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Chapter 23,378

Poissons characoides sud-americains du Senckenberg Museum, II

Gery, J.

Senckenbergiana Biologica 46(3): 195-218


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-2102
Accession: 023377161

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The upper Solimoes (around Tabatinga) was explored and collected by M. Harald Schultz in December, 1960. The identification of 41 spp. of small Characoid Fishes, including 12 new forms, shows the richness of that region. Three interesting new genera of the Characidae, Bryconella, Axelrodia and Klausewitzia, are described; three new species, Tyttocharax boehlkei, Elachocharax georgiae (Characidae) and Poecilocharax weitzrnani (Crenuchidae), which belong to formerly poorly known genera, add greatly to the knowledge of these rare taxa. Other less known, already described species are discussed to some extent, accent being made to differential diagnosis, phylogenetic positions and identification Keys. A list of the species, given at the end, shows their distribution correlated with the presence (biotop 1) or absence (biotops 2 and 3, see introduction) of the well-known neon-tetra, Paracheirodon innesi.

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