Redeskription von Apistogramma eremnopyge Ready & Kullander, 2004

Roemer, U.; Hahn, I.; Melgar, J.; Soares, D.P.; Woehler, M.

Aquarium BornheimDezember; 426: 17-34


Accession: 023481337

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Apistogramma eremnopyge is redescribed on the base of 56 specimens collected in westerly tributaries of the peruvian Amazon. The species is characterised by a prominent black area on the lower part of the caudal peduncle, pronounced sexual polymorphism, narrow lateral band on scales of El-row, missing of a second conspicuous band below lateral band, dark framed lateral canals, small lateral and caudal spot, conspicuous blackish or lead-greyish lips, in males prolonged and pointed membranes of the serrated dorsal fin, forked caudal fin, typical breeding colour of females with partially reduced cheek band and orange red cheeks. A. eremnopyge is the sixteenths described member of the genus found in Peru. Therefore more than 1/4 of the Apistogramma-species are reported from 1/10 of the genus' distribution area. The approximate number of species to expect in this dwarf cichlid genus is estimated on about 250 taxa.