

Motuz, VM., 1975:
On fossil molluscs from loess deposits

Logachev, N.A.; Popova, S.M., 1963:
On fossil mollusks of the Bayandaiskaya suite (Angara-Lena interfluve) and stratigraphy of Tertiary deposits of near-Baikal region

Verma, K.K., 1965:
On fossil shark teeth from the Bagh beds of Amba Dongar area, Gujarat State

Naora, N., 1958:
On fossil wolves of Japan

Newton, R.B., 1895:
On fossils from Madagascar

Yang, S-Y., 1976:
On fossils from the Gyeongsang Group especially on some of the molluscan fauna

Miyazaki, I., 1938:
On fouling organisms in the oyster farm

Anonymous, 2008:
On foundation improvement by sand replacement

Chujo, M., 1940:
On four Buprestid beetles from northern Korea.

Momoi, S., 1963:
On four Ichneumonid parasites of Aculeate Hymenoptera, with description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Puthz, Volker., 2002:
On four Mexican Euaesthetinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) (85th- contribution to the knowledge of Euaesthetinae)

Gould, John., 1868:
On four New Species of Birds

Ishii, S., 1914:
On four Polycystid Gregarines from the intestine of Tribolium ferruginium F

Macnae, W., 1954:
On four Sacoglossan Molluscs new to South Africa

Saunders, Edward., 1910:
On four additions to the list of British Hymenoptera

Tursi, A., 1976:
On four ascidian species new in the Ionian Sea

Jordan, K., 1941:
On four eight-combed Chinese bat-fleas of the genus Ischnopsyllus in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History)

Nakamura, K., 1973 :
On four examples of Pterodroma hypoleuca and Phaethon rubricauda strayed inland by a typhoon

Franciscolo, M.E., 1961:
On four little known species of Stenalia Mulsant from East and South Africa (Coleoptera: Mordellidae)

Andersen, K., 1908:
On four little-known names of Chiropteran genera

Chamberlin, R.V., 1946:
On four millipedis from Georgia and Mississippi

Iwata, Fumio, 2006:
On four monostiliferous hoplonemerteans, including three new genera and species from Washington state and British Columbia

Hind, Wheelton., 1910:
On four new Carboniferous Nautiloids and a Goniatite new to Great Britain

Chamberlin, R.V., 1947:
On four new Chilopods

Horn, W., 1925:
On four new Cicindelae of the neotropical region

Jordan, K., 1942:
On four new Palearctic batfleas in the British Museum collection

Singh, Karam, 1933:
On four new Rhynchota of the family Aleurodidae from Burma

Gupta, N.K.; Mehta, S., 1970:
On four new and some already known species of the genus Lecithodendrium Looss, 1896 from bats in Punjab with an enlarged key to the species of the genus. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Parasit. (Washington 6-12 Sept. 1970)

Broom, R., 1913:
On four new fossil Reptiles from the Beaufort series, South Africa

Mori, T., 1932:
On four new fresh water fishes from the River Liao, South Manchuria

Y.Xueguang., 1977:
On four new genera of the Upper Carboniferous tetracorals from the southern part of Jiangsu Province

Stock, J.H.Humes, A.G., 1970:
On four new notodelphyid copepods, associated with an octocoral, Parerythropodium fulvum (Forsk$l), in Madagascar

Hirst, A.S., 1907:
On four new pill-millipedes from the Malay Peninsula and Siam

Sonan, J., 1934:
On four new species and a known species of Stizus Latreille (Hym. Bembicidae)

Jackson, F.J., 1906:
On four new species from Equatorial Africa

Swinhoe, Robert., 1871:
On four new species of Asiatic Birds

Swinhoe, R., 1870:
On four new species of Birds from China

Ando, A.; Ozaki, Y., 1923:
On four new species of Echinostome Trcmatodes. (in Japanese)

Wygodzinsky, P., 1961 :
On four new species of Schidium (Emesinae, Reduviidae, Hemiptera) from Angola

Habu, A., 1954:
On four new species of Trichotichnus from Mt. Hiko, Kyushu (Coleoptera) (The Carabidae-fauna of Mt. Hiko, II)

Sharpe., 1903:
On four new species of birds from tho Camaroons

D'Rozario, A.M., 1939:
On four new species of cercariae

Taki, Iw., 1963:
On four newly known species of Octopoda from Japan

Maul, G.E., 1962:
On four rare Paralepidids from off Dakar, with a discussion on two type specimens of Omosudis elongatus Brauer from the Atlantic Ocean

Nomura, T., 1939:
On four species of Japanese Erotylidae

Chang-tung, K.; Min-min, L., 1966:
On four species of Opisthorchiidae Trematoda from some summer birds in Bai Yang Dian, Hopei Province, China

Miyake, S.; Fujino, T., 1967:
On four species of Pontoniinae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae) found in Porifera inhabiting the coastal regions of Kyushu, Japan

Morishita, K.; Tsuchimochi, K., 1929:
On four species of parasites of domestic fowls in Formosa. Life history of Hypoderaeum conoideum (Bloch, 1782) II

Macnae, William, 1955:
On four species of the genus Aplysia common in South Africa

Akihito, Priuce., 1966:
On four species of the gobiid fishes of the genus Eleotris found in Japan

Chamberlin, R.V., 1923:
On four termitophilous Millipeds from British Guiana

Astley, H.D., 1909:
On four well-known thrushes of North-America

Yamaoka, Teiichi, 2005:
On fourteen monostiliferous hoplonemerteans from the Izu Peninsula, Middle Japan

Zhu Xiaohua; Cai Yunlong; Yang Xiuchun, 2004:
On fractal dimensions of China's coastlines

Tatem, J.G., 1869:
On free-swimming Amaebae

Vatti, K.V., 1966:
On frequency of X-ray induced chromosome breaks at various stages of Drosophila melanogaster spermatogenesis

Petrovskaya, E.D., 1969:
On frequency selectivity of cereal trichoid receptors in the cricket Gryllus domesticus

Choudhuri, DK.; Hazra, AK.; Roy, S., 1974:
On frequency, dominance and density of Collembolan population in cultivated and uncultivated fields of Burdwan district, West Bengal

Horst, R., 1909:
On fresh water Nereids from the botanical garden at Buitenzorg belonging to Lycastis hawaiiensis Johnson

Okland, K.A., 1965:
On fresh-water and brackish-water species of Gammarus (Crustacea) in Norway

Calman, W.T., 1913:
On freshwater Dacapod Crustacea (families Potamo-nidae and Palaemonidae) collected in Madagascar by the Hon. Paul A. Methuen

Sars, G.O., 1896:
On freshwater Entomostraca from the neighbourhood of Sydney, partly raised from dried mud

Boulenger, G.A., 1896:
On freshwater Fishes from Smyrna

Donne, T.E., 1942:
On friendly terms with the Tuatara

Anonymous, 1956:
On fruit trees treated with DDT formulations.

Ando, S., 1958:
On fucose in the sea urchin egg

Marocco, A.; Gavazzi, C.; Pietri, A.; Tabaglio, V., 2008:
On fumonisin incidence in monoculture maize under no-till, conventional tillage and two nitrogen fertilisation levels

Moore, A.R., 1933:
On function and chemical differentiation in the nervous system of Coeloplana bockii

Casimir, MJ.; Fricke, HW., 1971:
On function, morphology and histochemistry of the tail gland in garden eels (Pisces, Apodes, Hetferocongridae)

Sych, VF., 1976 :
On functional analysis of peculiarities of the motor nerve endings histostructures in the wing muscles of some birds

Kotok, VS.; Manzij, SF., 1973:
On functional analysis of the relative length of pelvic limb links in some mammals

Sapin, M.P., 1968:
On functional anatomy of superficial suprarenal veins in dog

Leinders, JJM.; Sondaar, PY., 1974:
On functional fusions in footbones of ungulates

Yonge, C.M., 1971:
On functional morphology and adaptive radiation in the bivalve superfamily Saxicavacea (Hiatella (=Saxicava), Saxicavella, Panomya, Panope, Cyrtodaria)

Anonymous, 2008:
On functional orientation of modern agriculture in China

Gusel'nikov, V.I.; Polyanski, V.B., 1959:
On functional relations of some parts of the Pigeon brain

Il'enko, NN., 1973:
On functional significance of contortion of intraorganic nerves in joints

Mesarosh, B., 1957:
On functional significance of the yolk membrane in the hen's egg during the embryonic development

Bianiki, V.L.; Trubacheva, N.N., 1970:
On functions of various parts of callosum of the rat brain

Hanitsch, R., 1935:
On further Blattids (Orth.) from Celebes

Thomas, O., 1927:
On further Pata-gonian Mammals from Neuquen and Rio Colorado collected by Senor E. Budin

Sharpe, R.; Bowdler., 1904:
On further collections of Birds from the Efulen district of Camaroon, West Africa. Part I

Sharpe, R.; Bowdler., 1904:
On further collections of Birds from the Efulen district of Camaroon, West Africa. Part II

Sharpe, R.B., 1908:
On further collections of Birds from the Efulen district of Camaroons, West Africa. With notes by the collector, G. L. Bates

Hinde, S.L., 1900:
On further collections of British-East-African birds. With notes by R. B. Sharpe

Sharpe, R.B., 1907:
On further collections of birds from the Efulen district of Camaroon, West Africa. With notes by the collector, G. W. Bates, Part iv

Sharpe, R.; BOWDLER., 1905:
On further collections of birds from the Efulen district of Camaroons. West Africa. Part III. With notes by the collector, G. L. Bates

Eigenmann, C.H.; McAtee, W.L.; Ward, D.P., 1907:
On further collections of fishes from Paraguay

Powell, A.W.B., 1954:
On further colonies of Placostylus land snails from Northernmost New Zealand

Thomas, O., 1907:
On further new Mammals obtained by the Ruwenzori expedition

Brady, G.; Stewardson., 1914:
On further pelagic Entomostraca collected by Mr. J. Y. Gibson in Durban Bay

Williams, R.; Maddocks, P., 1993:
On gas content testing and data reduction

Krylova, A.G., 1971:
On gas exchange in Rotatoria

Anonymous, 2007:
On gas pockets in wastewater pressure mains and their effect on hydraulic performance

Verzhbitskaya, N.I., 1968:
On gastric muscle cell differentiation in some periods of white rat postnatal ontogenesis

J.Thos. Patterson, 1907:
On gastrulation and the origin of the primitive streak in the pigeon's egg. Preliminary notice

Nayar, M.C., 1959:
On gastrulation in Chelonia (Geoemyda trijiiga coronata Anderson and Lissemys punctata granosa Schoepff)

Pustovarov, Vv, 1975:
On gelechiid moth fauna of forests of south-eastern regions of Armenia (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae)

Bonnevie, Kristine., 1896:
On gemmation in Distaplia magnilarva and Pyrosoma elegans

Steyskal, G.C., 1970:
On gender concord in binomia

Koshihara, H., 1970 :
On gene expression during early development of sea urchin embryo. An approach to inter-relation between gene action and morphogenesis

Brauch, K.M., 2008:
On gene expression patterns in mammalian hibernation

Robinson, R., 1971:
On gene frequencies in cats of Benidorm, Spain

Demetrius, L., 1973:
On gene regulation. a mathematical model. I

Obata, T., 1940:
On genera Striatoceras, Ohioceras and Greenlandoceras

Ulrich, E.O.; Bassler, R.S., 1904:
On genera and species of Trepostomata

Gulyaev, VD.; Kornienko, SA., 1998:
On generic belonging of the armed himenolepidids (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea; Hymenolepididae), parasiting in the srews of the western and east Siberia

Sumner, F.B., 1909:
On Generic Names

Kinnucan, H.W.; Myrland, Øystein, 2008:
On generic vs. brand promotion of farm products in foreign markets

Moon, MA., 1976:
On genero Lepturges (s. str.) Bates, 1863 no leste e sul do Brasil (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Acanthocinini)

Chernyaev, ZhA., 1973:
On genesis of the Baikal fauna of sculpins (Cottoidei)

Ladygina, NM., 1976:
On genetic and physiological compatability of different forms of stem eelworms 5. The crossing of the red clover race with the other stem eelworms

Ladygina, NM.; Barabaschova, VN., 1976:
On genetic and physiological compatibility and karyotypes of stem eelworms

Lozovaya, GS., 1973:
On genetic diversity of haemoglobin, transferrine and ss-lactoglobulin types in yaks from the Pamir

Ladygina, NM., 1974:
On genetic physiological compatability of various forms of stem eelworms

Ladygin, VG., 1972:
On genetic regulation of pigment mutant chloroplast lamellar system of Chlamydomonas

Pravdukhina, OJu.; Kodolova, OP., 2002:
On genetical variety of freshwater molluscs Unio tumidus Phil (Bivalvia, Unionidae)

Bergengren, A., 1971:
On genetics, evolution and history of distribution of the heath-hare, a distinct population of the Arctic hare, Lepus timidus, Lin

Hachisuka, Marquess., 1936:
On genus Borisia from the Philippine Islands

Bednarczyk, W., 1963:
On genus Conotreta from the Lower Ordovician of the Holy Cross Mts

Baker, F.C., 1930:
On Genus And Species Making

Heptner, V.G., 1961:
On geographic variability of pikas (Ochotona link.; Mammalia., Lagomorpha) inhabiting Turkmenia

Barrett Hamilton, G.E.H., 1900:
On geographical and individual variation in Mus sylvaticus and its allies

Anonymous, 1970:
On geographical distribution and ecology of leaf beetle from the Phyllobrotica Chevr. genus of the Ukrainian fauna, Dopov

Kuznetsov, A.A., 1958:
On geographical distribution of birds in the Alai mountains

Thomas, O., 1902:
On geographical races of the Kinkajou

Kireeva, I.M., 1971:
On geographical variability of physiological state of Porthetria dispar L. pupae

Volchanetskii, I.B., 1964:
On geographical variability of the dress in some palearctic birds

Meinertzhagen, R., 1952:
On geographical variation in the Monal Pheasant, Lophophorus impejanus Latham

Clancey, P.A., 1968:
On geographical variation in the whitebrowed sparrow-weaver Plocepasser mahali Smith of Africa

Kanep, S.V., 1964:
On geographical variation of common (Microtus awalis) and transcaspic (Microtus transcaspictis) voles

Drozdov, N.N.; Zlotin, N.I., 1962:
On geography of the winter population of birds in the subalpine zone of the Central Caucasus

Cao Jianjing, 1998:
On geologic environmental classification of granites

Svistun, V.I.; Lomaev, A.A., 1967:
On geological age of mammals fossil bones in the region of Kanev hydro-electric power station

Svistun, V.I., 1977:
On geological age of old alluvium of the Pivikha mountain (the middle Dnieper area) determined by the mammalian bone remains

Froehlich, C.G., 1959:
On geoplanids from Brazil

Thomas, O., 1900:
On giant Squirrels from the Amazonian region

Rothschild, W., 1894:
On giant land Tortoises

Jorgensen, CB., 1975:
On gill function in the mussel Mytilus edulis L

Bayoumi, A.R., 1967:
On gill-rakers of some pelagic fishes from the Gulf of Suez

Mjatliuk, EV., 1972:
On giving a new name to species Cristellaria magna Mjatluik from the Volgian stage deposits

Kuznetsova, K.I., 1977:
On giving a new name to species Lenticulina krymholtsi K. Kuznetsova from the Volgian Stage deposits

Wellerson, R.; Kupferberg, A.B., 1962:
On glycolysis in Trichomonas vaginalis

Elberg, K., 1967:
On gnat bites and gnats in general

Yuda, K.; Aoki, D.; Suzuki, N.; Komiya, Y., 1958:
On gnathostoma in Miyagi Prefecture

Akihito (Prince).; Meguro, K., 1975:
On gobiid fish Cryptocentroides insignis from Okinawa Prefecture. Japan

Akihito (Prince).; Meguro, K., 1974:
On gobiid fishes Ophiocara porocephala and Ophieleotris aporos

Foot, A.W., 1871:
On goitre in animals

Anonymous, 2001:
On golden pond: opportunities after mining

Zelikman, E.A., 1958:
On gonad maturation and female productivity in species of Euphausians abundant in the Barents Sea

Polder, JJW., 1971:
On gonads and reproductive behaviour in the cichlid fish Aequidens portalegrensis (Hensel)

Aksenova, As, 1977:
On gonotrophic relations in Culex pipiens L. mosquitoes upon repeated blood meal during one cycle

Spurgeon, V.D., 1948:
On gourami nests in a hill spring and a rocky gundam

Guthrie, C.C., 1911:
On graft hybrids

Aisenverg, D.E., 1958:
On graptolite remains from the Lower Carboniferous of Great Donbas

Bradshaw, A.P., 1947:
On grinding and mounting the spines of Echinus

Ryabitzev, VK., 1977:
On gronp populations and some behavioural characteristics in non-colonial birds of Yamal

Harutjunova, LD., 1975:
On ground molluscs in South Crimea

Alekseev, AN.; Rasnitsyn, SP.; Vitlin, LM., 1977:
On group behaviour of blood sucking mosquito females (Diptera, Culicidae, Aedes). Communication 1. Discovery of the effect of invitation

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