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Physiology of sawfly metamorphosis. I. Continuous respiration in diapausing prepupae and pupae

Slama, K.

Jour Insect Physiol 5(3/4): 341-348


DOI: 10.1016/0022-1910(60)90015-9
Accession: 023365062

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The respiration of diapausing prepupal stages of the sawfly Cephalcia abietis and pupae of Dolerus nigratus has been studied by means of a volumetric microrespirometer with a special adaptation for concurrent measuring of respiratory quotients. Contrary to findings on most diapausing pupae, a continuous respiration without pronounced CO2 bursts has been found. For comparison, the respiration of lepidopterous pupae of Bupalus piniarius and Hyphantria cunea of the same body size as the sawflies was investigated. In these a distinctly discontinuous respiration has been found, the amount of CO2 released in the inter-burst period being, however, greater than in large lepidopterous pupae.

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