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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23350

Chapter 23350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bornschein, S.; Hausteiner, C.; Pohl, C.; Jahn, T.; Angerer, Jürgen.; Foerstl, H.; Zilker, T., 2008:
Pest controllers: a high-risk group for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?

Garland, John., 2002:
Pest facts sheet - leek moth Acrolepiopsis assectella (Zeller, 1839)

Carroll, L.E.; White, IM.; Freidberg, A.; Norrbom, A.L.; Dallwitz, M.J.; Thompson, F.; Christian., 2004:
Pest fruit flies of the world. Identification, descriptions, illustrations, and information retrieval

Klapperich, J., 1973:
Pest in the forest nurseries and forests of Jordan. Commonwealth For

Srinath, D.; Gill, J.S., 1975:
Pest infestation in stored mushroom, FAO Pl. Prot

Anon., 1949:
Pest infestation research 1948

Agricultural Research Council., 1961:
Pest infestation research 1960

Finch, S.; Collier, R.H., 2007:
Pest insect control by predatory ground beetles - 40 years of doubt

Mori, H., 1976:
Pest insects occur r ing in museums

Beirne, Bp, 1972:
Pest insects of annual crop plants in Canada. 4 Hemiptera-Homoptera. 5 Orthoptera. 6. Other groups

Vasquez, J.; Delgado, C.; Couturier, G.; Mejia, K.; Freitas, L.; Castillo, D. del, 2008:
Pest insects of the palm tree Mauritia flexuosa L.f., dwarf form, in Peruvian Amazonia

Anonymous, 2008:
Pest management and phytosanitary trade barriers

Kinross, C.; Wratten, S.D.; Gurr, G.M., 2004:
Pest management and wildlife conservation: compatible goals for ecological engineering?

Biradar, V.K.; Vennila, S., 2008:
Pest management for Bt cotton: need for conservation biological control

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest management for cotton ecosystems or ecosystem management for cotton protection?

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest management in Indiana soybean production systems

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest management in miombo fruit trees

Anonymous, 2006:
Pest management practices: integrated pest management

Anonymous, 2006:
Pest management practices: pesticide mitigation

Anonymous, 2007:
Pest management programmes

Zhan LiMing, 2007:
Pest occurrence and control of Osmanthus fragrans

Anonymous, 2008:
Pest of safflower

Munro, J.W., 1966:
Pest of stored products

Anonymous, 1969:
Pest of the winter crops.

Elizabeth, A.Dal, Y., 2008:
Pest or Guest: The Zoology of Overabundance

Yu-Yue-Shu; Xue-Shan; Wang-Fang; Wu-Jin-Cai, 2008:
Pest resurgence induced by pesticides

Anonymous, 2008:
Pest risk analysis of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in Shanghai area

Chapman, P.J., 1959:
Pest status and control of the orchard mites

Sheng, C.F.; Wang, H.T.o; Sheng, S.Y.; Gao, L.D.; Xuan,, 2003:
Pest status and loss assessment of crop damage caused by the rice borers, Chilo suppressalis and and Tryporyza incertulas in China

Anonymous, 1976:
Pest status of Erosomyia indica a midge pest of mango. Annexure l. Report of the visit of Dr. M.R.G.K. Nair, Professor of Entomology and State Entomologist, Agricultural College, Vellayani, Kerala, to the Cecidological Laboratory of Dr. S.N. Prasad of the University of Allahabad

Henne, D.C.; Johnson, S.J.; Bourgeois, W.J., 2003:
Pest status of leaf-footed bugs (Heteroptera: Coreidae) on citrus in Louisiana

Egwurube, E.A.benu; Ogunlana, M.O.unleke; Dike, M.C.idozie; Onu, I., 2005:
Pest status of the leafhopper Empoasca dolichi Paoli on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in the Zaria area of northern Nigeria

Ali, M.A.; Metwally, M.M.; Hussain, A.R.bbu E., 2002:
Pest suppression of date palm insect populations and effects on yield as a component of sustainable development of El-Bahria oases, Egypt

Dickman, C.; Fleming, M., 2002:
Pest, or passenger pigeon? The New South Wales Scientific Committee's assessment of the status of the grey-headed flying-fox

Dinamami, P., 1963:
Pest-cyprid stages of Poecilasma

Metcalf, RL., 1975:
Pest-management strategies for the control of insects affecting man and domestic animals

Commonwealth Institute of Entomology., 1959:
Pest: Brevipalpus colifornicus (Banks)

Commonwealth Institute of Entomology., 1959:
Pest: Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijakes)

Commonwealth Institute of Entomology., 1959:
Pest: Paratetranychus pilosus (C, & F.)

Commonwealth Institute of Entomology., 1959:
Pest: Phylloctyptruta oleivorus (Ashm.)

Lemrabott Ould, M.; Elmamy Ould, B.; Diarra, I.; Baba Ould, M.; Bastiaensen, P.; Bendali, F.; Diop, B.; Kock, R.; Tounkara, K.; Bidjeh, K.; Thomson, G.; Fall, M., 2005:
Peste bovine: limites de la serologie? Cas de la Mauritanie

Lima, J.P., 1942:
Peste de Secar (Verminose Gastro-intestinal dos Bovinos)

Lima, C.F., 1931:
Peste de adelgaYar. Gastro-enterite verminosa dos bovinos

Anonymous, 2008:
Peste des Petits Ruminants outbreak in small ruminants of Northern areas of Pakistan

Pirot, R., 1945:
Peste du pouvoir infectant d'Ornithodorus tholazani infecte congenitalement par Spirochoeta persica et surinfecte du stade nymphal

Chorine, V.; Colas-Belcour, J., 1948:
Peste du pouvoir infectant des cultures de Spirochaeta hispanica pour l'0rnithodorus erraticus, son vecteur dans la nature

Barrera, J.; Mde la., 1936:
Peste rural

Valenciuc, N.; Ion, I., 1964:
Pestera de la Rarau. Date ecologice asupra coloniilor de lilieci din acesta pestera

Pauca, M., 1951:
Pesti fosili din regiunea Erzerum, Anatolia

Nalbant, T.T., 1967:
Pesti recoltati de traulerul 'Galati' din Atlanticul de Nord-Vest, (Regiunea George's Bank)

Bruggeman, J.; Busch, L.; Drescher-Kaden, U.; Eisele, W.; Hoppe, P., 1973:
Pesticid- und PcB-Ruckstande in Organen von Wildtieren als Indikator fur Umweltkontamination

Bruggeman, J.; Busch, L.; Drescher-Kaden, U.; Eisele, W.; Hoppe, P., 1973:
Pesticid- und Pce-Ruckstande in Organen von Wildtieren als Indikator fur Umweltkontamination

Bruggemann, J.; Busch, L.; Drescher-Kaden, U.; Eisele, W.; Hoppe, P., 1974:
Pesticid- und Pce-Ruckstande in Organen von Wildtieren als lndikatoren fur Umweltkontamination

Bruggeman, J.; Busch, L.; Drescher-Kaden, U.; Eisele, W.; Hoppe, P., 1974:
Pesticid-und p ca-Ruckstande in Organen von Wildtieren als Indikator fur Umweltkontamination

Bruggeman, J.; Busch, L.; Drescher-Kaden, U.; Eisele, W.; Hoppe, P., 1974:
Pesticid-und rca-Ruckstande in Organen von Wildtieren als Indikator fur Umweltkontamination

Anonymous, 2007:
Pesticidal property of plant extracts against 3rd instar larvae of brinjal hadda beetle, Epilachna vigintioctopunctata Fabr. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), J.B.; Menzie, C.M.; Adomaitis, V.A.; Reichel, W.L., 1960:
Pesticidal residues in animal tissues

Anonymous., 1972:
Pesticide - wildlife relations

Hernández, M.; Margalida, A., 2008:
Pesticide abuse in Europe: effects on the Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) population in Spain

Benson, W.W.; Gabica, J.; Beecham, J., 1974:
Pesticide and mercury levels in bear

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide and transgenic plant resistance management in the field

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide application to plantation for the biomass production

Singh, P.B.; Singh, V., 2008:
Pesticide bioaccumulation and plasma sex steroids in fishes during breeding phase from north India

Seba, DB., 1970:
Pesticide bioassay: physical/chemical and biological effects of dieldrin on teleosts

Schlenk, Daniel, 2005:
Pesticide biotransformation in fish

Modin, J.C., 1969:
Pesticide concentrations in California bays and estuaries

Wenig D.; Lawrence C.R., 1998:
Pesticide contamination of shallow aquifers at Ardmona, Girgarre and Kyvalley, Shepparton irrigation region, Victoria

Li, X.; Zhang, Q.; Dai, J.; Gan, Y.; Zhou, J.; Yang, X.; Cao, H.; Jiang, G.; Xu, M., 2008:
Pesticide contamination profiles of water, sediment and aquatic organisms in the effluent of Gaobeidian wastewater treatment plant

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide dose adjustment to the canopy parameters for treatments to the tree crops

Rosalie van Zelm; Mark A.J.H.ijbregts; Leo Posthuma; Arjen Wintersen; Dik van de Meent, 2009:
Pesticide ecotoxicological effect factors and their uncertainties for freshwater ecosystems

Tomasi, T.E.; Elsken-Lacy, P.; P., J.A.; Withers, K., 2004:
Pesticide effect on body temperature of torpid/hibernating rodents (Peromyscus leucopus and Spermophilus tridecemlineatus)

Snyder, RL.; Cheney, CD., 1974:
Pesticide effects in wild deer mice

Dana B Hancock; Eden R Martin; Gregory M Mayhew; Jeffrey M Stajich; Rita Jewett; Mark A Stacy; Burton L Scott; Jeffery M Vance; William K Scott, 2008:
Pesticide exposure and risk of Parkinson's disease: a family-based case-control study

Elaine Faustman, 2008:
Pesticide exposure in children: Evidence for a take home pathway

Naeher, L.P.; Barr, D.B.; Rithmire, N.; Edwards, J.; Holmes, A.K.; Needham, L.L.; Rubin, C.S., 2008:
Pesticide exposure resulting from treatment of lice infestation in school-aged children in Georgia

Coors, A. {a}; 1 ; Decaestecker, E.; Jansen, M.; D.M.ester, L.; 1 Email:, 2008:
Pesticide exposure strongly enhances parasite virulence in an invertebrate host model

Hancock, T.C.; Sandstrom, M.W.; Vogel, J.R.; Webb, R.M.T.; Bayless, E.Randall.; Barbash, J.E., 2008:
Pesticide fate and transport throughout unsaturated zones in five agricultural settings, USA

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide induced changes on avian embryo

Manino, A.; Patetta, A.; Marletto, F., 2000:
Pesticide laboratory toxicity tests in Bombus terrestris (l.) in laboratory tests

Keiser, R.K.J..; Armado, A.J., A.; Murillo, SR., 1973:
Pesticide levels in estuarine and marine fish and invertebrates from the Guatemalan Pacific coast

Stout, V.F., 1968:
Pesticide levels in fish of the Northeast Pacific

Barnett, EA.; Fletcher, MR.; Hunter, K.; Sharp, EA., 2002:
Pesticide poisoning of animals 2001: investigations of suspected incidents in the United Kingdom. A report of the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides

Barnett, E.; Fletcher, M.; Hunter, K.; Sharp, E., 2005:
Pesticide poisoning of animals in 2004. Investigations of suspected incidents in the United Kingdom. A report of the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides 2005

Spilett, J., 1967:
Pesticide poisoning of tigers

Emmel, T.C.; Eliazar, P.J., 2003:
Pesticide problems in paradise

Jeong, M.Lee.; Zahn, M.; Trinh, T.; Brooke, F.A.; Ma, W., 2008:
Pesticide residue analysis of a dietary ingredient by gas chromatography/selected-ion monitoring mass spectrometry using neutral alumina solid-phase extraction cleanup

Singh, P.B.; Singh, V.; Nayak, P.K., 2008:
Pesticide residues and reproductive dysfunction in different vertebrates from north India

Hernández, Félix; Marín, J.é M.; Pozo, Óscar J.; Sancho, J.V.; López, F.J.; Morell, I., 2008 :
Pesticide residues and transformation products in groundwater from a Spanish agricultural region on the Mediterranean Coast

Henry, L.; Kishimba, M.A., 2005:
Pesticide residues in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and Nile perch (Lates niloticus) from Southern Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Aucamp, P.J.H.nry, J.L.; Stander, G.H., 1971:
Pesticide residues in South African marine mammals

Kerr, SR.; Vass, WP., 1973:
Pesticide residues in aquatic invertebrates

Stickel, LF., 1973:
Pesticide residues in birds and mammals

Taylor, M.D. .; Klaine, S.J. .; Carvalho, F.P. .; Barcelo, D. .; Everaarts, J. ., 2003:
Pesticide residues in coastal tropical ecosystems: distribution, fate and effects

Stickel, L.F.; Wiemeyer, S.M.; Blus, L.J., 1973:
Pesticide residues in eggs of wild birds: adjustment for loss of moisture and lipid

Johnson, DW., 1973:
Pesticide residues in fish

Hunt, E.G. ., 1969:
Pesticide residues in fish and wildlife of California

Sasse, D.; Blake, 2005:
Pesticide residues in guano of gray bats (Myotis grisescens) in Arkansas

Erdoğrul, O., 2007:
Pesticide residues in liquid pekmez (grape molasses)

Kaushik, C.P.; Sharma, H.R.; Jain, S.; Dawra, J.; Kaushik, A., 2007:
Pesticide residues in river Yamuna and its canals in Haryana and Delhi, India

Miranda, K.; Cunha, M.L.F.; Dores, E.F.G.C.; Calheiros, D.F., 2008:
Pesticide residues in river sediments from the Pantanal Wetland, Brazil

Webb, Lg, 1971:
Pesticide residues in selected tissues of the white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, in Calhoun County, South Carolina

Barrier, M.J., 1971:
Pesticide residues in selected tissues of the whitetailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, L. , in Calhoun County, South Carolina

Thompson, AR., 1973:
Pesticide residues in soil invertebrates

Brausch, J.M.; Smith, P.N., 2008:
Pesticide resistance from historical agricultural chemical exposure in Thamnocephalus platyurus (Crustacea: Anostraca)

Chrisman,; Koifman, Sérgio.; de Novaes Sarcinelli, P.; Moreira, J.Costa.; Koifman, R.Jorge.; Meyer, A., 2008:
Pesticide sales and adult male cancer mortality in Brazil

Close, M., E.; Lee, R.; Sarmah, A., K.; Pang, L.; Dann, R.; Magesan, G., N.; Watt, J., P.C.; Vincent, K., W., 2008:
Pesticide sorption and degradation characteristics in New Zealand soils - a synthesis from seven field trials

Anonymous., 1973:
Pesticide studies with fish show biochemical changes

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide testing 2007

Sanders, H.O., 1970:
Pesticide toxicities to tadpoles of the Western chorus frog Pseudacris triseriata and Fowler's toad Bufo woodhousii fowleri

Munn, M.D.; Gilliom, R.J.; Moran, P.W.; Nowell, L.H., 2006:
Pesticide toxicity index for freshwater aquatic organisms, 2nd edition

Sekiyama, M.; Tanaka, M.; Gunawan, B.; Abdoellah, O.; Watanabe, C., 2007:
Pesticide usage and its association with health symptoms among farmers in rural villages in West Java, Indonesia

Zaranyika, Mark F., 2003:
Pesticide use in Zimbabwe. Impact on Lake Kariba, a tropical freshwater ecosystem

Anonymous, 2008:
Pesticide use, application: An Indian scenario

Lee, H-Sung.; Hong, S-Yong.; Hong, Z-Rock.; Gil, H-Ook.; Yang, J-Oh.; Lee, E-Young.; Han, M-Jung.; Jang, N-Woon.; Hong, S-Yong., 2007:
Pesticide-initiated idiopathic environmental intolerance in South Korean farmers

Hooper, J., 1965:
Pesticides and bats

Franz, JM., 1975:
Pesticides and beneficial arthropods

Dean, WRJ., 1977:
Pesticides and egg-shell thinning

Cooke, AS., 1975:
Pesticides and eggshell formation

Spencer, S.L., 1970:
Pesticides and fish

Anon., 1964:
Pesticides and golden eagles

Miller, E.J., 1967:
Pesticides and international organisations

H.E.B.kouri; A.A.ssiri; J.M.rillo; J.U.ero; M.K.addor; A.O.assini, 2008:
Pesticides and lipids occurrence in Tangier agricultural soil (Northern Morocco)

Anonymous., 1973:
Pesticides and mercury threaten ibis

Bauld J., 1997:
Pesticides and pathogens - an overview

Hladik Michelle L.; Kuivila Kathryn M.; Bouwer Edward J.; Roberts A.L.nn, 2008:
Pesticides and pesticide degradates; their occurrence and removal in drinking water

Marches, G., 1968:
Pesticides and their influence upon wild fauna

Dow, Sumner A., 1960:
Pesticides and wildlife in Tennessee

Culley, D.D.; Applegate, H.G., 1967:
Pesticides at Presidio. 4. Reptiles, Birds and Mammals

Applegate, H.G., 1967:
Pesticides at Presidio. 5. Synopsis

Applegate, H.G., 1967:
Pesticides at Presidio. S. Synopsis

Nowinski, M., 1968:
Pesticides at the South Pole

Zweeres, K., 1967:
Pesticides continue to endanger wildlife

Bouche, MB., 1974:
Pesticides et lombriciens: problemes methodologiques et economiques

Rappe, A., 1972:
Pesticides et oiseaux de proie

Joiris, C., 1968:
Pesticides et protection

Lutz, H., 1974:
Pesticides et reproduction chez les homeothermes

Kuivila K.M.; Datta S., 2004:
Pesticides in California wetlands; integrating exposure and effects

Mouvet Christophe, 2008:
Pesticides in European groundwaters; biogeochemical processes, contamination status and results from a case study

Anonymous., 1973:
Pesticides in bald eagle carcasses and eggs

Ryan E.Galt, 2008:
Pesticides in export and domestic agriculture: reconsidering market orientation and pesticide use in Costa Rica

Schipper, P.N.M.; Vissers, M.J.M.; van der Linden, A.M.A., 2008:
Pesticides in groundwater and drinking water wells: overview of the situation in the Netherlands

Vogel, J.R.; Majewski, M.S.; Capel, P.D., 2008:
Pesticides in rain in four agricultural watersheds in the United States

White-Stevens, R.; Ed., 1971:
Pesticides in the environment. Volume 1: Part 2

White, Da, 1971:
Pesticides in the water and fish of Utah Lake and its tributaries

Anonymous., 1971:
Pesticides kill eagle embryos

Moore, N., 1970:
Pesticides know no frontiers

Anonymous, 1970:
Pesticides their hazards to wildlife

Anonymous, 2007:
Pesticides, agriculture and the environment: reducing the utilization of pesticides and limiting their environmental impacts

Anonymous, 1964:
Pesticides, avifauna and legislation a general survey of the effects of toxic chemicals on the bird fauna of Sweden

Schmidt, B.R., 2006:
Pesticides, mortality and population growth rate

Colborn, T.; Carroll, L.E., 2007 :
Pesticides, sexual development, reproduction, and fertility: current perspective and future direction

Schecter, Arnold, 2008:
Pesticides: a toxic time bomb in our midst

Fedorov, L.A.; Yablokov, A.V., 2004:
Pesticides: the chemical weapon that kills life (the USSR's tragic experience)

Chilton John, 1997:
Pesticides; the threat to our water supply

Nalbant, T.T., 1965:
Pestii din campania de pescuit in Oceanul Pacific a traulerelor 'Constanta' si 'Galati' (1964) Bui

Loghem, J.J. van., 1913:
Pestratten en hare parasieten.

Stoller, S., 1972:
Pestrice z okolia Zobora

Anonymous, 2003:
Pestrokridlec podrazcovy, Zerynthia polyxena (Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775) a jeho vyskt na severovychodni Morave a ve Slezsku (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)

Anonymous, 2008:
Pests affect tea quality

Anonymous, 2006:
Pests and diseases as well as their control in gardens and parks within Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China

Froggatt, W.Walter, 1911:
Pests and diseases of the Coconut Palm

Moutou, Francois., 2003:
Pests in France

Anonymous, 1969:
Pests in orchards and parks.

Anonymous, 1959:
Pests in packaging weight loss from infestation

Anonymous, 1977:
Pests of 'tugai' forests of Tadzhikistan.

Marler, T.E.; Muniappan, R., 2006:
Pests of Cycas micronesica leaf, stem, and male reproductive tissues with notes on current threat status

Muniappan, R.; Marler, T.; Lawrence, J.H., 2002:
Pests of Elaeocarpus joga in Guam

Anonymous, 1977:
Pests of agricultural lands in Kazakhstan

Anonymous, 1977:
Pests of cabbage in conditions of the Chiyskoj valley of Kirgizia.

Jary, S.G., 1938:
Pests of cultivated Mushrooms, XII. Two more Tyroglyphid Mites

Markkula, M., 1968:
Pests of cultivated plants in Finland in 1967

Anonymous, 2008:
Pests of eucalypts

Pankevich, T.P., 1970:
Pests of fruit trees in the conditions of Belorussia.

Anonymous, 1969:
Pests of orchards in the Transcarpathian region

Pantoja, A.; Follet, P.A.; Villanueva-Jimenez, J.A., 2002:
Pests of papaya

Anonymous, 1969:
Pests of stocks.

Anonymous, 1960:
Pests of stone fruit and currants in central and northern Kazakhstan.

Parameswaran Pillai, P.R., 1957:
Pests of stored fish and prawns

Collins, P.B., 1947:
Pests of stored foodstuffs

Abu Yaman, I.K.; Qasim, Z.S.; Jamil, S., 1967:
Pests of sugar beet in Iraq

Howard, L.O., 1899:
Pests of the Hop crop

Anonymous, 1970:
Pests of the bog whortleberry.

Paclt, J., 1952:
Pests of the genus Catalpa

Popova, L.G., 1971:
Pests of the maize grains

Ismailov, M.G.; Rasulov, F.F., 1969:
Pests of the sainfoin in Azerbaidjan

Romagon, E., 1962:
Pests of vegetable products in stores and warehouses

Anonymous, 1950:
Pests or profits the case for the rabbit as a paying product on the farm

Bernhardt, Ludwig, 1909:
Peststellung der Zahl der Samenfaden im Sperma des Hengstes

Anonymous, 2003:
Pestvogels Bombycilla garrulus in Vlaams-Brabant (periode 1828-2003)

Wurmli, M., 1974:
Pesvaruspachypus n. gen. n. sp., eine neue Scutigeride (Chilopoda, Scutigeromorpha, Scutigeridae) aus Australien

Law, S.C., 1923:
Pet Birds of Bengal

Law, S.C., 1923:
Pet Birds of Bengal. Vol. i

Anonymous, 2008:
Pet Euthanasia - helping clients through it

Vijaykumar Sinha; Mayank; Jigar, 2010:
Pet Waste Management by Chemical Recycling: A Review

Lightfoot, T.L.; Yeager, J.M., 2008:
Pet bird toxicity and related environmental concerns

Anonymous, 1967:
Pet bushbabies their care and keep

Petty, B.D.; Francis-Floyd, R., 2004:
Pet fish care and husbandry

Tu, C-Hung.; Liao, W-Chih.; Chiang, T-Hsien.; Wang, H-Po., 2007:
Pet parasites infesting the human colon

Lawrence, K.J., 1965:
Pet parrots

Anonymous, 2006:
Pet shops in Slovenia

Anonymous, 2007:
Pet therapy, milk and meat to re-launch the Ragusan donkey

Smith, H.M., 1959:
Pet turtles

Weller, S.Davidson, A.D., 1897:
Petabcrinus mirabilis (n. sp.) and a New American Fauna

Hess, N.S., 1969:
Petal adopts our baby elephants

Anonymous, 2008:
Petal-like alignment of skin lesions at the border between the skin and nasus in a Yorkshire terrier with Sterile Granuloma and Pyogranuloma Syndrome

Recommendations and Opinions., 1950:
Petalifera Gray, 1847, and Aplysiella Fischer 1872, Class Gastropoda Order Aphysiomorpha) relative status of

Eales, N.B., 1960:
Petalifera habei, a new species from Japan

Mu, A.T., 1950:
Petalocrinus from the Shihniulan limestone of Wuchuan

Bather, F.A., 1898:
Petalocrinus, Weller and Davidson

Miller, H.W.; Mann, R.J., 1958:
Petalodus (Bradyodont) from the Permian of Kansas of Oklahoma

Mignot, J.P., 1966:
Petalomonas hovassei nv. sp.: nouvel Euglenidien recolte dans le Puy-de-Dome

Michajlow, W., 1977:
Petalomonas parasitica sp. n. (Euglenoidina) a parasite of Eucyclops serrulatus (Fischer) (Copepoda) found in an Indian water reservoir

Anonymous, 2005:
Petalomonas sphagnophila, eine Euglenide aus dem Schwingrasen von Moorseen mit endosymbiontischen Cyanobakterien

Kang, S-Il.; Jin, Y-Jun.; Ko, H-Chul.; Choi, S-Youn.; Hwang, J-Ho.; Whang, I.; Kim, M-Han.; Shin, H-Sun.; Jeong, H-Bok.; Kim, S-Jae., 2008:
Petalonia improves glucose homeostasis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

Glotzhober, Robert C., 2002:
Petaluridae: petaltails

Boschi L.; Ampuero J.P.; Peter D.; Mai P.M.; Soldati G.; Giardini D., 2007:
Petascale computing and resolution in global seismic tomography

Bravo Hollis, M., 1971:
Petasiger (Neopetasiger) pseudoneocomense sp. nov. (Echinos tomatidae Poche, 1926) del intestino de Aechmophorus occidentalis (Lawrence) de Bahia de Todos Santos, Baja California

Bravo-Hollis, M., 1969:
Petasiger (Neopetasiger) pseudoneocomense) sp.nov. (Echinos tomatidae Poche, 1926) del intestino de Aechmophorus occidentalis (Lawrence) de Bahia de Todos Santos, Baja California

Fuhrmann, O., 1928:
Petasiger neocomense nov. sp. Une nouvelle espece d'Echinostomidae

Montandon, A.L., 1894:
Petatomides. Notes et descriptions

Smith, MJ., 1973:
Petaurus breviceps

Tavares Geovan; Lopes Helio; Pesco Sinesio; Poletto Carlos Alberto, 2002:
Petbool; a software for stochastic modeling of geological objects

Raines, RJ., 1972:
Petchora pipit at the Weaver Bend, Frodsham

Schmidt, E., 1974:
Pete elofordulasi adatok bagolykopetekbol

Warga, K., 1957:
Petenyi Salamon az ornitologus

Bishop P., 1992:
Peter Anthony Hunt 1952-1992

Eastman, C.R., 1905:
Peter Artedi

Hindle, E., 1947:
Peter Chalmers Mitchell, 1864-1945

Ranft, Richard., 2007:
Peter Copeland 1942-2006

Miller Gifford H., 2006:
Peter Edgar Hare (1933-2006)

Hill, J.E., 1944:
Peter Emmet Crowe, 1921-1944

Wesenberg-Lund, C., 1927:
Peter Erasmus Muller. (Danish)

Charman J., 2008:
Peter George Fookes; father of modern British engineering geology?

Anonymous, 2007:
Peter Hawkey, MBE (1925-2006) - Obituary

Tilden, J.W., 1977:
Peter J. Herlan (1909-1977)

Belknap, J.B., 1959:
Peter Kalm

Anonymous, 2008:
Peter Knights Glaciers

Anonymous, 2007:
Peter Kynaston Thomas, 28 June 1926-25 January 2008 - Obituary

Gardiner, B.; Longbottom, A., 2008:
Peter L. Forey

Anonymous, 2005:
Peter Mueller zum 65

Anonymous, 2002:
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Petrograficka charakteristika a fauna skalickeho suvrstvia (sarmat) zapadneho okraja Malych Karpat (Solosnica, Prievaly)

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Petrographic analysis by fragment counting; Part II, Precision of microsampling and the combined error of sampling and counting

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Petrographic and mineralogical diversity of same-age tills in selected areas of the Polish Lowland

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Petrographic and mineralogical studies of the lunar meteorite Dhofar 1180

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Petrographic etudes

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Petrographische und palaeontologische Bemerkungen ueber einige kaukasische Gesteine

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Petrography and Geochemistry of the Lower Paleozoic Sandstones, East Sinai, Egypt: Implications for Provenance and Tectonic Setting

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Petrography and rank of the Buyuk and Uckoylu coal seams of Lower Westphalian in age from the Armutcuk Basin, Zonguldak-Turkey

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Petrography of avian urine

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Petrography of reservoir rocks from the Innerkip gas pool Cambright #76 core

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Petrography, diagenesis and depositional environments of the Govindgarh Sandstone of Rewa Group of the Vindhyan Supergroup, Rewa area, Madhya Pradesh

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Petrolacosaurus kansensis Lane, the oldest known diapsid reptile

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Petroleum Coke Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Product as a Sulfur Source for Alfalfa

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Petroleum Resource Assessment Group

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Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Program due to begin

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Petroleum engineers and the desktop revolution

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Petroleum exploration and development in the Timor Sea: the fourth wave

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Petroleum exploration and production issues for the 1990s

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Petroleum exploration in China

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Petroleum exploration in Queensland - 1987

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Petroleum exploration in the Amadeus Basin

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Petroleum exploration increases, and minerals still in decline

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Petroleum geology framework, south-central Bowser Basin, British Columbia

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Petroleum geoscience information management: a multimedia approach by the Australian Geological Survey Organization

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Petroleum geoscience program at University of Oklahoma; 25 years of change

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Petroleum hydrocarbon degrading capability of freshwater autochthonous filamentous fungi

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Petroleum hydrocarbons and trace metals in Mollusca (Tivela ponderosa) from the Gulf of Aden

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Petroleum hydrocarbons in oysters from Galveston Bay

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Petroleum hydrocarbons: uptake and discharge by the marine mussel Mytilus edulis

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Petroleum hydrogeology of the Nisku Formation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

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Petroleum in Missouri; something old, something new

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Petroleum in the Gippsland Basin

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Petroleum maturation and subsidence history of the offshore Otway Basin, southeastern Australia - implications for exploration

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Petroleum measurement experience in Malaysia

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Petroleum migration in the Georgina Basin; evidence from the geochemistry of oil inclusions and bitumens

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Petroleum permits southern Queensland

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Petroleum potential and oil correlation of the Middle Jurassic Sargelu Formation, Iraq

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Petroleum potential of Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Vendian deposits in Stepnoi Altai and the surrounding mountains; geochemical evidence

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Petroleum potential of Somalia

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Petroleum potential of Ukhta Anticline in Timan region

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Petroleum potential of rock overlying salt deposits in the southern Caspian Depression

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Petroleum potential of the Azov region in the southern Ukrainian Shield; trends of exploration, prospects for discoveries and potential reserves

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Petroleum potential of the Great South Basin, New Zealand; new seismic data improves imaging

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Petroleum potential of the Paleozoic basement in West Siberia; prediction and reality

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Petroleum potential of the Peel Plain and Plateau in the Yukon Territory, Canada

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Petroleum prospectivity of cretaceous formations in the gongola basin, upper benue trough, nigeria: an organic geochemical perspective on a migrated oil controversy

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Petroleum prospectivity of the eastern Bass Basin in Australia

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Petroleum prospects for NSW

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Petroleum prospects, South Australia

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Petroleum resource potential in the Samara Oblast; the current state and development forecast up to 2015

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Petroleum resource potential of Pacific Island arcs

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Petroleum resources of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) as a basis for energy production in the Russian Far East

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Petroleum source rock potential of the Eringa Trough, Pedirka Basin

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Petroleum source rocks and geologic structure in the Tucumcari Basin, east-central New Mexico

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Petroleum system analysis; impact of shale diagenesis on reservoir fluid pressure, hydrocarbon migration, and biodegradation risks

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Petroleum system attributes of Bossier and Barnett Shale of East Texas; evolving ideas and their impact on shale and tight sand gas resource assessment

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Petroleum systems and assessment of undiscovered oil and gas in the Raton Basin-Sierra Grande Uplift Province, Colorado and New Mexico

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Petroleum systems and exploration direction of the Mangya Depression, Qaidam Basin, China

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Petroleum systems and hydrocarbon potential of Chad rift basins

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Petroleum systems in an intracratonic basin setting, south-central Sudan

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Petroleum systems in onshore Kuwait; from Paleozoic deep targets to Cretaceous

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Petroleum systems in southern Ontario; a geochemical perspective

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Petroleum systems in the Amadeus Basin, central Australia; were they all oil prone?

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Petroleum systems in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, offshore Eastern Canada

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Petroleum systems in the Jinhu Depression; derivation of immature oils from mature source rocks

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Petroleum systems of the Berkine Basin, Grand Erg Oriental, Algeria

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Petroleum systems of the North West Shelf, Australia: how many are there?

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Petroleum systems; primary hydrocarbon potential versus possible reserves of oil and gas

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Petroleum-degrading microbial numbers in rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere crude oil-contaminated soil

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Petroleum-related origin for sandstone-hosted uranium deposits in the Dongsheng area, Ordos Basin (China)

Gore, RH., 1972:
Petrolisthes armatus (Gibbes 1850): the development under laboratory conditions of larvae from a Pacific specimen (Decapoda. Porcellanidae)

Gore, R.H., 1970:
Petrolisthes armatus: a redescription of larval development under laboratory conditions (Decapoda, Porcellanidae)

Lewinsohn, C., 1976:
Petrolisthes digitalis (Heller, 1862) (Decapoda Porcellanidae) ein synonym von Petrolisthes armatus (Gibbens, 1850)

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Petrolisthes platymerus: the development of larvae in laboratory culture (Crustacea: Decapoda; Porcellanidae)

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Petrolisthes tridentatus: the development of larvaefrom a Pacific specimen in laboratory culture with a discussion of larval characters in the genus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Porcellanidae)

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Petrolisthes zacae Haig, 1968 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Porcellanidae): the development of larvae in the laboratory

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Petrologic and dynamic importance of flow banding in obsidian lavas

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Petrologic and geochemical characteristics of Recent lavas from the Tombel Graben (west Cameroon)

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Petrologic and geochemical evolution of a topaz-bearing dome complex in the San Luis Potosi volcanic field (Mexico)

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Petrologic characteristics and Rb-Sr age dating of lamprophyre dikes of Tsagaan Tsahir Uul gold deposit, Mongolia

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Petrologic characterization of A-type granites from southern Sinai, Egypt

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Petrologic complexities of the Manicouagan melt sheet; implications for (super 40) Ar- (super 39) Ar geochronology

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Petrologic constraints on eruption triggering at Mammoth Mountain, California

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Petrologic constraints on the decompression history of magma prior to vulcanian explosions at the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat

Hewins Roger H., 1985:
Petrologic data for Antarctic mesosiderites

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