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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 23406

Chapter 23406 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Boyde, A.; Wood, C., 1969:
Preparation of animal tissues for surface-scanning electron microscopy

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of anti-Aspergillus fumigatus antibodies in egg laying hens and their protective efficacy in BALB/c mice

Liang QingLong; Hao HongLong; M.R.iYing; Wang LinFeng; G.L.Jiang, 2008:
Preparation of anti-recombant caprine placental lactogen polyclonal antibody and its localization in caprine placenta tissue

Mason, J.H., 1960:
Preparation of anti-snakebite serum

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of artificial antigen for medroxyprogesterone acetate(MPA) and McAb against MPA

Pytkowicz, R.M., 1967:
Preparation of artificial seawater

Munro, S.S., 1936:
Preparation of Avian Sperm Smears for Microscopy

Rook, D.A., 1962:
Preparation of bees for consumption by a captive Bee-eater (Merops ornatus)

Rustad, R.C., 1960:
Preparation of binucleate Amoeba proteus by low-temperature treatment

Kalchev, L.A.; Ralchev, K.H.; Nickolov, M.S., 1969:
Preparation of bovine growth hormone with high biological activity

Singh, M.; Kapur, P.C.; Pradip, 2008:
Preparation of calcium sulphoaluminate cement using fertiliser plant wastes

Young, M.W., 1937:
Preparation of Casts of the Bony Labyrinth

Martignoni, M.E.; Zitcer, E.M.; Wagner, R.P., 1958:
Preparation of cell suspensions from insect tissues for in vitro cultivation

Hanselman, A., 1970:
Preparation of chitons for the collector's cabinet

de Moura, Márcia.R.; Aouada, F.A.; Mattoso, L.H.C., 2008:
Preparation of chitosan nanoparticles using methacrylic acid

Biró, E.; Németh, A.Sz.; Sisak, C.; Feczkó, T.; Gyenis, János., 2007:
Preparation of chitosan particles suitable for enzyme immobilization

Zhang, H.M.i; Zhuge, H.X.ang; Lu, X.B.n; Huang, L.H.ng; Chen, M.Z.ong; Zhang, H.Q.n, 2007:
Preparation of chromosome by using homeocyte of Oncomelania hupensis

Kanda, T., 1964:
Preparation of chromosomes of Culex pipiens complex

Du, Bui Duy; Phu, Dang Van; Duy, Nguyen Ngoc; Lan, Nguyen Thi Kim; Lang, Vo Thi Kim; Thanh, Ngo Vo Ke; Phong, Nguyen Thi Phuong; Hien, Nguyen Quoc, 2008:
Preparation of colloidal silver nanoparticles in poly( N -vinylpyrrolidone) by γ-irradiation

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of compound Chinese medicine ruyanxiao injection

Anonymous, 2006:
Preparation of control material for platinum determination in plant samples

Tripoli, C.J., 1928:
Preparation of culture media for routine cultures of feces for pathogenic amebas

Li, H.W.Wu, L., 1970:
Preparation of cytological specimens using gastric juice of African giant snail. Bot

Guo Xiangli; Yao Yadong; Yin Guangfu; Kang Yunqing; Luo Yong; Zhuo Lang, 2008:
Preparation of decolorizing ceramsites for printing and dyeing wastewater with acid and base treated clay

Ossian, C.R., 1970:
Preparation of disarticulated skeletons using enzyme-based laundry 'pre-soakers'

A.I.Baranov, 1965:
Preparation of dried vegetable marrows for winter use in north manchuria

Telliard, W.A.; Kohlmann, H.J.; Lickers, V.A., 1983:
Preparation of effluent guidelines for the mining industry

Rose, S.P., 1967:
Preparation of enriched fractions from cerebral cortex containing isolated, metabolically active neuronal and glial cells

Gellerman, J.L.; Schlenk, H., 1965:
Preparation of fatty acids labeled with C-14 from Ochromonas danica

Tamarina, N.A., 1969:
Preparation of food for mosquitoes of the genus Culex

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of ginsenoside Rg3-loaded chitosan microspheres for intranasal administration

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of gold nanoparticles/functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposites, its glucose biosensing application

Donaldson, E.M.; Yamazaki, F.; Dye, H.M.; Philleo, W.W., 1972:
Preparation of gonadotropin from salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) pituitary glands

Chung, R-Jei.; Chin, T-Shune.; Chen, L-Chun.; Hsieh, M-Fa., 2007:
Preparation of gradually componential metal electrode on solution-casted Nafion membrane

Kalchev, L.A.; Ralchev, K.H.; Nikolov, Y.T., 1969:
Preparation of growth hormone from calf blood

Ahmed, S.Asrar.; Qadir, M.Abdul.; Zafar, M.Nadeem.; Hussain, I.; Tufail, S.; Rashid, S.; Shah, H.Ali., 2008:
Preparation of high purity nickel film from industrial effluent by the distribution of charge over microelectrodes using newly designed free electrolytic diffusion approach

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of hirudin gelatin microsphere and its evaluation of release in vitro

Iida, H.; Takayanagi, K.; Nakanishi, T.; Kume, A.; Muramatsu, K.; Kiyohara, Y.; Akiyama, Y.; Osaka, T., 2008:
Preparation of human immune effector T cells containing iron-oxide nanoparticles

Gotthardt, D.; Dieckmann, Régis.; Blancheteau, V.; Kistler, C.; Reichardt, F.; Soldati, T., 2006 :
Preparation of intact, highly purified phagosomes from Dictyostelium

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of jelly from dietary fiber isolated from Cassia fistula and Tamarindus indica seeds

Wen, X.; Wang, T.; Wang, Z.; Li, L.; Zhao, C., 2008:
Preparation of konjac glucomannan hydrogels as DNA-controlled release matrix

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of kunnu from unexploited rich food source: Tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus)

Zou, C.; Du, Y.; Li, Y.; Yang, J.; Feng, T.; Zhang, L.; Kennedy, J., F., 2008:
Preparation of lacquer polysaccharide sulfates and their antioxidant activity in vitro

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of laver sauce by hydrolyzing low-valued laver with complex enzyme

Konnerth, A., 1965:
Preparation of ligamentary articulated fish skeletons

L.S.uMei; Yang Fan; Tang Bo, 2008:
Preparation of liposome DNA vaccine against avian infectious bronchitis virus

Yakimov, Y., V.; Pshukov, Y., G., 2007:
Preparation of liquid Aervae lanatae herba extract

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of macroporous cellulose-based superabsorbent polymer through the precipitation method

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of malachite green stained specimens of Taenia solium proglottids

McClendon, F.J., 1913:
Preparation of material for histology and embryology, with an appendix on the arteries and veins in a thirty millimeter pig embryo

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of metal catalysts on granule glass for degradation of textile dyes as environmental contaminants

Jolly, D.; Lakhrissi, Y.; Kovacevic, M., M.; Chertkow, H.; Schirrmacher, R., 2007:
Preparation of methyl nona-fluorobutyl-1-sulfonate (MeONf) and its use in the synthesis of -6-OH-BTA-1

Wang JiaLiang; Zhao DaQing; Chen Long, 2008:
Preparation of micro-encapsulation of pricklyash peel oleoresin

Maunsell, K., 1967:
Preparation of mite extracts by separation of mites from media

Buetow, D.E., 1970:
Preparation of mitochondria from Protozoa and algae

Molla, MM; Nasrin, TAA; Hossain, M Alamgir, 2008:
Preparation of mixed oil pickling using capsicum, green chilli and carrot

Tang, K.; Chen, S.; Gu, X.; Wang, H.; Dai, J.; Tang, J., 2008:
Preparation of molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction using bensulfuron-methyl imprinted polymer and clean-up for the sulfonylurea-herbicides in soybean

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against NS3 (p80) protein of CSFV

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against listeriolysin O and its preliminary use in the detection of Listeria monocytogenes

Wolf, K.; Quimby, M.C.; Pyle, E.A.; Dexter, R.P., 1960:
Preparation of monolayer cell cultures from tissues of some lower vertebrates

K.H.S.t; B.H.B.y; R.P.ramanantham; P.T.ong; F.W.tt, 1993:
Preparation of monolayer cultures for nuclear microscopy

Malamud, D., 1966:
Preparation of monolayer cultures from adult frog kidney

French, W.L.; Baker, R.H.; Kitzmiller, J.B., 1962:
Preparation of mosquito chromosomes

Tamarina, N.A., 1969:
Preparation of mosquito larvae for dosing

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of multi-function killing rat box and observation on its killing rat efficacy

Zaslavskii, MA.; Mironov, AD., 1975:
Preparation of museum exhibits by the method of sublimation

Hazra, A.K., 1949:
Preparation of new polyvalent antisnake-venom serum effective against the venoms of Cobra, Russell's Viper, common Krait and Saw-Scaled Viper

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of novel pyridine-fused tris-heterocycles; pyrido pyrrolo- / pyrido furano pyridazines and pyrido pyrrolo pyrrole

Eto, M., 1954:
Preparation of nucleic acids from silkworms

Hameed, B.H.; Tan, I.A.W.; Ahmad, A.L., 2008:
Preparation of oil palm empty fruit bunch-based activated carbon for removal of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol: optimization using response surface methodology

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of parchment supported nickel and cobalt phosphate membranes and their studies as ion sensor with special reference to phosphate ion

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of plasma fibrin sealant and its application in restructured meat

Thompson, J.E., 1977:
Preparation of plasma membranes from amoebae

Tokuyama, H.; Kato, Y., 2008:
Preparation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) emulsion gels and their drug release behaviors

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of polyclonal antibodies and residue assay for rotenone

Staroverov, S.A.; Vasilenko, O.A.; Gabalov, K.P.; Pristensky, D.V.; Yermilov, D.N.; Aksinenko, N.M.; Shchyogolev, S.Yu.; Dykman, L.A., 2008:
Preparation of polyclonal antibodies to diminazene and its detection in animal blood plasma

Xie, H.; Wang, Y.; Tie, C.; Bi, S.; Liu, P.; Liao, L., 2006:
Preparation of polyclonal antibody and prokaryotic expression of ferredoxin gene of Trichomonas vaginalis

Silva, M.; Ferreira, E.I.; Leite, C.Q.F.; Sato, D.N., 2007:
Preparation of polymeric micelles for use as carriers of tuberculostatic drugs

Yang Huaming; D.C.unfang; H.Y.ehua; Jin Shengming; Yang Wuguo; Tang Aidong; Avvakumov, E.G., 2006 :
Preparation of porous material from talc by mechanochemical treatment and subsequent leaching

Okada Kiyoshi; Arimitsu Naoki; Kameshima Yoshikazu; Nakajima Akira; MacKenzie Kenneth, J.D., 2005:
Preparation of porous silica from chlorite by selective acid leaching

Kim, D-Myung.; Lee, G-Dong.; Aum, S-Hyun.; Kim, H-Jun., 2008:
Preparation of propolis nanofood and application to human cancer

I.B.K.l’chugina; E.N.M.rkarova, 2007:
Preparation of protoplasts in tissues of Ficus elastica callus cultures differing in the endogenous cyrokinin activity. The role of cytokinins in formation of protoplasts

Montserrat Dueñas; Hugo Mingo-Chornet; José Joaquín Pérez-Alonso; Romina, D.P.ola-Naranjo; Ana, M.G.nzález-Paramás; Celestino Santos-Buelga, 2008:
Preparation of quercetin glucuronides and characterization by HPLC-DAD-ESI/MS

Swanson, David, L., 2004:
Preparation of rare bird reports

Bart, J.; Maing, A.; Thomas, S.; Wightman, C., 2005:
Preparation of regional shorebird monitoring plans

Phillips, CA.; Boraker, DK., 1975:
Preparation of rhinovirus antisera in the South American hystricomorph rodent, Octodon degus. Proceedings Soc. exp

Fan, M.; Xu, S.; Xia, S.; Zhang, X., 2008:
Preparation of salidroside nano-liposomes by ethanol injection method and in vitro release study

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of self-emulsified artemisinin and its pharmacokinetics in rabbits

Sanaz, S.; Asghar, H.A., 2008:
Preparation of semi-solid fats by chemical interesterification

Stohler, R., 1945:
Preparation of Shark Chondrocrania for Class use

Liang, Y.; Huang, J.; Yi, Z.G.ng; Zhang, P.J.n, 2005:
Preparation of shrimp cell membrane protein and its property

Zhao, X.; Shi, Y.; Wang, T.; Cai, Y.; Jiang, G., 2008:
Preparation of silica-magnetite nanoparticle mixed hemimicelle sorbents for extraction of several typical phenolic compounds from environmental water samples

Hardwick, D.F., 1950:
Preparation of slide mounts of Lepidopterous genitalia

Wang, X.; Zhu, N.; Yin, B., 2007:
Preparation of sludge-based activated carbon and its application in dye wastewater treatment

Yu, C.; Li, X.; Hu, B., 2008:
Preparation of sol-gel polyethylene glycol-polydimethylsiloxane-poly(vinyl alcohol)-coated sorptive bar for the determination of organic sulfur compounds in water

Blades, Mabel; Anjum, Faqir, M.; Pasha, Imran; Ghafoor, Kashif; Issa Khan, M.; Raza, M. Ali, 2008:
Preparation of sourdough bread using a blend of bacterial culture and baker's yeast

Jones, R.C., 1973:
Preparation of spermatozoa for electron and light microscopy

Mccarron, P.; Kilcoyne, J.; Hess, P., 2006:
Preparation of stable, homogenous shellfish tissue materials, naturally contaminated with dinophysistoxins and azaspiracids

Yamaguti, S., 1965:
Preparation of stained whole mounts of flatworms

Saunders, M.J.; Prettyman, P.E., 1967:
Preparation of submicroscopic spider threads for particle studies

Guttman, HN.; Styskal, RC., 1975:
Preparation of suspended cells for S.E.M. examination of internal cellular structures

Gong, Y.C.un; Gu, X.W.n; Yu, Y.H.; Shen, Y.F.n; Gu, F.K.ng; Ni, B., 2005:
Preparation of the flagellate specimens for surface scanning electron microscopy

Giesbrandt, K.; Evans, D.H., 2003:
Preparation of the longhorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus octodecimspinosus) for simultaneous cardiovascular and videomicroscopic studies

Austin, C.R., 1975:
Preparation of the mammalian spermatozoon for fertilization

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of the mixed matrix tablets of loxoprofen sodium

Claugher, D., 1965:
Preparation of the radula

Kno, J.S.; McCully, M.E., 1969:
Preparation of thin sections of mites for high resolution light microscopy

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of transdermal monolithic systems of indapamide by solvent casting method and the use of vegetable oils as permeation enhancer

Carr, R.H., 1936:
Preparation of Transparent Specimens of Leaves, Worms, Bees, Butterflies, Etc

Chen, T.T., 1936:
Preparation of tyrosinase from silk worm

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of vitamin E self-microemulsifying drug delivery system

Yunjian Du; Yuqiao Zhao; Shuchao Dai; Bao Yang, 2009:
Preparation of water-soluble chitosan from shrimp shell and its anti-bacterial activity

Kong, X.; Zhou, H.; Hua, Y.; Qian, H., 2008:
Preparation of wheat gluten hydrolysates with high opioid activity

Puri, V.D., 1954:
Preparation of whole mounts of larvae of sugarcane moth borers to study their tracheal system

Qnick, WNB., 1972:
Preparation of wings, palpi, etc. of Lepidoptera for micro-photography and microscopic examination

Valach, M.; Tomaska, L.; Nosek, J., 2008:
Preparation of yeast mitochondrial DNA for direct sequence analysis

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation of yoghurt-like products with safflower as a substitution material

Cantuel, P., 1949:
Preparation rapide de pieces osteologiques

Dosse, G., 1961 :
Preparation techniques for the identification of Tetranychidae, Phytoptipalpidae and Phyto-seiidae (Acarina)

Loots, G.C., 1971:
Preparation techniques of mites for scanning electron microscopic studies

Weber, KM.; Zinkler, D., 1974:
Preparation und Isolierung der Rhabdome aus den Augen eines Insekts (Calliphora erythrocephala (Mutante 'chalky'), Diptera)

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, Catalytic Activities of LaFeO3 and Fe2O3 for HMX Thermal Decomposition

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, Stabilization, and Bioefficacy of b-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Compounds of Chloramidophos

Pigoury, L., 1937:
Preparation, a partir du chien splenectomise, d'un antigene applicable au diagnostic des trypanosomoses animales par deviation du complement

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, characterisation of raw chars and physically activated carbons derived from marine Posidonia oceanica (L.) fibres

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, characterisation, application of europium(III) chelate -dyed polystyrene “acrylic acid nanoparticle labels

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, characteristics of quaternary amino anion exchanger from wheat residue

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, characterization and in vitro release of benzocaine loaded biodegradable PHBV microspheres

Du, W.Li.; Xu, Z.Rong.; Han, X.Yan.; Xu, Y.Lei.; Miao, Z.Guo., 2007:
Preparation, characterization and adsorption properties of chitosan nanoparticles for eosin Y as a model anionic dye

Xu, H.; Li, H.; Wu, C.; Chu, J.; Yan, Y.; Shu, H.; Gu, Z., 2007:
Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties of Cu-loaded BiVO(4)

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, characterization of activated carbon from waste biomass

Qin, J.; Chen, D.; Lu, W.; Xu, H.; Yan, C.; Hu, H.; Chen, B.; Qiao, M.; Zhao, X., 2008:
Preparation, characterization, and evaluation of liposomal ferulic acid in vitro and in vivo

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, charaterization, bioactive, metal uptake studies of alginate/phosphorylated chitin blend films

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparation, drug controlled-release of polyion complex micelles as drug delivery systems

Deetae, P.; Shobsngob, S.; Varanyanond, W.; Chinachoti, P.; Naivikul, O.; Varavinit, S., 2008:
Preparation, pasting properties and freeze-thaw stability of dual modified crosslink-phosphorylated rice starch

Wu, T-Hui.; Yen, F-Lin.; Lin, L-Tzung.; Tsai, T-Rong.; Lin, C-Ching.; Cham, T-Ming., 2007:
Preparation, physicochemical characterization, and antioxidant effects of quercetin nanoparticles

Daramola, B.; Asunni, O.A., 2007:
Preparation, physiochemical and sensory assessment of pawpaw-red ginger food drink

Zemsky, V.A., 1960 :
Preparations from ear plugs of baleen whales

James, S.P.; Tate, P., 1937:
Preparations illustrating the recently discovered cycle of avian malaria parasites in the reticulo-endothelial cells

Lloyd, L., 1930:
Preparations of Protozoa and Algae

Burtt, E.; Fairbairn, H., 1945:
Preparations of Trypanosoma rhodesiense. I. Metacyclic trypanosomes ejeoted by the tsetse-flies in the act of biting. II. Trypanosomes in the primary nodule

Kubista, V., 1966:
Preparations of isolated insect musculature

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparations of the FMRuso Shareholder Society Ltd in technologies of protection of cereal crops

Morrill, A.W.; Yothers, W.W., 1909:
Preparations, for winter fumigation for the citrus white fly. Washington for the citrus white fly

Stockinger, L.; Hofler, H., 1970:
Preparations- and Fixationsabhangigkeit der Alveolarstrukturen

Stevenson, D.E.; Hansen, R.P.; Loader, J.I.; Jensen, D.J.; Cooney, J.M.; Wilkins, A.L.; Miles, C.O., 2008:
Preparative enzymatic synthesis of glucuronides of zearalenone and five of its metabolites

Dejun Hu; Miao Liu; Xing Xia; Daijie Chen; Fengsheng Zhao; Mei Ge, 2008:
Preparative isolation and purification of altertoxin I from an Alternaria sp. by HSCCC

Yang, Y.; Wu, T.; Yang, W.-Xing; Aisa, H.-Akber; Zhang, T.-You; Ito, Y., 2008:
Preparative isolation and purification of four flavonoids from Flos Gossypii by high-speed countercurrent chromatography

Wang, K.; Liu, Z.; Huang, J-an.; Dong, X.; Song, L.; Pan, Y.; liu, F., 2008:
Preparative isolation and purification of theaflavins and catechins by high-speed countercurrent chromatography

Jiang, L.; Lu, Y.; He, S.; Pan, Y.; Sun, C.; Wu, T., 2009:
Preparative isolation and purification of two amides from Mallotus lianus Croiz by high-speed counter-current chromatography

Anonymous, 2007:
Preparative isolation of a novel flavonoid from an infusion of Byrsonima basiloba leaves by high-speed counter-current chromatography

Oelerich, S.; Mannweiler, E., 1970:
Preparative isolierung von Partial antigenen aus Trypanosoma rhodesiense and Trypanosoma gambiense

Jayakumar, R.; Selvamurugan, N.; Nair, S.V.; Tokura, S.; Tamura, H., 2008:
Preparative methods of phosphorylated chitin and chitosan--an overview

Yoon, K.Dong.; Kim, J., 2008:
Preparative separation of dioscin derivatives from Dioscorea villosa by centrifugal partition chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detection

Peng, J.; Dong, F.; Qi, Y.; Han, X.; Xu, Y.; Xu, L.; Xu, Q.; Liu, K.; Zhu, Z., 2007:
Preparative separation of four triterpene saponins from radix astragali by high-speed counter-current chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detection

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparative separation of high-purity cellooligosaccharides by polyacrylamide gel column

Brower, A.E., 1922 :
Preparatory Stages of Catocala ulalume Str. with Larva of C. lacrymosa for comparison (Lepid., Noctuidae)

Clark, H.L., 1917:
Preparatory Stages of Homoptera unilineata

Matsumura Shozo, 2006:
Preparatory process reflected in seismicity-pattern change preceeding the M = 7 earthquakes off Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

French, G.H., 1889:
Preparatory stages of Leptarctia californiae, wth notes on the genus

Knoedel Klaus; Lange Gerhard; Voigt Hans Juergen, 2007:
Preparatory steps and common problems

Ireland, H.A., 1967:
Preparatory techniques for micro-fossils and inorganic insoluble residues

Avian Michael; Kellerer Pirklbauer Andreas; Roemer Alexander; Supper Robert, 2008:
Preparatory work for a permanent geoelectric measurement station for permafrost monitoring at the Hoher Sonnblick, Austria

Anonymous, 2007:
Preparazione a conservazione di conchighe ed altro materiale biologico di consistenza cornea

Gastaldi, F., 1973:
Preparazione a secco di inseti e loro larve mediante liofilizzazione

Libonati, M., 1956:
Preparazione di cellulasi da Mytilus edulis L

Anonymous, 2005:
Preparazione di materiale fossile proveniente dal giacimento paleontologico a vertebrati del Monte Tuttavista (Orosei, Sardegna, Italia)

Scarano, E., 1958:
Preparazione enzimatica dell'acido 5'-deossiuridilico

Morris, M.L.; Jr., 1976:
Prepared diets for zoo animals in the USA

Little, C.L.; Gillespie, I.A., 2008:
Prepared salads and public health

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparedness for pandemic influenza in nursing homes: a 2-state survey

Laane, MM.; Menem, TR., 1975:
Preparering au markgresshopper for meiosestudier

Gutebier, T.; Lysen, S., 2006:
Preparering och montering av nabbvalen Valders skelett

Zehfuss., 1901:
Preparieren ven Spongillenskeletten

Dreisbach, R.R., 1952:
Preparing and photographing slides of insect genitalia

Liu, B.; Ning, Z.; Gao, J.; Xu, K., 2008:
Preparing apigenin from leaves of Adinandra nitida

Stauffer, W.; Christenson, J.C.; Fischer, P.R., 2008:
Preparing children for international travel

Pawlowitzki, I.H.; Blaschke, R., 1971:
Preparing chromosomes for scanning electron microscopy without enzymic digestion

Baker, F.C., 1921:
Preparing collections of the mollusca for exhibition and study

Domangue, Elizabeth; Carson, Russell Lee, 2008:
Preparing culturally competent teachers: service-learning and physical education teacher education

Menon, M.A.U., 1951:
Preparing dry mounts of mosquito larvae and larval skins without using absolute alcohol

Jackson, R.T., 1930:
Preparing echinoderms and other invertebrates with corrosive sublimate

Anonymous, 2007:
Preparing epidemiological surveillance and response for communicable diseases

Harries, J.; Moodley, J.; Barone, M.A.; Mall, S.; Sinanovic, E., 2008:
Preparing for HPV vaccination in South Africa: key challenges and opinions

de Graaf, J.B.; Frolov, A.; Fiocchi, M.; Nazarian, B.; Anton, J-Luc.; Pailhous, J.; Bonnard, M., 2008:
Preparing for a motor perturbation: early implication of primary motor and somatosensory cortices

Standish Lee Perri; Lecina Kristina; Loboschefsky Erik, 2006:
Preparing for climate change in the Western U.S

Pyper Wendy, 2007:
Preparing for sea-level rise

Willemijn Tuinstra, 2007:
Preparing for the European Thematic Strategy on air pollution: at the interface between science and policy

Weir Scott; Smith David, L., 2006:
Preparing for the digital oil field

Anonymous, 2008:
Preparing for the post-industrial age

Rogers, C.H., 1967:
Preparing for the show bench

Patterson, R.; Brattstrom, B.H., 1971:
Preparing herps skeletons

Wood, A.A., 1958:
Preparing insect displays

Newton, A., 1909:
Preparing insects and parts for mounting in balsam

Portman, R.W., 1949:
Preparing ixodid ticks fur mounting

Zhan, H.; Yang, W.; Zhou, Z.; Jiang, X.; Yang, C., 2006:
Preparing method of chromosome of Scleroderma sichuanensis Xiao (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae)

Lacy, W.C., 1994:
Preparing mining engineers for the 21st century

Baafi Ernest; Boyd Michael, 2002:
Preparing mining engineers for the e-world

W.E.Beckel, 1953:
Preparing mosquito eggs for embryological study

Case, L.D., 1959:
Preparing mummified specimens for cleaning by dermestid beetles

Bateson, P., 2008:
Preparing offspring for future conditions is adaptive

Cheng, W.-Po; Li, C.-Chang; Yu, R.-Fang, 2008:
Preparing polyaluminum chloride coagulants using ultrasonic-assisted NaOH dosing

Ocsényi, A.; Veres, I., 1969:
Preparing replica's of bull sperm by a new method

Scales, F.S., 1901:
Preparing small marine invertebrates

Galat, DL., 1972:
Preparing teleost embryos for study

Val'kh, S.B., 1954:
Preparing the hypopygia of mosquitoes

Anne Harwood, S.; Zapata, M., 2006:
Preparing to Plan: Collaborative Planning in Monteverde, Costa Rica

S.R.R.mp; R.E.D.vis; N.E.L.onard; I.S.ulman; Y.C.ao; A.R.R.binson; J.M.rsden; P.F.J.L.rmusiaux; D.M.F.atantoni; J.D.P.duan; F.P.C.avez; F.L.B.hr; S.L.ang; W.L.slie; Z.L., 2009:
Preparing to predict: The second autonomous ocean sampling network (AOSN-II) experiment in the monterey bay

Long, Sj, 1972 :
Preparing vinyl acetate models of opisthobranch alimentary tracts

Banta, WC.; Soule, JD.; Soule, DF., 1973:
Preparing whole mounts of hard parts of Recent Bryozoa

Ikmi, A.; Netter, S.; Coen, D., 2008:
Prepatterning the Drosophila notum: the three genes of the iroquois complex play intrinsically distinct roles

Hudoklin, Andrej, 2006:
Prepelica Coturnix coturnix

Genre, A.; Chabaud, M.; Faccio, A.; Barker, D.G.; Bonfante, P., 2008:
Prepenetration apparatus assembly precedes and predicts the colonization patterns of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi within the root cortex of both Medicago truncatula and Daucus carota

Yoneda, T., 1974:
Preperation and properties of the Sei whale carboxypeptidase A

Izakov, M.N., 1985:
Preplanetary-nebula's solid matter formation and composition of chondrites

Yakimenko, GF., 1973:
Preplanting antihelmintic treatment of onion

Haynes, W., 1913:
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