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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 23422

Chapter 23422 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of cytokines in experimental toxoplasmosis

Schmalgauzen, O.I., 1957:
Production of defective olfactory organs in the sturgeon during artificial propagation

Ishida, Y.; Kadota, H., 1967:
Production of dimethyl sulfide from unicellular algae

Bakhtiar, F.; Bozorgipour, R.; Shahabi, S., 2006:
Production of doubled haploid lines of wheat using detached tillering method in cross between wheat and maize, and evaluation of some agronomic characters

Arner, DH., 1963:
Production of duck food in beaver ponds

Rasmussen, G., 1977:
Production of eels in a small stream in Zealand

El-Refaei, A.H.; El-Kolalya, M.T.; Rahman, A.A.Abdel; Mehanaa, N.L., 2007:
Production of effective luteinizing hormone antisera by two immunization methods

Izquierdo, E.; Bednarczyk, A.; Schaeffer, C.; Cai, Y.; Marchioni, E.; Van Dorsselaer, A.; Ennahar, Sïd., 2008:
Production of enterocins L50A, L50B, and IT, a new enterocin, by Enterococcus faecium IT62, a strain isolated from Italian ryegrass in Japan

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of ethanol from cane - a profitable process and economics

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of ethanol from corn and sugarcane

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of ethanol from spoilt banana (Musa paradisiaca) using immobilized cells

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of ethanol from synthesis gas

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of eucalypt seedlings from seed

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of even-aged and uneven-aged stands of maritime pine in Spain. Identification of conversion needs

Siddiqui, M.U.; Belsare, V.P.; Patel, D.V., 2008:
Production of exotic bulls using multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technique

Hillbricht-Ilkowska, A.; Pourriot, R., 1970:
Production of experimental populations Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas (Rotatoria) exposed to the artificial predation of different rates

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of extracellular alpha -amylase by Streptomyces albidoflavus

Singh, R.S.; Bhermi, H.K., 2008:
Production of extracellular exoinulinase from Kluyveromyces marxianus YS-1 using root tubers of Asparagus officinalis

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of extracellular protease by Streptomyces albidoflavus

Clancy, Eleanor Belknap, 1940:
Production of eye color hormone by the eyes of Drosophila melanogaster

Lockley, R.M., 1962:
Production of faecal pellets in the wild rabbit

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of feed mixtures in Poland between the years 2000-2006 and prognosis of production until 2013

Mandalari, G.; Bisignano, G.; L.C.rto, R.B.; Waldron, K.W.; Faulds, C.B., 2007:
Production of feruloyl esterases and xylanases by Talaromyces stipitatus and Humicola grisea var. thermoidea on industrial food processing by-products

Hopkins, CL., 1971:
Production of fish in two streams in the North island of New Zealand

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of fish protein hydrolysate using immobilized alcalase

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of flavours, flavour enhancers and other protein-based speciality products

Ball, R.C.; Ford, J.R., 1953:
Production of food-fish and minnows in Michigan ponds

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of formalin killed fowl typhoid vaccine using local isolates of Salmonella Gallinarum in Bangladesh

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of four cultivars of iceberg lettuce, under protected cultivation, with and without black polyethylene ground cover

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of four forage germplasms of Pennisetum purpureum in intensive systems using cuttings

Stanier, M.W., 1960:
Production of free water in the mammalian foetus

Anonymous, 2005:
Production of fruit rootstocks using micropropagation

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of fruits of bell pepper in different saline concentrations

Bailey, JE.; Pella, JJ.; Taylor, SG., 1976:
Production of fry and adults of the 1972 brood of pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, from gravel incubators and natural spawning at Auke Creek, Alaska. Fishery

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of fuels on the basis of sewage sludge through conditioning using high calorific value fractions

Scott, S.W.; Zimmerman, M.T., 2008:
Production of full length copies of the genomic RNAs of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus

Soulsby, E.J.L., 1963:
Production of functional antigens by in vitro cultivation of parasitic nematodes

Korschgen, Leroy J., 1960:
Production of game bird foods in Missouri

Hai-Feng, Z.; Guo-Qing, H.; Jing, L.; Hui, R.; Qi-He, C.; Qiang, Z.; Jin-Ling, W.; Hong-Bo, Z., 2008:
Production of gastrodin through biotransformation of p-2-hydroxybenzyl alcohol by cultured cells of Armillaria luteo-virens Sacc

Ricchetti Evaristo; Palombella Mauro, 2007:
Production of geological lineament map of southern Italy using Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery

Boch, R.; Shearer, D.A., 1963:
Production of geraniol by honey bees of various ages

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of ginger-blended mango drink; implication for sustainable development

Anonymous, 2006:
Production of glucose oxidase by fermentation from Aspergillus niger

Wongwicha, W.; Tanaka, H.; Shoyama, Y.; Tuvshintogtokh, I.; Putalun, W., 2008:
Production of glycyrrhizin in callus cultures of licorice

Hobson, B.M., 1971:
Production of gonadotrophin, oestrogens and progesterone by the primate placenta

Mathews, C.P., 1969:
Production of gudgeon (Gobio gobio L.) and other fish in the River Thames

Greb, R.J., 1933:
Production of gynandromorphs in Habrobracon

Suzuki, A., 1969:
Production of hemagglutinins by carp

Swarup, H., 1956:
Production of heteroploidy in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterostus aculeatus (L.)

Ibebuike, C.C.; Yah, S.C.; Eghafona, N.O., 2008:
Production of high polyvalent antisera against Salmonella

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of high purity molybdenum compounds from a Cu “Mo acid-washed liquor using solvent extraction. Part 1: Laboratory studies

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of high-purity molybdenum compounds from a Cu “Mo acid-washed liquor using solvent extraction. Part 2: Pilot and plant operations

Trigueros, S.; Roca, J., 2007:
Production of highly knotted DNA by means of cosmid circularization inside phage capsids

Yant, DR.; Smitherman, RO.; Green, OL., 1975:
Production of hybrid (blue x channel) catfish and channel catfish in ponds

Anonymous, 2005:
Production of hybrids between Arachis hypogaea and A. chiquitana (section Procumbentes)

Xie, B.; Cheng, J.; Zhou, J.; Song, W.; Liu, J.; Cen, K., 2007:
Production of hydrogen and methane from potatoes by two-phase anaerobic fermentation

Matkar, S.S.; Wrischnik, L.A.; Hellmann-Blumberg, U., 2008:
Production of hydrogen peroxide and redox cycling can explain how sanguinarine and chelerythrine induce rapid apoptosis

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of hydroxamate-type of siderophores by Rhizobium strains from Sesbania sesban (L.) Merr

M.V.E.anov; P.P.C.ernenko; A.I.G.lochkin, 2008:
Production of hydroxyhumic preparations from turf

Dias, M.V.; Esberard, C.A.; Bitter, T., 1965:
Production of hypertonus and postural disturbances by the central action of local anaesthetics. (A preliminary report)

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of immunosuppressant drug cyclosporin A from Tolypocladium inflatum in presence of L-valine

Isabel Pinheiro; Bruno Jesuíno; Jorge Barbosa; Fernando Ramos; José Matos; Maria Irene Noronha da Silveira, 2008:
Production of in house reference materials for ELISA screening of bovine urine and liver samples for clenbuterol

Polyakova, TP.; Federov, VD., 1976:
Production of individual links in the food chain in the White Sea

Shrivastava, S.; D'souza, S.F.; Desai, P.D., 2008:
Production of indole-3-acetic acid by immobilized actinomycete (Kitasatospora sp.) for soil applications

Ishiguro, S.; Kanai, Y.; Tajima, A., 2008:
Production of inter-genus somatic nuclear transferred gonadal germ cells (snt-GGCs) in avian species

Murat Yilmaztekin; Huseyin Erten; Turgut Cabaroglu, 2008:
Production of isoamyl acetate from sugar beet molasses by Williopsis saturnus var. saturnus

Havey, KA., 1973:
Production of juvenile alewives, Alosa pseudoharengus, at Love Lake, Washington County, Maine

Coche, Andre G., 1967 :
Production of juvenile steelhead trout in a freshwater impoundment

Anonymous, 1969:
Production of l -hydroxy-corticosterone in vivo and in vitro by elasmobranchs

Maria do Rosário Freixo; Amin Karmali; Carlos Frazão; José Maria Arteiro, 2008:
Production of laccase and xylanase from Coriolus versicolor grown on tomato pomace and their chromatographic behaviour on immobilized metal chelates

Kim, H-Ok.; Wee, Y-Jung.; Kim, J-Nam.; Yun, J-Sun.; Ryu, H-Won., 2008:
Production of lactic acid from cheese whey by batch and repeated batch cultures of Lactobacillus sp. RKY2

Ali, Z.; Anjum, F.-Muhammad; Zahoor, T., 2007:
Production of lactic acid from corn cobs through fermentation by Lactobacillus delbruekii

Morris, D.M.; Hale, A., 1942:
Production of large mouth bass in ponds, in relation to their chemical characteristics and plankton crops

Limsuwan, C.; Chuchird, N.; Wongmaneeprateep, S.; Wiriyapatthanasub, P.; Yodpinit, E.; Suwannarat, P., 2008:
Production of large-size Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei): monoculture, mixed culture with black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)

Houser, A.; Rainwater, W.C., 1977:
Production of largemouth bass in Beaver and Bull Shoals lakes

Morris, D.M.; Hale, A., 1946:
Production of largemouth bass in ponds, in relation to their chemical characteristics and plankton crops

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of larvae and juvenile pejerrey Odontesthes argentinensis subjected to different feeding frequencies

Harvey, H.W., 1942:
Production of life in the sea

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of lignans in callus culture of Podophyllum hexandrum

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of lipopeptide antibiotic iturin A by Bacillus subtilis using soybean curd residue in solid-state fermentation, and evaluation of the product as biocontrol agent

Wolsky, A.A., 1937:
Production of looal depressions in the development of Drosophila pupae

Segura, Aígona.; Navarro-González, R., 2005:
Production of low molecular weight hydrocarbons by volcanic eruptions on early Mars

Dirceu Macagnan; Reginaldo da S.R.meiro; Alan W.V.P.mella; Jorge T. deSouza, 2008:
Production of lytic enzymes and siderophores, and inhibition of germination of basidiospores of Moniliophthora (ex Crinipellis) perniciosa by phylloplane actinomycetes

Kuvin, S.F.; Tobie, J.E.E.ans, C.B.; Coatney, G.R.; Contacos, P.G., 1963:
Production of malarial antibody

Stepanova, L.A., 1971:
Production of mass forms of planktonic Crustacea in Lake Ilmen

Bouillon, J.; Werner, B., 1965:
Production of medusae buds by the polyps of Rathkea octopunctata (M. Sars) (Hydroida Athecata)

Bytinski-Satz, H., 1976:
Production of melanophore-free tails in tadpoles of Pelobates (Amphibia: Anura)

Bukovsky, A.; Gupta, S.K.; Bansal, P.; Chakravarty, S.; Chaudhary, M.; Svetlikova, M.; White, R.S.; Copas, P.; Upadhyaya, N.B.; Van Meter, S.E.; Caudle, M.R., 2008:
Production of monoclonal antibodies against recombinant human zona pellucida glycoproteins: utility in immunolocalization of respective zona proteins in ovarian follicles

Yang, M.; Holland, H.; Clavijo, A., 2008:
Production of monoclonal antibodies against whole virus particles of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype O and A and their potential use in quantification of intact virus for vaccine manufacture

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of monoclonal antibodies for Avian Metapneumovirus (SHS-BR-121) isolated in Brazil

Kato, M.; Itou, T.; Nagatsuka, N.; Sakai, T., 2008:
Production of monoclonal antibody specific for bottlenose dolphin neutrophils and its application to cell separation

Turan, F.; Cek, S.; Atik, E., 2005:
Production of monosex male guppy, Poecilia reticulata, by 17-methyltestosterone

Ourth, D.D., 1970:
Production of monospecific antibody to a single antigen-antibody complex of Toxoplasma gondii and its immunofluorescent application in tissue diagnosis

Liu, C.; Towler, M.J.; Medrano, G.; Cramer, C.L.; Weathers, P.J., 2008:
Production of mouse interleukin-12 is greater in tobacco hairy roots grown in a mist reactor than in an airlift reactor

McClinchey, S.L.; Kott, L.S., 2008:
Production of mutants with high cold tolerance in spring canola (Brassica napus)

Watanabe, M., 2008:
Production of mycotoxins by Penicillium expansum inoculated into apples

Frank, E.J.; Woehler, E.E., 1969:
Production of nesting and winter cover for pheasants in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of new functional beverages from fermented whey and fermented permeate and tomato syrup

T.D.S.indle; J.M.sarik; D.K.llár; K.J.K.m; R.C.R.edy, 2005:
Production of noble gases near the surface of Europa and the prospects for in situ chronology

Zhengyi Li; Min Xiao; Lili Lu; Yumei Li, 2008:
Production of non-monosaccharide and high-purity galactooligosaccharides by immobilized enzyme catalysis and fermentation with immobilized yeast cells

Paola Ortiz-Chao; José A. Gómez-Ruiz; Robert A. Rastall; Davinia Mills; Rainer Cramer; Anne Pihlanto; Hannu Korhonen; Paula Jauregi, 2009:
Production of novel ACE inhibitory peptides from β-lactoglobulin using Protease N Amano

M.R.L.ttle; V.A.ell; A.R.B.ccaccini; C.R.C.eeseman, 2008:
Production of novel ceramic materials from coal fly ash and metal finishing wastes

Han, L.; Huff, H.E.; Hsieh, F., 2008:
Production of oat cakes from extruded pellets

Callow, R.K.; Parkes, A.S., 1936:
Production of oestrogenic substance by the Bird testis

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of off-flavours in fruit and vegetables under fermentative conditions

Jonsgard, A., 1956:
Production of oil and meat from North Atlantic fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus)

Gavrilov, S.I., 1970:
Production of oligochaetes in the lake Drivyati and the method of its assessment

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of olive planting material in the Republic of Croatia

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of optically active compounds by microbial biotransformation

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of optimized DEM using IDW interpolation method (case study; Jam and Riz basin-Assaloyeh)

Anonymous, 2006:
Production of organic fertilizer from solid waste and its utilization in intensive organic-based vegetable production and for sustaining soil health and productivity

Steeman, Nielsen E., 1955:
Production of organic matter in the oceans

Volpato, G.; Rodrigues, R.-Costa; Heck, J.-Xandro; Zachia-Ayub, M.-Antonio, 2008:
Production of organic solvent tolerant lipase by Staphylococcus caseolyticus EX17 using raw glycerol as substrate

Bartual Martos, J., 2008:
Production of ornamentals in Alicante

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of ornamentals in Portugal

Kim, K.H., 1963:
Production of oysters in Korea

Chakravarthi, B.V.S.K.; Das, P.; Surendranath, K.; Karande, A.A.; Jayabaskaran, C., 2008:
Production of paclitaxel by Fusarium solani isolated from Taxus celebica

Qasim, S.Z.; Sankaranarayanan, V.N., 1970:
Production of particulate organic matter by the reef on Kavaratti atoll (Laccadives)

Lamore, D.H., 1958:
Production of pellets by a Blue Jay

Lee, C.H.ei; Kim, D.S.o; Kim,, 2002:
Production of phagocyte activating supernatants by olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) leucocytes stimulated with genomic DNA of Escherichia coli

Houdebine, L-Marie., 2008:
Production of pharmaceutical proteins by transgenic animals

Sang, J.H.; Mcdonald, J.M., 1954:
Production of phenocopies in Drosophila using salts, particularly sodium metaborate

Kang, K.; Back, K., 2008:
Production of phenylpropanoid amides in recombinant Escherichia coli

Limem, I.; Guedonc, E.; Hehn, A.; Bourgaud, F.; Ghedira, L.-Chekir; Engasser, J.-Marc; Ghoul, M., 2008:
Production of phenylpropanoid compounds by recombinant microorganisms expressing plant-specific biosynthesis genes

Rutledge, LC.; Ellenwood, DA., 1975:
Production of phlebotomine sandflies on the open forest floor in Panama: phytologic and edaphic conditions

Li, X.Y.; Liu, Z.Q.; Chi, Z.M., 2008:
Production of phytase by a marine yeast Kodamaea ohmeri BG3 in an oats medium: optimization by response surface methodology

Soledad Martos; Anna Andolfi; Jordi Luque; Laura Mugnai; Giuseppe Surico; Antonio Evidente, 2008:
Production of phytotoxic metabolites by five species of Botryosphaeriaceae causing decline on grapevines, with special interest in the species Neofusicoccum luteum and N. parvum

Mann, RHK., 1975:
Production of pike in the River Frome, Dorest

Winberg, G.G.; Pechen, G.A.; Shushkina, E.A., 1965:
Production of plankton crustaceans in three lakes of different types

Tsutsumi, H., 2005:
Production of planktonic and non-planktonic larvae in a single brood of Capitella sp. I and its implications for population persistence in disturbed environment due to organic enrichment of the sediments

Greze, V.N.; Baldina, E.P.; Bileva, O.K., 1968:
Production of planktonic copepods in the neritic zone of the Black Sea

Shuskina, E.A., 1964:
Production of planktonic crustacea in the lakes of various types

Petrova, MA.; Yelagina, TS.; Spiridonov, VK.; Filtakina, TA., 1975:
Production of planktonic crustaceans in two secondarily oligotrophic lakes

Lavilla,M.; Luis,; Conesa,C.; Perez,M.D.; Calvo,M.; Sanchez,L., 2008:
Production of polyclonal antibodies against spores of Clostridium tyrobutyricum, a contaminant affecting the quality of cheese: characterisation of the immunodominant protein

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of polyclonal antibodies for detection of Nucleopolyhedrovirus infecting Helicoverpa armigera

Kim YunIm; H.Y.Mi; Nam YoonKwon; Kim KiHong; Kim SungKoo, 2008:
Production of polyclonal antibody against recombinant ORF 112 L of rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) iridovirus (RBIV) and in vitro neutralization

Liu, H-ying.; Hall, P.V.; Darby, J.L.; Coats, E.R.; Green, P.G.; Thompson, D.E.; Loge, F.J., 2008:
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoate during treatment of tomato cannery wastewater

Samhuichi, H., 1959:
Production of polyploids by means of transplantation of nuclei in frog eggs

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids by Mucor recurvus sp with sugarcane molasses as the carbon source

Sakshaug, E.; Myklestad, S.; Krogh, T.; Westin, G., 1973:
Production of protein and carbohydrate in the dinoflagellate Amphidinium carteri. Some preliminary results

Trusek-Holownia, A., 2008:
Production of protein hydrolysates in an enzymatic membrane reactor

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of protoplasts from the filamentous fungus Aspergillus ochraceus

Caldwell, D.K.; Prescott, J.H.; Caldwell, M.C., 1966:
Production of pulsed sounds by the pigmy sperm whale, Kogia breviceps

Jennings, H.S., 1912:
Production of pure homozygotic organisms from heterozygotes by self-fertilization

Kalmus, H.; Smith, C.A.B., 1948:
Production of pure lines in bees

Roh, M.S.; Young Hee Joung, ; Jung Keun Suh, ; Ae-Kyung Lee,, 2008:
Production of quality woody and floral crops using innovative production techniques

Scott, J.A., 1947:
Production of quantitative infections

van Veen, J W.; Arce Arce, HG.; Sommeijer, MJ., 2004:
Production of queens and drones in Melipona beecheii (Meliponini) in relation to colony development and resource availability

Hassett, C.C.; Jenkins, D.W., 1949:
Production of Radioactive Mosquitoes

P.B.?ková; J.P.spíšilová; H.S.nková, 2008:
Production of reactive oxygen species and development of antioxidative systems during in vitro growth and ex vitro transfer

Vittori, L.Cato, C.Sim, G.Daleta, L.Ur.D.G.Ra.M.Ri.C.Ncett, D.P.Nto, 2008:
Production of reactive species and modulation of antioxidant network in response to heat shock: a critical balance for cell fate

Schmidt, G.; Gadermaier, G.; Pertl, H.; Siegert, M.; Oksman-Caldentey, K-Marja.; Ritala, A.; Himly, M.; Obermeyer, G.; Ferreira, F., 2008:
Production of recombinant allergens in plants

G.S.efanova; M.V.ahova; A.A.anassov, 2008:
Production of recombinant human lactoferrin from transgenic plants

Murashita, K.; Uji, S.; Yamamoto, T.; Rønnestad, I.; Kurokawa, T., 2008:
Production of recombinant leptin and its effects on food intake in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Skarjinskaia, M.; Karl, J.; Araujo, A.; Ruby, K.; Rabindran, S.; Streatfield, S.J.; Yusibov, V., 2008:
Production of recombinant proteins in clonal root cultures using episomal expression vectors

Kyogoku, K.; Yoshida, K.; Watanabe, H.; Yamashita, T.; Kawabe, Y.; Motono, M.; Nishijima, K-Ichi.; Kamihira, M.; Iijima, S., 2008:
Production of recombinant tumor necrosis factor receptor/Fc fusion protein by genetically manipulated chickens

Zaĭtseva, I.A.; Bader, M.; Krivokharchenko, A.S., 2008:
Production of reconstructed two-cell rat embryos after chemical inactivation of chromosomes in MII oocytes by etoposide

Inan Bekta?; Sevil Yucel; Guldem Ustun; H Ayse Aksoy, 2008:
Production of reduced calorie structured lipid by acidolysis of tripalmitin with capric acid: optimisation by response surface methodology

van Beilen, J.B.; Poirier, Y., 2008:
Production of renewable polymers from crop plants

Markert, C.L.; Ursprung, H., 1963:
Production of replicable persistent changes in zygote chromosomes of Rana pipiens by injected proteins from adult liver nuclei

Gehrs, CW.; Martin, BD., 1974:
Production of resting eggs by Diaptomus clavipes Schacht (Copepoda, Calanoida)

Spann, J.F.; Buccino, R.A.; Sonnenblick, E.H., 1967:
Production of right ventricular hypertrophy with and without congestive heart failure in the cat

Vasil'eva, GL.; Nikulin, VL., 1974:
Production of rotifers in Lake Baikal

Egglishaw, H.J., 1970:
Production of salmon and trout in a stream in Scotland

Manion, P.J., 1968:
Production of sea lamprey larvae from nests in two Lake Superior streams

Yin, X.J.; Lee, H.S.; Yu, X.F.; Kim, L.H.; Shin, H.D.; Cho, S.J.; Choi, E.G.; Kong, I.K., 2008:
Production of second-generation cloned cats by somatic cell nuclear transfer

Khaniani, B.H.; Moieni, A.; Abdollahi, M.R., 2005:
Production of secondary metabolites and pharmaceutical constituents through tissue and cell culture

Mookerjee, S.; Ghosh, S.K., 1966:
Production of self-duplicating bodies in amoeba after amino-acid treatment

Rastogi, A.K.; Sagar, P.; Agarwala, S.C., 1970:
Production of single-walled cysts of Schizopyrenus russelli by sonication and their behaviour towards excystment-inducing and excystment-blocking agents

Dabiza, N.M.A., 2008:
Production of soft cheese with Lactobacillus acidophilus

Zizanshina, RK.; Sofronova, EM., 1973:
Production of some mass crustaceans of the Kuibyshev waterbody in the Sviyazhsk Bay area

Perry, V.G., 1955:
Production of southern peas (cowpeas) in Florida. III. Nematodes and their control

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of soybean associated with different hybrid poplar clones in a tree-based intercropping system in southwestern Quebec, Canada

Smith, OA., 1975:
Production of specialized laboratory Primates with consideration for primate conservation

Smirnov, A.I., 1963:
Production of sperm by the Pacific Ocean Oncorhynchus

Billard, R.; Breton, B.; Jalabert, B., 1971:
Production of spermatozoa by the rainbow trout

Long, C.A., 1963:
Production of sterile eggs in the Dickcissel

Khan, HA.; Mukhopadhyay, SK., 1975:
Production of stocking material of some airbreathing fishes by hypophysation

Fager, E.W., 1968:
Production of stream benthos: a critique of the method of assessment proposed by Hynes and Coleman (1968)

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of structured lipids with functional health benefits

Wang, B.; Wang, L., 2003:
Production of superoxide anions (O2) in phagocytosis of Penaeus chinensis

Merchant, M.; Williams, S.; Hardy, R., 2008:
Production of superoxide ions by leukocytes of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

Egami, N., 1955:
Production of testis-ova in adult males of Oryzias latipes III. Testis-ovum production in starved males

Egami, N., 1955:
Production of testis-ova in adult males of Oryzias latipes IV. Effect of X-ray irradiation on testis-ovum production

Egami, N., 1956:
Production of testis-ova in adult males of Oryzias latipes VII. Seasonal changes of frequency of testis-ovum production

Egami, N., 1955:
Production of testis-ova in adult males of Oryzias latipes. I. Testisova in the fish receiving estrogens. II. Effect on testis-ovum production of non-estrogenic steroids given singly or simultaneously with estradiol

Egami, N., 1955:
Production of testis-ova in adult males of Oryzias latipes. V. Note on testis-ovum production in transplanted testes

Low, J.P., 1940:
Production of the Redhead (Nyroca americana) in Iowa

Baskett, TS., 1942:
Production of the Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus col-chicus torquatus Gmelin) in north-central Iowa

E. A. Cherentaeva; D. Yu. Logunov; L. V. Verkhovskaya; M. V. Mezentseva; M. M. Shmarov; F. I. Ershov; B. S. Naroditskii; A. L. Gintsburg, 2008:
Production of the human β-interferon recombinant protein in avian cell culture

Kudrjashov, B.A.; Ivanova, S.A., 1933:
Production of the male sex hormone in white Rats (Mus norvegicus albinus) when natural cryptorchs

Wolnomiejski, N.; Mniszek, E., 1974:
Production of the mining larvae of Glyptotendipes eg. gripekoveni Kieff

Wyman, R.J., 1966:
Production of the patterned nervous out-put controlling flight in flies

Mullin, M.M.; Brooks, E.R., 1970:
Production of the planktonic copepod, Calanus helgolandicus

Wattanachaisaereekul, S.; Lantz, A.Eliasson.; Nielsen, M.Lynge.; Nielsen, J., 2008:
Production of the polyketide 6-MSA in yeast engineered for increased malonyl-CoA supply

Anonymous, 2007:
Production of the recombinant antibody 14D9 in cellular suspensions of Nicotiana tabacum

Anonymous, 2008:
Production of the recombinant protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis and its basic application

Balan, A.; Ferreira, R.C.C.; Ferreira, L.C.S., 2008:
Production of the refolded oligopeptide-binding protein (OppA) encoded by the citrus pathogen Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Citri

Robertson, O.H., 1949:
Production of the silvery smolt stage in rainbow trout by intramuscular injection of mammalian thyroid extract and thyrotropic hormone

Vladimirova, Tm, 1975:
Production of the zooplankton of the Rybinsk reservoir in 1968-1970

Limpon Bora; Mohan C Kalita, 2008:
Production of thermostable alkaline lipase on vegetable oils from a thermophilic Bacillus sp DH4, characterization and its potential applications as detergent additive

Limpon Bora; Mohan C Kalita, 2008:
Production of thermostable alkaline lipase on vegetable oils from a thermophilic Bacillus sp. DH4, characterization and its potential applications as detergent additive

Chenel, J.P.; Tyagi, R.D.; Surampalli, R.Y., 2008:
Production of thermostable protease enzyme in wastewater sludge using thermophilic bacterial strains isolated from sludge

Akinshina, G.T.; Gracheva, L.I., 1964:
Production of toxoplasmosis antigen by tissue culture methods

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Production of vine propagating material that is free of Agrobacterium infection

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Production on the bottom of the sea

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Production par diffusion dans leur ordre consecutif des forces, des mouvements et des figures de la karyokinese

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Production parameters and plasma levels of leptin in rabbits subjected to different feeding regimes during rearing

Anonymous, 2008:
Production performance in alfalfa with different classes of fall dormancy

Anonymous, 2007:
Production performance of 'Malvaisa Bianca' grape (Vitis vinifera L.) grown in Subtropical Regions

Anonymous, 2007:
Production performances and carcass characteristics of cockerels

Anonymous, 2008:
Production planning in the food industry - prospective consideration of shelf life in SAP ERP

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Production platforms for the molecular pharming of alkaloid diversity

Anonymous, 2008:
Production potential and economics of a few rice-based cropping systems with fodder crops under upland rainfed condition of Manipur

Anonymous, 2007:
Production potential and economics of hybrid rice during Boro season under new alluvial zones of West Bengal

Anonymous, 2008:
Production potential and economics of lentil (Lens esculenta) and mustard (Brassica juncea) in mixed and intercropping system

Anonymous, 2008:
Production potential and economics of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) based intercropping system with different levels and forms of P

Anonymous, 2007:
Production potential and profitability of different rice (Oryza sativa) - based cropping system under integrated nutrient management in Indo-Gangetic plains of West Bengal

Anonymous, 2007:
Production potential is considerably higher than today's growth

Anonymous, 2007:
Production potential of arid legumes under grass based stripcropping system in arid rainfed condition of western Rajasthan

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Production potential of pala (Zizyphus nummularia) leaves for rutting camels

Anonymous, 2007:
Production potential of rice (Oryza sativa L.) based cropping system at different nutrient management under temperate ecosystem of Kashmir

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Anonymous, 2007:
Production potentiality and sustainability of rice based cropping system under medium land situations of Assam

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Production practices for satsuma mandarins in the southeastern United States

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Production primaire planctonique de trois lagons de I'Archipel de la Societe (Polnesie francaise)

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Production primaire, secondaire et regeneration des sets nutritifs dans l'upwelling de Mauritanie

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Production results of rabbits fed diets containing no coccidiostatics during the fattening period

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Production return in ecological agriculture-econometric analyze

Anonymous, 2007:
Production rythm of polyphenols from Smilax campestris Griseb. (Smilacaceae)

Anonymous, 2007:
Production scenario of Byadagi chilli

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Production stats leave good impression; craters have impact on exploration

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Production studies of zooplankton in relation to the total production in the Baltic proper

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Production targets of 1963/64 Antarctic whaling fleets

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Production value and suitability of new Polish blackcurrant cultivars for mechanical fruit harvesting

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Production, characterization and assay application of a purified, baculovirus-expressed, serogroup specific bluetongue virus antigen

Anonymous, 2008:
Production, characterization, applications of microbial cutinases

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Production, chez Ie lapin immunise contre de la muqueuse colique de rat et de chien, d'un antiserum possedant un titre tres eleve d'agglutinines specifiques des globules rouges humains de groupe A

Anonymous, 2008:
Production, decomposition and turnover of fine roots in Casuarina equisetifolia plantation

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Production, food and harvest of trout in Nebish Lake, Wisconsin

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Production, isolation and characterization of exopolysaccharides produced by Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris JFR1 and their interaction with milk proteins

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Production, metabolism and trophic importance of four pelagic amphipods in the Oyashio region, western subarctic Pacific

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Production, prices, employment, and trade in Northwest forest industries, all quarters 2007

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Production, purification and characteristics of the recombinant chitinase from rice

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Production, purification and characterization of Bacillus sp GRE7 xylanase and its application in eucalyptus Kraft pulp biobleaching

Jeyagowri Kiddinamoorthy; Alfredo J.A.ceno; Gulelat; Sudip K.R.kshit, 2008:
Production, purification and characterization of Bacillus sp. GRE7 xylanase and its application in eucalyptus Kraft pulp biobleaching

Anonymous, 2008:
Production, purification and characterization of an alkaliphilic endo-β-1, 4-xylanase from a microbial community EMSD5

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Production, purification and characterization of an extracellular lipase from Aureobasidium pullulans HN2.3 with potential application for the hydrolysis of edible oils

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Production, purification and characterization of mid-redox potential laccase from a newly isolated Trichoderma harzianum WL1

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Production, purification and thermal characterisation of invertase from a newly isolated Fusarium sp under solid-state fermentation

Iram Shaheen; Bhatti, H.N.; Tallat Ashraf, 2008:
Production, purification and thermal characterisation of invertase from a newly isolated Fusarium sp. under solid-state fermentation

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Production, purification, and characterization of a potential thermostable galactosidase for milk lactose hydrolysis from Bacillus stearothermophilus

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Production, purification, and characterization of acetyl esterase from Streptomyces sp PC22 and its action in cooperation with xylanolytic enzymes on xylan degradation

W.C.ungool; W.T.ongkam; P.R.weesri; A.T.amchaipenet; P.P.nphanichakarn, 2008:
Production, purification, and characterization of acetyl esterase from Streptomyces sp. PC22 and its action in cooperation with xylanolytic enzymes on xylan degradation

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Production, purification, and characterization of human 1 proteinase inhibitor from Aspergillus niger

Anonymous, 2008:
Production, purification, characterization of two extremely halotolerant, thermostable, and alkali-stable (-amylases from Chromohalobacter sp. TVSP 101

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Production, quality assessment and acceptability of African yam bean Sphenostylis stenoscarpa sauce

Anonymous, 2008:
Production, regulation of different lipase activities from Rhizopus chinensis in submerged fermentation by lipids

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Production, survival and catchability of chicks of common sandpipers Actitis hypoleucos

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Production, toxicity and preliminary pharmacology of venom from the sea snake Pelamis platurus with observations on its probable threat to man along middle America

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Production, transportation and milling costs of sweet sorghum as a feedstock for centralized bioethanol production in the upper Midwest

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Production-test planning for the JAPEX/ JNOC/ GSC et al. Mallik 5L-38 gas hydrate production research well

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Production; distribution et utilisation de I'air surpresse a l'Aquarium tropical de Nancy

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Productive and biological properties of crossbred cattle in conditions of the Southern Ural region

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive and economics of maize+greengram intercropping at different NPK levels

Anonymous, 2007:
Productive and environmental effects of reclamation of permanent grasslands in the Por River valley

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive and microeconomic evaluation of commercial sources of bovine somatotropin application in dairy cows

Anonymous, 2002:
Productive and physiological evaluation of some commercial feed additives as growth promoters for growing Muscovy ducks

Anonymous, 2006:
Productive and reproductive characteristics of Black-and-White cows depending on the level of Holstein blood

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive and structural characteristics of Pearl millet and their relationship with body weight gain of beef heifers receiving supplement

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Productive behaviour of cherry-type tomato irrigated with saline water in relation to nitrogen fertilisation

Anonymous, 2007:
Productive characteristics of soybean in agro ecological conditions of Lijevce polje

Anonymous, 2007:
Productive competitiveness of four okra hybrids in planting dates in Northern Tamaulipas

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Productive evaluation of a silvopastoral system leucaena-Guinea grass through multivariate techniques

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Productive grouping of organisms and their role in ecological communities

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Productive infection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in dendritic cells requires fusion-mediated viral entry

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Productive model of evergreen oak and annual pastures in Extremadura (Spain)

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Productive parameters of tanzania grass grown with potassium and magnesium combinations

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Productive performance and genetic parameters of laying characters of Thai indigenous chicken

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Productive performance of Japanese plum cultivars (Prunus salicina Lindl.) in Caldas, Minas Gerais State

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive performance of Nellore cattle of different gender fed diets containing two levels of concentrate allowance

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive performance of ewes mated in summer or autumn in Northern Parana

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive performance of maize+greengram intercropping at different NPK levels

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive performance of pure breeds and cross-bred goat genotypes in southern Tunisia

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Productive performance of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings fed on diets containing fish meal stored under different storage methods and supplemented with BHT antioxidant

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Productive performance, feeding behavior and carcass composition of fattening Zebu bulls fed sugarcane and concentrates mixed or not

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Productive performances of grower broiler rabbit on roughage feeding

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive potential of soils of Tungabhadra Project area for Bt cotton

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Productive research with Cetacea in captivity

Anonymous, 2008:
Productive smallholders

Anonymous, 2006:
Productive, carpological and qualitative evaluation of 15 cultivars of almond tree cultivated in the Apulian region

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Productive, physiological and immunological effects of using some natural feed additives in Japanese quail diets

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Productiveness and hatching quality of hens eggs in connection with food

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Productividad y oxigenacion en la Cuenca de Panama, Pacifico Colombiano, durante el Pleistoceno tardio-Holoceno: el registro de los Foraminiferos Bentonicos

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Productivite et renouvellement des populations de Lagonosticta senegala dans la Basse Vallee du Senegal

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Productivity and Chemical Composition of Tomato and Cucumber Plants Growing in Natural Soils Fertilized with Biona-312

Anonymous, 2006:
Productivity and adaptability to rearing conditions in a colony of a slow-growing rabbit race/population

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Productivity and cost implications of implementing electronic medical records in an ambulatory surgical subspecialty clinic (vol 71, pg 173, 2008)

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Productivity and dynamics of the white-tailed deer on the crane naval ammunition depot in Martin County, Indiana

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Productivity and economic analysis of Ajowan as influenced by spacing and fertilizer levels

Anonymous, 2006:
Productivity and economic efficiency of nitrogen fertilizing of soybean in a crop rotation link with wheat

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Productivity and economics of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus cage culture in South-East Brazil

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and economics of linseed as influenced by methods of establishment and seed rates under mid-hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and economics of rice based utera crops for lower Assam

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and economics of transplanted and direct-seeded rice (Oryza sativa)-based cropping systems in Indo-Gangetic plains

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity and efficiency of corporate and individual farms in Ukraine

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Productivity and egg predation in the wood pigeon

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and farm profit - a microeconomic analysis of the cereal sector in England and Wales

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Productivity and feeding habits of Trichoptera larvae in a Colorado mountain stream

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and fertility status in rice-wheat crop sequence as influenced by integrated nutrient supply under permanent plot experiment

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Productivity and fledgling sex ratio in a cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) population in Spain

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity and grain quality of malting barley cultivars depending on mineral fertilizer ratio in Central Chernozem Belt

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Productivity and grazing impact of Oikopleura dioica (Tunicata, Appendicularia) in Tokyo Bay

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Productivity and health effects of anaplasmosis and babesiosis on Bos indicus cattle and their crosses, and the effects of differing intensity of tick control in Australia

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and leaf water potential of the Catuai coffee crop as a function of irrigation times

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Productivity and management of feral mute swans in Chesapeake Bay

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Productivity and nest site characteristics of gray hawks in southern Arizona

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Productivity and nitrogen use of tea plantations in relation to age and genotype

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Productivity and nitrogen-use efficiency of baby corn (Zea mays) at different levels and timing of nitrogen application under rainfed conditions

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and nutrient balance of rice-based cropping systems as influenced by fertility levels in hill zone of Karnataka

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Productivity and nutrient uptake of rice (Oryza sativa) varieties as affected by nitrogen levels under rainfed lowland ecosystem

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity and nutrient uptake of soybean (Glycine max) as influenced by bio-inoculants and farmyard manure under rainfed conditions

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Productivity and production: biomass ratios of bivalve and gastropod populations in an eastern Canadian estuary

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Productivity and profitability of rainfed vegetable+rice strip cropping systems under broad bed and furrow planting in bunded uplands of Eastern Ghats, Orissa

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity and profitability of spice based cropping system under forest ecosystem of Kanyakumari district

Singh, A.K.; Lal, M.; Prasad, S.R.; Srivastava, T.K., 2007:
Productivity and profitability of winter-initiated sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid complex) ratoon through intercropping of forage legumes and nitrogen nutrition

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Productivity and quality of canola and mustard cultivars under weed competition

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Productivity and quality of oat (Avena sativa) in relation to cutting management and nitrogen levels

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and quality of rooster tree in different planting densities and planting systems

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Productivity and residual benefits of grain legumes to sorghum under semi-arid conditions in south-western Zimbabwe: Unravelling the effects of water and nitrogen using a simulation model

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Productivity and seasonal abundance of commercially important fishes of Gobindsagar Reservoir

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Productivity and seasonal changes in selected reef areas in the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea)

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and seed quality of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars grown under synthetic, organic fertilizer and biodynamic farming practices

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and soil fertility under different nutrient applications in ginger-french bean cropping system in Western Himalayas

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Productivity and survival of the loggerhead shrike in Indiana

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Productivity and the consumption of food in the Myrmica laevinodis Nyl. population

Caspers, N., 1975:
Productivity and trophic structure of some West German woodland brooklets

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity and yellow mosaic disease resistance of black gram varieties in village Kaji Nevada and Muhammadpur Kand of Krishi Gyan Kendra Jaunpur U.P

Anonymous, 2008:
Productivity and yield of coffee plant under irrigation levels

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Productivity change of the artisanal fishing fleet in Portugal: A Malmquist index analysis

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Productivity changes in the Bering Sea during the late Quaternary

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Productivity consequences of incorporating late maturing genes into a tropically-adapted breeding herd in the Victoria River District, NT - the Kidman Springs genotype trial, 1995-2001

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Productivity effects of environmental performance: evidence from TFP analysis on marketing cooperatives

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Productivity enhancement of salt-affected environments through crop diversification

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Productivity gains through improved rock reinforcement at McArthur River Mining

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Productivity improvement under green cane harvesting conditions

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Productivity in Clinostomum marginatum (Trematoda : Clinostomatidae)

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Productivity in high and low islands with special emphasis to rodent populations

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Productivity in the light of the solution of fishery problems

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Productivity in the population of anuran amphibians as a function of the population structure

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Productivity investigation in ecology

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula Valley. 12, Energy requirement in nestling and fledgling red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio L.)

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 10. The role of ants as predators in a habitat

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 5. Introductory studies on numbers and energetics of Orthoptera

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 6. Production and population density of leafhopper (Homoptera - Auchenorrhyncha) communities

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 7. Estimation of the effect of phytophagous insects on the vascular plant biomass of the meadow

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 8. The number of emerged Diptera and their elimination

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Productivity investigation of two types of meadows in the Vistula valley. 9. Production and consumption of field layer spiders

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Productivity modelling and analysis of development roadways

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Productivity of Brachiaria humidicola pastures in the Atlantic forest region of Brazil as affected by stocking rate and the presence of a forage legume

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Productivity of Georgia cottontails

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Productivity of Lake Baikal Peridineans

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Productivity of Oligochaetes in the river Prut and its left shore tributaries

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Productivity of Richardson's ground squirrels near Rochester, Alberta

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Productivity of Thai Brahman and Simmental-Brahman crossbred (Kabinburi) cattle in central Thailand

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Productivity of Uganda fish ponds

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Productivity of White-tailed deer on Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge

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Productivity of a free living population of thefield vole, Microtus agrestis (L.)

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Productivity of a horizontal well

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Productivity of an extremely eutropic lake in middle Japan

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity of apple trees in the foothills of northern Caucasus

Anonymous, 2006:
Productivity of barley under variable fertilizer norms and meteorological conditions

Anonymous, 1970:
Productivity of bearded wild turkey hens insouth Texas

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Productivity of beavers in northeastern Ohio

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Productivity of benthos in the Azov Sea and Tagarog Bay in the period of the regulation of the river Don flow

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Productivity of benthos in water-reservoirs supplying water in the basin of the upper Volga

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Productivity of grey alder (Alnus incana (L.) Moench) stands

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Productivity of legume and non legume grasses mixtures as influenced by seeding methods

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Productivity of marine molluscs as dependent on their lifetime. The neuston

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Productivity of mule deer on the National Bison Range, Montana

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Productivity of muskrats in East Tennessee

Anonymous, 2007:
Productivity of new generation blue lucerne cultivars on dark-grey forest and dernopodzolic soils under conditions of the central region of the Non-Chernozem Zone

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