Section 24
Chapter 23,254

On selected higher and lower taxa of fossil and extant spiders of the superfamily Oecobioidea, with a provisional cladogram (Araneae: Hersiliidae and Oecobiidae)

Wunderlich, J.

Beitraege zur Araneologie, 3A 809-848


Accession: 023253513

The fossil and extant higher and selected lower taxa of the spider super-family Oecobioidea BLACKWALL 1862 (Araneae: Hersiliidae and Oecobiidae) are revised, their relationships are discussed, keys and a provisional cladogram are given to/of the fossil and extant higher taxa. According to their male genital structures the most primitive taxa are reported from Cretaceous Lebanese and Tertiary Baltic ambers as well from the extant genus Uroecobius (Uroecobiinae); derived taxa are known from Dominican and Mexican amber and extant. Oecobiidae: The extinct taxa Lebanoecobiinae n. subfam., Lebanoecobius n.gen. and L. schleei n.sp. are described from Cretaceous Lebanese amber together with a part of the spiders web. The extant subfamily Urocteinae THORELL 1869 is down-graded to tribus rank (n. stat.) of the Oecobiinae, the extinct family Mizaliidae THORELL 1870 from Tertiary Baltic amber is down-graded to subfamily rank (n. stat.) of the Oecobiidae. Paruroctea PETRUNKEVITCH 1942 is regarded as junior synonym of Mizalia MENGE 1854. The status of the nominal species of the genus Mizalia is discussed. Mizalia gemini n.sp. and M. spirembolus n.sp. are described from Baltic amber. The extant Urocteanini (Oecobiidae: ?Uroecobiinae KULLMANN & ZIMMERMANNN 1976) n.trib. is described. - Hersiliidae: Neotama BAEHR & BAEHR 1993 (n. syn.), Perturbator PETRUNKEVITCH 1971, Priscotama PETRUNKEVITCH 1971, Prototama PETRUNKEVITCH 1971 and Tama sensu WUNDERLICH (1986, 1987, 1988) (neotropical) are regarded as junior synonyms of Fictotama PETRUNKEVITCH 1963, Hersilia AUDOUIN 1826 has probably to split up, the taxa Gerdiopsis n.gen. with its fossil type species G. infrigens n.sp., Gerdiorum n.gen. with its type species G. inflexum n.sp. in Baltic amber as well as the genera Hersiliopsis n. gen with its type species H. madagascariensis n.sp. and Hersiliana n. gen. with its type species H. brevipes n. sp. in copal from Madagascar (subfossil) are described. - Regenerated legs are reported from a fossil Mizalia species.

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