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Chapter 23,430

Protease activation in the starfish Asterias forbesi

Tillinghast, E.K.; Levasseur, S.

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B Comparative Biochemistry 50(1): 131-135


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-0491
PMID: 1122706
DOI: 10.1016/0305-0491(75)90312-0
Accession: 023429362

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1.1. The activation and release of proteases from homogenates and subcellular fractions of the pyloric cacae of the starfish Asterias forbesi was analyzed.2.2. Activation occurs rapidly at 37°C and only slightly at 5°C.3.3. Once released the proteases are not further activated.4.4. Proteases are readily solubilized at 5°C by urea, mercaptoethanol and deoxycholate.5.5. The combination of 1 mM HgCl2 and 2 mM l-ascorbate caused a rapid release of proteases at 5°C.

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