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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 23416

Chapter 23416 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Glaessner, M.F., 1945:
Principles of Micropaleontology

Mattingley, A.H.E., 1906:
Principles of Migration

Grodzinski, Z., 1962:
Principles of Wood vessels development in vertebrates

Kasyanenko, V.G., 1961:
Principles of a phylogenetic change in the organs and their importance for the physiological essence of evolutionary transformation of the organs and systems

Kasyanenko, V.G., 1961:
Principles of a phylogenetic change in the organs and their importance for the physiological essence of evolutionary transformations of the organs and systems

Poznanin, V.L.; Spiridonov, I.G.; Vdovina, O.K., 2006:
Principles of analysis of hazardous engineering geological processes

Schabadasch, A., 1944:
Principles of and method for compensating for nerve deficiency by grafting prepared nervous tissue

Cummings, M.N., 1966:
Principles of animal damage economics and control

Beard., 1899:
Principles of animal development. I. A whelk's egg

Muller, H.J.; Oster, I.I., 1957:
Principles of back mutation as observed in Drosophila and other organisms

Anderson, E.J., 1974:
Principles of benthic community analysis

Anderson, E.J.; Pazdersky, G.J., 1974:
Principles of benthic community analysis. Skeletal sand substrates

Dzhabarov, G.N.; Kurylyeva, A.M.M.niya, A.A., 1970:
Principles of biostratigraphy of Turkmenia's Upper Chalk

Grodzinski, Z., 1962:
Principles of blood vessel development in vertebrates

Berking, S., 2006:
Principles of branch formation and branch patterning in Hydrozoa

Parin, N.V., 1961:
Principles of classification of flying fishes (Oxyporhamphidae and Exocoetidae)

Wamstein, B.A., 1970:
Principles of construction of the natural system

Gusev, AV., 1977:
Principles of construction of the system Monogenoidea by B.E. Bychowsky

Graham, J., 1968:
Principles of crowding effect in Aphis gossypii Glover (Aphididae, Homoptera)

Khrushchov, D.P.; Lobasov, A.P., 2006 :
Principles of digital structural-lithological modeling of sedimentary stratigraphic units

Daugherty, L.S.; Daugherty, M.C., 1912:
Principles of economic zoology

Filin, AA., 2005:
Principles of ecosystem approach to management of marine biological research

Miklosz, Jc, 1971:
Principles of filtration

Chugunova, N.I., 1961:
Principles of fish growth and their importance in the population dynamics

Dombrovsky, Vv, 1971:
Principles of fluctuations in the abundance of Microtus arvalis Pall. in natural foci of tularemia in the Moscow Province, associated with landscape features and human activity

Dombrovsky, Vk, 1971:
Principles of fluctuations in the abundance of Microtus arvalis Pall. in natural loci of tularemia in the Moscow province associated with landscape features and human activity

Miller, E.A.; Welte, S., 2002:
Principles of fluid therapy

Anonymous, 2008:
Principles of food fortification and supplementation

Anonymous, 2004:
Principles of good partnerships for strengthening public health education capacity in Africa. Report of a consultative meeting, Pretoria, South Africa, 6-7 April 2004

Anonymous, 2008:
Principles of good quality mechanization hop cutting

Gusev, V.N.; Dashko, R.E.; Petrov, N.S., 2006:
Principles of hydrogeological and engineering geological monitoring of underground mines in Yakovlev Deposit

Salt, R.W., 1961:
Principles of insect cold-hardiness

Holling, C.S., 1961:
Principles of insect predation

Maslov, AD., 1972:
Principles of inspection and forecasting mass outbreaks of stem-boring forest pests

Anonymous, 2007:
Principles of integrated water management in Slovak rural areas

Barber Tom; Wang Hanming; Leveridge Rob; Hazen Gary; Schlein Bob, 2008:
Principles of log quality control for complex induction logging instruments

Anonymous, 2008:
Principles of lysosomal membrane degradation

Anonymous, 1977:
Principles of membrane structure.33 54, illust

Cox, S.F., 1984:
Principles of metamorphic mobilization, hydraulic fracture, and vein growth

Aleksandrowicz Alicja; Koziel Joanna, 1996:
Principles of mineral waste classification in the information system created by the Mineral Wastes Administration (SIGOM)

Keays, R.R., 1984:
Principles of mobilization (dissolution) of metals in mafic and ultramafic rocks: the role of immiscible magmatic sulphides in the generation of hydrothermal gold and volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits

Tolmatchev, A.I., 1968:
Principles of modern taxonomy and their application in palaeontology

Lipson, Hod, 2007:
Principles of modularity, regularity, and hierarchy for scalable systems

Yu. A.I.rael; A.A.R.manovskaya, 2008:
Principles of monitoring of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and sinks

Séverine Urdy, 2009:
Principles of morphogenesis: the contribution of cellular automata models

Zabortseva, T.I.; Sysoyeva, N.M.; Mosunov, V.P.; Dudenko, S.V., 1999:
Principles of municipal ecological program development

Hagbarth, K.E., 1959:
Principles of neural control of receptors

Shokin, Y.I.; Chubarov, L.B.; Fedotova, Z.I.; Beizel, S.A.; Eletsky, S.V. (Yeletskiy, S.V., 2006:
Principles of numerical modeling applied to the tsunami problem

Welker, W.I., 1973:
Principles of organization of the ventrobasal complex in mammals

Anikieva, L V., 1998:
Principles of population morphology in systematics of cestodes

Bernstein, IS., 1974:
Principles of primate group organisation

Stukkey, M.G.; Stukkey, A.G., 2006:
Principles of river protection from pollution by mining waste waters

Greenwood, J.J.; Robinson, R.A., 2006:
Principles of sampling

Hammett, F.S., 1936:
Principles of Scientific Publication

Carr, H., 1914:
Principles of selection in animal learning

Schwartzkopff, J., 1974:
Principles of signal detection by the auditory pathways of invertebrates and vertebrates

Bykova, N.K., 1958:
Principles of some genera of the families Buliminidae and Bolivinitidae. In Microfauna of the USSR. ix. Problems of the systematics and description of new species, genera and subfamilies of Foraminifera and ostracods.

Anonymous, 2008:
Principles of stem cell therapy in the horse - the science behind the technology

Krivtsov, A.I.; Benevol skiy B.I.; Blinova, Y.V., 2007:
Principles of strategic mineral resources classification; U.S.A. and Russia

Bachinskii, GA., 1974:
Principles of taphonomic classification in relation to discoveries of terrestrial vertebrates in Neogene and Anthropogene deposits of the Ukraine

Tietz, RM., 1974:
Principles of taxonomic publication

Penionzhkevich, E.E.; Zelenskaya, K.V., 1953:
Principles of the breeding and keeping of geese, Moskva, 1952: 1-189, illustr.

Quevauviller Philippe; Grath Johannes; Scheidleder Andreas, 2008:
Principles of the common implementation strategy of the WFD; the groundwater working group

Lobanov, V.A.; Rozhdestvenskiy, A.V., 2004:
Principles of the generalized calculation of maximal runoff based on empirical data on water discharge and maximal atmospheric precipitation

Anonymous, 2007:
Principles of the method of the dating of the global fluctuations of the number of the oceanic sharks on the based on the quantity of fossil teeth in the bottom deposits.

Nikolov, T.; Khrischev, K., 1965:
Principles of the stratigraphy and lithology of the Lower Cretaceous in the Fore-Balkan

Lumsden, W.H., 1972:
Principles of viable preservation of parasitic Protozoa

Abdullaev, M.I., 2007:
Principles of vitiligo treatment in children

Bond, W., 1997:
Principles of wastewater irrigation for groundwater protection

Hubback, T., 1938:
Principles of wild life preservation

Edelman, N.M., 1970:
Principles of working out nutritive media for the pests of generative organs of fruit crops (the codling moth taken as an example)

Phillipson, AT., 1976:
Principles of zoo animal feeding: introduction

Tarbinsky, Yus; Milko, Da, 2002:
Principles, categories and criteria for species of the invertebrates being under the threat of extinction, used for compilation of the Red Data Books

Anonymous, 2007:
Principles, dissemination and performance of fertilizer best management practices developed in China

Petersen Jochen; Dixon David, G., 2007:
Principles, mechanisms and dynamics of chalcocite heap bioleaching

Chumakova, I.; Yermolova, N.; Shaposhnikova, L., 2002:
Princuple in the prediction of rodent flea populations

Almasan, H.; Popescu, C.C.; Scarlatescu, G., 1961:
Prineipalele specii de vinat din R.P.R. raspindirea pe clase de efective

Jameson, A., 1914:
Pringle. The Chaetognatha of the Scottish National Ant-arctic Expedition of 1902-1904

Enderlein, G., 1905:
Pringleophaga, ein neue Schmetterlingsgattung aus dem antarktischen Gebiet

Vandenberghe, A., 1961:
Pringlia demaistrei nov. sp. un xiphosure (Chelicerate) du Stephanien de la Loire

Anonymous, 1959:
Pringsheim, E. G. Contributions towards a monograph of the genus Euglena

Heurn, W.C. van., 1928:
Prinia inornata blythi (Bp.) en P. polychroa (Temm.)

Meise, W., 1936:
Prinia mystacea mutatrix nova subsp

Bolkay, S.J., 1919:
Prinonsi Herpetologiji zapadnoga dijela Balkanskog Poludstrva. (Additions to the Herpetology of the Western Balkan Peninsula.)

Poljak, J., 1923:
Prinos geoloskom i morfoloskom poznavanju Krndije Glasnik hrv prirodosl

Zlatarski, G.N., 1904:
Prinos k'm gheologhiyata na isk'rskiya prolom ot Sophiya do Roman I na s's'dnit mu pr'deli (Contribution a l'etude geologique du defile de 1'Isker, de Sofia a Roman et des pays limitrophes)

Kovacevic, xD., 1923:
Prinos poznavanju Glomericla Hrvatske

Kovacevic, Z., 1923:
Prinos poznavanju Glomerida Hrvatske Glasnik hrv. prirodosl

Kostic, L., 1947:
Prinos poznavanju biocenoza potoka Lipovacke Gradne i Gracanskog

Hadi, Jovan, 1933:
Prinos poznavanju pseudoskorpijske faune Primorja

And'elkovic, JS., 1976:
Prinove za poznavanje fosilnih riba iz sladkovodnih sedimenata okoline taeka

Oldham, C., 1924:
Print of Helix aspersa showing darts, from Shaw and Nodder's Naturalist's Miscellany, vol. i pl. xxx

Vaucher, C., 1952:
Printemps au Marais de la Versoix

Anonymous, 2004:
Printemps dans le Sud de la France (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera)

Ohtani, O.O.tani, Y, 2007:
Printing endothelial cell morphology on microvascular corrosion casts

Palmer, Kvw, 1976:
Printing of the unpublished Velins (53 plates) of Lamarck (1802-1809) sur les fossiles des environs de Paris especes animaux marins sans vertebres

Besserer, Lvon., 1926:
Prinzessin Dr. Therese von Bayern Nachruf

Kemper, KW., 1974:
Prinzessin bon Burundi, Lamprologus savoryi elongatus

Edinger, L., 1908:
Prinzipelles zur Tierseelenkunde

Losy, J.V., 1911:
Prinzipielle Standpunkte zur Beurteilung des Vogelschutzes und der Insektenvertilgung

Ekman, S., 1932:
Prinzipielles uber die Wanderungen und die tiergeo-graphische Stellung des europaischen Aales, Anguilla anguilla (L.)

Hermann, R.G., 1933:
Prinzipielles zu Bau und Tatigkeit der Schilddruse

Krizenecky, J., 1935:
Prinzipielles zur Analyse der Beziehung der Gesch-lechtsdrusen zu den Geashlechtsunter-schieden in der Beflederung bei den Hausvogeln

Rensch, B., 1972:
Prinzipien der Evolution

Wyss, Oam, 1976:
Prinzipien der elektrischeu Reizung

Schultz, Eugen., 1910:
Prinzipien der rationellen vergleichenden Embryologie

Lorenz, K., 1960:
Prinzipien der vergleichenden Verhaltensforschung

Anders, F., 1967:
Prinzipien erbbedingter Tumorgenese

Schindewolf, O.H., 1927:
Prinzipienfragen der biologischen Systematik

Verworn, M., 1905:
Prinzipienfragen in der Naturwissenchaft

Barclay, MVL., 2005:
Priobium carpini (Herbst, 1793) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae), a European woodworm established in Britain

Donisthorpe, H., 1925:
Priobium eichhoffi Seidl., a species of Coleoptera now to the British list

Harris, Anthony, C., 2004:
Priocnemis (Trichocurgus) monachus (Smith) (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) preying on Misgolas napua Forster (Mygalomorphae: Idiophidae) after opening the lids of the prey's burrows, and notes on the affinities of Trichocurgus Haupt

Wolf, H., 1964:
Priocnemis Arten (Hym. Pompilidae) von Zypern

Spooner, G.M., 1942:
Priocnemis cordivalvatus Haupt (Hym., Porapilidae) in Bedfordshire

Wolf, H., 1962:
Priocnemis hankoi Moczar1944und Priocnemis trigeminus Bluthgen1944(Hym., Pompilidae)

Wolf, H., 1962:
Priocnemis-Arten (Hym. Pompilidae) aus dem Musee Zoologique, Lausanne

Wolf, H., 1963:
Priocnemis-Arten (Hym. Pompilidae) aus dem National-Museum in Prag

Wolf, H., 1962:
Priocnemis-Arten aus dem Senckenberg-Museum (Ins., Hym., Pompilidae)

Wolf, H., 1963:
Priocnemis-Axtea (Hym., Pompilidae) aus dem Zoologischen Institut der Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg

Cook, O.F., 1895:
Priodesmus, a new genus of Diplopoda from Surinam

Damin, N., 1896:
Priolog fauni dalmatinskih i istarskihpauka

Mueller, H.; Stitz, L.; Riesner, D., 2008:
Prion decontamination during the oleochemical process of fat hydrogenation

Seeger, H.; Julius, C.; Cozzari, C.; Calella, A.Maria.; Dattilo, M.; Aguzzi, A., 2008:
Prion depletion and preservation of biological activity by preparative chaotrope ultracentrifugation

Leclere, E.; Moussa, A.; Chouaf-Lakhdar, L.; Coleman, A.W.; Seigneurin, J-Marie.; Perron, Hé.; Bencsik, A., 2008:
Prion early kinetics revisited using a streptomycin-based PrP(res) extraction method

Anonymous, 2008:
Prion infection of mice transgenic for human APP Swe : Increased accumulation of cortical formic acid extractable Aβ(1-42) and rapid scrapie disease development

Anonymous, 2007:
Prion protein gene (PRNP) polymorphism and indicators of secretion disorders of the mammary gland in cows naturally infected with bovine leukaemia virus (BLV)

Van-Kaam, J., B.C.H.M.; Finocchiaro, R.; Vitale, M.; Pinelli, F.; Scimonelli, M.; Vitale, F.; Portolano, B.; Oltenacu, P., A.; Caracappa, S., 2008:
Prion protein gene frequencies in three Sicilian dairy sheep populations

Sotomaior, C.S.; Sotomaior, V.S.; Madeira, H.M.F.; Thomaz-Soccol, V., 2008:
Prion protein gene polymorphisms in sheep in the state of Paraná, Brazil

Kalastavadi, T.; True, H.L., 2008:
Prion protein insertional mutations increase aggregation propensity but not fiber stability

Needham, P.G.; Masison, D.C., 2008:
Prion-impairing mutations in Hsp70 chaperone Ssa1: effects on ATPase and chaperone activities

Schouteden, H., 1920:
Prionides du Congo belge des collections du Musee du Congo

Basilewsky, P., 1953:
Prioninae (Coleoptera Phytophaga) Fam.Cerambycidae

Lameere, A., 1920:
Prioninae nouveaux ou peu connus

Komiya, Ziro., 2003:
Prionine cerambycid beetles of small islands of the world (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

Pic, M., 1923:
Prionocerus Perty et Idgia Cast. du Museum Nationa1 de Paris (Coleopteres, Malacodermes)

Bezier, T., 1907:
Prionocheilus vereuili Roualt, 1847

D.Grijs, P., 1936:
Prionodactylus rahmi, eine neue Eidechse aus den Anden

Frenguelli, J., 1922:
Prionodelphis rovereti, un representante de la familia Squalodontidae en el paranense superior de Entre Rios

Hustache, A., 1939:
Prionomerinae sud-americains (Col. Curculionides)

Laubier, L., 1970:
Prionospio salzi sp. nov., un spionidien (annelidepolychete) des cotes Mediterraneennes d'Israel

Bytinski-Salz, H., 1955:
Prionotheca coronata Ol. freyi ssp. nov

Lee, R.S., 1968:
Prionotus xenisma Jordon and Bollman, a searobin new to California

Deriziotis, P.; Tabrizi, S.J., 2008:
Prions and the proteasome

Adriano Aguzzi, 2003:
Prions and the immune system: A trip through intestine, spleen, lymph nodes and nerves

Anonymous, 2007:
Prions' travels - Feces and transmission of prion diseases

Anonymous, 2008:
Prions, Metals, and Soils

Anonymous, 2003:
Prionychus melanarius (Germar) (Tenebrionidae) widespread in north Gloucestershire

Taylor, Lob Chambers, 1951:
Prior description of two Mexican birds by Andrew Jackson Grayson

Dupuis, J.A., 2002:
Prior distributions for stratified capture-recapture models

Graves, H.B.; Siegel, P.B., 1968:
Prior experience and the approach response in domestic chicks

Quertermus, C J.; Jr., 1973:
Prior experience as a factor in habitat selection of the cichlid fish Tilapia mossambica

Quertermus, C J.; Jr., 1973 :
Prior experience as a factor in habitat selection of the cichlid fish Tilapla mossambica

de Boer, J.N.; Heuts, B.A., 1973:
Prior exposure to visual cues affecting dominance in the jewel fish, Hemichromis bimaculatus Gill 1862 (Pisces, Cichlidae)

Gorman, S.; Lloyd, M.L.; Smith, L.M.; McWhorter, A.R.; Lawson, M.A.; Redwood, A.J.; Shellam, G.R., 2008:
Prior infection with murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) limits the immunocontraceptive effects of an MCMV vector expressing the mouse zona-pellucida-3 protein

Myer, J.S., 1967:
Prior killing experience and the suppressive effects of punishment on the killing of mice by rats

Shakya, S.; Bajpai, P.; Sharma, S.; Misra-Bhattacharya, S., 2008:
Prior killing of intracellular bacteria Wolbachia reduces inflammatory reactions and improves antifilarial efficacy of diethylcarbamazine in rodent model of Brugia malayi

Sichel, G., 1973:
Priori risultati di microanalisi con microsonda elettronica su melanofori di fegato e di cute in alcuni anfibi e rettili

Roig Junent, S.; Debandi, G., 2004:
Prioridades de conservacion aplicando informacion filogenetica y endemicidad: un ejemplo basado en Carabidae (Coleoptera) de America del Sur austral

Anonymous, 2002:
Prioridades geograficas para la conservacion del jaguar

Altamirano Gonzalez Ortega, Marco Antonio, 2004:
Prioridades para el Manejo de Aves y Mamiferos en Arriaga, Chiapas, Mexico

Egea, A.; Oliva, F.J.; Verdiell, D.; Tejedo, M.; Torralva, M., 2006:
Prioridades para la conservacion de anfibios en Murcia

Tamanini, L., 1973:
Priorit y e sinonimia di Nepa cinerea Linneo e Nepa rubra Linneo.Regione tipica e valore delle razze europee di Nepa cinerea Linneo, 1758 (Hemiptera Heteroptera, Nepidae)

Anonymous, 2004:
Priorita e prospettive per la sistematica entomologica italiana

Bollmann, K.; Keller, V.; Mueller, W.; Zbinden, N., 2002:
Prioritaere Vogelarten fuer Artenfoerderungsprogramme in der Schweiz

Hoffmann, E., 1947:
Prioritat Kontinuitat

Schultz, V.G.M., 1942:
Prioritat oder Kontinuitat ?

Alberti, B., 1962:
Prioritats-oder Kontinuitatsprinzip in der Zoologischen Nomenklatur seit London 1958?

Brehm, V., 1949:
Prioritatsbedingte Namensanderung

Schoyen, W.M., 1880:
Prioritatsberechugte. Lepidopteren-Namen aus H. Strom's entomologischen Abhandlungen

Grandjean, F., 1944:
Priorite absolue et statistique en biologie

Perrin, Abeille De, 1886:
Priorite absolue ou Prescription?

Dupuis, C., 1953 :
Priorite de quelques noms d'Heteropteres de Guerin Meneville (1831)

Crosby, M P.; Brighouse, G.; Pichon, M., 2002:
Priorities and strategies for addressing natural and anthropogenic threats to coral reefs in Pacific Island Nations

Southworth, Benedict, 2008:
Priorities for Decision Makers: Tackling Climate Change in a Time of Corporate Globalization

Marc Van Montagu, 2008:
Priorities for agricultural biotechnology

Anonymous, 2006:
Priorities for agricultural research, development and ICT adoption remain a challenge

Decaens, T.; Lavelle, P.; Jimenez, J.J., 2008:
Priorities for conservation of soil animals

Buchanan, Joseph, B., 2005:
Priorities for implementation of the northern Pacific Coast regional shorebird management plan

Anonymous, 2008:
Priorities for mycotoxin research in Africa identified by using the nominal group discussion technique

Gabbe, B.J.; Finch, C.F.; Cameron, P.A., 2007:
Priorities for reducing the burden of injuries in sport: the example of Australian football

Kasparek, Max., 2001:
Priorities for the conservation of the Nile soft-shelled turtle, Trionyx triunguis in the Mediterranean

Hall, P., 1976:
Priorities for wildlife conservation in north-eastern Nigeria

Dunn, J.A., 1959:
Priorities in exploration

Krinin, V.A., 2004:
Priorities in petroleum exploration in the Krasnoyarsk region

Anonymous, 2006:
Priorities research areas in poultry genetics and breeding

Mat Gilfedder; Glen, R.W.lker; Warrick, R.D.wes; Matthew, P.S.enson, 2009:
Prioritisation approach for estimating the biophysical impacts of land-use change on stream flow and salt export at a catchment scale

Toribio, M.; Peterson, A.T.wnsend, 2008:
Prioritisation of Mexican lowland rain forests for conservation using modelled geographic distributions of birds

Monaghan, R.M.; de Klein, C.A.M.; Muirhead, R.W., 2008:
Prioritisation of farm scale remediation efforts for reducing losses of nutrients and faecal indicator organisms to waterways: a case study of New Zealand dairy farming

Ross, J.; Gartrell, N., 1999:
Prioritising management directions, determining sustainable yields and implementing sustainable management practice of groundwater resources in New South Wales, Australia

K.D.ileepan; C.L.ckett; M.R.binson; K.P.kallus, 2009:
Prioritising potential guilds of specialist herbivores as biological control agents for prickly acacia through simulated herbivory

Gill, B.; Holland, G.; Trewhella, B.; Cheng, X.; Reid, M., 1999:
Prioritising salinity management in the Goulburn-Broken dryland

Anonymous, 2007:
Prioritization in the Papua New Guinea health sector: progress towards a health medium-term expenditure framework

McGaw, I.J., 2005:
Prioritization or summation of events? Cardiovascular physiology of postprandial Dungeness crabs in low salinity

Matthe, A.B.Wker, M.R.E.M.Ller, J.Yn.B.Lnap, T.Oma, D.S.Sk.N.Nc.C.J.Hns, N., 2008:
Prioritizing Conservation Effort through the Use of Biological Soil Crusts as Ecosystem Function Indicators in an Arid Region

Galvan, D.V.lenzuela; Vazquez, L. , B., 2008:
Prioritizing areas for conservation of Mexican carnivores considering natural protected areas and human population density

Rachlow, J.L.; Svancara, L.K., 2006:
Prioritizing habitat for surveys of an uncommon mammal: a modeling approach applied to pygmy rabbits

Jensen, R.A. {a}; 1 ; Wisz, M.S.; Madsen, J.; 1 Email: jm@dmu.dk, 2008:
Prioritizing refuge sites for migratory geese to alleviate conflicts with agriculture

Patrick, M.K.covsky; Robert, M.R.ss; David, S.D.opkin, 2009:
Prioritizing removal of dams for passage of diadromous fishes on a major river system

Kim, Y.; Jung, J.; Kim, M.; Park, J.; Boxall, A.B.A.; Choi, K., 2008:
Prioritizing veterinary pharmaceuticals for aquatic environment in Korea

Lewis, H.L., 1947:
Priority and its limitations

Maxwell-Lefroy, H., 1908:
Priority and practical entomology

Pugh, C.H.W., 1947:
Priority and use in nomenclature

Diniz-Filho, J.A.F.; Bini, L.M.; Bastos, R.P.; Vieira, C.M.; Vieira, L.C.G., 2005:
Priority areas for anuran conservation using biogeographical data: a comparison of greedy, rarity, and simulated annealing algorithms to define reserve networks in cerrado

Anonymous, 2007:
Priority improvement of solid waste management practice in Java

Van Duzee, E.P., 1916:
Priority in family names and related matters

Wood, H.E., 1930:
Priority in Family, Order and Higher Group Names

Geffe, E.R., 1947:
Priority in nomenclature

White, GB., 1974:
Priority of Ingramia Edwards, 1912, over Ravenalites Doucet, 1957 as the name for a subgenus of Mimomyia Theodald, 1903 (Diptera: Culicidae)

Shubnikova, E.A., 1954:
Priority of Russian Scientists in the discovery of indirect cell division

Steyskal, G.C., 1968:
Priority of the generic names Tonnoiria Malloch and Tonnoiria Parent (Diptera)

Benazzi, M., 1973:
Priority of the name Opisthobursa mexicana Benazzi, 1972 over Dimarcus villalobosi Mitchell and Kawakatsu, 1972

Verrill, A.E., 1914:
Priority Overworked

Gasperi, J.; Garnaud, Séphane.; Rocher, V.; Moilleron, Régis., 2008:
Priority pollutants in wastewater and combined sewer overflow

Anonymous, 2006:
Priority research areas in poultry nutrition to 2020

Anonymous, 2006:
Priority research needs and expectations of poultry industry from research organizations

Arizmendi, M.D.l Coro; Valdelamar, L.M.rquez; Berlanga, H., 2005:
Priority setting for bird conservation in Mexico: the role of the important bird areas program

Anonymous, 2008:
Priority setting for research on aquatic resources: modified economic surplus analysis of natural resource systems

Mace, G.M.; Collar, N.J., 2002:
Priority-setting in species conservation

Nipkow, Markus, 2005:
Priortaere Arten fuer den Vogelschutz in Deutschland

Schwarz, R., 1946:
Pripevek k posnanl neogenu na listu Olomouc.

Velkovrh, F., 1972:
Pripombe k razSirjenosti dveh vrst rodu Spelaeodiscus Brussina 1886 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata)

Bordjoski, A.; Conic, V.; Gadjanski-Omerovic, G.; Petrovic, Z.; Savin, Z., 1972:
Priprema antigena Sarcocystis tenella za tehniku fluorescirajucih antitela

Garetskii, R.G. (Garetskiy, R.G.; Aisberg, R.E.; Starchik, T.A., 2004:
Pripyat Trough; tectonics, geodynamics, and evolution

Reig, H.A., 1959:
Priraeros datos deaoriptivos sobre neuvos sseptiles Arcosaurios del Triasico de Ischigualasto (San Juan, Argentina)

Noller, R., 1975:
Pririt flycatcher fanning young

Anonymous, 2007:
Priroda Tulskoi oblasti Sbornik nauchnykh trudov. Vypusk 1.

Molyavko, G.I., 1965:
Prirodnaya Obst

Kozak, V., 1971:
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Prismatic mitochondria in neurons of Navanax inermis: structure and subcellular distribution

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Prisoners or parasites'?

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Prisoners women and children - from nutritional perspective

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Prispevek k poznavanju oprasevalcev vrst Euphorbia nicaeensis All. in E. lucida W. & K

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Prispevek k poznavanju podzemeljske favne hroscev v Sentanskem rudniku

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Prispevek k poznavanju postranic iz skupine Gammaridea (Amphipoda, Gammaridea) slovenske morske obale

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Prispevek k rozsifeni minujicich Lepidopter v okoli Uherskeho Hradiste

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Prispevek k rozsireni hmyzu na Morave 5

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Prispevek k rozsireni minujiciho hmyzu na Morave 4

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Prispevek k srovnavac morfologii Langerhansovych ostruvku u reptilii

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Prispevek k systematice ceskych a moravskych Pelopnn (Dipt.)

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Prispevek k systematice zakrsle formy karase obecneho (Carassius carassius m. humilis Heckel, 1840)

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Prispevek k vyskytu kremite facie ve vrstvach dobrotivskych dy2 cskeho ordoviha. The occurrence of a quartzitic Facies in Dobrotiva beds (dy2) of Ordovician of Bohemia

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Prispevek k znalosti parasitu p?astevnika americ-keho (Hyphantria cunea).

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Prispevky k anatomii nekterych organu planarii slad-kovodnch

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Prispevky k faune Tardigrad Cech. I. Tardigrada pohori braskeho. Addimenta ad cognitionem faunae Tardigradorum Bohemiae. I. Tardigrada muscorum in montibus Brdy collectrum

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Prispevky ku znamosten o Ceskych Oribatidech (Acarina)

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Prispevok K studiu postnatalneho rastu pecene (hepar), podzaludkovej zl'azy (pancreas) a dychacej sustavy (Systema respiratorium) u pekinskych kacat. Acta Zootech.,

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Prispevok k biocenozam makkysov v morskych litoralnych sedimentoch.

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Anonymous, 2004:
Prispevok k dejinam prirodovedneho muzea Slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea v Bratislave XVI. Cast - Patdesiat Rocnikov Zbornika Slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea - Prirodne Vedy

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Prispevok k jarnenau tahu trasochvosta 2Jteho severo-europeskcho (Motacilla flava thunbergi Billb.) a vyskyt trasochvosta zlteho ciernonorskeo (Motacilla flava feldegg Mich.) v okoli Pie g tan

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Prispevok k lttidiu vyskytu a ochrany zubra Europskeho (Bison bonasus) so zameranim na vyuzitie t chto poznatkov z hl'adiska ekologickeho a etologickeho

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Prispevok k poznamiu fauny jurskeho g uru. 2. irel'ad' Chrysopidae (Neuroptera)

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Prispevok k poznania fauny korenonozcov (Rhizopoda) Dunaja

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Prispevok k poznaniu ektoparazitickych cervov radu Branchiobdellida na Slovensku (Annelida, Clitellata)

Anonymous, 2005:
Prispevok k poznaniu ektoparazitov - klieste (Ixodidea), trombikuly (Trombiculidae), vsi (Anoplura) - drobnych zemnych cicavcov Pieninskeho Narodneho Parku

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Prispevok k poznaniu fauny mnohonozok (Diplopoda) krupinskej planiny

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Prispevok k poznaniu fauny vazok (Insecta: Odonata) Narodneho Parku Muranska planina

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Prispevok k poznaniu niektor9ch pozoruhodn9ch drubov lumcikov (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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Prispevok k poznaniu niektorych skupin vyssich much

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Prispevok k poznaniu parazitickych prvokov (Protozoa) zo zazivacieho tvaktu Rana ridibunda Pall. a Hyla arborea (L.)

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Prispevok k poznaniu rozsirenia niektorych pre faunu CSR novych alebo malo znamych pontokaspickych druhov zivocchov v dunoji

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Prispevok k poznaniu rozsivenia druhov i:el'ade Psychodidae (Diptera Nematocera) na uzemi zapadneho slovenska

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Prispevok k poznaniu terciernych sedimentov a mineralnych vod Lucenskej kotliny

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Prispevok k poznaniu veku a rastu pleskaca sineho (Abramis ballerus L.) z jazera 2emlekes

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Prispevok k poznaniu vtactva Sklenych Teplic

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Prispevok k poznaniu vybranych skupin hmyzu na lokalite Ostra horka pri Drietome

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