Problems of rural migrant workers and policies in the new period of urbanization

Shengzu GU.L.ngyun ZHENG.S.ance YI

China Population, Resources and Environment 17(1): 0-6


DOI: 10.1016/s1872-583x(07)60001-1
Accession: 023417902

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The migration of rural migrant workers has new characteristics and results in problems in China's "urban diseases" caused by the bad order of migration with a huge number and a high degree of concentration, low level of collective action, marginality in social status, unfair treatment, difficult integration of the new generation, and new return trend of rural migrants. Countermeasures should be taken to develop medium-sized and small cities, integrate the labor market of the city and countryside, provide necessary public services and social security, provide vocational training, guide the rural migrant workers to return rationally, and help the new generation live in harmony with urban residents.