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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 23327

Chapter 23327 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nichols Douglas, J.; Matsukawa Masaki; Ito Makoto, 2006:
Palynology and age of some Cretaceous nonmarine deposits in Mongolia and China

Akkiraz Mehmet Serkan; Akgun Funda, 2005:
Palynology and age of the early Oligocene units in Cardak-Tokca Basin, southwest Anatolia; paleoecological implications

Abstracts, 1971:
Palynology and historical (including faunal and human)

Niebuhr Birgit; Krutzsch Wilfried, 1999:
Palynology and stratigraphy of the continental-estuarine lower Maastrichtian Walbeck Formation (northern Germany)

Anonymous, 2008:
Palynology at the University of Arizona

Anonymous, 2005:
Palynology in hydrocarbon exploration. The Indian scenario. Part II: spatial and temporal distribution of significant spores, pollen and dinoflagellate cysts in the Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments of petroliferous basins

Dejax Jean; Dumax Elise; Damblon Freddy; Yans Johan, 2006:
Palynology of Bandour Clays Formation (Mons Basin, Belgium); correlation within the stratotypic Wealden

Mandal, J.; Guleria, J.S., 2006:
Palynology of Vastan lignite (Surat District), Gujarat; its age, palaeoecology and depositional environment

Vergel, M, 2008:
Palynology of late Palaeozoic sediments (Tupe Formation) at La Herradura Creek, San Juan province, Argentina

Mahmoud Magdy, S.; Essa Mahmoud, A., 2007:
Palynology of some Cretaceous mudstones from southeast Aswan, Egypt; significance to regional stratigraphy

Amenabar, C.R.; D.P.squo, M.; Carrizo, H.A.; Azcuy, C.L., 2006:
Palynology of the Chigua (Devonian) and Maliman (Carboniferous) formations in the Volcan Range, San Juan Province, Argentina. Part 1. Paleomicroplankton and acavate smooth and ornamented spores

White James, M., 2002:
Palynology of the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous; an experiment in modelling the transition using a global database

Ramirez Arriaga Elia; Pramparo Mercedes, B.; Martinez Hernandez Enrique; Valiente Baunet Alfonso, 2006:
Palynology of the Paleogene Cuayuca Formation (stratotype sections), southern Mexico; chronostratigraphical and palaeoecological implications

Warrington, G.; Harland, R., 1975:
Palynology of the Trias and Lower Lias of the Larne Borehole

Urban, Jb, 1974:
Palynology of the Waspipinicon Formation (Middle Devonian) of Iowa

Stephenson, M.H.; Osterloff, P.L., 2002:
Palynology of the deglaciation sequence represented by the Lower Permian Rahab and Lower Gharif members, Oman

McGlone, M., 2004:
Palynology of the termination of the last glaciation in New Zealand

Wilson, G.J., 1982 :
Palynology; its place in biostratigraphy

Stephenson, M.; Williams, M.; Monaghan, A.; Arkley, S.; Smith, R.; Dean, M.; Browne, M.; Leng, M., 2004:
Palynomorph and ostracod biostratigraphy of the Ballagan Formation, Midland Valley of Scotland, and elucidation of intra-Dinantian unconformities

Barron, E.; Gomez, J.J.; Goy, A., 2001:
Palynomorph dating of Triassic-Jurassic boundary materials of Poza de la Sal, Burgos

Rass Masood Khan; Qureshi Kaleem Akhtar; Hussain Zahid; Parveen Mussarat, 1995:
Palynomorph occurrence in relation to geochemistry, in the Amb Formation (Artinskian), Zaluch Gorge, Salt Range, Pakistan

Tsymbalyuk, Z.M., 2008:
Palynomorphological peculiarities of the family Chenopodiaceae members

Palma Heldt Sylvia; Alfaro Hanne Guillermo, 1982:
Palynomorphs and the correlation of Tertiary coal seams at Valdivia Province

Richardson John, B.; Rasul Syed, M., 1983:
Palynomorphs and upper Ludfordian and lower Downtonian depositional environments in England and Wales

Matthiessen Jens; Boucsein Bettina; Fahl Kirsten; Stein Ruediger, 1997:
Palynomorphs in arctic deep-sea sediments; indicators for transport and sedimentation processes

Barth Susanne; Mohr Barbara, A.R., 1994:
Palynostratigraphically determined age of the Tregiovo sedimentary complex in relation to radiometric emplacement ages of the Atesina volcanic complex (Permian, southern Alps, N Italy)

Jan du Chene, I L.E., 1977:
Palynostratigraphie (Maastrichtien-Eocene inferieur) des Flyschs du Schlieren (Canton d'Obwald, Suisse centrale)

Courtinat, Bernard, 2006:
Palynostratigraphie du Callovien-Oxfordien (Jurassique) dans les Terres noires, sud-est France

Norris, G., 1977:
Palynostratigraphische Beitrage zur Korrelierung jurassichKretazischer Grenzschichten in Deutschland and England. Neues Jb

Rueda Gaxiola Jaime, 2006:
Palynostratigraphy allows to place the Hispanic Corridor across the Gulf of Mexico during its origin

Utting John; Giles Peter, S., 2008:
Palynostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy of Carboniferous upper Codroy Group and Barachois Group, southwestern Newfoundland

Cirilli Simonetta; Bucefalo Pallani Raffaella; Pontini Maria Rita, 1994:
Palynostratigraphy and palynofacies of the Late Triassic R. contorta facies in Northern Apennines; II, The Monte Cetona Formation

Basavaraju, M.H.; Pundeer, B.S., 2007:
Palynostratigraphy and source rock potential of subsurface Gondwana sediments in Dhansiri Valley, upper Assam

Lebedeva, NK.; Agalakov, SE.; Beyzel, AL., 2004:
Palynostratigraphy and structure of the Upper Cretaceous based on Yuzhno-Russkaya BH-113 (Pur-Taz interfluve, west Siberia)

Ghavidel Syooki Mohammed, 2003:
Palynostratigraphy of Devonian sediments in the Zagros Basin, southern Iran

O.B.K.z’mina; B.S.V.lkova, 2008:
Palynostratigraphy of Oligocene-Miocene continental deposits in Southwestern Siberia

Volkova, VS.; Kul'kova, IA.; Kuz'mina, OB., 2002:
Palynostratigraphy of Paleogene and Neogene deposits of the Baraba-Kulunda facie zone of West Siberia

McKellar, J.L., 1977:
Palynostratigraphy of samples from GSQ Taroom 10

Aadjour Malika; Slimani Hamid; Fedan Bouaza; Elzaroug Rajab, F.; Rasul Syed; Thusu Bindra; Morabet Almoundir, 2005:
Palynostratigraphy of the Jurassic-Cretaceous deposits from MAC-1 (Doukkala Basin) and ADM-1 (Essaouira Basin) boreholes, western Morocco

Anonymous, 2004:
Palynotaxonomy of Passiflora L. subg. Decaloba (DC.) Rchb. (Passifloraceae) species of the Southeastern Brazil

Pax, F., 1935:
Palythoa nelliae, eine neue Zoanthide aus Sudafrika

Moore, R.E.; Scheuer, P.J., 1971:
Palytoxin: a new marine toxin from a coelenterate

Eisner, C., 1977:
Pamassiana nova 52. The genus Parnassius Latreille in William H. Howe's The Butterflies of North America (1975)

Okal, I., 1974:
Pamatke Franti g ka Hajneho. Entomologicke Problemy (

Ekambaranadhan, M., 1952:
Pambugal (Snakes). Madras, 1952, pp. vi+40, 35 illust. . A review of this by V.K.C. is in

Cornish, B.E.; Tauber, E.; Nichol, D., 1980:
Pambula pyrophyllite: production and applications

Calves, JLe., 1938 :
Pamchordeumium tetraceros n. gen. n. sp. Copepode gallicole parasite d'une ophiure de Villefranche-sur-Mer

Sen, Kasturi., 2003:
Pamelaria dolichotrachela, a new prolacertid reptile from the Middle Triassic of India

Opinion 676., 1963:
Pamera Say, 1831 (Insecta, Hemiptera); suppressed under the Plenary Powers

Reuter, O.M., 1906:
Pameridca nov. gen., eine Capside, die in Sudafrika die Bestaubung von Roridula gorgonias besorgt

Jasenak, L., 1976:
Pamiatke Jozef a Kristofa 1925-1974. Entomologicke Problemy (

Dybowski, B., 1909:
Pamieci Wilhelma Stellera (1709-1746).

Niewiadomska, K., 1974:
Pamigci Docent Doktora Jadwigi Kozickiej

Lindholm, W.A., 1931:
Pamir Ex- pedition 1928. Mollusca

Townes, H.K. jr., 1938:
Pamme gischia and Trichofocnus discarded (Aulacoid Hymenoptera)

Obraztsov, N., 1951:
Pammene (Hemerosia) tomiana (Z.) und andere ihr ahnli.che Arten (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Burmann, K., 1953:
Pammene tomiana Z. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Chervinski, J.; Zorn, M., 1973:
Pampano, Trachinotus ovatus, L. (Pisces, Carangidae) and its adaptability to various saline conditions

Villalba, L.; Delgado, E., 2005:
Pampas cat photographed in high southwest Bolivia

Jackson, J., 1977:
Pampas deer project

Canevari, M.; Canevari, P., 1977:
Pampas deer under pressure

Opinion 611., 1961:
Pampenaeus S. J. Smith, 1885 (Crustacea, Decapoda) ; validation under the plenary powers and interpretation of Peneus membranaceus Risso, 1816

Kevan, D.K.; McE., 1964:
Pamphagidae Burmeister, 1840, and Pyrgomqrphidae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1874 proposed addition to the Official List of Family-Group Names in Zoology, and further proposals arising therefrom (Insecta: Orthoptera)

Anonymous, 1966:
Pamphagodes riffensis I. Bolivar, 1878 Charilaidae du Haut Atlas (Orth. Acridoidea)

Maurel, Helene, 2006:
Pamphagulus bodenheimeri Uvarov, genre et espece nouveaux pour l'Algerie (Orthoptera, Acridoidea, Dericorythidae)

Krausse, A., 1915:
Pamphagus marmoratus var. elegans m. nov. var. ex Sardinia

Scudder, G.G.E., 1963:
Pamphantinae, Bledionotinae and the genus Cattarus Stal (Hemiptera; Lygaeidae)

Leussler, R.A., 1921:
Pamphila ottoe Edw. and pawnee Dodge with description of a new form

Siegel, A., 1921:
Pamphila palaemon Pall. nov. ab. habeneyi Sgl

Siegel, A., 1921:
Pamphila palaemon Pall. nov. ab. hibeneyi Sgl

Shinohara, Akihiko., 2002:
Pamphiliid sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) from Kamiange at the foot of Mt. Jinbayama, southwestern Tokyo

Zirngiebl, L., 1940:
Pamphilius silvaticus L. ein Obstbaumschadling

Opini, O.N. 1087., 1977:
Pamphilius viriditibialis Takeuchi, 1930, designated under the plenary powers as type-species of Onycholyda Takeuchi, 1938 (Insecta, Hymenoptera)

Cotuk, Y., 1976:
Pamuk yaprak kurdu Spodoptera littoralis (Bois.) nun laboratuvarimizda yeti stirilmesi

Anonymous, 2007:
Pamyati Sergeya Ivanovicha Zavyalova

Anonymous, 1965:
Pan Oken, 1816, and Panthem Oken 1816 (Mammalia): proposed conservation under the plenary powers

Boysen, ST.; Butynski, T., 2001:
Pan in pandemonium

Maniacky, Jacky., 2006:
Pan paniscus, sometimes a linguistic issue

Coolidge, H.J., 1933:
Pan paniscus. Pigmy Chimpanzee from south of the Congo River

Rushby, G.G., 1943:
Pan satyrus (Chimpanzee)

Moore, R.L.; Cook, S.F.; Jr., 1967:
Pan traps for migration studies of Chaoborid midge larvae (Diptera: Culicidae)

Ingmanson, Ellen, J., 2001:
Pan troglodytes in Cameroon, West Africa: distribution and research potential

Anssi Pekkarinen; Lucia Reithmaier; Peter Strobl, 2009:
Pan-European forest/non-forest mapping with Landsat ETM+ and CORINE Land Cover 2000 data

Callaghan, D., 2003:
Pan-European monitoring of importance bird areas

Bunje, P.M.E., 2005:
Pan-European phylogeography of the aquatic snail Theodoxus fluviatilis (Gastropoda: Neritidae)

Marij, V.N De.V.Lde, F.Yça.B.Uraoui, A.Bert, A.Oe, 2009:
Pan-European regional-scale modelling of water and N efficiencies of rapeseed cultivation for biodiesel production

Alex, P.K.tson; Ashley, C.P.tterson; Hamid Izadi; Ken, D.S.ark, 2009:
Pan-Frying Salmon in an Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Enriched Margarine Prevents EPA and DHA Loss

Dewi, G.C.K.rono; Roger, N.J.nes; Helen, A.C.eugh, 2009:
Pan-evaporation measurements and Morton-point potential evaporation estimates in Australia: are their trends the same?

Burns, J.M.; Janzen, D.H., 2005:
Pan-neotropical genus Venada (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae) is not monotypic: four new species occur on one volcano in the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Lara, E.; Moreira, D.; Vereshchaka, A.; López-García, Pón., 2008:
Pan-oceanic distribution of new highly diverse clades of deep-sea diplonemids

Toler, T.R.; Evans, E.W.; Tepedino, V.J., 2005:
Pan-trapping for bees (Hymenoptera: Apiformes) in Utah's West Desert: the importance of color diversity

Achard, F.D.Fries, R.E.a, H.H.nsen, M.M.yaux, P.S.ibig, H-J, 2007:
Pan-tropical monitoring of deforestation

Dreux, P., 1970:
Panachure chez le chat

Tairou Mahaman Sani; Affaton Pascal; Gelard Jean Pierre; Aite Ramdane; Sabi Bawoubadi Edem, 2007:
Panafrican brittle deformation and palaeostress superposition in northern Togo (West Africa)

Lucnik, V., 1914:
Panagaeus Latr. (1802) (Coleoptera, Carabidae).

Snellen, P.C.T., 1886:
Panagra vethi, nov. spec

Blinova, SL.; Mishina, LK., 1975:
Panagrolaimus artyukhovskii sp. n. (Rhabditida, Panagrolaimidae) from larvae Zenzera pyrina

Blinova, SL.; Mishina, LK., 1975:
Panagrolaimus artyukhovskii sp. n. (Rhabditida. Panagrolaimidae) from larvae of Zeuzera pyrina

Sumenkova, N.I., 1965:
Panagrolaimus longicaudatus n. sp. (Nematoda: Panagrolaimidae) occurring in mushroom beds

Anthony, H.E., 1916:
Panama mammals collected in 1914-1915

Suman, D., 2002:
Panama revisited: evolution of coastal management policy

Mendez, E., 1975:
Panama's golden frog

Kourany, M.; Myers, C.W.; Schneider, C.R., 1970:
Panamanian amphibians and reptiles as carriers of Salmonella

Chickering, A.M., 1965:
Panamanian spiders of the genus Tmarus (Aranaea, Thomisidae)

Feldman, L.H., 1969:
Panamic sites and archaeological molluscs of lower California

Kritscher, E., 1967:
Panamomops affinis Miller et Kratochvil, 1939 (Aran., Micryphantidae), eine fur Osterreich neue Zwergspinne

Chockley, B.R.; Armbruster, J.W., 2002:
Panaque changae, a new species of catfish (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from eastern Peru

Axelrod, HR., 1975:
Panaque nigrolineatus (Peters), Panaque

Anonymous, 2006:
Panaque nigrolineatus (Peters, 1877)

Lambiris, A., 2005:
Panaspis wahlbergii (A. Smith, 1849) Wahlberg's snake-eyed skink: predation

Estcourt, IN., 1976:
Panatahanui Inlet - preliminary results of a benthos survey

Estcourt, IN., 1976:
Panatahanui lnlet - preliminary results of a benthos survey

Roesler, U., 1968:
Panaxia quadripunctaria spp. ingridae ssp. nov. (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Panbiogeographic analysis of the Mexican species of Pselliopus Bergroth (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Harpactorinae)

Croizat, L., 1959:
Panbiogeography 3. vol. 1958

Michael Heads, 2008:
Panbiogeography of New Caledonia, south-west Pacific: basal angiosperms on basement terranes, ultramafic endemics inherited from volcanic island arcs and old taxa endemic to young islands

Kunst, M., 1971:
PancIfnici - Oribatei

Johnson, J.R.; Team, A.S., 2004:
Pancam photometric observations at the Mars Exploration Rover landing sites

Bell, J.F.I.I.I.; Squyres, S.W.; Herkenhoff, K.E.; Maki, J.N.; Schwochert, M.A.; Dingizian, A.; Brown, D.; Morris Richard, V.; Arneson, H.M.; Johnson, M.J.; Joseph, J.; Sohl Dickstein, J.N., 2003:
Pancam; a multispectral imaging investigation on the NASA 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Zukal, R., 1971:
Panceini6ek skvrnity - Corydoras paleatus (Jenyns)

Anonymous, 2002:
Pancernicci ze skupiny elegans

Kreyser, E., 1930:
Panchax lineatus

Beyer, L., 1932:
Panchax parvus Raj

Wootton, A., 1976:
Panchlora nivea (L.) cockroach in Buckinghamshire

Luquet, G.C., 1977:
Panchrysia v-argenteum Esper dans le Vaucluse. Seconde contribution a l'etude du peuplement en lepidopteres du Mont Ventoux (1) (Lep. Noctuidae)

Stary, Josef, 2006:
Pancirnici (Acari: Oribatida) CHKO Blansky les, Jizni Cechy

Stary, Josef, 2005:
Pancirnici (Acari: Oribatida) NPR Brouskuv mlyn, Jizni Cechy

Stary, Jozef, 2005:
Pancirnici (Acari: Oribatida) hlavnich biotopu na Snezce, Krkonose

Deheyre, A., 1905:
Pancreas accessoire chez Cercopkhecus cynomologus

Caputo, G., 1963:
Pancreas endocrino e shock da metrazolo. Esperienze in Cavia. Notizie preliminari

Correa, P.R.; Marques, M.; Haase, H., 1965:
Pancreas extractable insulin and islets structure of the armadillo Dasypus septemcinctus

Shrivastava, S.; Chaurasia, RC., 1976:
Pancreas in certain fresh water teleosts

Giannelli, L., 1899:
Pancreas intraepatico negli Anfibii urodeli

Carlier, E.W., 1896:
Pancreas of the Hedgehog during Hibernation

Anonymous, 2007:
Pancreas-only metastasis from nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Kuntschik, R.; Sabzer, G., 1924:
Pancreaslappchen in der Milz einer jungen Katze

Siwe, S.A., 1926:

Lewis, T.L.; Epple, A., 1972:
Pancreatectomy in the eel: effects on serum glucose and cholesterol

Hahn, H.J.; Jutzi, E.; Köhler, E.; Schäfer, H., 1976:
Pancreatic B-cell behaviour after changing the natural environment of sand rats (Psammomys obesus

Herbert, Y. Gaisano; Yuk, M. Leung, 2008:
Pancreatic Islet Î Cell Commands Itself: Secrete More Glucagon!

Anonymous, 2007:
Pancreatic anomaly with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 - A case of pancreas divisum and hemosuccus pancreaticus (santorinirrhage)

Takemoto, I.; Tsuda, M.; Yano, Y.; Miyazaki, H.; Yamada, H.; Azuma, T.; Maeda, S.; Nakajima, T.; Kasuga, M., 2007:
Pancreatic arteriovenous malformation combined with portal thrombosis

Orci, L.; Gabbay, K.H.; Malaisse, W.J., 1972:
Pancreatic beta-cell web: its possible role in insulin secretion

Waterman, J.A., 1943:
Pancreatic cyst following scorpion (Tityus trini-tatis) sting

Sato, Hideki, 2007:
Pancreatic cystic lesions

Anderson, N.V., 1967:
Pancreatic disease: diagnosis and treatment

Bremer, J.L., 1923:
Pancreatic ducts and pancreatic bladders

Reeck, G.R.; Winter, W.P.; Neurath, H., 1970:
Pancreatic enzymes of the African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus

Egorova, LN., 1975:
Pancreatic gland of whale as a raw material for endocrine and fermentation. MSRL

Garner, M.M.; Gamble, K.C.; Raymond, J.T.; Alvarado, T.P.; Wojcieszyn, J.W.; Nordhausen, R.W., 2004:
Pancreatic islet fibrosis in rock hyrax (Procavia capensis), Part 2: Pathology, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy

Gamble, K.C.; Garner, M.M.; Krause, L.; Alvarado, T.P., 2004:
Pancreatic islet fibrosis in rock hyraxes (Procavia capensis), Part 1: Case histories, clinical pathology, and epizootiology

Epple, August, 1963:
Pancreatic islets and annual cycle in some avian species

Karaosmanoglu, D.; Karcaaltincaba, M.; Akata, D.; Ozmen, M.; Akhan, O., 2008:
Pancreatic lipoma computed tomography diagnosis of 17 patients and follow-up

Kuwamura, M.; Okajima, R.; Yamate, J.; Kotani, T.; Kuramoto, T.; Serikawa, T., 2008:
Pancreatic metaplasia in the gastro-achlorhydria in WTC-dfk rat, a potassium channel Kcnq1 mutant

Anonymous, 2007:
Pancreatic resection pain management - Is combining PCA therapy and a continuous local infusion of 0.5% ropivacaine beneficial?

Anonymous, 2007:
Pancreatic surgery in dogs and cats

Reeck, G.R.; Neurath, H., 1972:
Pancreatic trypsinogen from the African lungfish

Quay, W.B., 1957:
Pancreatic weight and histology in the white whale

Preioni, C., 1923:
Pancreatite Hemorragique par les venins de Serpents

Viterbo, D.; Bluth, M.H.; Lin, Y-Yao.; Mueller, C.M.; Wadgaonkar, R.; Zenilman, M.E., 2008:
Pancreatitis-associated protein 2 modulates inflammatory responses in macrophages

WieYkowskas, W.; Kruszewski, S., 1960:
Pancreatography in dog

Sen, H.C., 1927:
Pancreo-Intestinal Trematodes in Cattle

Lucas, K.; Magee, D.F.; Nakajima, S.; Veith, N., 1968:
Pancreozymin-cholecystokinin a physiological mediator of gastric secretory inhibition of duodenal origin

Anonymous, 2007:
Pancytopenia related to Graves' disease

Maple, T.L. .; Bloomsmith, M.A. .; Snyder, R.J. ., 2003:
Panda 2000: Conservation Priorities for the New Millennium

Anonymous, 2006:
Panda gigante: 30 anos de historia en Mexico

Smidt, E., 1967:
Panda lus borealis in Greenland waters: its fishery and biology. FAO World Sci. Conf. on biology and culture of shrimps and prawns, Mexico, 1967

Meguro, K., 1975:
Pandaka trimaculata, a new species of dwarf goby from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan and the Philippines

Fransen, CH.M., 2006:
Pandalidae (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the SONNE, VALDIVIA and METEOR expeditions 1977-1987 to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden

Smidt, E., 1969:
Pandalus borealis in Greenland waters: its fishery and biology

Skuladottir, U.; Sigurjonsson, J., 2004:
Pandalus stocks in Icelandic waters: biology, exploitation and management

Lonnberg, E., 1907:
Pandan eller kattbjornan (Adurus fulgens).

Monod, T.; Dollfus, R.P., 1938:
Pandarines peu connus (genres Phyllothyreus Norman 1903 et Gangliopus Gerstaecker 1854)

Mermel, L.A., 2005:
Pandemic avian influenza

Tang, J.W., 2008:
Pandemic influenza forecasting: does past performance indicate future performance?

Ortu, G.; Mounier Jack, S.; Coker, R., 2008:
Pandemic influenza preparedness in Africa is a profound challenge for an already distressed region: analysis of national preparedness plans

Zhong NanShan; Zeng GuangQiao, 2008:
Pandemic planning in China: applying lessons from severe acute respiratory syndrome

Donald, E.LOW, 2008:
Pandemic planning: non-pharmaceutical interventions

Goater, B., 1976:
Pandesma muricolor Berio (Lep., Noctuidae) at London airport

Berio, E., 1966:
Pandesma muricolor n. sp. e Subpandesma n. gen. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

Deetjen, H., 1969 :
Pandion haliaetus au Liban

Toxopeus, L.J., 1937:
Pandita sinope Moore op Java (Lep., Nymphalidae)

Becker, M., 1967:
Pandonotuni bergrothi una nueva especie de Discocephalinae (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Falagas, M.E.; Rafailidis, P.I.; Matthaiou, D.K.; Virtzili, S.; Nikita, D.; Michalopoulos, A., 2008:
Pandrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii infections: characteristics and outcome in a series of 28 patients

Win, N.Nwet.; Awale, S.; Esumi, H.; Tezuka, Y.; Kadota, S., 2008:
Panduratins D-I, novel secondary metabolites from rhizomes of Boesenbergia pandurata

Lemon, N.M., 1983:
Pandurra Formation and Corunna Conglomerate

Carpenter, C.D., 1945:
Panel discussion on poultry diseases.

Mallinson, J.J.C., 1977:
Panel to investigate the long-term breeding of greater anthropoid apes in the British Isles and Ireland

Erlandsen, SL.; Chase, DG., 1972:
Paneth cell function: phagocytosis and ultracellular digestion of intestinal microorganisms. l. Hexamita muris

Krause, W.J., 1971:
Paneth cells of the echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)

Walker, B., 1974:
Pangasius sutchi

Quick, H.E., 1954:
Pangbourne, Berkshire, 13 June 1954.

Bergman, Gerald, 2006:
Pangenesis as a source of new genetic information - The history of a now disproven theory

Calvo, E.; Luu-The, V.; Morissette, J.; Martel, C.; Labrie, C.; Bernard, B.; Bernerd, F.; Deloche, C.; Chaussade, V.; Leclaire, J.; Labrie, F., 2008:
Pangenomic changes induced by DHEA in the skin of postmenopausal women

Anonymous, 2005:
Panglao 2004: Une expedition scientifique dirigee par le MNHN

Thomas, O., 1885:

Aggundey, I.R., 1972:

Hatt, R.T., 1934:

Sikes, S.K., 1962:

Loveridge, Arthur, 1943:
Pangolins as pets

Tenaza, RR., 1975:
Pangolins rolling away from predation risks

Rowe, J.A.; Knowlton, G.F., 1936:
Pangoniinae of Utah (Tabanidae: Diptera)

Seguy, E., 1938:
Pangoniines nou-veaux (Dip., Tabanidae)

Leclercq, M., 1974:
Pangonius hermanni Krober et Tabanus briani Leclercq (Diptera Tabanidae). Diagnose des males. Bulletin

Fain, A., 1962:
Pangorillalges pani g.n., sp. n., acarien psoriques du chimpanze (Psoralgidae-Sarcoptiformes)

Sugi, S., 1977:
Pangrapta adusta (Leech) found from Tsushima Island, Japan (Noctuidae)

Sugi, S., 1976:
Pangrapta suaveola Staudinger from Japan (

Nardi, A.E.; Freire, R.C.; Zin, W.A., 2008:
Panic disorder and control of breathing

Emmerson, M.H., 1969:
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Papaya vegetative propagation

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