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Chapter 23,530

Revision der Bembidion-Untergattung Bembidionetolitzkya E. Strand, 1929 des Himalaya (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiini)

Schmidt, J.

Veroeffentlichungen des Naturkundemuseums Erfurt 23: 151-176


Accession: 023529079

The current knowledge about the distribution and systematics of the Himalayan Bembidionetolitzkya species is presented. Based on synapomorphic characters three species groups are described: 1) Group of Bembidion peliopterum Chaudoir, 1850; 2) Group of Bembidion astrabadense Mannerheim, 1844; 3) Group of Bembidion cimmerium Andrewes, 1922. Only the last species group is endemic to the Himalaya, Tibet and the mountains of western China. The peliopterum- and astrabadense-groups both are characterized by having meridional montane distributional ranges in the western Palaearctic region and by having only a few species which are exclusively occurring in the West Himalaya. For all Himalayan species descriptions or redescriptions and distributional records are presented. A determination key to species level also includes the species of adjacent mountain regions of Central Asia. Three species are newly described: Bembidion marggii sp. n. from West Nepal, Bembidion milosfassatii sp. n. from North Pakistan and Bembidion toledanoi sp. n. from South Tibet. Four synonyms are proposed: Bembidion aquilum Andrewes, 1924 syn. n. = Bembidion satanas Andrewes, 1924; Bembidion horioni Fassati, 1957 syn. n. = Bembidion astrabadense Mannerheim, 1844; Bembidion leander Andrewes, 1935 syn. n. = Bembidion astrabadense Mannerheim, 1844; Bembidion richterianum Muller-Motzfeld, 1988 syn. n. = Bembidion astrabadense Mannerheim, 1844. The taxon Bembidion mandlianum Fassati, 1957 from Hindukush mountains is proposed to be subspecies of the West Himalayan species Bembidion satanas Andrewes, 1924.

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