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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23312

Chapter 23312 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Ostracoda from the Spiti shales, Spiti valley. Himalyan

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Ostracoda from the Upper Cambrian limestone of South Australia

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Ostracoda from the Upper Jura and Cretaceous of the region of St. Ozinki (Middle Volga Arca)

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Ostracoda from the basal Mississippian Sandstone of contral Missouri

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Ostracoda hibernating in ice of inshore zone ofRybinsk reservoir

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Ostracoda of stagnant waters of the Lithuanian SSR

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Ostracoda of the Aral Sea

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Ostracoda of the Suez Canal

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Ostracoda of the Yague Group (Neogene) of the northern Dominican Republic

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Ostracoda of the families Cytherellidae, Bairdiidae, Paracypridae, and Pontocyprididae form the Ariyalur Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of south lndia. Indian J

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Ostracoda of the family Bolliidae Boucek in theOrdovician of Latvia

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Ostracoda of the family Cytheruridae from the Gulf of Panama

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Ostracoda of the lower Palaeogene deposits of the northern Caucasus

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Ostracoda on the Internet

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Ostracoda, Muschelkrebse

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Ostracoda-Myodocopa. Part II. Cypridiniformes-Rutidermatidae, Sarsiellidae, Asteropidae

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Ostracode biomarkers in the Paleogene of the Gulf of Mexico

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Ostracode biostratigraphy of the Yorktown Formation (Upper Miocene and Lower Pliocene) of Virginia and North Carolina. Prof

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Ostracode fauna from the Tuyerykskaya suite deposits of the Gornyi Altai

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Ostracode faunal provinces and palaeogeography of Gondwana and Perigondwana in the Ordovician

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Ostracode paleoecology and trace element shell chemistry; a case study from Laguna Salada, Baja California, Mexico

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Ostracoden aus Formosa

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Ostracoden aus der plenus Zone (Oberkreide) Sechsens

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Ostracoden aus einigen Profilen spat- und postglazialer Karbonatablagerungen in Mitteleuropa

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Ostracoden des Eulitorals

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Otchotjo oborudovaniu Murmanskoj biologicheskoi Stantsii i letnia raboty na nej v 1904 g

Anonymous, 2007:
Otefin, a nuclear membrane protein, determines the fate of germline stem cells in Drosophila via interaction with smad complexes (vol 14, pg no 494, 2008)

Ribeiro, A. de M., 1935:
Otegumento externo em embryologia

Poulsen, V., 1963:
Otenopyge (Ctenopyge) pecten tenuis n. subsp. from the Upper Cambrian of Bornholm

Myrberget, S.; Froiland, O., 1972:
Oteren i Norge omkring 1970

Cole, G.A., 1954:
Otes on the vertical distribution of organisms in the profundal sediments of Douglas Lake, Michigan

Pilsbry, H.A., 1945:
Otesia H. & A. Adams versus Vitrinula Gray Carpenter

Pilsbry, H.A., 1931:
Otesia cerasina reducta subsp. n

Wilkins, A.I., 1887:
Otgoloske prochedchekh Wyekow

Graff, L.V., 1892:
Othelosoma symondsii, Gray

Lee, Paul., 2001:
Other arthropods recorder's annual report 2000

Lee, Paul., 2004:
Other arthropods recorder's annual report 2003

Lee, Paul, 2005:
Other arthropods recorder's report 2004

Paddock, C.D.; Liddell, A.M.; Storch, G.A., 2005:
Other causes of tick-borne ehrlichioses, including Ehrlichia ewingii

Prillo, S.; Mehaj, J.; Prillo, J., 2001:
Other coiling changes in Globorotalia acostaensis unknown till now in Mediterranean area

Weems, H.V.; Jr., 1966:
Other contributions to the collection

Wadey, H.J., 1940:
Other creatures

Brander, T., 1977:
Other disturbers of the moss cover of rocks: entomologists and the badger

Wright, A.H., 1911:
Other early records of the Passenger Pigeon

Bjelland, O.; Holst, J.C.ristian., 2004:
Other fish species and fish communities

Smith, J.N.; Folkard, N.F., 2001:
Other herbivores and small predators. Arthropods, birds, and mammals

Anonymous., 1974:
Other insect notes

Anonymous., 1974:
Other insect notes. Report Hilliugdon nat

Anonymous., 1970:
Other investigations and activities. Research conductedby graduate students supported by IMR

O'Donoghue, M.; Boutin, S.; Hofer, E.J.; Boonstra, R., 2001:
Other mammalian predators

Salotti, M.; Griffith, J.K.; Fromont, J., 2004:
Other marine invertebrates collected by the diving expedition DA1/98 in the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia, G.; Darwin, C.R., 1964:
Other men's shoulders

Brooks J.H.; Kirkegaard A.G., 1969:
Other mineral deposits

Brooks J.H. (compiler), 1966:
Other mineral deposits in north-western Queensland

Mazengarb C., 1988:
Other natural hazards in the Gisborne and East Cape District

Vane, F.R., 1948:
Other nature notes. A marine note

Anonymous., 2002:
Other observations

Mason, J.B.; Choi, S-Woon.; Liu, Z., 2008:
Other one-carbon micronutrients and age modulate the effects of folate on colorectal carcinogenesis

Abstracts., 1976:
Other papers presented to the ninth annual WSM meeting: titles and abstracts

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Other parasitic infections of animals in-Medical Report of the Hamilton Rees Seventh Expedition to the Amazon

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Other pathological processes in malaria

Anonymous, 2007:
Other people's lives: Reflections on medicine, ethics, and euthanasia

Anonymous., 1975:
Other tropical and subtropical fruits

Taylor, Ann., 2002:
Other vertebrate records on Lundy 2000 & 2001

Taylor, Ann., 2004:
Other vertebrate records on Lundy 2003

Herringshaw, D., 1973:
Other vertebrates recorder's report for 1970-71

Latter J.H., 1975:
Other volcanoes; note on inferred submarine eruption, Rumble No. 3 Volcano

Latter J.H., 1975:
Other volcanoes; submarine eruption, Curacoa Reef, N. Tonga, 11-13 July 1973

Young, S.P.; Weber, W.A., 1944:
Other working Dogs and the wild species

Champion, Erik Malcolm, 2008:
Otherness of place: game-based interaction and learning in virtual heritage projects

Gregory, P.W., 1942:
Others, A now type of rocessive achondroplasia in Cattle

Anonymous, 2004:
Othmar Stemmler wird 70 Jahre

Wortman, J.L., 1899:
Othniel Charles Marsh

Borchmann, F., 1921:
Othniidae, Versuch einer Ubersicht uber die Familie

Madarasz, J. v., 1914:
Othyphantes kovacsi n. sp. Ornith

Santana, A.K.M.; Nunes, L.C.C.; Medeiros, F.P.M.; Silva, M.J.; Lavra, Z.M.M.; Rolim-Neto, P.J., 2007:
Otimizacao e validacao do metodo analitico volumetrico para quantificacao do carbonato de calcio

Stelfox, A.W., 1917:
Otina otis (Turton) on the County Down Coast

Melvill, J.C., 1918:
Otina otis Turton at St. Mary's Scilly

Falloon, B.J., 1890:
Otina otis, var. candida, in Pembrokeshire

Pinto, C., 1927:
Otiodactylus signatus, nouveau genre et nouvelle espece d'Hemiptere suceur d'insectes. (Famille des Reduviidae, sousfamille des Reduviinae.)

Weltner, W., 1898:
Otion (Conchoderma) coronularium, Gay

Smulikowski, K., 1922:
Otior rhynchus kotulae nov. sp. (subgen. Dorymerus Seidl.)

Pesarini, C., 1972:
Otiorhynchinae nuovi o interessanti raccolti da Walter Wittmer in Turchia e in Libano (con descrizione di tre nuove specie). (10. Contributo alla conoscenza dei Coleotteri Curculionidi.)

Angelov, P., 1973:
Otiorhynchus (Dorymerus) caviventris spec. nov. ours Bulgarien (Curculionidae Coleoptera)

Osella, G.; Zuppa, A.M.ria, 2006:
Otiorhynchus (Podonebistus) gasparoi sp. n., un Curculionide anoftalmo della Grecia (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae, Otiorhynchini)

Cmoluch, Z., 1968:
Otiorhynchus (Tournierid) smrecznskii sp. n. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Anonymous, 2003:
Otiorhynchus (s. str.) armadillo (Rossi, 1792) and Otiorhynchus (s. str.) salicicola Heyden, 1908 (Curculionidae: Entiminae: Otiorhynchini) - two European vine weevils established in Britain

Britvec, Branko, 2006:
Otiorhynchus alutaceus a. vittatus (Germar, 1817) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Hrvatski endem i opasan stetnik

Germann, Christoph, 2006:
Otiorhynchus armatus Boheman, 1843 - eine weitere Art fuer die Schweizer Fauna aus dem Tessin (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

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Otiorhynchus auropunctatus Gyll (Col., Curculionidae) in Wester Ross, Scotland

Nicholson, G.W., 1916:
Otiorhynchus caudatus Herbst, in Ireland

Mann, D.J.; Ismay, J.W., 2001:
Otiorhynchus crataegi Germar (Curculionidae) in Abingdon, Berkshire (VC 22)

Anonymous, 2008:
Otiorhynchus dieckmanni Magnano, 1979 and Otiorhynchus aurifer Boheman, 1843, three new weevils to the Danish fauna

Muller, C., 1898:
Otiorhynchus martinensis n. sp. von Tyrol

Tempere, G., 1972:
Otiorhynchus pourtoyi n. sp. et sa ssp. aubryi nova, des Pyrenees occidentales franYaises (Col. Curculionidae)

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Otiorhynchus radjai sp. n. from Vis Island (Dalmatia, Croatia), and description of a new subgenus of Otiorhynchus Germar (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

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Otiorhynchus schmidtianus n. sp., eine neue Art aus Nepal aus der Untergattung Eprahenus Reitter, 1912 (Curculionidae: Entiminae, Otiorhynchini)

Anonymous, 2001:
Otiorhynchus singularis (Linnaeus) Joutsenosta (Curculionidae)

Germann, Christoph, 2006:
Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmoluch, 1968 - nun auch in der Schweiz (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae)

Schoevers, T.A.C., 1915:
Otiorhynchus sulcatus L. aan aardbeiten.

Morris, M.G., 1969:
Otiorhynchus uncinatus Germar (Col., Curculionidae) new to the British Isles from County Tipperary, Ireland

Struyve, Tim, 2005:
Otiorhynchus valdemosae Schaufuss 1882 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) een geintroduceerde soort in Belgie, met mogelijkheid tot een permanente populatie

Warner, RE., 1975:
Otiorhynchus versus Brachyrhinus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Otiorhynchus versus Brachyrhinus (Insecta, Coleoptera, family Curculionidae). Z.N. (S.) 1819

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OtiorhynchusGermar, 1824 (lnsecta, Coleoptera): validated under the Plenary Powers

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Otiorrhynchus (Dorymerus) trigradus sp. n. aus Bulgarien (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

Angelov, P., 1976:
Otiorrhynchus (Tournieria) bajtenowi sp. n. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) aus dem Tyan-Shan Gebirge

Sampo, A.; Casale, A., 1975:
Otiorrhynchus (s. str.) salicicola Heyden e O. (Dorymerus) sulcatus Fabricius (Col., Curculionidae) nemici di Fatsia japonica Dec. et Planch. nella coltivazione vivaistica

Petri, C., 1902:
Otiorrhynchus amplus nov. spec

Solari, A. e F., 1913:
Otiorrhynchus apulus n. sp

Heikertinger, F., 1923:
Otiorrhynchus crataegi Germ, und mastix O1., zwei Zierstrauchschadlinge der Wiener Garten

Flach, K., 1899:
Otiorrhynchus hummleri n. sp. (Troglorrhynchus)

Allen, A.A., 1977:
Otiorrhynchus ligneus 01. (Col.: Curculionidae) in plenty under a street lamp, etc

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Otiorrhynchus ligustici und seine Verwandten in Ungarn

Jacquet, J., 1937:
Otiorrhynchus meridionalis Gyll

Smreczynski, S., 1959:
Otiorrhynchus noskiewiczi n. sp., sowie Ubersicht der verwandten Arten (Arten-grappe Eunihus Reitt, Subgen. Otiorrhynchus s. str.) (Coleopt., Curculionidae)

Apfelbeck, V., 1913:
Otiorrhynchus nubilus Boh. and tener Stierl

Flint, J.H., 1976:
Otiorrhynchus porcatus Herbst (Col. , Curculionidae) in North Lancashire

Lona, C., 1923:
Otiorrhynchus schaubergeri nov. spec. (Col. Curcul.)

Penecke, K.A., 1926:
Otiorrhynchus stephani-magni sp. nov.-ein neuer Dorymerus aus den Nordost-Karpathen und Bemerkungen uber einige andere Otiorrhynchus-Arten

Smreczynski, S., 1963:
Otiorrkynchus (Dorymerus) Schaumi Stierl. und seine Verwandten (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

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Otis tetrax Brutvogel in Neuvorpommern

Kollibay, P., 1906:
Otis tetrax L. und Nycticorax nycticorax (L.).

Plesski, P.V., 1956:
Otis tetrax in Kirov Province

Kunz, H., 1902:
Otis tetrax, Die Zwergtrappe, ein indeutscher Brutvogel

Malloch, J.R., 1940:
Otitidae (Dipt.) of the Admiralty Islands

Nemel, I., 1972:
Otitidae, Tephritidae, Sepsidae si Sciomyzidae (Diptera) din rezervatiile floristice Ponoare si Frumosasa

G.Navarro-Locsin, 2008:
Otitis Media: Why Is it so Difficult to Treat or Prevent?

Kurnatowski, P.; Filipiak, J., 2008:
Otitis externa: the analysis of relationship between particular signs/symptoms and species and genera of identified microorganisms

Kleinschmidt, O., 1936:
Otmar Reiser

Jegorow, J., 1889:
Otnoshenie simpaticheskagho nerva k gholovn im ukrashemiyam nyekotoruikh ptitz

Hamill, T.; Lim, G., 2007:
Otoacoustic emissions does not currently have ability to detect SIDS

Fedotov, D.M., 1945:
Otob, ?. M. Evolutionary significance of regressive changes in1 ontogenesis.

Febdotov, D.M., 1946:
Otob, ?. M. Functional changes in the imago of the shield-backed bug Eury-gaster integriceps Put. (Heteroptera Pentatomidae) during the annual cycle.

Fedotov, D.M., 1946:
Otob, ?. M. On functional changes in the imago of Eurygaster integriceps Put

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Otob, ?. M. Postembryonic development and regression in Pachytelia unicolor Hufn. (Lapidoptera, Psychidae).

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Otocariase psoroptique chez une Fouine

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Otocariasis In The Dog And Cat

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Otoceras find in the Lower Triassie of Eastern Verkhoianie

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Otoceras of the boreal province

Schmitz, D., 1973 :
Otoclnclus affinis Steindacher, 1877

Dell, R.K., 1952:
Otoconcha and its allies in New Zealand

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Otocorys auf den ostfriesischen Inseln

Reichenow, A., 1895:
Otocorys penicillata balcanica, n. subsp

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Otocryptis nigristigma, a new species of agamid lizard from Sri Lanka

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Otocryptis wiegmanni. Die Juweleneidechse in der Natur und im Troparium

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Otocystes ou capsules auditives des Mollusques Gasteropodes

Anonymous, 1955:
Otodectes cynotis (Hering) 1838, Acari, Sarcoptiformes, Psoroptidae occurred in the middle part of the external ear of Felis catus domesticus, S. Paulo, Brazil

Grandjean, F., 1937:
Otodectes cynotis (Hering) et les pretendues trachees des Acaridiae

Malheiro, D. de M.; Fuchs, H., 1955:
Otodectes cynotis (Hering, 1838) Acari, Sarcoptiformes Psoroptidae. Sua pre-senYa na porYao media do conduto auditivo externo de Felis catus do-mesticus, Sao Paulo, Brasil

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Otodistomum veliporum (Creplin, 1837) (Trematoda, Azygiidae) i Norge

Swedmark, B.; Teissier, G., 1958:
Otohydra vagans n. g., n. sp., Hydrozoaire des sables, apparente aux Halammohydridees

Anonymous, 2005:
Otok May Na skotskem otoku pticev

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Otolieten uit het Merksemien en kenien van boring Ouwerkerk (Zeeland, Nederland). Mededelingen Wkgrp Tert. Kwart

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Otolites actuates y fosiles del genero Ophidian

Bauza, J., 1957:
Otolites actuates y fosils del genero Ophidion. Tomo Homenaja Postumo

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Otolith Sr: Ca ratios of the freshwater and anadromous cyprinid genus Tribolodon

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Otolith age reading by means of surface structure examination

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Otolith age validation in Labrador cod

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Otolith age validation of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides)

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Otolith analysis of Trachinotus ovatus (L.) with special reference to age

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Otolith and body size relationships in bigeye grenadier (Macrourus holotrachys) in CCAMLR sub area 48.3

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Otolith applications in reef fish ecology

Schmidt, W., 1969:
Otolith as a means for differentiation between species of fish of very similar appearance

Xiuqi Li; Yifeng Chen; Dekui He; Feng Chen, 2009:
Otolith characteristics and age determination of an endemic Ptychobarbus dipogon (Regan, 1905) (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) in the Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet

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Otolith characteristics and age estimation of an exceptionally old dogtooth grouper (Epinephelus caninus) captured off Majorca Island (western Mediterranean)

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Otolith chemical composition as a useful tool for sciaenid stock discrimination in the south-western Atlantic

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Otolith chemistry: an aid to stock separation of Helicolenus dactylopterus (bluemouth) and Merluccius merluccius (European hake) in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean

Morioka, S.; Matsumoto, S., 2002:
Otolith development and daily increment formation in African catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1815) (Pisces: Clariidae) larvae and juveniles

Campana, Steven E., 2005:
Otolith elemental composition as a natural marker of fish stocks

Morioka, S.; Matsumoto, S.; Kaunda, E., 2006:
Otolith features and growth of Malawian characid Hemigrammopetersius barnardi from the southwestern coast of Lake Malawi

Kristensen, P.B. {a}; 1 ; Closs, G.P.; Lokman, P.M.; Gronkjaer, P.; 1 Email:, 2008:
Otolith formation, microstructure and daily increment validation in juvenile perch Perca fluviatilis

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Otolith growth of the Barents Sea cod

Pannella, G., 1974:
Otolith growth patterns: an aid in age determination in temperate and tropical fishes

Tomoda, T.; Kuwada, H., 2006:
Otolith marking by dilution of alizarin complexone solution through pH adjustment for juvenile Japanese sandfish Arctoscopus japonicus

Fu,; Li, J.; Yue,; Song, Z.B.n, 2005:
Otolith marking of larval and juvenile Chinese sucker with fluorescent substances

de Pontual, H.; Geffen, AJ., 2002:
Otolith microchemistry

Shcherbich, L V., 2005:
Otolith microstructure of juvenile mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) (Channichthyidae) in the south Georgia area

Song, Z.; Fu, Z.; Yue, B.; Zhao, E., 2006:
Otolith microstructure of larval Gymnocypris potanini Herzenstein from the Minjiang River in China

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Otolith morphology of Nezumia sclerorhynchus and Nezumia aequalis (Macrouridae): a useful tool to species identification and ecologycal studies

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Otolith research and application: current directions in innovation and implementation

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Otolith shape and temporal stability of spawning groups of Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua L.)

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Otolith strontium: calcium ratios in a freshwater stingray, Himantura signifer Compagno and Roberts, 1982, from the Chao Phraya River, Thailand

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Otolith structure and growth in northern sand lance, Ammodytes dublus, from the Scotian shelf

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Otolith studies of southern North Sea herring

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Otolith study of juveniles of hake (Merluccius merluccius L. 1758) in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea: allometric relationships and preliminary results of imaging analysis

Volk, E.C.; Schroder, S.L.; Grimm, J.J., 2005:
Otolith thermal marking

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Otolith thermal marking in larval Chinese sucker, Myxocyprinus asiaticus

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Otolith types amongst summer-autumn spawning herring in the northern North Sea

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Otolith-marked salmon released from Japan in the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005

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Otolithen Charaktere des Sommer-Herbst laichenden Herings der Nordsee

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Otolithen aus Miozanen Brack-und Susswasserschichten des Lavanttales in Karnten

Anonymous, 2006:
Otolithen aus dem Mio-Pliozaen von Yalova bei Istanbul, Tuerkei

Schwarzhans, W., 1977:
Otolithen aus dem Unteroligozhn (Tertihr) von Huckelhoven (Kreis Heinsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Anonymous, 2002:
Otolithen aus den Ratheim-Schichten (Unteroligozaen) des Schachtes Sophia Jacoba 8 bei Erkelenz, Niederrhein

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Otolithen aus tiefen Gos-auschichten Osterreichs

Hennig, E., 1915:
Otolithen bei Palaeoniscus

Martini, E., 1964:
Otolithen in Gewollen der Raubsee-schwalbe (Hydroprogne caspia)

Martini, E., 1966:
Otolithen in Gewollen der Westmowe (Larus occidentalis)

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Otolithen und Labyrinthe verschiedener Teleostier

Schnakenberg, W., 1928:
Otolithen und ihre Beurteilung

Chaine, J., 1949:
Otolithes de Te1eosteens recueillis par dragages sur la ceto atlantique du Maroc

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Otolithes de poisson aptiens du Maestazgo (province de Castellon, Espagne orientale)

Nolf, D.; Girone, A., 2006:
Otolithes de poisson du Pliocene inferieur (Zancleen) des environs d'Alba (Piemont) et de la cote Ligure

Anonymous, 2004:
Otolithes de poissons de l'oligocene inferieur du Bassin liguro-piemontais oriental, Italie

Nolf, D.; Brzobohaty, R., 2004:
Otolithes de poissons du miocene inferieur piemontais

Hornyold, A.G., 1937:
Otolithes pathologiques de l'anguille

Posthumus, O., 1924:
Otolithi Piscium. Fossilium Catalogus (C. Diener) I. Animalia

Mohan, RSL., 1972:
Otolithoides brunneus (Day) 1873, as a junior synonym of Otolithoides biauritus (Cantor) 1850 (Pisces: Sciaenidae), with notes on the identity of O. brunneus Dutt and Thankam (1968)

Fitch, J.E., 1968:
Otoliths and other fish remains from the Timms Point silt (Early Pleistocene) at San Pedro, California

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Otoliths from the Lower Pliocene of the section Prassies (Rethymnon, NW-Crete). Systematics - paleoecology

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Otoliths from the Middle to Upper Miocene of the Gavdos Island (south Greece). Systematics - paleoecology

Vredenburg, E., 1908:
Otoliths from the Miocene of Burmah, erroneously de-scribed as a new genus, Twingonia Pascoe

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Otoliths from the type locality of the sands of Berg (Middle Oligocene) at Berg, Belgium. Mededelingen Wkgrp Tert. Kwart

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Otoliths in some fishes in Far Eastern Seas

Figueras, A., 1964:
Otoliths in the study of growth, determination of the age and spawning period of Sardine of the Eastern Spanish Coast

Nolf Dirk, 2004:
Otoliths of Aptian Pisces from Maestrazgo (Castellon, eastern Spain)

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Otoliths of Xenosaurus

Frost, G.Allan, 1926:
Otoliths of fishes from the Jurassic of Buckinghamshire and Dorset

Frost, G.A., 1933:
Otoliths of fishes from the Lower Tertiary formations of Southern England

Frost, G.A., 1924:
Otoliths of fishes from the Tertiary formations of New Zealand

Frost, G.Allan, 1933:
Otoliths of fishes from the Tertiary formations of New Zealand

Frost, G.A., 1924:
Otoliths of fishes from the Upper Kimmeridgian of Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire

Frost, G.A., 1934:
Otoliths of fishes from the lower Tertiary formations of Southern England. II and III. Percomorphi. IV. Scleroparei, Percomorphi. V. Anacanthini, Heterosomata, Ostariophysi

Hornyold, A.Gandolfi, 1927:
Otoliths of large eels from the Rhine

Frizzell, D.L., 1967:
Otoliths of new fish (Vorhisia vulpes, N. Gen., N. Sp. Siluroidei?) from Upper Cretaceous of South Dakota

Nijssen, H., 1965:
Otoliths of the wolf-fishes (genus Anarrhichas Linnaeus, 1758) from the Northern Atlantic (Pisces, Perciformes)

Trewavas, E., 1966:
Otolithus aureus Richardson, 1846 (Pisces, Sciaenidae) proposed addition to the official list of specific names Z.N. (S.) 1744

Gemmellaro, M., 1921:
Otoliti del Piano Siciliano dei dintorni di Palermo

Anfossi, G.; Mosna, S., 1973:
Otoliti del Pliocene Inferiore di Lugagnano (Piacenza)

Anfossi, G.; Mosna, S., 1976:
Otoliti della famiglia Gonostomidae del Miocene Superiore della zona di La Mona (Cuneo)

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