Preliminary description of (40) new species of Madrepora in the Collection of the British Museum

Brook, G.

Annals of Natural History, X 451-465


Accession: 023399754

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BROOK (10) adds the following new species of the genus Madrepora:-M. ambigua, p. 451, Northumberland I. M. arcuata, p. 452, Samoa. M. armata (= M. spicifera, Dana), M. assimilis (= M. appressa, Quelch), M. australis, p. 453, Darnley I. and Wreck Bay, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. boeodactyla (= M. seriata, Bruggemann), M. bifaria, Java. M. botryodes (= M. gonagra and M. haimei, Bruggemann), p. 454. M. brevicollis, Rodriguez, &c. M. bullata, Port Denison. M. calamaria (= M. plantaginea and M. acervata, Bruggemann), p. 455. M. clavigera, loc. ?. M. cophodactyla, loc. ?. M. coronata, p. 456, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. decipiens, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. elseyi, N. Australia and Gt. Barrier Reef. M. exilis, p. 457, Arafura Sea, 10 faths., &c. M. fruticosa, loc. ?. M. gemmifera (= M. seriata, Quelch). M. grandis, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. guppyi, p. 458, Solomon Is. M. irregularis (= M. ulces, Bruggemann), Rodriguez and Macclesfield Bank, 7 or 8 faths. M. kenti, Thursday I. and Gt. Barrier Reef. M. latistella, p. 459, Port Denison. M. loripes, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. nigra (= M. ehrenbergii, B. Smith). M. oligocyathus, p. 460, Mauritius. M. orbicularis, Ceylon. M. patula, Port Denison. M. pectinata, Thursday I. M. rayneri, p. 461, Fiji. M. recumbens, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. reticulata, Arafura Sea, &c. M. sarmentosa, p. 462, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. spectabilis, loc. ?. M. squamosa, p. 463, Gt. Barrier Reef. M. syringodes, Gt. Barrier Reef, Samoa, &c. M. tenella, p. 464, Macclesfield Bank, 31 & 37 faths. M. tizardi (= M. nasuta, B. Smith), M. violacea, p. 465, Fiji, &c.