Section 24
Chapter 23,378

Poissons characoides nouveaux ou non signales de l'Ilha do Bananal, Bresil

Gery, J.

Vie et Milieu Suppl 17: 447-471


Accession: 023377160

The A. describes 18 spp. of characoid fishes collected in the Ilha do Bananal, Brazil, by Harald Schultz. This « island s is said to be the longest inland one in the world. Twelve spp. are new for the Rio Araguaia, which delimits the Ilha do Bananal. Two are described as new to science : Rhinopetitia myersi gen. et sp. nov., of which closest affinities are with Rhinobrycon negrensis, and I,aemolyta petiti sp. n., close to L. fernandezi. The former genus and the latter species are dedicated to Professeur G. PETIT, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday and his Jubilee (50 years devoted to the Science). Finally, the interesting similarity between the fauna of the Guianas, in the broad sense, and that of the upper Xingu and Araguaia, is studied. A hypothetical distribution schema of the characoid species is proposed.

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